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Choosing the best model of the Stihl chainsaw: Big Instruction for Buyers

Without a convenient and reliable tool, it is impossible to imagine the cutting of lumber in the repair or construction of wooden buildings, the harvesting of firewood, clearing the site from old trees and pruning of dry branches. Experienced masters advise choosing a Stihl chainsaw for themselves. The lineup of this famous brand includes not only powerful products for professional work, but also light saws that are indispensable in farm or utility farms.

The history of StiHL began in 1926, when at the machine.building factory that was just registered in Germany, bearing the name of its founder Andreas Stiel, they began to produce electric end saws. He also owns the championship in creating a chain saw with a drive from a gasoline engine.

Already in 1931, the company began to supply its products for export. A talented engineer and capable businessman receives patents on:

  • chain with scraper teeth;
  • automatic method of lubricating the rubbing surfaces of the chain and tire;
  • A membrane carburetor for the possibility of cutting with any position of saw.

In the 50s of the XX century, the company began the production of small models of the Stihl chainsaws, which largely determined the direction of the further development of this type of technique. It was STIHL who first used the gas lock lever, a circuit brake, a handle heating, a one.sided engine control system. Many foreign firms simply copied the development of a German legislator in the field of gasoline and electric saws. In the 70s, branches of the company appeared in many countries of the world. Now more than 20,000 people are working at Stihl enterprises.

Stihl development began to imitate the rest of the companies

Interesting! Due to the favorable conditions of the labor market, the main production capacities of the company have currently concentrated in the PRC.

Features of the stihl chainsaws

The choice of StiHL chainsaw professionals is largely determined by the presence of progressive technologies, first applied and brought to perfection on products of this brand. Each of them deserves a separate mention.

2-MIX technology

The exhaust gases of any internal combustion engine adversely affect the environment and human health. 2-MIX technology, implemented on engines used by STIHL, reduces fuel consumption and optimizes the process of its complete combustion. Therefore, even the most powerful chainsaw of the STIHL family throws out a minimum of harmful substances.

Best Stihl Chainsaw In 2022. Top 10 Stihl Chainsaws Review

2-mix technology reduces fuel consumption


The muffler of most types of manual chainsaws of StiHL as additional equipment can be equipped with a catalyst, on the surface of which there is an almost complete burning of fuel non.consumer in the cylinder. Its use by about 5 times reduces the release of harmful organic substances.

The catalyst is 5 times reduces the number of harmful substances

On a note! The use of the catalyst increases the cost of this manufacturer already expensive gasoline saws, so they use it only with obvious necessity.

Air filter

The company’s engineers pay great attention to the purity of the mixture burned in the engine. Features of the STIHL air filter, simplifying its maintenance and lengthening resource:

Intellectual engine

On the STIHL carburetor engines, an electronic system for regulating the fuel mixture parameters is implemented. It distinguishes cold start from hot and optimizes the operation of the motor with a stable operating mode. This facilitates the launch and leads to significant fuel savings.

Engines regulate the parameters of the fuel mixture

Decompression valve

The air that is in the cylinder has the properties of a spring that interferes with the piston movement in the trigger. A special decompression valve is installed on all STIHL engines. It is opened before starting, which prevents the appearance of excess pressure when the starter is rotated. After the first flash of the fuel mixture, it automatically closes and the motor works as usual mode.

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Carburetor heating system

Carburetor icing in cold weather is a serious problem for starting the engine. STIHL engineers installed a heating element on their equipment that feeds on the current generator associated with the flywheel. Thermallera automatically turns on the circuit at temperatures below 10 ° C.

Electric heating system of the handle

Heating the handle creates comfortable conditions for the operator’s hands during severe frosts, prevents snow sticking and the formation of ice. This repeatedly reduces the risk of slipping with the threat of serious injury.


  • Compactness, maneuverability, low weight. 3.9 kg.
  • Automatic shutdown during overload thanks to the Quickstop brake system.
  • Simple and safe setting.
  • Low vibration level.
  • Elastostart program provides a soft launch of work.
  • Noise when starting.
  • The need for frequent maintenance.
  • Lack of air and HD2 filters.
  • The system does not provide an automatic intake of lubrication to the details requiring it.

Suitable for non.intensity work in the garden and summer cottages. It is used for sawing fuel wood and trunks of trees.


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  • Small weight. 3.9 kg.
  • Anti.vibration system.
  • The automatic brake independently turns off the device at strong load.
  • Management of one lever.
  • Equipping the compensator, the purpose of which is to reduce the fuel consumption and exhaust.
  • Easy removal of a filter access.
  • EMATIC lubricant system.

The use of the tool is relevant to work in garden and summer cottages. The saw is used in construction, repair work, sawing trees.


  • Single control system. Launch (cold and hot) is done by one click.
  • Quickstop brake protects the tool from super.high loads.
  • Comfortable use thanks to the anti.vibration system.
  • The possibility of using in negative air temperatures when pre.warming the carburetor.
  • The presence of an air filter that diverts heavy particles outward.
  • Savings of lubrication at the expense of the EMATIC system, which automatically delivers the lubricant to hard.to.reach places.
  • Savings of fuel consumption created by four.channel technology.
  • Simplicity of opening the fuel tank.
  • The design of the saw protects the hands when working with it.

STIHL powerful sufficiently powerful chainsaw. Despite small dimensions. Designed for sawing trunks with a diameter of not more than 10 cm.


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  • Control using one lever.
  • Automatic stop system for extreme loads.
  • Contact against a sharp chain.
  • Modernized anti.vibration system that provides safe and comfortable use.
brands, stihl

Great for harvesting forests and construction work of any complexity.


  • Quickstop brake allows you to conveniently stop the saw in a critical situation. Automatic shutdown occurs with severe giving.
  • The presence of a primer, which determines the supply of fuel to the carburetor manually.
  • Quick chain tension function.
  • The ability to work in the winter period when pre.warming up by a carburetor.
  • Noisy work.
  • Frequent maintenance requirements.
  • Lack of additional filters.
  • No accurate lubrication system.
  • Lack of simple access to fuel tank.

High power provides long.term operation. Philan is used for garden operations, woodwork, construction work. Drilling trees is allowed with a trunk diameter of not more than 30 cm.


  • Modern antivibration system.
  • Saw stopping program using the Quickstop brake.
  • Equipping with a depression valve, which reduces the necessary pressure on the start button.
  • Oil dosing accuracy.
  • Regulation of the carburetor’s operation by a compensator, which protects against breakdowns and the need for frequent maintenance.
  • Installed catalyst reducing the amount of exhaust gases.
brands, stihl

The model is relevant for those who are actively engaged in procurement wood processes, construction work and installation using wood. Suitable for gardeners and owners of private houses, where cutting down, thinning, cultivating trees and shrubs are needed.

User manual

You can buy the original stihl chainsaw here


The saw has a fairly simple design.

The durable case is made of polyamide covered with fiberglass. For convenient launch and reliable grip during operation, the front tubular handle and the back handle are provided. On the case there are lids of fuel and oil tanks.

A two.stroke engine is installed on the chainsaws. For a longer service life, a chrome sleeve is installed. The carburetor has one turnover bolt.

Quickstop brake provides safety when increasing loads. Convenient location of the lever allows the user to immediately turn off the tool. With a very strong load, automatic shutdown is triggered.

Preparation for work

Before starting work, you must check:

  • the fuel system for tightness, since its absence can provoke a fire;
  • serviceability of the brake, front protection of the hand;
  • The correct installation of the guide tire;
  • the correctness of the tension and chain;
  • Mobility of the gas lever and its latch. The gas lever should return to its original position after releasing it;
  • easy installation of a combined lever to the Stop position, 0;
  • the density of the contact tip of the ignition wire;
  • A sufficient amount of fuel mixture and lubricant for the chain in the tank;
  • The cleanliness and dry handle for a sustainable grip of saw.

To avoid accidents, the saw should be used only in good condition.

The runway

You can buy the original stihl chainsaw here

In the usual sense of the run.in for the STIHL saw is not carried out. But it is important for operators to know the following points:

  • During the first 4-8 fully waste of fuel tanks, it is necessary to use a saw in a sparing mode with its regular stop for cooling.
  • The first hour of operation must be divided into periods: 2 minutes of work, 10 seconds of rest. Idle speed exceeding 10 seconds adversely affects the preservation of candles of combustion.
  • It is important to use a qualitatively prepared mixture.

The question is important what gasoline is better to use. According to the instructions, it is recommended to use a fuel with an octane number at least 90. Based on the practice of using domestic fuel, it is better to use gasoline with an octane number above 92.


Before starting work, the next check and adjustment are carried out on demand:

  • The state of the chain, its sharpening. The degree of tension.
  • The density of fasteners.
  • Tanks refueling with fuel and oil.
  • Lubrication of the chain.
  • Idling.

For sharpening circuits, branded devices and machine should be used. Original sharpening devices accurately and without damage to saw circuits perform their function.

The saw must be stored inaccessible to strangers and children, a dry place.

MS 462

The MS 462 model is suitable for working in the forest, can be used to roll trees and circumcise branches on large trunks with medium hardness. Belongs to the class of professional chainsaws. Equipped with an M-Tronic series engine, HD2 filter. Power is 4.4 kW. The weight of the chainsaw is 7.2 kg.

MS 310. a classic version for domestic and communal use, can be used to roll forests with an average planting density. It is equipped with a carburetor warning, a Quickstop brake, one control lever, a compressor and a pump, has a system for containing vibration.

MS 271

Intended exclusively for economic work. The engine of the new generation reduces the consumption of gasoline and the release of harmful substances into the environment. The device is capable of working with a force of 2.6 kW, and the weight of the device is 5.6 kg. Caring for internal mechanisms is simplified by the fact that access does not require special screwdrivers and wrench keys.

TOP-5 best powerful stihl chainsaws

STIHL MS 880-47

Professional chainsaws for prolonged work withstands even an extreme load, copes with bulky wood. High performance is provided by a powerful engine.

The model is equipped with a vibration, chain brake and automatic oil supply systems characteristic of the brand.

The circuit is pulled on the side, so that contact with cutting details is excluded. Smooth engine starting is provided by a decompression valve.

The chainsaws are quite heavy, but the convenient handle guarantees ease of use. A small tank requires regular refueling during prolonged operation, but this volume is precisely designed for pauses in operation to avoid the operator’s fatigue.


  • Engine: gasoline 6400 W / 8.7 liters. With.;
  • Chain step: 3/8 inches;
  • Tire length: 120 cm;
  • Oil tank capacity: 0.7 l;
  • Weight: 10 kg.

STIHL MS 880-36

Powerful professional leaves can cope with large volumes of work, thick trees and solid woods. Has excellent balance and, despite weight, is very convenient to operate.

Has an increased chain step. The chain with timely sharpening cuts the wood without effort. Reliable and unpretentious in maintenance, weaknesses are practically absent.

However, when working, it is quite noisy, so it is recommended to use protective devices for hearing. A small volume of the tank for long.term work is not enough, with large volumes, regular refueling is needed.


  • Engine: gasoline 6400 W / 8.7 liters. With.;
  • Chain step: 3/8 inches;
  • Tire length: 91 cm;
  • Oil tank capacity: 0.7 l;
  • Weight: 10 kg.

STIHL MS 661-28

Powerful chainsaw, designed for professional work or large volumes. A good decision for forestry and logging enterprises, as well as for large.scale construction.

The time for cutting is minimal due to a high torque, while the operator does not need much effort. However, the saw is quite heavy, in the absence of dexterity, it will be somewhat difficult to cope with it.

brands, stihl

Starts very quickly even after long downtime due to manual launch with a lightweight start. The proprietary system of extinguishing vibration complements good balance, providing high ergonomics. In stock, a system of locking random launch and emergency brake.

In order to avoid clogging of the carburetor during downtime for more than a day, it is recommended to drain fuel.



Professional model for rolling trees of large diameter, snap pulling, cutting of solid wood, basal lumps. When re.equipped with nozzles, work is possible not only with wood, but also with concrete, brick, stone.

It is equipped with an automatic supply system of oil on the principle of “more revolutions. more oil”, there is also manual supply adjustment. There are two operating modes. winter and summer, in winter mode the carburetor warms up due to exhaust gases.


  • Engine: gasoline 4300 W / 5.8 liters. With.;
  • Chain step: 3/8 inches;
  • Tire length: 40-50 cm;
  • The volume of the fuel/oil tank: 0.8/0.325 l;
  • Weight: 7.6 kg.
  • reduced fuel consumption;
  • microprocessor ignition system;
  • stability of torque;
  • low noise for operating capacities.

STIHL MS 661-20

The high-performance saw of semi-professional purpose is equipped with a powerful engine with a 2-Mix system provides a quick and accurate cut. Withstands long sessions of work, sawing bulky wood.

Special M-Tronic technology provides hot and cold launch and supports stability of revolutions, improves accelerated characteristics. Equipped with an additional system of automatic fuel supply. Suitable for both work with firewood and building materials, and for operation in the conditions of logging.


Which company is better. Stihl, Husqvarna or Makita?

The saws of these brands, according to statistics, are one of the most popular and affordable. However, each company has its advantages and disadvantages in comparison with each other. We will figure it out a little more in this matter.

The Husqvarna brand has Swedish roots and annually produces both the latest models and updated units to the market. Chainsaws are classified by their purpose. there are both line of household units and powerful professional models. Even the simplest saws are of high quality and acceptable costs. However, users complain about regular leaks of oil and gasoline through traffic jams and leaked hoses, launch unpredictability and low quality chains.

The Japanese company Makita produces not only chainsaws on the market, but also another equipment. drills, corner grinders, grinder, etc.D., However, saws for them are a priority direction. Stably holds on the market, has a high quality bar, regularly updates the assortment. There are domestic, farm, semi.professional and professional line. Differ in modern production technologies, high quality assembly. However, the cost of both the models themselves and the components to them are very high.

STIHL is German quality, market availability and acceptable cost. It produces many models for various purposes, including specialized chainsaws for working with stone, concrete, solid woods. The cost of original products is much higher compared to domestic analogues, but the company’s products are highly reliable and resistant to cold launch. Has a wide range of farm chainsaws. A significant drawback (which, however, does not depend on the manufacturer itself) is the presence of a large number of fakes on the market, so it is worth buying an unit either from the dealer or directly from the manufacturer.

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