What bits for an electric screwdriver to choose. Stayer 2566-H4

Which bits for an electric screwdriver to choose

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Very popular today are sets of bits that contain a whole set of such products, allowing not to worry that at the right time you do not have the right bit at hand. When buying such a set, you need to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Bit types. There are 5 basic types (TX, SL, PZ, PH, Nex) a representative of which should be in the set. It is not superfluous to have highly specialized bits, such as star bits and bits with an anti-vandal slot.
  • Metal of which the bits are made. First of all, it should be of sufficient quality to withstand serious stress, not to break and not to wear out. Preferably, products should have a protective coating that will significantly increase the service life of the product. This makes a big difference for professional use.
  • The brand and its reputation. Give preference only to well-known and reputable companies. It is better to buy bits in specialized stores, where there is less chance of buying a fake. Do not chase the low price, because it never comes with a high standard of quality.

Bosch Promoline (2).607.017.063) (32 pcs.)

This Bosch bit set contains 32 tools of high quality. Consisting of hexagonal, cross, flat and star bits. One of their strengths is their magnetic holder that makes it possible to change tools quickly.

Recommended for professional and domestic use. High quality components ensure a long service life. And in the home they are virtually indestructible.

Matrix 11327 (64 pcs.)

This set of accessories for electric screwdriver is designed for removal and installation of threaded connections, self-tapping screws and screws by means of manual and mechanized tools. Its main advantage is that it has 64 pieces made of chrome vanadium steel. This lets you use it without fear of quick breakdowns.

This set copes well with loads typical of professional activities and will last long enough without needing to be replaced.

Kraftool 26140-H61 (61 items).)

this set is designed for professionals. High quality forged chrome vanadium steel bits provide the reliability of the tool. These products are equipped with a torsion zone, which protects them from breakage in case of peak loads. Work in hard-to-reach places with a specially ground working part.

The advantages include the following parameters:

  • Availability of an adapter with a magnetic holder;
  • Availability of an adapter for sockets and bits;
  • reasonable price;
  • reliable fastening;
  • Quality plastic case.

Ombra OMT31S (31 pcs.)

This bit set has a total of 31 items. All of them differ in their profile and are designed for assembly work with various tools, including sockets. Variety of inserts allows to work without problems with the most various fasteners. For convenience, the set is placed in a special plastic case, allowing you to organize the bits to find them at any time.

Zubr 26045-H33 (33 pcs.)

Set includes 33 bits, 25 mm long, made of forged chrome-molybdenum steel. The set also includes a special magnetic adapter that makes it possible to change them quickly. Thanks to their 1/4″ shank they can be used with many hand and power tools.

This universal set is recommended for true professionals and craftsmen at home.

Marking of bits for screwdrivers

As already mentioned there are two frequently used bit varieties. Ph and Pz. The first type is universal. The angle at the apex is 55°. The most frequently used bit is Ph2.

The Pz bit is the most convenient, but it can only be used for screws with notches. In addition to the four main diagonal ribs, it has four smaller ribs that increase the grip area with the screw. These bits have an apex angle of 50.

There are bits that can replace flat head screwdrivers. They are labeled as S or Sl. T-bits are used to mount the star section.

How to choose the right bit for the job

The market for bits intended to equip an electric screwdriver is filled with products of varying quality and from different companies. For this reason, the relevant question: what manufacturers are better to buy as a set, and which ones separately? The right choice depends not only on the bits you buy, but it also has an impact on the working life of the electric tool you are using and the quality of your work.

Tips for buying piece products

For piece-by-piece purchase specialists recommend Whirl Power (WP) brand products. It can be easily distinguished from its analogues by a firm green sticker. Products of this company deserve a great popularity and authority due to their good magnetic properties, as well as considerable hardness, which increases the service life due to slow wear and tear. Nozzles can be inserted into the chuck with no problem and will not fall out when the power tool is tilted downwards. Magnetic bits hold metal fasteners. it allows to perform operations in hard-to-reach places with comfort.

The following bit sizes from Whirl Power are popular for practical use:

Sequre SQ-ES126 Electric Screw Driver. LFC#274

Also widely used are long nozzles with a size of 150 mm.

Standard WP2 models are used for working with most varieties of fasteners. If you need to perform operations with decorative modifications of self-tapping screws, then use tips for the electric screwdriver WP1. Working parts are equipped with notches, which increase their resistance to wear.

Customer reviews of Whirl Power products are positive. Businesses from various industries purchase them in large bulk.

Practically as popular as Whirl Power among customers are products of Bosch, which traditionally supplies the market with high-quality power tools. The quality of screwdriver bits of this brand is also emphasized by their high price. Products with a yellow titanium coating are particularly popular. The main material for their manufacture are chrome vanadium, tungsten, molybdenum or chromium molybdenum alloys. Besides titanium, tungsten carbide, diamond or nickel are also used as protective coverings for the bits’ working parts.

The titanium coating significantly increases the cost of the product. Because of this, hardware from Bosch is two or more times more expensive than its Whirl Power counterparts. In such cases, the financial issue comes to the forefront when choosing accessories.

The cheaper competitors of Bosch are the hardware from DeWALT. Their trademark is their high impact resistance. They can be used regularly over a long period of time. Magna hardware is also suitable for everyday use. They will last a long time if used with care.

Torx bit Ph2, Extra Grip L 25 mm DeWALT DT72381

Bosch IXO против Xiaomi MIJIA. Битва шуруповертов. Китай против Германии.

If you need to buy tooling for a certain type of fastener, it is advisable to take a sample with you. This makes it possible to find the optimal instrument by trying it on the flat before purchasing it.

Popular bit sets

Bits for electric screwdrivers can be selected in a single set. There are many pre-packaged sets of hardware in stores, packaged in boxes that are easy to store and use. In such cases each element is placed in a separate place, while indicating its size.

Hitachi and Kraftool professional tool kits are distinguished among competitors by their excellent quality. They include all standard sizes of fasteners used in various practical applications.

The kits even have heads for mounting roofing screws.

If you buy a set of quality hardware, then such a purchase will cost less than the purchase of similar goods by the piece. Buying a set, allowing to save money, is very convenient in carrying out professional activities.

bits, electric, screwdriver, choose

Despite the great diversity of machining tips for electric screwdrivers and differences in material they are made of, you should always choose high quality tools. Buying products from well-known brands that have proven themselves over the years is the right solution for professional activities and for large regular volumes of work performed. Such products will last a very long time, contributing to the effective performance of labor tasks. Low-quality, cheap kits are acceptable for household use. But you should take into account that they wear out quickly, causing a lot of inconvenience during the work process.

What to do if you do not need the whole set

It may happen that bits for an electric screwdriver are not needed in the kit, but only one or two bits of a certain size and type are needed. If you know in advance that you need this tool only for a single operation, you can save money and buy something cheaper.

bits, electric, screwdriver, choose

If you plan to use these bits for a long time, it is better to give preference to reliable and reliable brands. These include, for example, VIRA bits. By choosing a tool from this manufacturer, you can be sure that you will become the owner of the products that are affordable and at the same time have the quality that does not cause any complaints.

The VIRA brand is also appealing, because it offers the most important bit types, such as PH and PZ. Most importantly, all bits are extremely durable and long-lasting because they are made of chrome vanadium alloy, as shown by the marking CrV.

Tips and tricks for selecting sets: What to look for when buying

It is very important to make the right choice when buying a bit. Very often the customer gets a defective product that breaks down quickly. Low-quality bits easily break their threads and need constant replacement with new ones. Let’s look at the things you need to pay attention to when buying bits:

  • before buying a set, check the models for any external defects or damages. If you find them, you should buy another set;
  • it is important to pay attention to the material of the bits. Models can be designed to work with both wood and metals. For the first set, you usually buy bits made of R-7 steel. For work with metal you should prefer steel R-12;
  • When buying you should also pay attention to the coating of the bit. It can be made of chrome, tungsten, titanium or diamond. The performance and technical characteristics of the model also depend on this;
  • bits can be forged or milled. The first options are usually less susceptible to mechanical damage (especially the threads);
  • When buying and selecting a set, you should pay attention to the hardness of the steel. it should be 58-60 HRC.
  • type of fastener system;
  • head size;
  • bit stem length;
  • stem material;
  • metal coating
  • Construction (single, double);
  • possibility of bending (normal and torsion).

The most important is the division of bits into types of fixing systems. There are many of them, the most common ones will be discussed in a few paragraphs.

Virtually every type system has several sizes, differing in the size of the tool head and the fastener slot corresponding to it. They are identified by the numbers. The smallest ones start with 0 or 1. The recommendations for the type specify the thread diameters of fasteners for which the bit is designed under a specific number. For example, a PH2 can be used for screws with a thread diameter of 3.1 to 5.0 mm, a PH1 can be used for screws with a thread diameter of 2.1 to 3.0 mm, etc. д.

For convenience, bits are available with different rod lengths. from 25 mm to 150 mm. The sting of a long bit reaches the slots in places where its bulkier bit holder cannot penetrate.

Rating of the best bit sets for an electric screwdriver

The best bits for an electric screwdriver are those that can withstand serious shock and torque and have the right tip shape.

The rating was made on the basis of the following parameters:

  • The material of the spade;
  • Bit hardness;
  • The presence and quality of the magnetic head;
  • Weight and length of the bit;
  • Number of elements in the set;
  • Carrying container.

The reviews of owners, opinion of professional installers, analysis of combination of price and quality of materials also helped to choose the best models.

Medium level

Representatives of this price segment are made by well-known brands, perfectly proven in the manufacture of construction equipment. Today, these are some of the most durable and popular models available on the market. Any of the following bits is an excellent solution for a variety of purposes, and if you keep in mind the simple rules of proper use (do not overload or overheat any equipment) they will last for many years.

The German manufacturer is known for its high quality products and has a wide range of different price segments. Available in different types (PZ1, PZ3, PH1, PH3, etc.) it is worthy to offer a bit better than any entry level screwdriver bit (even if it is cheaper). Features include the material (here it is high-alloy steel) and the unique metal processing technology (HSC).

Characteristics: Fits on PZ (or other) crosshead screws, stem length 25 mm.

  • Great price;
  • Quality steel;
  • Machining with proprietary technology;
  • Common type;
  • Tight fit.

Conclusion: the best solution for those who are going to use the screwdriver regularly and do not want to overpay.

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