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best power tillers for country houses and farms in 2022

M otobloc. machine for soil cultivation and other agricultural works. Consists of frame with chassis, engine, hitch and transmission. By functions is as good as a tractor, but has one axle, which is connected to the attached equipment, and the power is not more than 16 liters. с.

Compatible with plow, harrow, blade blades, etc. д. May have PTO, what enables to connect equipment with rotating parts. milling machines, rotary snowplow, lawnmower, etc.

We’ve selected the top 25 2022 power tillers by price and quality, including. based on

GreenField GFG 26 two-stroke engine

Brand: GreenField
Manufacturer: China
Engine: Gasoline two-stroke
Power, KW: 0.7
Maximum speed, rpm: 6500
Fuel tank capacity, liter: 0.6
Engine displacement, cm3: 25.6
Number of cylinders: 1
Launch Type: Manual
Weight 2.4 kg

Engine two-stroke GreenField GFG 26 Power, kW: 0.7

Engine manufacturers

Let’s present some of the most popular and popular brands with their descriptions:

  • Dutch manufacturer Iron Angel offers customers gasoline units in the power range from 6.5 to 16 hp. с. and working volume. 196. 420 cm³. They are designed to use gasoline brands AI-92 and AI-95. Even the most powerful models use less than 2.5 liters of fuel per hour.
  • “Kentavr”. gasoline, gas and diesel engines for power tillers manufactured in Ukraine. Power limit of diesel models. 24 л. s, gas.13 л. horsepower; gasoline. 15 л. с. “Centaurs” are characterized by economy and constructive simplicity. And this manufacturer also presents one of the widest model lines.
  • Copies of Honda engines from the Chinese company Weima are made under license. In the range of motors to 20 liters. с. Weima power units are equipped with various types of output shafts. for spline, key or taper. Also available with different types of drives: belt drive or straight drive.
  • Bulat. Range of gasoline and diesel engines from the Chinese manufacturer. Air- or water-cooled units are available. Suitable for mounting on a single axle tractor, tractor and cultivator. Power range: 7-18 l. с.
  • Manufacturer “Belarus” offers several diesel and gasoline units designed specifically for installation on the motor blocks. According to customer reviews, this manufacturer’s lineup includes inexpensive models and the most cost-effective solutions in the budget aspects.
  • Slovenian manufacturer Sadko, thanks to a wide range of reliable and powerful motor blocks engines, according to consumer reviews, is in steady demand and has confidence. The brand offers affordable diesel and gasoline engines with different shaft types (splined, keyed) with vertical or horizontal execution of the crankshaft. Power range 2.5-13 liters. с.

According to customer reviews, Chinese brands have long surpassed Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian brands in popularity. So if you are limited in funds. feel free to choose to replace the Chinese models.

Which engine is better

This statement of the question about the motor block is fundamentally wrong. Each type of engines has its own advantages and weaknesses, as well as its own field of application. And there are many to choose from. Like all internal combustion engines, power plants are divided into gasoline and diesel.

Gasoline engines are subdivided into two-stroke and four-stroke. At the same time diesel engines can be only four-stroke. This is due to differences in the principle of operation and structural design.

The important indicator of the power unit is the method of cooling, which is divided into air and liquid. Air cooling is more common on gasoline engines and small diesel units.

Diesel engines, especially large ones, are mostly cooled by the forced circulation of liquid through a water pump. This obviously adds complexity and weight to the construction, but it protects better against overheating.

The engine’s automatic speed control system for load changes greatly facilitates the operator’s work and contributes to fuel economy. If it is equipped with a locking system for starting if the oil level in the crankcase drops below normal, it is protected from “dry” operation. It prevents main and connecting rod bearings from turning and inevitable repairs.

Small gasoline-powered machines are started manually with a cord and handle and a spring-loaded pulley. powerful engines, especially the diesel ones, are equipped with an electric starter powered by battery and ignition key.

What work a single axle tractor can do? Hinged equipment

Those who have never used a power tiller think that its functions are limited to tillage. But this is far from it, and the happy owners of this “mini-tractor” can use it to perform the following work:


With a special small plow, which is an attachment for a power tiller, you can really plow the ground. The more power a tractor, the more effective the plowing. So the most powerful models can safely be sent to lift virgin lands.

A single-axle tractor can save much time and effort for dacha owners and owners of small farms. They allow you to plow land quickly and with acceptable results. In this case, you can forget about the agony with a shovel or hiring a tractor, which will shovel the entire plot, leaving behind a lot of huge clods.

Besides, the quality of soil processed by the power tiller is much higher than that of soil processed by a shovel or even a power tiller. This is because it breaks up deep layers of soil and thoroughly mixes the soil. This ensures the proper saturation of the soil layer with oxygen and, as a result, increases crop yields.


a single-axle tractor can be equipped with another kind of attachment. a harrow. The harrow is a special tine head.

Harrowing with a power harrow breaks up the top dry crust of soil that dries out in the sun.

Harrowing is one of the most effective methods of removing weeds.

The importance of harrowing is to allow oxygen to get to the plant roots. And without harrowing, the water saturation of the plant root system is impaired.


Any horticulturist who grows potatoes or strawberries will certainly appreciate the power tiller’s function. hilling. The single-axle tractor is able to lift the furrows for tuber ventilation.

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Planting and harvesting

Potato lovers will not be able to restrain their emotions from two more attachments for power tillers. This is a potato planter and a potato digger. Planting and harvesting potatoes with a power tiller is times faster.

brand, engines, power, tillers, sadko

You can also buy special planters on the market to sow seeds of almost any vegetable plant.


By connecting a single-axle tractor with a trailer, you can get a kind of scooter. Yes, its speed will not be great. But it will carry loads like a real mini-tractor. you’ll be amazed what this baby can do.

Neither cement sacks, nor fertilizer bales, nor your crop piles can frighten it. And you yourself can move almost in complete comfort. sitting on a “heel” and imagining yourself as a tractor driver or a coachman.

Winter work of the Moto-Block

In winter, a single-axle tractor can easily be converted into a snow clearing machine. You can use a whole set of attachments.

For clearing footpaths after a heavy snowfall, for example, a snow thrower is the right choice. A single-axle tractor equipped with this tool can easily shovel even deep snow and throw it on the roadside.

If the snowfall was not heavy, and the snow has not yet had time to caked. suitable snowblower brushes, which will help to clean all the footpaths.

You can use a special snow shovel to remove hardened, caked snow. It is equipped with blades for removing frozen snow.

Tiller Starter

The structure of a power tiller

A single-axle tractor is actually a fairly simple mechanical tool. It consists of several major components: the engine, transmission, clutch, gearbox, and PTO.

Power tiller engine. Modern power tillers are equipped with three types of engines: gasoline, diesel or electric.

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Electric power tillers are rare. This is due to the fact that their power is small, so their functionality is limited.

Diesel power blocks are the most powerful but also the most expensive. Although they are the most economical in comparison with gasoline engines, they are also more reliable. But everything is determined by high price, that is why they are not often seen in a simple Russian farm.

But the motor blocks with gasoline engine are the most common.

Power transmission. It is a system of nodes, designed to transmit torque from the engine to the wheels and the working body of the crawler tractor. There are several types of transmissions, which are installed on different types of power tillers.

Toothed-worm transmission is mainly used with light motor blocks. It includes two gears: a geared one (upper) and a worm one (lower). Sometimes these transmissions are equipped with a universal joint shaft.

Belt-and-chain transmission is most often installed on medium power tillers. Here the motor rotation is transmitted to the gear shaft by means of a belt. At the same time, the gearbox shaft transmits torque to the implement or wheels via a chain. Finally, the toothed transmission is installed on heavy motor blocks. Its design is very similar to that of a tractor transmission. Toothed transmission gives you several speeds (forward and reverse).

Gearbox. This is a detail you should pay attention to when choosing and buying a power tiller. The reduction unit directly affects the reliability and service life of the “mini-tractor. It is used for the transmission of power from the engine shaft to the working body of the power tiller.

The model with a collapsible gearbox is preferred. These gearboxes are repairable. What’s more, if just one part of the machine fails, it is easy to replace rather than buy a new tractor.

Engine for the Neva MB-1 power tiller

The popular domestic single-axle tractor Neva MB-1 is in high demand due to its high torque, which allows you to use a wide range of attachments to work with the unit. Another important advantage is the low fuel consumption of the Russian unit. Nevertheless, the original engines of the Neva MB-1 units had one significant drawback. low resistance to wear of the main mechanisms. Because of this, the engines are very likely to fail and need to be replaced.

The replacement of the engine on the motor-block Neva MB-1 should be done with the motor, which by its technical characteristics will repeat the original power unit of the Russian equipment. For replacement purposes, it is best to choose the following models of imported and domestic engines:

  • Forte F200G;
  • Sadko GE200;
  • Bulat BT170F-L;
  • Weima WM170F;
  • Iron Angel E200 (Z);
  • Centaur DVS-200D;
  • Vityaz 178F.

Each such engine for the motor-block Neva will allow you to extend the application period of the machine and perform a wide range of agricultural tasks. Having free access to the main mechanisms of these engines simplifies their maintenance and repair.

Pros and cons of Japanese engines

Products that are manufactured in Japan are popular among consumers. After all, Japanese engines are primarily quality and reliability. A popular global manufacturer of motors, as well as a variety of equipment of high quality is the Japanese company Honda.

It is worth noting that when buying an engine for a power tiller, you need to consider several important criteria and nuances. Before you buy a new motor, you must decide on such parameters as:

  • capacity (it is recommended to buy a motor with similar or higher capacity);
  • Indicators of motor life;
  • configuration and design features of the product (filter design, the presence of an oil level sensor);
  • operating conditions and frequency of use of the motoblock (if you plan to use a single-axle tractor to perform complex works, then the purchased motor must withstand increased loads).

The main advantage of Japanese-made products is their reliability and good power reserve.

In addition, they have a good reserve of motor life. The average performance of Japanese engines of professional type that are installed on motor blocks is more than 1200 hours, while the duration of operation and maintenance of their Chinese counterparts does not exceed the mark of 1000 hours.

In addition, Japanese models are equipped with quality filters and oil level sensors (depending on the model). They can bear loads for a long time and have a good endurance. The disadvantage of Japanese engines is their high cost. Besides, it is difficult to find spare parts for some models, especially for the professional ones.

the “Scout” single-axis tractor

It is a super heavy single axle tractor with small mechanization, where the engine power is equal to 12 l.с. You can easily use it practically all year round, and work a piece of land up to 5 hectares.

You can easily turn it into a mini tractor. The equipment is also suitable for any attachments, making it versatile. Does any kind of work. It is water cooled, with an electric starter. It does not require any breaks in operation and can carry a load of 1 ton.

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ZYD Favorit (WY 170F)

The best single axle tractor in today’s ranking from ZiD. In spite of its small size, the device has a number of functional features. The first thing to look for is the light class of the model. In spite of that it has a full PTO shaft, which is connected to the power unit with a belt pulley. The tillers rotate straight, the width of the cultivated surface is from 35 to 89 cm. The plunge-cutting depth is 25 cm. The set comes with six milling cutters, although most competitors have only four.

As the power unit is a single-cylinder four-stroke engine from the company “Lifan”. Engine capacity is 206 cc.cm, power 7 l.с. The walking tractor has a mechanical belt-driven transmission. Two gears are responsible for the forward movement, but there is also a reverse gear. The wheels are pneumatic, so you need to monitor the tire pressure. Curb weight of the vehicle is 73 kg.

Novel motor blocks from different manufacturers are rarely able to offer such a price-quality ratio. ZiD was able to produce a unit that is perfectly balanced and does not require any additional work. Most users note the soft, smooth control and quiet operation of the internal combustion engine. Resolute and uncompromising winner of today’s top 10.

  • price;
  • reliability;
  • domestic brand;
  • A quality engine;
  • comfortable operation;
  • long lifetime;
  • inexpensive maintenance.
  • The clutch needs more attention and periodic maintenance;
  • noises when working;
  • there are complaints about tightness of the fuel tank in the neck area.
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