What can be done with a disc saw. Compact disk

What is a circular saw on wood, what work can be done, as well as a device and varieties

Then you will need to choose if you want a battery circular saw or network saw. The best circular saws with power from the network offer greater power at a lower price than comparable analogues with battery power. Until recently, they were also much more suitable for prolonged cutting in difficult conditions, since you did not need to worry about the level of battery charge, but the technology did not stand still.

Battering disc saws are still very useful if you need to cut in where there is no electricity, but disk saw models with a wire are usually a little more useful due to their ability to provide greater power.

The best circular saws are usually calculated on the current, while 15 amperes are quite standard. Although you will find affordable models with lower power and usually at a lower price, the loss of performance is actually not worth savings, especially if you invest in a tool that you expect to use in the coming years.

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If you are looking for the best circular saw for plywood, it is worth noting that most of the performance of the circular saw depends on the blade itself and most of them are supplied with a blade intended for gross sawdust in construction wood. For a smooth cut of plywood, use a blade with 80 teeth. Small teeth reduce coloring and provide a smoother edge.

Types of disk saws

Today, the domestic construction tool market offers the consumer a wide range of equipment for sawing materials of a wide variety of materials. Classify them in terms of execution, purpose, type of power supply of circular saws. Consider the varieties of this tool in more detail.

Hand disk saw

This is a fairly compact and powerful tool that is successfully used by home masters and professional builders to solve a wide spectra problems. To make a cut, the operator moves the saw relative to a fixed workpiece.

Depending on the design and cutting tools, manual models can be:

The former are designed for longitudinal and transverse sawing of wood, cutting sheet products of woodworking. They can work with cutting discs of three types: gear, with attacks from carbide metals, with a variable tooth and reduced cut thickness, universal multi.Purpose disks.

Manual “circular” for metal are designed for cutting steel sheets, cutting profile, pipes, non.Ferrous metal products. Can be used with gear and abrasive disks. In the basic configuration, they are equipped with a gear multi.Purpose cutting tool.

Circular saw on wood circular saw for metal

Before choosing a suitable manual circular saw, you should decide which type of tool is needed for you:

  • Household saws are inexpensive and easy to operate. Such models are characterized by relatively small power and minimal functionality;
  • Semi.Professional models are quite universal, can be used to perform most complex works and solve household problems. They are equipped with a sufficiently powerful power plant, but do not have the functionality inherent in professional equipment;
  • Professional tool is characterized by high power, endurance and functionality.
  • Ease of use due to the relatively slight weight and compactness of the device;
  • High performance;
  • The optimal price ratio and efficiency.

Stationary circular saw

The main difference between stationary models is that for cutting the operator, the material relative to a rotating cutting disk should be moved.

The design of a stationary circular saw includes the following mandatory elements:

  • Steel Stanin (base). Depending on the purpose, its design can be cast or team;
  • Electrical engine;
  • The system for adjusting the depth and position of the cut;
  • Protective casing;
  • Governing bodies.

The main advantages of stationary “circular”:

  • Low level of vibration;
  • The possibility of sawing wide blanks;
  • Variability of settings;
  • The ability to connect a vacuum cleaner.

The disadvantage is the large mass and dimensions of the device.

Table circular saw

These models are a reduced version of stationary “circular”. Can be used to perform most household works related to sawing wood and its derivatives. The depth of the cut does not differ from most manual models.

Table circular saw is slightly less stationary

Most experts noted as a lack of high vibration of the material.

Submissive disk saws

The main difference between submersible models and disk saws is the principle of interaction between a cutting tool with a workpiece. In classic “circular”, the material is pushed into the disk (or vice versa, as in manual saws): in submersible disk is located above the supporting plate and lowers the operator to the workpiece. The submersible mechanism allows you to more accurately position the cutting tool relative to the processed material, make local cuts in any place, create grooves, grooves, etc.

Battery circular saws

These compact devices are manual disk saws, which are a battery of which is a power source. Battery models are used on construction sites, where there is no way to connect the tool to the energy network. This type of saw is designed for a short period of work, which depending on the battery capacity. Can be from 15 to 60 minutes.

Compact battery circular saw

Saw wheels

For a disc saw, a set of various saw discs is supposed, each of which has its own area of ​​application, since a universal disk for all occasions does not exist.

Disk saw manufacturers advise stock up at once with several saw discs so that it is possible to perform various types of cutting qualitatively.

Below are the most commonly used discs for disk saws.

    Cutting across a wooden workpiece. Equipped with many small teeth.

done, disc, compact, disk

Simple circular of corner grinders or disk saws with your own hands

A simple machine circuit from a manual circular saw or corner grinder allows you to use ready.Made tools with a disc reinforcing unit and engine. Belt transmission is not needed here, which means that the number of technological operations will be less. A big plus of this model will be that the design will use the finished lifting mechanism for the circular saw, this will allow you to regulate the depth of the cut of the workpiece.

At the same time, this scheme has a number of shortcomings. So the disk saw circle in the angular grinding instrument will have a greater speed of rotation, about 7000 revolutions per minute, on the one hand, this is a great advantage, since high speed allows you to do work better. But on the other hand, when working with solid wood or in the case of jamming the saw, it is likely that the motor will simply burn. In addition, it must be borne in mind that the shaft of the corner grinder will not be able to take closer to the work stove, the gearbox will interfere, so the depth of drank in such a tool will be small.

Another problem of this version of the circular saw will be that the corner grinder has no safety devices as a manual circular saw, they will have to be made separately.

But there are also positive aspects. The body of the angular grinder gearbox has finished holes for the handles and when using them as landing holes for mounting to the machine body. In this case, redoing the corner grinder, making changes to the design of the tool, it will not be necessary, it is enough to make the bracket and fix them on the case.

You can also do the power buttons. Using the island, just fix them in the on the on the side, and connect the wire to the starter connector. As the main button, you can use the old switch with a large key, this will save time when assembling the machine to increase safety. In the case of an emergency stopping tool, a large key is easier to find.

Types of circular (disk) saws

It is important to determine before the purchase, for which the unit will be used. About how to choose a disk saw, you should think at the initial stage of activity. After all, repairs are not carried out in one hour after the results of a spontaneously made decision. It is worth thinking about which type of tool to stop and what parameters will be the most priority.

Submissive circular saw

Has a low accuracy of the saw. But to fix this situation can fix other equipment. The circular saw differs from classic variations. The difference is that the unit allows you to observe the position of the disk in relation to the workpiece. Not knowing how to choose a circular saw for home, do not rush to shop. You need to do in detail the development of the material.

While in the off state, the cutting disk is completely isolated. It is located under a protective casing, and when activating the unit, it lowers and this is required to continue work.

The scope of submersible saws. Repair work in relation to flooring. The accuracy of the equipment is measured in millimeters. Depending on the functional capabilities of a particular tool with an angle of 90 degrees, 10-75 mm depth is performed.

The immersion tool is characterized by the mode of multifunctionality. He is configured to execute the transverse, as well as longitudinal cut. However, there are difficulties with cutting blanks of small width.

Battery Disco

The most compact and oversized models used for work at altitude. They will be useful for activities in hard.To.Reach places. Tools of this type are designed for a short period of work, their functionality depends directly on the required charge.

The equipment is powered by the battery. Depending on its type and power, the charge for work is enough for 15-50 minutes. As you work, the tool needs charging. For many models, it is at least 4 hours.

Due to the nuances of the structural plan, the equipment of the battery type cannot work for a long time. Therefore, it is not recommended to include it with large.Scale activities.

done, disc, compact, disk

Circular saw for metal and concrete

Typical variations of circular saws are not suitable for working with metal and concrete. Their design does not withstand a significant load, because the equipment breaks. For this case, a manual and specialized device is released.

A manual tool works from power supply. It is characterized by increased efficiency, considerable power and speed, performance. The equipment functions from a socket or battery. Buyers buy a hand saw more often and due to its low cost compared to automatic device.

For work in complex construction sites, specialized equipment is produced. These are angina.Cutting machines, rope installations and slope. Their scope of use. Large construction facilities. Such tools are characterized by an increased level of accuracy, multitasking, excellent operational parameters.

Stationary circular saw

This tool is perfect for owners of small home workshops. A saw with excellent operational parameters makes a cut 50-140 mm, which depends on the type of blanks and model.

The peculiarity of the tool is the presence of a bed. In some units, it has a prefabricated design, which allows you to quickly move the installation. For more solid models, a casting bed is used. It has a significant mass and dimensions, characterized by stability. A tool of this format is used to work with large blanks.

Stationary circular saw is endowed with such predominant indicators:

  • Reduced vibration of the tool, due to which the quality of processing of workpieces increases significantly.
  • Low noise.
  • Accurate settings processing settings.
  • Work with the widest possible circle of workpieces, including bulky.
  • Stationary tools have a vacuum cleaner, which reduces the amount of garbage and waste.

Circular saw with a guide tire

To make a clear, even cut, the tool is equipped with tires. They process parts as quickly as possible.

Tires are one- and bilateral. The former is used for cutting angular blanks, the latter for working with complex details. Depending on the method of use, they distinguish:

  • Universal. Characterized by maximum simplicity of design and high functionality. Suitable for any type of saw, from disk to manual.
  • Specialized tires. To work in complex areas. Installed exclusively on circular type devices.
  • Tires for transverse cutting. The simplest version of the device that allows cutting blanks at an angle of 45 and 90 degrees.

The tire should be high. The lack of deformations, stability is important.

Types of circular manual saw

A large selection of circular saws are presented on the shelves of construction stores. All variety can be divided into:

  • A hand tool that the master moves on his own.
  • A stationary saw on a special table designed to accommodate in workshops and workshops.

Circular hand saw is divided into power classes into:

  • Household appliances with power up to 2.2 kW.
  • Semi.Professional models that are more powerful than everyday. They differ in great functionality.
  • Professional units, characterized by increased power and functionality. They are used in production.

Another difference is the method of transmitting torque, so they highlight:

  • Electric models connected to a standard power supply network.
  • Battering manual circular saw is convenient where the socket is not needed nearby.
  • Models with a manual drive, which is currently practically not used, is gone into the past.

Making countertops for a circular machine

The assembly of the table begins with the manufacture of countertops. The plywood sheet is marked so that the two edges of the cover are in size with the edges of the iron sheet. Plywood is cut out with a hacksaw or an electrician. The edge of the saw can be treated with a cutter, but this operation is optional. Since the main parameter is reliability in the bed, not an attractive look. The countertop is wiped with “stained” sandpaper.

From below the countertops, a slot for a circular circle is noted. Why first it is necessary to measure the size of the sole of the unit. This is easiest to do if you unscrew the disk from the device and just circle the desired part of the saw. These measurements are required to determine the seat.

Using a hand cutter, select bars to a depth of approximately 0.9–1.1 cm. If you do not have a milling mill, then this work can be done using a chisel, but it will take a lot more time.

Then, when the seat is made, try on the saw, and if necessary, adjust the recess. Mark the places of slots for the circle and fixing the fasteners. If you need the circle to rise and fall, then it is necessary to install the pendulum mechanism for the countertop.

In this case, the slot must be made in the form of a truncated pyramid. In this case, the hypothetical peak of the pyramid will be directed down. It is best to make a frame for a lifting mechanism from steel corners that are welded to each other.

Making a table frame

Marking for fixing the transverse rails and longitudinal ones, which perform the function of the rib of stiffness, it is best to install on the wrong side of the countertop. The strips are made directly from the bar. You will need:

  • Two transverse parts, long equal to the width of the countertop minus 7-9 cm on each side.
  • Two longitudinal ribs, size equal to the length of the lid minus 7–9 cm on each side.

Then you need to make nests for screws. Reiki must be fixed on the lid so that the countertop goes beyond the edges of the frame 7-9 cm. The fasteners should be as reliable and durable as possible.

done, disc, compact, disk

The first mount should be installed approximately 40-50 mm from the edge of the rail. The distance between self.Tapping screws is about 23–25 cm. All details need to be drilled through and through. The self.Tapping screw is attached from the side of the lid so that its hat is completely sank in the tree.

Initially, transverse rods are fixed. So that the table cover is as strong as possible, the edges of the rail must first be smeared with carpentry glue. The design is fixed with clamps, and without removing them, screws screw.

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The countertop is allowed to dry completely. After, in the same way, longitudinal rails are installed. Then parts of the frame are pulled together with each other, installing two fasteners on each side. Now the clamps can be removed.

Classification of circular saws

Circular saws have a wide functionality of work, which determines the presence of various types of modifications of this tool. They can be distinguished by classification by individual signs.

By constructive features

There are two varieties of this device indicated by the technological features of the work:

  • The desktop or stationary electric circular saw is designed to perform large volumes of work, and is more often used in production. Such a saw is called a professional tool. The saw organ is fixed in a special overall cast frame capable of withstanding the weight of large woodwork.
  • A manual disk saw Electric is characterized as a mobile device capable of sawing the material in various planes. It is easy to operate, but has a slight power.

By the nature of the power supply

There are two methods of forming and accumulating the electrical energy necessary to put the circular saw mechanism:

  • Electrical network. Models operating from the electric network have high power of the electric motor from 4000 W, therefore, they require special preparation of the mains.
  • Battery. In such models, power comes from the battery, fixed on the tool body. They have low power indicators and require frequent recharging, but are more maneuverable, therefore they are suitable for household operating conditions.

The main classification feature is considered to be the intensity of work performed by a circular saw. The power, type of power, dimensions and the presence of additional functions depend on this indicator.

Metal cutting tape saw

Taping saws on wood are not used for cutting metal due to their flipping structure. In addition, the cutting speed is too high for these purposes. Therefore, there are special ribbon saws for metal, both stationary and manual.

A metal bandage for metal is a high.Power equipment that can saw both ferrous metals and non.Ferrous. Also, on these units, you can cut blanks from plastics.

When cutting metal on a stationary machine, the workpiece is rigidly fixed on the work table of the unit to increase the accuracy of the saw. The machine is also equipped with a water cooling system, since the canvas in the process of sawing has the ability to heat up. Thanks to this system, the coolant is supplied directly to the cutting place. Hand strip saw also has high power (about 710 watts). It can be used both in manual mode and in the inpatient. The unit is equipped with a fast.Fast.And.Packed mechanism that allows you to reliably fix the workpiece.

The following photo shows the pipes fixed in the clamping mechanism. In this case, the unit is used as a pendulum saw, but already a strip.

The following photos show how the metal cut is cut with a manual drop.

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