What can be done with a jigsaw

Draw two rectangles 250×300 mm on a sheet of plywood and saw them out with a jigsaw. These rectangles will be the base and cover of your machine. Painstakingly process the surfaces of the rectangles with sandpaper, especially the one that will be the lid.


The three-phase three hundred and eighty V power supply was connected, after that I proceeded to tests, which went perfectly. The cut wood slid easily across the surface of the worktop, and both my hands were free (as opposed to working with an ordinary jigsaw). This added to the convenience of the work. It was safe to say that the project was a success.

The tests of the stationary electronic jigsaw, made from a sewing machine, went perfectly

interior door remodeling and not only.

Hello, everyone who is now on the site Secrets of the Master! In this article, as I promised in previous posts, we will talk about another homemade device for the work of craftsmen-finishers. At the heart of this device, as you can see in the photo, is an ordinary jigsaw. I believe that the jigsaw, as well as the angle grinder, refers to a very versatile tools, which, if you change attachments, whether a file or a cutting disc, can be used in different operations. This device I made, as an alternative to the manual electric circular saw, which, understandably, broke down at the most inopportune moment. And I want to say that even after repairing the circular saw, I still continued to use in the work it is the jigsaw machine. Of course, an electric jigsaw is strongly inferior to an electric saw in the speed of cutting parts. But it has the advantage of a curved cut. And I think the jigsaw is safer compared to the electric circular saw. In short, we are making a jigsaw. You will need this kind of material to make it:

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You can use Plexiglas (10mm), but it’s harder to bend.

15×15 mm long. 2 pcs. 20×20 mm length 60 mm. 4 pcs. 40×40 mm length 130 mm. 1 pc.

I used furniture canopies, t.к. They were just the first ones I had, so if you use any other plates, it’s okay.


You can use 20 mm thick plywood, but then you have to use a longer jigsaw blade than usual, for example 126 mm. Accessories:

  • Screw M5×30. 1 pc.
  • Screw M5×50. 2 pcs.
  • Screw and nut M6×20. 1 pc.
  • Screw with nut M4×16. 1 pc.
  • Self-tapping screws 3,5×16. 20 pcs.
  • Self-tapping screws with a drill 3,5 × 9,5 (flea). 14 pcs.
  • Self-tapping screws with washers 4×16. 2 pcs.

Also for work you will need not a big arsenal of tools.

Please note. Duralumin is cut with a special disc cutter with a fine tooth of pobedite. But I did not buy such a cutter, t.к. I do not process aluminum sheet, but only cut aluminum profile for closet doors.


How nice to take a walk in your own garden, enjoying the enchanting nature and the amazing fresh air. Planning the design of the country site, every owner is trying to make it special, adding color and creating a positive mood. Plywood garden figures can successfully supplement plant compositions and wonderfully transform the area, making it a nice and cozy corner for relaxing. Anyone can make such funny figures from plywood. To create such a decoration do not need to possess the skills of an artist, it is enough to show imagination and to apply a minimum of effort. Miniature toy houses, figurines of animals, whimsical fairy sculptures and cartoon characters now decorate many suburban areas Plywood is one of the easiest and most convenient materials for creating handicrafts.

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It is so easy to work with that the figures from it turn out rather quickly, and most importantly. interesting. Plywood is sheets of wood veneer bonded together in several layers with glue or a synthetic compound. The strength and thickness of the material depends directly on the number of these layers. Thicknesses of plywood sheets vary from 3 to 30 mm. The material can have a completely different texture, which can affect the color and texture of the finished product. For example: due to the beautiful structure and warm colors looks very aesthetically birch plywood, coniferous plywood is more suitable for painting. For the creation of garden accessories perfectly suited sheets of plywood, the material for the manufacture of which was used: poplar, alder, aspen, pine, birch, spruce The main advantages of plywood: Environmental friendliness; strength and durability; water resistance; good flexibility; compatibility with other materials; ease of handling.

But since plywood is still a tree, which by its nature is influenced by the environment, when choosing a material should take into account a number of points: Moisture resistance. To decorate outdoor spaces and decorate the garden area, you can use plywood sheets marked FKM and FSF. They are made using melamine and phenolic resins which have a moisture-repellent effect. Brushed finish.

On sale you can find sheets, sanded on one side (Sh1), machined on both sides (Sh2) and not sanded at all (NS). This point is very important only if you do not have time for additional processing. Oil and acrylic paints are ideal for creating expressive and colorful garden decorations. They adhere very well to the wooden surface and create intense color combinations. Paints are UV-resistant, retaining their appeal for several years. Figurine of plywood can decorate any corner in the garden, hanging on a rope, secured to the support with nails and set on the stands Stencil for making a figure can also be made by yourself.

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The first jigsaws were invented in the mid-16th century.

7 Must watch jigsaw jigs and tricks

At that time had a primitive design, consisting of a U or U-shaped frame, working blade.

There was a serious disadvantage. to work with any material, you had to adjust the tension manually, which complicated the process of sawing.

Today’s hand-held models have the same configuration, but the elements responsible for tensioning the saw have been added (the first clamping mechanism was patented in 1876).

The jigsaw is a tool for making detailed or precise cuts in wood or other materials. With its help different in complexity sawing wooden, metal, ceramic and composite workpieces. It consists of a metal frame with fastening clamping system, handle and working blade. saw blade with teeth of different length and size. Cutting blade moves only in one direction, to change the plane of the cut, you need to turn the workpiece or saw.

Important! The jigsaw has a number of limitations in the work. With it, it is difficult to make even straight saws, cut off part of the workpiece at an angle of 90 o without a special guide plane.

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