What can be done with a perforator. Dimensions and weight

Peorator. Purpose, types, characteristics and features

The closest relative of the drill who does not drill, but actually breaks the holes with a drill. The peorator.

Combining the rotation of the working element with progressive strikes allows it to work according to materials that the classic tool is not able to cope with.

Peorators can have several operating modes, differs in the location of the engine and the type of drive as a whole.

This is one of the main tools during the repair and construction work, and in some situations it is simply indispensable.

What parameters are important for peorators

Peorators have three main functions: drilling without impact, drilling with a blow (drilling), stroke (chipping hammer). Its main task is drilling. They can work on almost all surfaces: stone, concrete, brick, ceramics, metal, foam concrete, wood, plastic, etc.D.

For work, drills, chisels, peaks, drill are used. And the cartridge is designed for the shank SDS-Plus or SDS-MAX, depending on what kind of pea is a household and professional. The former are designed for drills up to 14 mm, and the latter. For diameters of more than 14 mm. They are selected depending on the diameter of the hole and the type of surface. There are drills for ceramics, wood, brick, etc.P.

The over-power peorator is necessary for selling supporting concrete walls, it is unlikely that you will ever need it; For such work, it is better to invite a special brigade, “armed” with heavy artillery in the form of a pneumatic peorator with a compressor. There are also peorators with a battery. They are needed to perform facade work outside the building. For household needs, they are not used.

Drilling and drilling by a pedorator

First of all, it is necessary to put the required equipment on the shaft of the penetrator, a quick.Sitting clamping cartridge or a cpin fixer for the drill. Then install the switch on the case in the desired position.

Pre.Marking the hole can be started to work. The drilling itself must begin to smoothly, it should be borne in mind that the pressure on the descent of the penetrator regulates the speed of rotation. For this reason, you need to start drilling at small speeds, orienting the drill or drill as accurately as possible in place.

With a deep hole, sometimes weaken the pressure on the handle of the tool and take the drill a little back, this will remove the dust from the channel of the hole and cool the working surfaces.

The depth of drilling can be adjusted with a removable probe or strip of adhesive tape or insulating tape wrapped around the drill at the required depth of the hole.

Idtman. Inspection perforators SDS Plus from Hilti 2021

How the peorator works: device, work, modes, engine

Everyone someday encountered the need to drill a hole in the ceiling or wall. It is good if the wall is made of brick, and if from reinforced concrete? It will be problematic to do this with a regular drill. For such work, peorator is used. Even with minor capacities, its effectiveness will be much better than that of a drill.

What is the peorator? What is its advantage? Despite the variety of manufacturers, design features, the main device for everyone is the same. Like the principle of work. At the end of the article you will find a video plot on the topic of how the peorator is arranged.

Act and operation of the penetrator

The main role is played by the electric motor. He sets in motion a mechanism or shaft, which with the help of a floating bearing makes the piston move.

The piston creates excessive pressure in a special channel, for motorists this is called compression. The impact device installed in it under pressure makes the working body an connected using a cartridge.

The working body is a drill or a drill. Collector electric motors are installed in the peorators.

done, perforator

There are two executions of the strike mechanism. Electromechanical and electro.Pneumatic.

They usually use an electropneumatic type

The electromechanical type is based on the principle of creating by electromagnetic coils of the back of the core, which transfers these blows to the working part.

The principle of operation of the electro.Pneumatic type, which is the main one, is based on the principle of creating a compression.

Mechanical rotation is converted into the motion of a piston creating pressure, and with the help of compressed air produces an impact on a spite of a drill.

Peorators may differ in the location of the electric motor. It is most convenient to use the engine with the engine, which is installed horizontally. It turns out not a bulky, comfortable model. But it is used in low and medium.Power tools.

If the tool is powerful and is used for long and large volumes of work, then in this case the engine will be located vertically. What is their difference? Even in appearance it becomes obvious. At the location of the engine, slots for ventilation and, accordingly, cooling.

Such a device will be able to work much longer without overheating of the engine, the performance will be more respectively.

Like a regular jack of hammer, the peorators have an idle mode.

Compression, that is, excessive pressure in the piston mechanism, is responsible for the operation of the shock mechanism. At the end of the work, the peorator is removed from the processed surface, the shock mechanism under the action of the springs is pushed forward. The air from the piston system comes out, and the shock mechanism does not work. To resume the operation of the shock mechanism, the drill must be drowned, crushing the peorator forward.

According to the principle of energy used, there are 4 types of peorators: battery, electric, gasoline and pneumatic.

done, perforator

Horizontal or vertical engine, what is the difference

Peorators in which the engine is installed horizontally, more convenient, lighter and more familiar, look like a drill. If the engine is vertical, it is better than a cooling system, then they can work longer and more intensively. But it is larger and harder. Plus this or minus, if the worker gets tired faster?

A very convenient system, a switch is installed on the ashorator. Three provisions:

Before work, be sure to install it in the right position.

It’s no secret that working with the tool causes strong vibrations. Even when working with a conventional drill. And in the oratorian vibration will be stronger. Manufacturers are trying in various ways to eliminate this. There are active, with AVS marking.

But they are mainly used on high.Power tools. The system is designed to extinguish vibration. True, this system cannot completely extinguish vibration, but it reduces significantly significantly. The passive system is ordinary rubber overlays on the case.

The use of such linings is not very large.

Operator working body

The cartridge at the penetrator is made by a completely different principle than in ordinary droplets, it does not need to be clamped with a key. And it is arranged differently.The tool that is used for peorators also needs to be used by a special. The drill from the usual drill will not work here. What is its feature?

A drill or a drill is very easy to replace, you just need to insert. The SDS tool clamping system has been applied. There are special grooves on the drills or other details. The tool goes forward and backward, while the load is reduced during the impacts. Therefore, when buying a peorator, be sure to ask how accessible the tool for this model is on sale.

You can use ordinary drills in the ashorator. If you have an adapter, you can replace the cartridge. But not all peorators can be done, only for models where it is provided for.

The service life of the penetrator is quite large. But it costs twice as much. With all its advantages, the peorator is still a manual power tool. Take it carefully. Lubricate, change the brushes. And then he will last a long time.

The plot about how the peorator works on the example of the Dewalt D25603K tool:

What can the tool do

The following main operating modes are distinguished:

  • A blow with rotation. Allows you to drill a concrete wall;
  • Shock without rotation. To hammer concrete;
  • Rotation without impact. With a nozzle under the drill allows you to drill like a drill.

Those who often work with the pedorator know that in addition to drilling and detachment of walls, such a tool can be posted under the wiring. Making a gap in concrete using this tool is quite simple. First, a number of holes are drilled along the marked lines. Then a pika or spatula is broken between the jumpers between the holes. This use of the inferator is atypical, but allows you to refuse to buy additional tools.

The trim of the as a peorater allows you to get not such an ideal result as after a barborer, but all defects are hidden by the subsequent plaster.

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How to find a council for traffic violators?

In reality, residents of apartment buildings often deal with a popular domestic phenomenon called “Eternal Repair”. The constant noise of a drill or a pedorator can seriously poison life. In order to avoid such a development of events, it is necessary to keep legitimate ways to put in place of grief-builders:

  • From the current sanitary standards, it is uneaded that the noise level in a residential building should not exceed the indicator of 40 decibels in the daytime;
  • Repair or redevelopment cannot, by law, exceed a period of more than 4 months;
  • It is strictly forbidden to carry out repair work (provided that they are accompanied by strong noise) on holidays and weekends;
  • A number of constituent entities of the Federation have their own rules for this account. For example, the “laws of silence” in Ulyanovsk do not allow the peorator after 11 pm;
  • To prevent a violation, it must be fixed and reflect the results of measurements of the noise level in a special protocol. For such an offense, peace of mind is facing a fine (500-1500 r).

The shock machine for the walls of walls gained good glory from builders due to the long service life and excellent work even with the hardest surfaces. This tool is widely used at all stages of repair work. But what do the neighbors do with a penetrator? They hardly have a construction education. It is possible that they simply take revenge on you for a week ago.

In this video, the inventor Igor Konovalov will show the original invention, which automatically knocks on the wall of the neighbor if he uses the peorator:

Когда можно «шуметь» пеоратором

A separate conversation about the noise created by the tool when working. It is no secret that the sound of a working peorator in the morning and the weekend few are delighted. What to do if the repair is done, but I don’t want to quarrel with the neighbors? When you can work as a peorator so as not to quarrel with the law? It should be borne in mind that according to the law, a “period of silence” in the country is the time between 23.00 in the evening and 07.00 in the morning.

Not all people wake up by seven in the morning, so it’s better to postpone any noisy repair work at least until nine hours. Each region, as a rule, set its own time frames. In some repair work, it is allowed only on weekdays from 09.00 in the morning to 19.00 in the evening. Therefore, the question of how many hours to how much you can work as a peorator, it is better to solve, relying on the Code of Administrative Offenses of your region. Appeal to local laws and decrees will not be superfluous, because other points can also be considered in the regulation of repair work or other information that will be relevant precisely in your area.

How to work as a peorator in different modes: 7 main nuances

Even a small repair, not to mention professional construction, does not do without the use of a peorator. It is with its help that you can make a hole in a stone wall or a recess in a concrete structure. Therefore, how to work as a peorater, it is worth knowing to both the home master and the builder.

Also, such a tool allows you to quickly and easily drill the right number of holes in ceramic tiles, brick, wood, metal. And additional nozzles will allow, for example, to drill overlap, compact the material, clog the rod and even tighten the screw.

Depending on the features of the application and the availability of additional components, the peorator can be used in the performance of a wide variety of construction operations. But how to do it right in order to prevent the tool out of order?

For what materials you can use the peorator:

  • Is it possible to twist screws, screws? Many professional builders prefer to use a power tool if possible, which is able to perform the functions of several types of equipment. Peorator is one of them. For quick and convenient screwing screws or screws, special nozzles are used. Among them there are models with a limiter that guarantee the control of the “stamping” of fasteners.
  • Is it possible to interfere with the periorator of the solution? It is possible, and quite effective with a low viscosity of the solution (for high viscosity compositions, it is recommended to use a jacket and work at minimum speeds). Additional arguments in favor of such use may be that the speed of rotation of the tool shaft is easily changed. In addition, on the principle of its work, the peorator differs little from the construction mixer.

Is it possible to drill a tree with a pedorator? With the help of a peorator, you can get quite high.Quality holes. To do this, use the power tool in the drill mode and use special drills. Depending on the material and diameter of the hole, the speed of drilling is determined.

Is it possible to drill tiles with a pedorator? The main problem in working with ceramics is that it can split if it is incorrect. That is why when using a peorator, you must first turn off the shock mode, and it is better to start drilling with small speeds with a gradual increase in speed.

Is it possible to drill metal with a pedorator? Subject to the use of a special drill, it is possible to create holes using this tool in almost any material.

In most cases, they have a cylindrical shank and a spiral structure. The material for their manufacture is the steel of high strength (often based on cobalt alloys).

Universal in use will be drills equipped with carbide plates on the cutting part.

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Working with a pedorator in different modes

It is recommended to start drilling at low speed without excessively strong pressing to the surface. After starting the engine, he must work in idle mode.

This is necessary so that in the case of vibrations, extraneous noise or the appearance of smoke, to react to a malfunction in time and prevent more complex consequences in the form of injuries, damage to building structures, complex breakdown of the tool.

In the technology of work, a lot depends on the features of the material. For example, questions often arise about how to drill metal with a pedorator.

Experts recommend using only high.Quality drills, which are specially designed for such operations from trusted manufacturers. In addition, it is necessary to properly prepare the surface.

done, perforator

The hole is performed in stages with a gradual expansion of the diameter to the desired size.

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Drilling mode (drilling)

A common designation of the drilling mode in most manufacturers of a construction tool was a drill with a hammer. Particular attention in the course of the work should be paid to prevent the bias of the nozzle. It is also important not to provide additional pressure on the peorator, this will not lead to an increase in the power of the motor or to accelerate the performance of work.

This function is far from always used. For example, before drilling tiles with a pedorator, it is important to turn off the shock mode and prevent the drill glide on the surface, at which scratches are often formed.

To work in the blower mode (the toggle switch turns into a position indicated by the image of the hammer), special nozzles-shabby nozzles are used. During operation, the peorator must be clamped with two hands. In the process, the speed of deterrence can be regulated depending on the characteristics of the work performed.

It is necessary to constantly monitor the tool, since there are often situations in which the drill inside the structure stumbles upon the reinforcement. If the hole is filled with crumbs, then to clean it, it is enough to extract a drill in idle mode (you can also use a construction vacuum cleaner).

Operations for the operation of peorators

There are several rules for the operation of peorators that must be observed.

  • During operation, you cannot press too much on the tool to prevent the drill of damage to the drill. Power and performance from this in any case will not increase.
  • A common mistake is the desire to perform the entire operation in full in one appointment. Periodically it is necessary to clean the boat.
  • The choice of equipment is determined by the type of work performed and the specific features of the tool itself. For example, when using peorators of the same type, an adapter will be required to replace the nozzle, and the second has a quick design.
  • Mechanical damage or systematic overheating of the equipment is not acceptable. When choosing, you should pay attention to the models in the aluminum case, which, due to the features of the material, always cool better.
  • While working with the pedorator, it is recommended to put on rubber gloves that will help to extinguish the vibration, despite the fact that for this purpose the tool itself is equipped with special inserts.

How to care for a tool

Any power tool needs periodic care. All details of the mechanisms during friction are worn out. It is possible to prevent premature abrasion of parts by regular lubrication of the surfaces of parts. Many users are limited to lubrication of the tail of the drill: from it the oil enters the cartridge, and partially lubricates it. This is justified, only while the tool is under warranty. In addition to the cartridge, care is required by the shock mechanism, gearbox and electric motor. These actions require disassembling the case.

During the operation of the warranty period, such maintenance can only be carried out in authorized service centers. Self.Analysis of the tool entails a loss of the right to warranty repairs.

After the end of the warranty period, you can conduct service with your own hands. The main nodes of the peorater requiring careful care:

Carpet and reducer service

You need to disassemble the peorator from the cartridge. To do this, remove the rubber ring.

Access to the locking ring, which is also removed, opens.

Having removed the external casing, they gain access to the mechanism of the cartridge. Clamping ring, spring and ball must be lubricated and have a free move.

The back cover of the case is removed, and the engine collector is freed from coal brushes.

The front of the body is mounted with self.Tapping screws. Twist them and remove the gearbox along with the engine rotor.

Before applying a new lubricant, the exhaust mass is removed, and the parts are washed with gasoline. First, the lubricant is applied with a thin layer on the most important details.

A thick layer of lubrication is applied to the gearbox until completely enveloped.

It is best to lubricate the details of the penetrator with the composition that comes with the tool. If it is not enough, you need to purchase the required amount of lubrication.

The served mechanism is placed back into the case. The assembly sequence is revealed to the disassembly process.

Care for the electric motor

The electric motor is lubricated only the bearing bearings. There should be no traces of oil and dust on the anchor of the rotor, the brushes should have a sufficient length for normal contact with the collector. If the wear of the brushes is great, they need to be replaced. Timely care will allow you to use tools for a long time without replacing parts.

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