What can be done with a strip saw. Advantages of cutting tape saw

Latu.Saw technologies: fast and high.Quality cutting of various materials

There are the following types of materials from which tape saws are made:. Instrumental steels (“saws of instrumental steels”);. High.Speed steel (“bimetallic saws”);. Hard alloy (“carbide saws”);. Artificial diamond (“Diamond saws”).

Tiring steel tape saws

strip, advantages, cutting, tape

These tape saws are made from a solid strip of high.Quality alloy and hardened carbon instrumental steel. The hardened cutting edge and, in the highest degree of flexible base, are the guarantors of the high quality of such paintings. The hardness of the cutting edges of the teeth does not exceed 50HRC.

Such saws are used mainly for sawing simple materials: illegal steels with a low strength of strength, for cutting composite materials, for friction sawing on special machines. They are most suitable for use in conditions of repair workshops.

Bimetallic tape saws

The basis of such a strip saw is made of elastic spring-spring steel (analogue-45HGNMFA). A profile wire made of high-speed steel (HSS) is welded to the one-bearing canvas canvas, after which the profile of the saws of the saw is milling.

After subsequent heat treatment, the cutting edges of the saws of the saw have a hardness of 67.5. 69 HRC, and also have outstanding wear resistance and red resistance, characteristic of high.Speed steels. This allows you to successfully use bimetallic saws in processing up to 90% of steels and alloys used in industry.

Depending on the brand and composition of high.Speed steel, bimetallic saws of almost all manufacturers are divided into 2 main types. M42, M51 and M71.

For bimetallic tape saws: M42 (analogue 10P2M10K8). The exceptional quality of this material is the wear resistance of the cutting edges of the teeth of the saw canvas. The decisive factor here is the size of the carbide particles and their uniform distribution (in the represented structure of the white carbides of the white color, they are uniformly distributed in thermal martensitic basis). The hardness of the cutting edges of the teeth 67.5–68.5 HRC. This material is suitable for sawing all the main brands of steels with hardness up to 40-45 HRC.

M51 (analogue 12P10M4K10). Higher tungsten increases the amount of carbides, and therefore, the resistance to abrasive wear increases. High cobalt increases the redness of the cutting edge.

This allows you to use this tool for cutting high.Strength, stainless and heat.Resistant steels, including blanks of large cross.Section and hardness up to 45 HRC. The hardness of the cutting edge 69 HRC. The resistance of such a strip canvas, as a rule, is 10-20% higher than that of saw with the material of the cutting edge of M42. M71. This material occupies a special position, since it is obtained from high.Quality high.Speed steel by powder metallurgy. This allowed, unlike the fast.Cutting steels of traditional production (M42 and M51), to achieve the following advantages: 1. Get a fine.Grained structure with a more uniform distribution of dispersed carbides. 2. Significantly increase hardness (up to 69-70 HRC), wear resistance and heat resistance and at the same time maintain the technological plasticity of the material. 3. Increase the reliability of the tool due to a decrease in the likelihood of defects when cutting the type of bearing, chips and microcracks. 4. Increase tool resistance to 25-50%.

strip, advantages, cutting, tape

Sawing austenitic, stainless, acid.Resistant and other exotic steels and alloys no longer is a big problem due to the combination of a new high.Performance material of the cutting edges M71 and optimized geometry of bimetallic tape saws M42 and M51. Chardal ribbon saws

This tool is recommended for high.Performance sawing exotic, difficult to work, heat.Resistant and stainless steels and alloys, titanium, nickel, etc.P. Up to 62 HRC. The geometry of the teeth obtained by special grinding with the hardness of the cutting edges up to 1600–3800 HV makes a program of carbide saws suitable for the most demanding queries. Diamond ribbon saws

Since the diamond is the hardest material in nature (hardness up to 9000 HV), it is able to saw any practical materials, metals and alloys. This is aluminum with intelligence of solid particles, and hardened and chrome shafts, solid alloys, ferrodo, hardened glass, marble, granite, quartz, graphite, etc.D.

Ribbon saw: what is it

The main feature of the strip saw is its working tool. This is a flexible strip of high.Strength steel with sharp teeth, closed into the ring. The cutting canvas is put on two drums, one of which is rotated by the electric motor.

The accuracy of the movement of the cutting edge is provided by the guides. The blades of the saw are interchangeable. Selecting canvases with various characteristics, you can get a cut with the necessary parameters. Distinguish horizontal and vertical ribbon saws.

What is a tape saw for wood for?

Choosing a tool for even sawing wood, special attention should be paid to household tape saws on wood. Adjustment of the speed of the cutting canvas and directions allow the use of a sawmill for a variety of work. The ability to choose the size of the teeth for working with a certain type of material expands the spectrum of saw capabilities. For soft wood, a canvas with large teeth is suitable, and for hard species. With small. Other capabilities of the strip saw make her indispensable assistant for the home master:

strip, advantages, cutting, tape
  • Many tape machines for sawing have the ability to accurately adjust to certain needs of the employee.
  • Thin blades can be cut out figures, a variety of decorative elements.
  • The ribbon household saw on wood can work in any direction. Both along and across the fibers.
  • Using a saw, you can create the same and mirror parts for furniture.
  • The productivity of the strip saw is higher than that of other types of tools.
  • Ribbon.Based sawmills differ in safety.

How to choose a strip saw?

The first and most important criterion that defines the choice is the type of material processed. If you plan to cut steel, then you need a strip saw for metal. In addition, such equipment is divided into household, semi.Professional and professional. Hand strip saw of small dimensions and weights are the best suited for work at home. With its help, the master will be able to make various furniture, cut the workpieces and so on.

The middle class of saws can be used both in a home workshop and in the workshop, but professional machines are suitable only for industrial production. Having decided on the class, you can proceed to the choice of basic technical characteristics:

  • The depth drank. This parameter determines the maximum thickness of the processed part.
  • The width draped. This value shows what maximum width the processed part can have.
  • The maximum workpiece diameter.

Rattle saw rating

  • Ribbon saw Jet. Processes blanks up to 300 mm wide. Its power is enough for sawing wood from a variety of breeds. Ash, beech and others. On a thick metal bed, it is easy to have the necessary details, it is not deformed from large vibration and loads.
  • Ribbon saw Enkor Corvette. This unit is more suitable for industrial production. Its power is 1000 watts, and the cutting canvas moves at a speed of 900 m per minute, allowing you to saw blanks from a variety of materials.
  • Bosch tape saw. This company produces both machines and manual tools working on the battery. The latter can be taken with you and used for cutting pipes, corners, rods and other details. You can work with such a tool in all positions, it is compact, convenient and easy to manage.

The principle of operation of tape saws

The principle of operation of sawing machines was developed in the second half of the XIX century. Modern devices operate on a special belt placed between 2 flywheels. When the device is turned on, the belt is set in motion. After that, the operator can serve wooden blanks. Product processing is carried out by moving a strip saw using a frame. Cutting is made at an acute angle (up to 60 °). The cuts on the workpiece are accurate, because the pressure on the material during operation is distributed equivalent.

Types of strip saws

Depending on the plane of placing the cutting canvas in the saw zone, all tape saws are classified as vertical or horizontal.

  • Vertical tape saws.This type of easel equipment can be bought in Penza and called column tape saws. They differ in that the movement of the canvas in the working area occurs vertically relative to the guide surface (table). This version of the equipment is used for the manufacture of a beam, curved saw, black sawing of logs.G
  • Horizontal strip saws. Usually have high power, which allows more solid materials. The saw canvas in this type of machine tools is located parallel to the plane of the desktop. Such machines allow you to get thinner products, they are often used for the manufacture of boards, veneer, shields, sheets.

Preparation for work

Before starting work, it is recommended to sort the trees, depending on their purpose. It is necessary to clean them of dirt, remove knots and nails. Sorting is carried out according to the following criteria:

Immediately before the cut it is necessary:

  • Check the quality of mounts and parts of parts.
  • Check the presence of grounding.
  • Grease the surfaces subject to friction.
  • Check the correct installation of a strip saw.
  • Check the movement of the tape at idle and reverse.
  • If necessary, change the saw arrow, moving the video on the left side by 5-10 cm.

How and Why to make a Zero Clearance Insert for your Table Saw

The log prepared in this way for sawing is installed on the frame and securely fixed with clamps. It is necessary to make sure that it moves freely between the guides.

Advantages and disadvantages

Some believe that buying a strip saw is an extra waste of money, there is enough circular saw. In fact, the strip saw saves the time of work, and improves the quality of the workpieces. In enterprises and furniture factories, the strip saw pays off in a short time and increases performance.

Add custom inlay to your woodworking projects. Making your own is easy!

  • Quiet, fast and safe work.
  • The table model weighs little and does not take up much space.
  • Electricity savings.
  • Cales even with logs and bars.
  • Quickly make a figured saw.
  • Reduces the number of chips.
  • Slices are not necessary to polish.

The disadvantages include low tooth resistance, which must be polished each time, as well as the need to prepare the machine.

Compact tape saws for private farms

There are situations when a large machine on the farm is simply not needed and spending money on rare cases of sawing is simply unreasonable. Especially for these cases, a Makita tape saw has been created, which has a weight of not more than 6 kg and can be used for the sawing of both wooden blanks and metal. The size of the sawn blanks can reach up to 120mm in diameter.

Some modifications are equipped with autonomous power sources (batteries), which allow you to use the tool in hard.To.Reach places without connecting to the network. It has a two.Speed control of the saw and work it is convenient and easy. This option is ideal for small volumes of work and narrow workpieces.

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