What can be done with an electric screwdriver. Manual generator

What can be done from the old electric screwdriver with your own hands: from the battery, motor, engine

The entire range of screwdrivers is divided into network and battery models. Both varieties of products work due to electric energy, which rotates the electric motor. Only the electric motor itself in network devices is designed for a variable voltage of 220 V, and in battery equipment for constant different sizes, for example, 12 V, 14.4 V. These design features, together with the technical characteristics, largely determine which home.Mades from the electric screwdriver will be possible to collect.

Electricity is one of the main types of energy used by mankind. Due to electricity, household appliances, industrial equipment, machines, power tools are functioning. The work is performed by electric motors of different structures and power, which are powered by variable or constant types of current. For this reason, on the basis of an electric screwdriver or from its individual parts, the following technical devices can be assembled:

  • Garden grinder of grass and branches;
  • Trimmer for grass (electric couture);
  • Hiking manual generator;
  • Engraver (mini-spray, dremel, drill);
  • Wind generator;
  • Lawn mower;
  • Corner grinder;
  • Mini-stations: drilling, grinding, precise, current, sawing, hiding;
  • Tool for knitting reinforcement;
  • Gate opening drive;
  • Vehicles for children: square, bicycle, scooter;
  • Small ice drift, Yamobur, construction or kitchen mixer.

A powerful shock type model can also be converted into tamping for concrete using a special nozzle.

The implementation of each option takes different times and requires additional (insignificant) costs, or does without them at all.

Bracket for obtaining a drilling machine

A multifunctional bracket will help transform a standard hand drill (wired, with a battery) into a stationary drilling machine. The case is made of super.Strength aluminum alloy. Massive, allows you to reliably install a drill for subsequent drilling. Fasteners are designed in such a way that they are suitable for all modern power tools.

The sole is equipped with a vice, which allows you to fix the blanks in the right position, to avoid their displacement during the drilling of the holes. The adjustable bracket allows you to set the desired height, taking into account the size of the tool itself. For convenient operation, a handle with a rubber lining is provided, which smoothly lowers the drill.

Multifunctional bracket for a drill and a scorchway





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Equipment for carpentry workshop

Each craftsman of carpentry will equip his workshop with the necessary equipment for his tasks. A person for everyday use can not always afford expensive production machines. And this situation is the impetus for the implementation of homemade performs based on available details and tools.

done, electric, screwdriver, manual


Wooding lathe will become a necessary tool for home craftsmen. Round boobs, door handles, spherical and cone.Shaped fragments for wooden railings, legs of the seats and much more. All this can be made using a home.Made turning machine based on an electric screwdriver.

You should not spend money on factory equipment if such a lathe can without much effort can be made with your own hands from an old electric screwdriver using a minimum of means and materials.

You can briefly describe one of these options for a “home.Made” machine. A rectangular box from plywood with three side sides is made. The planting nest is cut in the short side. In this simple wooden bed and an electric screwdriver is installed, button up.

The bed, in our case, the rectangular wooden box, is screwed to the table and pressed by a clamp. This is done in order to reliably fix the bed on the desktop along with the tool.

A wooden block is used as a supporting bar for the cutter, which is also screwed to the table with a clamp.

A piece of rod with a carvings, convenient for hooks, is clamped in the cartridge. A wooden workpiece (blank) is planted on a bar). An electric screwdriver turns on and twists a wooden workpiece. With the help of a cutter, leaning on the support bar, the master cuts out the desired voluminous and double part.

The tool is extremely necessary for masters who use wooden details and fragments in their work.

Table drilling machine

A desktop drilling machine is necessary for many craftsmen in garages and workshops to accurately drill holes in wood, metal, plastic, etc.D.

Talented masters do not spend money on the purchase of production equipment. You need a little effort and engineering abilities, ingenuity and desires. As a result, you can get a solid design of a desktop drilling machine from improvised materials.

The basis of the tool can be a gearbox from an electric screwdriver. The stanch rods (rack) of the masters can make from various materials. Everything goes into business: metal rods, carriages from writing machines, wooden structures.

The mechanism of raising and lowering the vertical of the gearbox is also performed in a variety of ways. There are no unnecessary springs from the expander.

To attach the gearbox, a home.Made columuts of textolite are made to the stanch rod, or suitable parts are used from other devices or even cars.

done, electric, screwdriver, manual

Each design is individual and interesting in its own way. The main thing is that the task that is set in front of the drilling machine is performed with marginal accuracy and at the proper quality level.

Do not use broken and old screwdrivers for the machine, since the backlash in the cartridge does not allow to achieve the desired diameter of the hole.

Manual milling cutter: step.By.Step instructions

If when working with a tree you have the task of cutting out a groove or circle, do not go and buy an expensive milling. Having shown ingenuity, you can easily solve this problem and turn an electric screwdriver into a hand mill, creating a lower bed with your own hands. A design that would hold vertically a tool. Production prefixes for milling on screwdrivers (drills) are on sale, but their acquisition is not always financially justified.

The most easily accessible improvised material for a home master is plywood and wooden bars. Of these, we will make a marching bed for milling, performing a step-by-step instruction:

  • Let’s make the bottom of the bed. Take a plywood with a thickness of 8 mm and cut out a ring from it with an external diameter of 10 cm, with an internal one. 5 cm. For this work, we use an electric screwdriver with a “crown” on wood.
  • On the sides of this ring we screw with self.Tapping two wooden bar 4x2x10 cm. Put the design made by bars up. This will resemble a stool set by the legs up.
  • Let’s make the upper part of the bed. We cut out another ring of plywood with an external diameter of 9 cm, and with the internal. Approximately 4.5 cm (to the size of the case of an electric screwdriver).
  • We fasten the upper part of the bed with screws to the bars with the lower part.
  • We put on the prefix-stop on the body of an electric screwdriver. It tightly sits in the round hole of the upper part of the bed.
  • We insert the necessary mill into the cartridge and adjust the cutout of the cutter. Tighten the cartridge.

A hand cutter is ready. You can get to work!

The home.Made design of the milling console described above. A bed for an electric screwdriver allows you to keep the tool not by weight and strictly vertically. And the lower part of the bed performs the support function when performing milling work.

Disk saw or corner grinder

The design of an electric screwdriver allows you to turn it into a disk saw (corner grinder). However, due to the low power of the electric screwdriver, this “disco saw” is rarely used for small work. Cut fiberglass reinforcement, steel chain or a drill stuck in the ceiling for drilling concrete plates, steel stripes of small thickness.

done, electric, screwdriver, manual

Bolt, nut and two goals allow you to squeeze a small disk for metal work is all you need so that the electric screwdriver turns into a corner grinder.

Of course, such an invention has the right to life, especially when the master is not able to allow the entire series of production cutting tools.


A priori, each electric screwdriver can be used as a drill. Much depends on the power and functions of the tool. For example, shock screwdrivers combine the functions of a peorator, electric screwdriver and drill.

In such a situation, you should not follow a long way, if there is a short. It is enough to get a screwdriver from the cartridge of an electric screwdriver and insert a drill. Switch the operating mode to the “drill”.

How To Make Rechargeable Screwdriver From DC Motor at Home

Sharpening machine

And where in the workshop without him? However, not only in the workshop.

A portable sharpening machine machine from an electric screwdriver can be used in the country, fishing, somewhere outside the city, while on vacation.

In general, a thing is comfortable and useful at the same time.

In addition to an electric screwdriver, for the manufacture of a sharpening machine, you will also need a gearbox with a shaft from corner grinder.

We make a trimmer for grass or a lawn mower from an electric screwdriver

During operation, you will also come in handy a pipe and a corner to it with a diameter of 40 mm.

The process of alteration begins with the fact that you disassemble the electric shurubrust, remove the motor. Then you need to attach it to the plug. The landing holes are pre.Drilled in it. We fasten the electric engine with two screws, we solder the output to the motor. We install the electric motor. In this case, you need to stick its wiring in the pipe.

IMPORTANT! The marker on the tube is a mark in the place where the future switch will be located. Next, the end wires must be attached to the ends of the outlet wires so that you can quickly connect to the battery.

From the adapter we make a battery, connect the drive, connect the adapter to the tube. From the blades you need to make knives. Using the usual clip for terminals, connect the nozzle to the motor shaft. From a plastic bucket we make a protective casing. Glue the part to the pipe. You also need to check how operational the design is.

IMPORTANT! Such a device provides the opportunity to mow only that cover of grass, which has soft stems.

Foot Pedal & Hand Crank Generators. K-TOR Socket & Power Box 50

There are many different options for lawn mowers, which are based on network models of drummer drills.

First of all, you need to create a base from metal, plywood and other materials. Then the wheels and the control handle will be attached to it. Fixation of the electric shuruvret is carried out by clamps or to the rack. We insert the cutting nozzle into the cartridge. To protect the legs from flying grass, you need to attach the casing to the back of the base.

Food is done through the button. But you can make it directly from the network. If you need enough functional lawn mower, then take a drill-electrical screwdriver with a capacity of 0.5 kW.

DIY Electroseliyped from an electric screwdriver

Do.It.Yourself homemans from the old electric screwdriver can be safely attributed to the manufacture of a bicycle drive for a bicycle.

  • We take out the engine from an electric screwdriver
  • We combine welding to the bicycle sprocket
  • We install a bicycle
  • We mount batteries on the trunk.
  • Serve the power through the toggle switch, which we fix on the steering wheel.

Wind generator

Wind and manual generators work according to one principle, but the axis rotates with the help of blades in a windmill. In order to make such a device is required:

  • Disassemble the old electric screwdriver and disconnect the button with a power element from the motor;
  • Find a carving axis that will fit the diameter to the cartridge;
  • Fix at its end a metal plate with a thickness of not more than 1 mm;
  • Cut 2 plastic pipes along equal half;
  • Attach homemade blades to the plate using bolts;
  • Put on a clamping clamp on the shaft between the gearbox and the cartridge;
  • Fix the entire structure on a sheet of plywood or a thin board;

To protect the motor from moisture hit the generator mechanism should be placed in a container of plastic or aluminum. This device can be used as a charger for a mobile phone when exits to nature, if attached to the wires a battery or USB port. Also, such a wind generator can be installed as a weather vane, so that with an unscheduled shutdown of electricity, a current source is always available.

The main stages of work

We screw the threaded sleeve into the cartridge of the electric screwdriver, and connect it to the puck, as shown in the photo below.

After that, we insert the puck inside the round pipe, and scald. After welding, we clean the corner grinder.

A piece of a round pipe acts as a pen. So that it was convenient to keep, we wrap it with electrical tape.

As a result, we got a home.Made tool holder. A file, bats for an electric screwdriver, etc.

So if you have a broken electric screwdriver lying around idle, then you can make such a thing out of it.

This article was prepared on the basis of the author’s video from the YouTube channel izhor Andreichuk.

done, electric, screwdriver, manual

Electric screwdriver as a generator

Electric screwdriver can be used as a generator. To do it is very simple. It is necessary to remove the battery, attach the wires to the terminals using crocodiles and connect them to the consumer. Be sure to first check the polarity with a multimeter. You need to insert into the cartridge and clamp the hexagonal key for the assembly of furniture. Through rotation of the spindle, the current that will be received by the consumer will be produced. True, it is worth noting that the voltages produced by this electric machine are enough only to charge a mobile phone or the operation of a small LED lamp.

For the manufacture of this part, you will need a metal plate and a segment of the channel. Finding such details is easy in the garage or at any metal welding.

These details must be welded together, and then make a slot in the plate with a corner grinder. It will serve to fasten the electric motor with a bolt. The usual hole is not suitable here, the mount should be mobile so that the alignment of the leading and led stars can be set. If it does not put it, the chain will fly off without allowing you to drive even a meter.

Stubborn foot, and why it is needed

Production of a stubborn paw of the bracket is a purely individual process for each model and brand of bicycle. In the photo example, a similar detail will be shown so that the reader understands how it looks like. And it will serve to adjust the tension of the chain. A stubborn paw is attached to a bolt with a nut, the connection remains mobile until a complete tightening.

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