What can be sawn out of plywood with a jigsaw

Sawing beautiful plywood handicrafts with the jigsaw

Wood has long been considered one of the best craft materials. Plywood is one of its varieties and is widely used by home craftsmen. Plywood crafts can decorate the interior, serve as a toy, a souvenir, a gift.

They are available for both adults and children of all ages. Uncomplicated tools, accuracy and patience will help in this hobby. To create “masterpieces”, many ideas can be offered.

Sawing with a jigsaw from plywood

Patterns on plywood sheet is a real work of art, containing grace and lightness. Almost no special equipment is needed to implement their ideas. All you need is a jigsaw and a strong will.

Jigsawing plywood

The main importance in the process of creating patterns on plywood is experience with the jigsaw, as well as the quality of the selected material. It is also important to have good blueprints. Only as a result of properly transferred sketch, you will be able to make a work of art out of an ordinary sheet of plywood.

suitable for cutting will be birch plywood from 3 to 10 mm. In addition to it you will need:

  • tracing paper to transfer the pattern
  • Glass paper to sand the parts
  • Carpentry or casein glue, to glue the parts mordant in different shades
  • transparent varnish.

Before you begin work, it is necessary to carefully sand the raw material with fine glass paper, after which you can translate the patterns. Drawings with elongated narrow elements should be transferred to the sheet so that they are along the fibers of the face layer of plywood. This is the way to ensure the highest strength.

Today, plywood is divided into a large number of species, each of which is created for specific tasks. It is worth remembering that during the work you have to inhale the fine dust and fumes from plywood, which are not safe for health in all material.

Experts recommend using sheets manufactured with urea-formaldehyde adhesives. Such sheets are marked FC. This plywood is sold pure or with a coating, for example, varnish. It is easier to transfer drawings onto clean sheets for further sawing with a hand jigsaw. Sheets marked FVF designed for furniture production, but most often they are produced more than 12 mm thick.

PB was developed as a material for boats and yachts, so it is quite expensive, but it is good for cutting.

But brand FSF is definitely not worth buying. Despite its attractive appearance, it is quite toxic, because it is produced using phenolic resins.

Sawing out of plywood with a hand saw

If you have free time you can create a variety of products from plywood with your own hands with a jigsaw. The design of the hand jigsaw is quite simple, it consists of a frame with a handle, upper and lower clamping screws. It is between them that a small metal saw is fixed. Its teeth face the handle.

Before you start transferring the pattern on a plywood sheet, you need to go over its plane with a sandpaper, then lined with tracing paper, on which to put the pattern and fix it. The outline of the pattern is outlined with a pencil.

When the pattern will be transferred to the plywood sheet, it must be verified with the original and correct possible flaws. Superfluous strokes can always erase with an eraser.

For trouble-free work in the back clamp of the workbench it is necessary to place a special sawing table. The blank is placed on the table, one hand should hold the workpiece, and the second saw.

When working with the inner strokes need to pierce with an awl or drill a hole in the cut out part. Insert the top end of the jigsaw from below, squeeze the jigsaw frame and fit the jigsaw.

Then you should press the dummy tightly against the sawing table from above and cut the contour following the marking line. Move smoothly from top to bottom, pressing lightly to avoid breaking the saw. Where the lines of the pattern turn sharply, you need to slowly turn the workpiece, without stopping to move the jigsaw.

When the block is sawn out, you can take out the jigsaw. To avoid breaking protruding parts, the outer edge is sawn off at the very end. After completing these works, the edges should be treated with emery cloth.

To perform high-quality sawing, it is worth stocking up on special purpose saws, which are quite narrow and thin metal strips, with special notches. Saw blades differ in numbers. The number depends on the thickness and width, as well as the size of the notches.

Also, special workbench sawing boards, a.k.a. sawing tables. They must be fixed to the edge of the worktable with clamps or screwed on with screws.

Jigsaw for plywood

Electric jigsaw is a fairly simple device, with which you can evenly saw the source material. With this task will cope and a person without some experience, but to create openwork patterns, you will have to practice.

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The main points to remember:

  • The most important thing is to choose the right saw blade, to create an even cut without jagged edges, it is necessary to set a thin saw blade with the teeth downwards
  • Care must be taken to fasten the parts firmly, otherwise you will not get an even edge
  • correct choice of saw blade, for thin and even cuts it is worth to choose a blade with an undercut.

Rules of transferring a pattern on plywood are the same as when working with a hand jigsaw. Curved lines can be cut with a saw with a narrow blade, and a circle can be made with a circle cutter. For creation of absolutely accurate cut it is worth to use parallel stop. It is fixed to the jigsaw with screws. At “ski” It is possible to attach a guide ruler, which helps to make the cut parallel to the straight edge.

Often when sawing openwork patterns, craftsmen are faced with the need to make holes in plywood. This can be done in two ways:

  • The easiest way to drill a hole with a drill
  • The second method involves the method of plunge or plunger sawing. This method should be used starting from the waste part of the material. The saw is launched into the plywood not very close to the edge of the sawing, so as not to spoil the entire sheet.

If you want to saw a shaped piece, you can put the machine under the table. If you manage to move the dummy evenly and gradually, you will get a straight cut without a torn edge.

Having studied in detail all the rules and features of working with an electric jigsaw, you can understand that it is quite a simple device to operate. Of course it costs more than a manual one, but you will be won over by the speed and easiness of work.

Literature on sawing with the plywood jigsaw

Hello readers of the blog Semideluha ! Continuing the theme from the column “Souvenirs of plywood”. I have prepared a lot of material for making simple crafts for 5th grade boys and this was covered in the previous article.

There I have painted that in the plan to issue separate articles on each work and on literature. A large number of books, magazines can be studied and on the basis of new knowledge teach children to make the same beauty. So, get acquainted with my archive and read the literature on sawing with the jigsaw from plywood.

I remind you that all of the materials for download in this article are presented solely for educational purposes.

Heidi Grund-Torpe Jigsawing: Amusing Crafts /Moscow, My World, 2006ã.

sawn, plywood, jigsaw

In this book, all plywood products, 8mm thick. It is useful with ideas, templates of different figures, variants of their connection. Plywood animal-shaped crafts are designed for interior décor. I really liked the cat, which is attached to a chair or table, its paw hangs down, and you can hang a ball on it. It is designed for playing with a real cat. Also, the book has a few moving toys: a hedgehog on wheels, a duck with legs, a marionette angel (if you pull the string, then move the wings and legs). And more: a swan-vazon, a flower on a string, a board for everyday notes, a clown-hanger with clothespins (you can attach cards, photos, notes to them), a dachshund keeper of newspapers, etc.

Ю.В.Sokolov Sawing Album. For lovers of plywood sawing (table and wall objects) : Moscow, Light Industry, 1991.

A very competent album: there is theory and practice with patterns. What does it mean to be an old edition! This is accurate information and clear drawings for sawing with a jigsaw! Table objects: casket, vase for sweets, goblet, a cradle for thread, a night-light, a bookend, a coaster for a photo, a souvenir sleigh, a napkin, a wide vase, a frame for a photo, a shelf for letters. Wall objects: shelves, decorative ornaments, rooster on the roof, night light, lampshade, etc. All plywood souvenirs are very beautiful and rather complicated. Basically, in the openwork sawing technique. The book is useful with drawings, ideas, beautiful ornaments. I think that for 5th graders, you can simplify the templates and cut out only the outline.

Sue Walters Pyrography or the art of wood piercing / Rostov-on-Don, Enix, 2006ã.

This book teaches how to peck out lines, dots, drawings. Each image can have not only contour lines, but also those that give it volume. Not everyone can use a brush, but an incinerator certainly can’t. Once you get your hands on this tool, you just want to make more and more wood piecing. The book will be a good aid in this art. It is complicated for the 5th grade, but useful for introductory purposes.

Richwack E.В. Making with Wood: A Kn. For students in grades 5-8. Intermediate. Shk.- М.: Prosveshcheniye, 1989.-128с.: silt.

It is a collection of 60 different crafts from wood. The book contains theoretical material and necessary data (drawings, drawings, description of manufacturing technology) of many interesting wood products. All the crafts are arranged in order of difficulty. For 5th graders who are jigsawing with plywood, this book is useful with good theory, quality drawings, and ideas.

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For older students and circles there are wooden puzzles and drawings for them, wooden toys (yo-yo, wolf, bilboke, tractor, car), household items (shovels, forks, cutting board, coaster for hot dishes, tongs for laundry, mortar for nuts, vase, candy tray, mug, fruit basket), decorative and applied items (volumetric picture, circular mask, beads, pendant, decorative animal figurines), wood crafts (key chains, pens for bags, ballpoint pen, picture frame, pencil holder, candle holder, box for small objects, box for crafts, hanger, closet for jewelry), interior elements (children’s furniture transformer of 10 mm plywood, which is dismantled, stool, wooden chair, shelf, folding table, drawer for flowers, decorative bag, flower rack floor, table).

McClure P.- Country Lovin` (Farm And Garden Edition)-1996

Foreign language magazine consists of 39 pages. It has lots of color photos and templates of farm-themed plywood crafts for the home. For example: a lampshade with an apple, a small box with a handle (for seeds or bulbs), door signs, animal figures with handles made of string and clothes made of fabric (plywood only for animal faces, paws and wings), a decorative birdhouse, three-dimensional sunflowers (a flower with several layers of plywood elements).

Scroll Saw Country Patterns/ Patrick Spielman Sherri Spielman Valitchka : New York-1990.- 198c.

This book has lots of beautiful and simple animal templates and decorative plywood crafts. There are candlesticks, cats, hot cup holders, a rocking horse, simple openwork sawing blueprints, etc. For 5th graders, there’s a lot to take in.

Scroll Saw for the first time / Dirk Boelman : New York-2004.- 124с.

Sawing out what you see. This book contains many wood crafts and photos of working with the jigsaw. Ideas and patterns can also be used for plywood crafts. Goods list: candle holder, candy basket, clock stand, car puzzle, Christmas tree decoration, key holder, decorative panels, mobile skeleton, hanging shelf, etc.

Box Making Projects for the Scroll Saw/ Gary MacKay.-East Petersburg.PA: Fox Chapel Publishing, 2006.- 146с.

A book on creating beautiful boxes and caskets made of wood. Very difficult for the 5th grade.

Alexandrov I. Jigsaw sawing: jigsaws.- 2012г.-33с. www.ru-lobzik.ru

A great tool for the teacher! And is probably created by a teacher, as it is designed as a master class with pictures and templates.

The jigsaws are designed for sawing out of plywood and have the shapes of animals: cow, dog, piglet, cat, bunny, etc. A very good idea of a souvenir made of plywood for pupils of both 5th and higher grades.

Alexander I. Jigsaw sawing: New Year crafts.- 2011г.-30с.

The album outlines the sequence of making Christmas toys, tops, and plywood Christmas trees in pictures and with templates.

I. Alexandrov. Jigsawing: Coasters.- 2013г.-36с.

Master classes from the author on sawing from plywood coasters. Namely: coasters for pencils, cell phone coasters, coasters for hot dishes. I will definitely print out the templates and try to make such crafts with the 5th graders. Thanks to the author for the development of!

Ф.А.Shemuratov sawing with a jigsaw Moscow: Legprombytizdat, 1992g-207s.

A very large theoretical book on working with wood and plywood. Many products have lost their relevance, but still from each beautiful ornament you can think of his handicraft, from each drawing. his work with a different purpose.

It was in this book I found the s.54 clear definition of the connection: the connection on the slide grooves. With.101 I took beautiful ornaments for round coasters for hot cups. The whole book is saturated with competent theory, all the subtleties of working with wood, plywood and real drawings for products. On the Internet you can often find just an outline of the parts, I call them templates, but the images where there are clear dimensions-drawing.

Kostina L.А. Jigsaw sawing.Issue 1.-М.: Narodnoe tvorchestvo Publisher, 2004.-40с.

In the album there are a lot of templates on the background in a cell, which allows you to resize the details of the product. The list of articles from plywood, which you can make with your own hands: candlesticks, Easter egg stands, shelves for flowers, candy cabinet, trough, a stand for books, a pencil holder.

Kostina L.А. Jigsaw sawing.Issue 2.-М.Narodnoe tvorchestvo Publisher, 2004.-40с.

The issue includes the following plywood crafts: wall candle holder, cutting board, mirror frame, round frame, icon frame, photo frame, wall shelf, banquet, flower pot holder, horseshoe overlay.

Patrick and Patricia Spielman Scrollsaw Holiday Patterns

Many templates of simple images: hearts, fairy tale characters, Easter bunnies, Easter eggs, New Year’s Eggs, for Halloween and for Christmas, there is a rocking horse and a hare.

Curso Completo de Pintura Country A1 (Home Crafts)

Great photo masters of various home crafts: a chair, a newspaper cover, door pictures, jewelry boxes, human figures, a kitchen set (a napkin holder, a teapot), etc.

Patrick Spielman Loren Raty Scrollsaw Shelf Patterns

This book contains many jigsaw patterns for openwork sawing.

Plywood crafts magazine fruhlingszarte holzideen

Modern colorful magazine of 28 pages. Many crafts for the house: bunnies, napkin holders for table cloths, door signs, bright pictures for the kitchen, decorations for flowerpots, etc.

Patrick Spielman Loren Raty/ Classic_Fretwork_Scroll_Saw_Patterns. 1991г.-194с.

Templates for openwork sawing with a jigsaw from plywood: fans, caskets, a small crib, coasters for clocks, birds, panels, etc. Very beautiful things, but difficult for students.

Е.Dankiewicz, B.Polyakov. Sawing out of plywood-St. Petersburg.Crystal, 1998.-207с.

A very good book for labor lessons in the 5th grade. Theoretical issues are covered in accessible language and there are many original plywood handicrafts. The book has prefabricated models, moving toys and useful little things.

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With their own hands: Cutting, sawing, burning, papier-mache / To help the circle Skilful hands.-М.: Molodaya Gvardiya, 1958.-323с.

A very large book of old. It has a lot of quality theory, clear drawings and templates. Topics as written: paper-cutting is a modern technique of piecing (there are many schemes of snowflakes and napkins), applique (volumetric flowers from paper, there are templates of sheets and petals of plants); Plywood sawing (a lot of openwork ornaments and paintings, from plywood with their own hands drawings, pictures fragments of fairy tales); burning (different vintage images, Soviet trends and nature, animals on a spike connection with a stand); papier-mache (masks, decorative plates, vases). From p.252 took templates of toys with a nose.

Ю.В.Sokolov Artistic sawing. For lovers of sawing out of plywood (table and wall objects) : Moscow, Light Industry, 1987g.

Many items are repeated in the 1991 edition, but there are still other original crafts.

В.Bouravlev Album of drawings and pictures for sawing and pecking/ for middle and high school age/.

List of products: table lamp, wall cabinet, writing utensil, paper cutter. For children who have 1 hour labor lessons, very difficult work.

Jigsaw sawing album. It has only 19 sheets, but it has many drawings of both simple and complex products: simple standing figures on a stand with a studded joint, a chair, a vase stand, a rocking chair, a sofa, a bookcase, a chair, a bed, a cupboard, a picture frame, chess pieces, a sled, a table stand for books, etc.

25.- В.В.Popov- Jigsaw sawing. Products and graphics.Issue 1.-М.Folk Art, 2006.-40с.

Patterns for openwork sawing with a jigsaw on plywood, which are arranged on a checkered background. List of products: vases, caskets, towel racks, shelves, photo frames, panels.

Disk: Jigsaw Burning and sawing Publisher and author: New Disk. 2008 Size: 160,2 Mb

For familiarity-very interesting, but personally for me not very convenient. I couldn’t show it to my kids, because the picture on the small screen was even smaller. Patterns can not be copied, because it is a disc. On the disk there are 2 sections: one on burning, the second. on sawing.

Tereshchuk B. М. Labor Training (for Children): Manual for the 5th Grade of the General Education System. Tutorial. Bookmark./Б. М. Tereshchuk, V. К. Zagorny, B. М. Gaschak, R. М. Leshchuk.- К.: Genesa, 2013-176p.

This textbook is approved by the Ministry of Education and Science.

Again, all of the downloadable materials in this article are for informational purposes only.

Modern books on plywood jigsawing and other educational literature are available from online stores, e.g. here.

Create plywood products with your children with your own hands and share your experience in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев!

What can be sawed out of plywood. Sawing

What to saw plywood with? The answer depends on the complexity of the shape you want to saw out of it.

  • When the radius of about a centimeter (a variety of scale models, toys, embossed letters for wall newspapers) the ideal tool is an ordinary hand jigsaw. With a blade width of about a millimeter, it is possible to create any complex and detailed figures.There are also electric versions of such a tool; however, a machine for sawing out of plywood factory-made is a rather expensive tool.

Few People Know This Jigsaw Trick | How to Cut Clean With Jigsaw

The tool in the photo is the HEGNER Multicut sawing machine. Its

Nip: round slots are much faster to make with a drill or ballerina.If necessary, a round hole can easily be turned into an oval hole with a burr.

  • The jigsaw is useful for sawing shapes with a bend radius of three centimeters or more. The smaller the width of the blade, the smaller the possible radius.The main problem with the electric jigsaw is the splintering on the top side of the sheet.The less damage to the upper veneer layer the smaller the saw blade teeth are, which is why metal blades are often used for shape sawing.Another little trick is to apply the outline of the image not on the front, but on the back surface of the plywood sheet: in this case, if the chip is raised, then on the side that will not be visible to the viewer.

Electric jigsaw. indispensable tool when working with plywood

  • When sawing plywood in straight lines the smoothest and cleanest cut is obtained with a circular saw. Note: an improvised circular saw from an angle grinder is not only quite dangerous to use; it’s also extremely difficult to get a straight line cut with it.When cutting plywood sheet with the tool in the balance, small misalignments are inevitable; and misalignment in the horizontal plane means that the saw blade starts to lead sideways, and with quite a lot of force.If you use a full-fledged handheld circular saw, the entire weight of the tool rests on the surface of the sheet metal. Controlling its movement is immeasurably easier.
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