What can be used to cut tiles at home

How to cut tiles without chipping?

The key to an even cut without chips is the observance of the following rules:

How to cut tile without a cutter or without a tile machine

  • when using a glass cutter, handheld tile cutter or cutters, the groove with the cutting roller should be made in one pass. If you try again, the roller will not get into the same place, you will get two furrows and the tile will break crookedly. If you lack experience, it is recommended to practice on a crowbar. It is required to learn how to create sufficient force along the entire path of the tool and move it at a steady speed;
  • When working with a disk tool, start cutting from the front side: chips are formed when the disk leaves the material;
  • At the beginning and end of the cut with the disc, the cutting speed must be reduced.

If you are not confident in your abilities, it is recommended to leave an allowance for processing of 3. 5 mm. Chipped and irregular edges are removed with an emery wheel or bit.

How to cut porcelain tiles with the glass cutter

This is the easiest tool to use. It also gives a minimum effect. It is possible to cut porcelain stoneware with a glass cutter, but on the condition that its thickness is not too thick. This is the most common way to cut wall cladding. The cutter can not cut floor tiles.

What can be used to cut tiles at home

There are two kinds of tools: one with a hard-metal roller and the other with a diamond cutter. The last variant cuts better but fails quicker. Cost more than their roller counterparts.

Straight or curved cuts can be made with the glass cutter. In the latter case, you will also need special cutters. To cut the tiles in a straight line of mowing line, proceed as follows:

  • Lay the cladding on a flat base. Determine where the line will be cut.
  • Take a ruler, lay it along the future mowing line of the cut and press down with your fingers.
  • Carefully, but with strong pressure guide the tool along the ruler. Try to scratch a sufficiently deep groove at one time. Otherwise chipping will not be avoided.
  • Put the piece on the edge of the table or workbench and press with force on its edge. So that the cladding splits along the planned mowing line.
  • Grind an edge if necessary.

If you want to make a curved cut, use the glass cutter to guide the line. Then you need to take pliers and use them to remove sections of the tile. The closer you are to the cut line, the more shallow it needs to be. The edge in such processing will turn out sharp and not quite even, so it is necessary to grind it.

All about cutting tiles with a tile grinder

To begin with, the tile cutter is designed for cutting tiles. For each of its variety: thick or thin, more or less strong, you can find the right model of tool. The main advantage of the tile cutter. it gives an even cut without chipping. In the process of work there is not a lot of dust, the risk of ruining the plate is minimal. It’s not the same with an angle grinder.

Makita GA5030

It is possible to cut ceramics with it, and the result can be very good. But you will have to work hard for that. It is desirable that there was a skill to work with the grinder, otherwise there is a great risk of ruining the material. The tool will cut any tiling, if you choose the right cutting disc. You should be prepared for very noisy sawing, a lot of dust will be raised in the air. the cutting line can be chipped.

What tools can be used for the task?

Before answering this question, it is important to learn how to determine the properties of floor tiles that can cause some difficulties during the designated works. Let’s outline the main.

  • So, for example, it is necessary to pay attention to the strength of the material. Since the floor. a surface that is subjected to more stress than the wall, for its tiling choose a tile that has high strength characteristics. That is why it is much more difficult to cut the floor tile than the wall tile.
  • By its structure, the floor tile is much thicker.
  • The front side of such tiles almost always has anti-slip properties. That’s why the cutting of this kind of material is easier than that of glossy wall tiles.
  • Measure and cut the floor tiles with a complex pattern is much harder than the product with a simple smooth surface.

All these things must be taken into account when choosing a suitable tool. So what to cut the floor tiles at home? To solve the task at hand, different in type and design tools are suitable. It can be:

Waterjet cutting deserves special attention, but we will talk about it at the very end of the article. Each tool has its own principle of operation, its own advantages and disadvantages of choice, so it makes sense to consider each option in more detail.

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Conventional tile cutter

There are special tools for cutting wall and floor tiles. It is called a tile cutter. On sale there are two versions of its performance: manual and electric.

Manual tile cutter

Manual tile cutter can perform only a straight cut. Its line can be carried out in a strictly straight direction or diagonally to the module. The manual model is easy to use, but in order to properly cut tiles, it is necessary to study the device of the described tool. Its main part is the base.

On it are fixed runners, similar to the tubes. On them, by means of rollers, the sliding of the carriage, made of hard metal, is carried out. The cutting of the tiles is done as follows:

  • On the tile is pre-marked, the cutting line is drawn.
  • After that the tile is laid on the base so that the cutting line is exactly at the place of movement of the carriage.
  • A roller is placed on the cutting line.
  • The movement of the crank produces a straight cut.

Please note! Only one cut is made with a handheld tile cutter. You can’t make any adjustments by undercutting. The tile will simply break when it is inside the tool.

When choosing such a method, it is important to always check the sharpness of the cutting element before working. If you purchased a professional equipment, the cutting device is removable, so if you want a blunt roller is not difficult to change.

Manual tile cutter makes only a cut on the tile, but it is easy to break the module on the mowing line made. It is important to do such an operation correctly. Facilitate the task helps bump, which is located on the base of the tile cutter exactly in the course of the cut. It slightly lifts the ceramic piece clearly above the marked line. After performing the first operation, the bump turns into a guide for breaking.

In front of the roller there is also a sliding loop, which has a t-shaped shape. When breaking, this hinge must be positioned exactly in the middle of the mowing line of the floor tile cut. Then, when the lever is pressed, it will press on the blade, and facilitate the process of breaking the tile.

Note! Use a handheld tile cutter can be used when the floor tile has small dimensions. For cutting large tiles, it is better to use an electric tile cutter.

Electric model

What is an electric tile cutter? This is professional equipment, which you can work with having certain skills and abilities. The design and operating principle of this tool is completely similar to a standard circular saw, with one difference. In our case we use different discs, the construction also includes water trays.

The use of electric tile cutter justified when it is necessary to cut hard floor tiles of large size, when it is necessary to perform a large amount of work. The electric tile cutter can easily handle it. With this element it is also easy to achieve a clean cut with a curved or angled cut. This operation helps to neatly decorate the outer corners of tile cladding.

How the electric tile cutter works? The construction of this tool is very simple. Square footing. The disk is fixed exactly in the middle of the base, its upper half is elevated above it, and the lower part of the disk is lowered into the tub. Before starting the work, it is necessary to fill the tub with water, so that the bottom is covered by 3 cm. The cutting line is pre-cut on the tile. Then the tile is placed on top of the machine. The upper part of the disk is protected by a metal handle. It is lifted and allows you to control the course of the cutting element. The tile is pressed firmly onto the blade and gently guided under the disc. It rotates and makes the cut.

Using a tile cutter with some experience is quite easy. Its use in home conditions has one significant disadvantage. It costs a similar professional equipment is quite expensive. Buy it in order to lay tiles in the bathroom floor, of course, is not worth it. But if you want you can always rent an electric tile cutter from specialized companies. Many repair teams also provide services for renting the tool. In the absence of such options, it is worth considering other possibilities.

Construction angle grinder

With what else you can cut a tile? angle grinder! It is capable of presenting great opportunities to perform the described operation. With its help it is not difficult to perform not only flat environment, but also to make a shaped tile cutting. When you need to make a round hole in the tile with a diameter of 7 cm, or cut ledges for pipes, angle grinder is indispensable. To ensure that the cut is even and there are no chips on its edges, it is important to check the quality of the cutting disc and its functionality before the work. Only a new diamond wheel can be used for the intended purpose, and only cut tiles from the back of the tile.

Angle grinder. a universal tile grinder, but experienced craftsmen to increase the effectiveness of the tool equip it with a special cooling system. Of course, an additional attachment increases the cost of the device, but if you need to perform a large amount of work, its purchase becomes a must.

How to Cut Tile for Beginners


It is good when you have a special construction tool at hand, but what to do when you do not have it?? The answer to this question depends on one nuance. So, for example, if you use regular floor tiles for floor tiling, you can try to cut one, two tiles, using a glass cutter equipped with a diamond tip or a roller cast from an alloy of cobalt and tungsten. Working with the described tool is extremely easy.

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First, a ruler and glass cutter are used to mark the notch line on the front side. Then the glass cutter is withdrawn to the far end of the tile, with an even, confident movement, pressure is made on the fishing line. There is only one attempt to make the notch line with the glass cutter. In order to make it work, it is not necessary to press down hard while cutting the cutter.

As a rule, all glass cutters have a comfortable handle made of wood. After making the cut, it is necessary to tap on the mowing line of the notch with it. After that, we put the tile on the table, any other flat surface, which will make it so that one part of the tile is overhanging. After that, all that remains is to press on the edge of the tile and break it along the mowing line notch. If the described operation is performed correctly, you should get a straight break with neat edges and no chips.

Pay attention! Use the glass cutter when it is necessary to perform a large amount of cutting work is impractical.

Household drill

There are cases when the floor tiles not only need to cut, but also to drill a hole in it. As a rule, such operations become relevant during the installation of communication or engineering equipment. Drill a hole of the desired diameter will help an ordinary household drill. The main thing is to choose and buy for this purpose suitable nozzles.

If you choose to design the floor tiles with enhanced strength characteristics or porcelain tiles, you can make holes in it with a diamond drill bit or tubular diamond drills. The crown allows you to make holes of large diameters, drills. pinholes for dowels, for example. Working with such tools also has its own specifics.

  • If a tile surface has a glossy surface, during drilling any drill bit will slip from the tile. Therefore, before starting the work, it is useful to cover the place of drilling with painter’s tape crosswise.
  • When a diamond drill bit is used for drilling, the process requires water supply (the working area must be constantly cooled). To ensure a similar condition, it is enough to take a glass of water and pour water to the drill with a rubber bulb.
  • We put the drill in “no shock” mode, it is performed at low rpm (600-800 rpm if the diameter of the hole is less than 30 mm, and 300-400 if the diameter of the hole is greater).

Pay attention! BOSH produces drill bits for work with porcelain tiles. Their use allows for dry drilling. There is an olive oil capsule inside the drill bits. Other manufacturers do not have it, so conventional drill bits only drill “wet. This construction feature, in turn, makes it possible to use a mains powered tool for the task at hand. An auxiliary drill bit like this makes it possible to drill very quickly. Diamond drill bits can be used with standard screwdrivers, which have a chuck diameter of 13 mm.

  • In order to drill a technical hole in the floor tile, you need to put the drill at an angle of 45 degrees. The drill is brought to the tile or porcelain tile surface in already working condition.
  • When the drill is well heated place it perpendicular to the work surface and continue drilling by slightly rocking the tool. There is no need to hurry, if the speed of rotation of the drill bit is high, the diamond coating of the drill bit or crown will not have time to cool down.

Of course, in order to make a couple of holes in the floor tiles to help qualitatively install the toilet, you do not need to buy expensive diamond drill bit “BOSH”. The price of drill bits is unreasonably overpriced. But an ordinary standard drill bit will also do the job just fine. If you do not have a hand drill bit or ballerina to make a hole of large diameter, you can draw the desired hole on the floor tile and go through its entire diameter with a drill, making holes of small diameter. After such a procedure will just have to break through the resulting middle. After that, the same drill bit is used to work out the edges. Such processing allows you to make the edges of the hole neat.

Many users wonder if it is possible to use cutters and diamond strings to cut tiles. Yes, they allow you to cut irregularly shaped cut edges. With a pair of wire cutters, for example, you can simply bite off small pieces of tile. This way they make semicircular corners of the cuts. Pliers, of course, leave behind an uneven edge, it can be smoothed with an emery wheel. But it will be extremely problematic to process high-strength floor tiles with pliers and a diamond string, so these tools are not worth considering for the task at hand.

Cutting tiles with an electric jigsaw

Can I cut floor tiles with an electric jigsaw?? There are models on sale that are specifically designed for tile cutting. With their help it is not difficult to perform a neat straight or curved cut. It will turn out flat on one condition: before working, the tile must be well soaked in water.

The jigsaw has a variety of attachments. Abrasive tile saws are suitable for cutting tiles. They allow to make not only a cut, but also to make a hole of any diameter on a tile. Experts, in turn, draw attention to the fact that the floor tiles should not be cut with a jigsaw. Since the flooring is many times thicker than the walling material, the jigsaw blade will blunt faster than the cut of a single module. Floor tile at home is better to cut with an angle grinder or tile cutter.

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General Tips

There are professional tricks that experienced craftsmen willingly use in their work.

  • They always soak the floor tile in water for an hour before cutting.
  • Carborundum stone or a simple file are often used for trimming the ends. Grinding they produce from the front side in the direction of the basis. The fine roughness of the cut is removed by sandpaper.

In order to have a complete idea of the described works, you need to watch the training video.

Waterjet cutting

There is the easiest and fastest way to solve the problem of cutting large volume tile. Waterjet cutting is a new generation technology. It should not be used at home. It is better to use the services of specialized companies and entrust them with this part of the facing work.

What can be used to cut tiles at home

The essence of the method is very simple: under great pressure, a jet of thin water, in which abrasive particles of sand are mixed, is fed to the front side of the floor tile. The entire process of cutting is computerized, the existing programs allow you to make cuts according to any, even the most complex templates. And let this method of cutting can not be used, as already mentioned above, in the home, it is useful to talk about it just for introductory purposes.

How to cut tiles without a tile cutter: 4 alternative tools

In the process of laying tiles, it is often necessary to cut pieces of material. For this purpose, there is a special device, which is used by professional craftsmen. a tile cutter. Buy it for a single application is not necessary at all. The handy do-it-yourselfer can get along quite well with improvised tools.

It all depends on the type of cut, which can be straight, round, shaped or mosaic. The easiest and most in demand straight cut, less often in repairs you have to use the round kind. And the shaped or mosaic are used for special designs.

Alternative tools and their features

Let’s look at the most popular ways to cut ceramic or porcelain tile of acceptable quality. This includes:

  • Angle grinder with a large disc. There are several types of these tools that can be used to cut ceramic. Purchase an appropriate diamond-coated disc for this purpose. There are several varieties available, depending on the grain size and cleanliness of the cut.
  • Electric jigsaw. This is a handy and very practical tool that can be used to make a clean cut, but to do so, buy special tile saws. Its advantages lie in its versatility, i.e. е. It is possible to make curvilinear cuts with a large radius.
  • Hand-held glass cutter. Suitable for smooth cuts in glazed tiles.
  • Drilling holes with a drill. This is a convenient method, but to get a quality face after cutting, you need to pass the place with additional sanding tools, such as a file and sandpaper.

5 Ways To Cut Tile. Everything You Need To Know For Your First Tile Project

To make round holes in ceramic, you use a circular saw, drill bit, and ballerina drill bit. Small-turn radius curves are picked up by hand with pliers or pliers.

How to cut tiles without a tile cutter

As you may know, when installing you often have to cut tiles and size them up. But what should we do if we only need to cut one piece of tile?? I don’t think you’re going to spend money on a cutter because of one piece of tile. Today I will tell you how to cut tiles without a tile cutter. The first thing to replace the tile cutter is a glass cutter, the second is a drill made of tungsten carbide, which will scratch the tiles, and the third is a stationary knife, which everyone has at home.

Okay, let’s begin. The first and easiest way to use the glass cutter. Draw a fishing line, place the glass cutter under the tile and press it on both sides.

The second way to use a drill. We have to make a small scratch with the cutting side.

The third way to use a stationary knife. The only difference is that we have to scratch across the tile several times to deepen the crack.

Cutting tiles with a glass cutter in 3 steps

Before you start repairing the bathroom or kitchen with your own hands, it is better to know how to cut tiles with a glass cutter, because it is a very simple and cheap way. After all, it is expensive to enlist the help of a master, as well as to purchase special equipment for cutting tiles. Therefore, with a small front of work is better to do everything yourself and a simple tool. The only thing you need to be careful not to chip the edges of the ceramic with the glass cutter in this case, and everything will work out.

Although cutting tiles is not a life-threatening activity, some safety precautions and protective equipment should be taken, because the risk of injury is always present. To shield eyes from dust and possible splinters it is recommended to wear special plastic glasses. Protect your hands from cuts and scratches with construction gloves.

Especially carefully should be handled with tiles for the floor, because. к. It is characterized by high hardness and when cutting it forms a sharp edge. When carrying out a large amount of work with the release of dusty particles, it is recommended to use a respirator to protect the respiratory organs.

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