What chains are better for chain saws.

☝️The best chains for chainsaws in 2022

Owners of chainsaws over time face the problem of finding and replacing the chain, because with prolonged operation of such garden equipment, even if it is used with care, the saw equipment begins to wear out heavily and requires replacement. On the domestic market there is a wide range of chains, which differ from each other in such indicators as pitch, link configuration, etc.д. It is worth noting that it is preferable to pick up such equipment for the device, which is specified in the step-by-step instruction for the chainsaw.

Guide bars as well as saw chains are replaceable equipment, so even owners of inexpensive and budget petrol saws can improve the level of performance of their machines by buying wear-resistant and durable saw sets. The editorial team of the site “I have found” has prepared for you, preliminarily having studied the recommendations, reviews, as well as the advice of a large number of users, the rating of the most popular and the most widespread chainsaw chain models as of 2022.

Top 5 best chainsaw manufacturers

Today almost every dacha owner or homesteader has a chainsaw. But you don’t use it that often, and if you don’t load the tool up to red glow, but only occasionally saw wood for the sauna or remove old branches from trees, it makes no sense for you to overpay for expensive professional equipment. Chains from this maker may not be the best quality or the most perfectly sharpened. But you can’t call them bad either.

In fact, it’s a confident middling product that produces a quite acceptable product, but with a better price. This is what makes the demand for the brand’s products so high. It is often recommended by bona fide sales clerks who see that the buyer is not a professional woodcutter and uses a chainsaw at best two times a month. The chain can withstand such wear and tear very well and then it can be easily sharpened or, due to its low price, replaced with a new one. And it costs a lot less than a big-name brand.

Variation of chain pitch on chainsaws

The next important parameter to divide chainsaw ranges is pitch. This is the distance between the centers of the rivets that hold the links together. The size is marked with an “a” in the picture.

This characteristic affects performance and cutting comfort. There are three standard sizes in inches.

The greater the chain pitch, the further apart the saw teeth are. So you need a powerful chain to cut through the chainsaw with a good pitch. If the power is not enough, the teeth will tear the wood fibers, the material will hit, and it will not be comfortable to work with.

And on the contrary, if a powerful saw is equipped with a small pitch, part of the energy will be spent on the passage of the distance already cut. the tool will work idly and with reduced performance.

Pitch saw chains. 0.325

This is the smallest size used in domestic amateur and some semi-professional chainsaws. OTHER SPEED It is also referred to as 1/4 inch. This saw headset is suitable for low-powered tools and for cutting branches, knots, and small garden trees. Slow but not jerky cutting. High cutting accuracy. ideal for woodcarvers.

Chains in pitch. 0.375

Refers to the most popular size found on most semi-professional chainsaws. Otherwise known as 3/8″ pitch. By the way, the second way of designation is not arbitrary, but is obtained by dividing 3 by 8=0.375. It was invented so as not to confuse similar characteristics of 0.325 и 0.375.

Comparison of Chainsaw Milling Chains. Is One Better than Another? #30

3/8″ saw set is suitable for cutting medium-sized trees and making large quantities of firewood. going to the store to buy a chainsaw there is a good chance that it will have a chain of this pitch.

Chains with pitch. 0.404

Standard found only on professional gasoline-powered saws. Other designation. 3/4″. Because the 3/4-inch size is large, you need a lot of power to drive it with confidence. If everything is correct, this saw chain is fast and good for felling big trees and sawing big stumps.

But owing to the distance of teeth there is an increased vibration that reduces accuracy of the cut, that’s why it is not suitable for artwork.

Chainsaw Chain Types Explained

Sawsaw chain pitch

The selected chain must match the length of the guide bar and the features of its design. One of the main parameters for selecting a chain is its pitch, which is traditionally measured in inches.

Household chainsaws use 3/8″ (9.53 mm) or 0.325″ (8.25 mm) smooth-running and safe-to-handle chains in their cutting attachments.

Analogues with increased pitch 0,404″ are designed for professional chainsaws of high power and high productivity, that’s why they are almost never used in chainsaws for household appliances.

Always match the type and pulling power of the power tool to the optional extra.

STIHL chain types

Rapid Chains

Rapid with its rounded teeth and rounded blade is an excellent chain for felling, bucking and delimbing. Rapid has a larger tooth size than Picco, so it cuts more aggressively, faster, but is harder to cut and has more kickback when cutting. Must be sharpened more often.

  • Rapid Super (RS). Rapid is a high performance chain with chisel-like teeth and a square-shaped spade with a sharp edge. Ideal for felling, bucking and delimbing on medium- and high-powered saws.
  • Rapid Micro (RM). Universal chain with half tines and blunted side tine. for high demands of professionals and semi-professionals in agriculture, construction and forestry.

Rapid Duro (RD). Chain with tungsten carbide inserts on teeth for special applications. Great for hard, dirty wood, more resistant to short contact with the ground, and also used for rescue work. Up to 10 times sharper than conventional chains.

Picco Chains

  • Picco Super (PS). The world’s first low profile chain with fully chiseled tines. The target audience is forestry and tree-care professionals. Unprecedented cutting performance. Very clean cut, low vibration, excellent penetration.
  • Picco Micro (PM). Low profile chain with half hammer teeth with reduced kickback. Used in agricultural and construction applications, but also ideal for hobbyists.
  • Picco Duro (PD). The world’s first carbide-tipped low profile chain. Great for hard, dirty wood, more resistant to short contact with the ground. Up to 10 times sharper than conventional chains.
  • Picco Micro Mini (PMM). High-precision low-profile chain with half-shafted teeth with reduced kerf width. Specially designed for small saws of low power, ideal for hobbyists.
  • Picco Micro X (PMX). Low profile half hammer chain with special cutter angle. Special chain for longitudinal sawing.

How do you know what kind of chain your saw has?

First inspect chain carefully. Chains from major manufacturers will have the manufacturer’s brand engraved or embossed on them (see “Chains from major manufacturers”). photo 3,4). If there is no brand name on the chain, please be especially careful when working, because the chain is very slippery and has a lot of bells and needles.anything can happen to the chain and the user can be injured. In addition, in pics. 3, 4 you can see the numbers on the saw chain, in one case 2, in the other. 6. Let’s look at the table and see that in photo 3 the chain has 0,325″ pitch, and the ⅜” P. The numbers 5 and 3 are stamped on the drive link. The number 5 indicates that the drive link is 1.5 mm thick and the number 3. 1.3 mm. Therefore, in photo 3, the chain has the following characteristics: pitch 0,325″, link thickness 1,5mm, marking. 25, then maybe the first letter P or R, the second letter M or S. The pitch of the chain is ⅜” P, thickness of the link is 1,3 mm, marking 63 and similar letters from the previous example. having counted the number of driving links, we have defined unambiguously the parameters and marking of the chain.

Please note that the chain has to be well and correctly sharpened. It is possible to define, that the chain needs to be sharpened, by the size of the chips generated when sawing (if the chips are fine as flour, the chain needs to be sharpened) and by the increased effort of the user when sawing (a saw with a well sharpened chain saw cuts under its own weight, the operator only supports the saw and does not press on it). We will explain the rules for sharpening the chain separately.

How to choose a chain for an electric saw

You need to understand how to choose the right saw chain. There are several factors that influence the choice. The characteristics must be fully suitable: the pitch of the chain, the thickness of the driving link and the number of links. Otherwise the product can’t be mounted on the saw headset.

¼ It is used in short chains, the power of the saws is small. They can only be used for domestic tasks. This size is not very popular, so there are not many ¼ pitch saws available in Russia
0,325 и 3/8 This is the most popular pitch and is used in most cases. The cut is straight and smooth. Recommended for domestic and semi-professional use
0,404 и 3/4 Used in professional applications where the saw must be used for extended periods of time without interruption. Large links, necessary for felling saws

What is a chain pitch

Important! The most commonly used pitch is 0.325. If you do not need to perform specific tasks, it is better to buy an electric saw with this pitch. This will save money and there will not be much of a problem with sharpening.

Number of links

Manufacturers can offer the same model with a different number of links. So the name is not an important parameter. It is much more important to look at the drive links.

chains, better, chain, saws

Important! The master link is responsible for oil distribution. Lubricant is distributed over the entire surface of the saw during operation.

Chain link

Today there is a classification of drive link thicknesses.

  • 1.1 mm or 0.043 inch is used for low power saws;
  • 1.3. 1.5 mm or 0.05. 0.0578 inch is considered the most popular size that is used on almost all saws;
  • 1.6 mm to 2 mm or 0.063 to 0.08 in are used on high power saws that are needed for lumbering.

To Note! Important chain length. It is not possible to fit a 40 cm chain onto a 50 cm guide bar.

The material of the chains is also important. Traditionally, the element composition is made of high-speed alloys, which in themselves are decent at cutting wood, but their efficiency is reduced when operating in problematic conditions. In addition, if the operator accidentally “catches” the ground, it is more likely that the harness will have to be replaced. For this reason it is recommended to give preference to chainsaws with pobedite tips that keep their sharpening for a long time and demonstrate resistance to all kinds of negative effects during operation. In practice, tooling with tips made of victorite is used for cutting solid and frozen wood, which confirms its advantages. Another thing is that such chains are several times more expensive than conventional ones, and in case of damage they can be repaired only in professional workshops.

Ranking of the best chainsaw chain manufacturers for 2022

Inexpensive models

Purchased by the owner of chain saws equipped with chains with a bar of 35 centimeters. Thanks to the hardened links has a long service life. There are 52 links, pitch 9.3 mm, groove width. 1.3 mm.

Quality Chinese product sold at a price of 399 per unit.

  • durability;
  • stable tension;
  • Minimal vibration level;
  • special holes for suspension on vertical surfaces;
  • optimal combination of price and quality.

Manufactured in China. The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty. The element is equipped with a gasoline engine, the volume of which is 35 cm.cube. Characterized by an extended cutting edge of the tooth.


  • wear-resistant alloyed steel was used to make the teeth;
  • Special design reduces the kickback force
  • high cutting speed;
  • reliability;
  • the tines are cheviselnye;
  • long service life.
chains, better, chain, saws

Not bad model from Chinese manufacturer suitable for both electric and gasoline-powered saws. 16-inch guide bar. 56 chisel links are present at 3/8-inch pitch.

  • durable consumable;
  • multiple sharpening is possible;
  • efficient;
  • the set includes a package. a box;
  • universal;
  • inexpensive.

The product is made in China, but there are no complaints about the quality. Equipped with fifty links, operated in conjunction with a tire length of 35 centimeters. The tines allow you to use the device in professional activities, if you need to master a substantial amount of work in a short period of time. 9.3 mm link pitch, 1.3 mm wide groove.

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