What chains fit Husqvarna 135 chain saw

X-Torq technology

Husqvarna engineers innovate with X-Torq technology. It is designed to reduce the amount of unburned fuel in the exhaust gases, which in two-stroke engines is about 30 percent. To understand how it works, consider the exhaust emissions of a conventional two-stroke engine.

And it happens in the following way: after the compressed fuel under the piston ignites, the piston moves down under gas pressure, so the bypass channels open and the fuel mixture, which was previously in the engine crankcase, rushes into the cylinder and pushes the exhaust gases into the muffler. Of course, with this method of flushing the cylinder from the exhaust fumes, some of the finished fuel mixture will go into the muffler and then out into the atmosphere.

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In engines with the X-Torq system, the cylinder purging is organized differently. Once an ignition occurs in the cylinder the piston begins to drop and at a certain point the bypass channel opens, allowing clean, fuel-free air to flow directly from the air filter into the cylinder. The piston then moves even lower and simultaneously, by closing the clean air port, opens the fuel mixture to the cylinder.

As a result of such changes, the exhaust gases are squeezed out of the cylinder with clean air and contain no impurities of unburned fuel. For the same reason the engine also becomes more economical, because less fuel is lost during the operating cycle.

Schematic illustrations of the Husqvarna 135 with X-Torq technology engine are shown on the video below.

Advantages and disadvantages of the chainsaw

In the merits of this model:

  • High quality materials and factory assemblies that help you achieve your design life with minimal maintenance costs;
  • optimum weight to power ratio;
  • balance and easy grip;
  • the engine is powerful and economical enough for its cubic capacity with a considerable torque reserve;
  • Comfortable vibration and noise levels that allow the operator to increase sawing productivity by reducing rest breaks.

No significant flaws in the design of the Husqvarna 135 saw. Negative responses include the lack of automatic chain lubrication and visual control of fuel and oil consumption, high cost of branded spare parts and lubrication consumables.

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The demand for used analogues is relatively low.

popular are the private sales offers for spare parts with a discount from 15% of the base price.

Husqvarna 135 applications

The Husqvarna 135 chain saw is designed for a predominantly demanding task. It is equally successful on home landscaping and felling. Its design includes several innovative solutions designed to facilitate the use of the model in difficult weather conditions and in hard-to-reach places.

Proven performance on various roofing jobs. And thanks to its low weight and easy startup, the Husqvarna 135 chain saw has a quick and easy startup even on unstable ground. The tool is also often used in felling, sawing forest trees, and trimming large limbs.

Another area of application of the saw is shaped wood carving. The tool’s low weight makes it easy to control for precise cutting and shaping.

How to Fit the Bar and Chain on a Husqvarna Chainsaw

Husqvarna large chainsaw summary chart

Chainsaws were once the exclusive tools of farmers and lumberjacks. Today, homeowners use them more and more for firewood, pruning trees, and building fences. Increasing popularity of saws led to an increase in the number of models. As a result, buying a new chainsaw can seem a bit complicated.

Consider the following factors when making your choice:

  • Size is a major factor to consider when choosing a chainsaw. Generally speaking, larger chainsaws are more powerful, so they are needed for heavy cutting tasks. The power of a chainsaw is measured by the working volume (cc. cm) and engine power (kW).
  • Personal experience. If you’re new to chainsaws, pick a smaller saw that’s easier to handle and maneuver. A heavy chainsaw will quickly tire your shoulders and arms, reducing productivity and putting you at risk of injury.
  • Size and type of wood to cut. If you’re felling trees or sawing up a trunk length, choose a larger chainsaw with more power. Using a smaller model will cause unnecessary physical exertion and can simply kill the tool.
  • Length of guide bar The appropriate length of the guide bar is determined by the maximum thickness of the bar to be cut and, to some extent, by your skill level. If you often use a chain saw, it is advisable to have two different bar sizes, so you can adjust the length of the bar to the size of the tree. The shorter bar saw weighs less and is easier to maneuver when removing tree branches. Longer bar needed for felling and sawing large trees.
  • The right type of chainsaw:
  • Husqvarna offers several types of chainsaws, each designed with the consumer in mind:
  • Amateur/non-professional chainsaws are compact, easy to use and more suitable for indoor work.
  • Farmer/semi-professional chainsaws are built for performance and durability. Preferred by homesteaders and ranchers, these saws are designed for occasional use in thinning and wood chopping.
  • Sawmill/professional chainsaws offer maximum performance and optimal ergonomics for foresters and loggers. These models are intended for permanent use. Some models are available with special features like a heated handle or AutoTune.
  • Tree care chainsaws are for landscapers and tree care professionals.
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Husqvarna offers many models, but how do you know which saw is right for you?? Luckily Husqvarna has made a table of 27 popular chainsaws that can help you choose the right one for you.

The different uses for the chainsaw are listed in the table header. Target audience and Husqvarna chainsaw models are listed on the left. Use the dots to find the optimal chainsaw type and model for your needs. Below we give a brief description of each model and their specifications.

The users of the chainsaw as a virtue note the ease of use, low weight, very convenient chain tensioner, convenient control knobs, which, unlike the saw, you are not afraid to break.

The websites contain dozens of reviews of the Husqvarna 135 in total, but most of them are positive. There are negative reviews as well, indicating disadvantages. In some cases the chain saw broke down quickly, before the warranty was even voided. Availability of warranty repair or replacement will help save the buyer from a negative situation in such a situation.

Basic configuration

Husqvarna chain saw basic equipment:

  • package. cardboard box;
  • The instruction manual with the warranty card;
  • handbrake (located on the right hand side);
  • The start and stop switch of the tool;
  • carburetor adjustment screws;
  • muffler;
  • saw chain, sprocket, bar blade;
  • rear handle, with right hand protection;
  • Clutch cover (available for 135 and 135e models);
  • saw blade guard;
  • universal wrench for assembly.

For a full overview of the chainsaw’s components and working parts, please refer to the instruction manual.

According to the Husqvarna 135 manual, the country of assembly and manufacture is Sweden. Depending on the release series there may be chainsaws assembled at Husqvarna factory in USA or China. To ensure the authenticity of the tool, we recommend checking the serial numbers of products, using the search database on the website of the official manufacturer.

, In Ukraine you can buy a new model of this saw at the price of 7100 hrn. and above. In the U.S. the company’s official website offers to buy a Husqvarna 135 chain saw for the price of 229.95. Having reviewed the reviews of the owners, we can notice that used chainsaw model in Ukraine can be bought for 2500 hrn., In Russia. about 7-8 thousand.

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Maintaining the Husqvarna 135 chainsaw

Adjusting the carburetor

Adjustment of the carburetor consists of several stages:

  • Start the saw, turn the high and low adjustment screws up to the stop. Turn back 1.5 turns;
  • Allow the saw to warm up for about 10 minutes. Adjust the idle speed with the idle speed screw. If the settings are correct, the chain will not travel on the bar at idle speed;
  • Check the performance of the saw for acceleration. When you step on the gas pedal the speed should increase quickly.

Chain for Husqvarna 135 16 chain saw

Name of manufacturer. Our online store sells products from proven manufacturers. Almost all of them have an extensive network of service centers not only in Russia but also in other cities.

The country where the manufacturer is headquartered. In today’s globalized world, large companies not only locate their production facilities at home. You can find the right sawmill anywhere in the world.

Further information on Picco Micro Comfort 3 saw chain

Low-vibration low-profile saw chain, high performance like a standard chain, but less recoil. Intended for use with lightweight chainsaws. Ideal for all users who appreciate power and comfort. The saw chain is perfect for cutting thin wood, limbing and maintenance work with the appropriate saws.

Features of Picco Micro Comfort 3 saw chains

German saw chains are characterized by their technical innovations and high manufacturing quality. Here are some convincing quality features.

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