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Best household and farm chainsaws

The modern market of chain chainsaws is so oversaturated with offers that sometimes even an experienced lumberjack is not easy to make the right choice. This rating of the best chainsaws will help to decide on the purchase for any sphere of activity, whether it be a house, a cottage, or a professional logging.

Chainsaw as the main tool of the lumberjack was invented for a long time. The rapidly developing forestry industry pushed the creation of a straightforward mechanism of a person, which required the change of axes to a more productive tool of labor. Nowadays, the line of the industry has blurred, and the chainsaws literally flooded the construction tools market. Manufacturers picked up this trend and began to produce goods corresponding to a certain classification, which includes a number of key characteristics:

TOP-5 the best mini-benzopil

Powerful 700 watts with a 2500.Tire 25 cm and weighing 3.2 kg allows you to easily work with one hand. Due to the two.Stroke gasoline engine, it almost never overheats, it can be used to work in the garden or in the country, for tourists and even on the harvesting of firewood. The fuel tank holds only 230 ml and is designed for gasoline 92 brands, butter is added here for engines. It is launched by a manual starter very easily. The device is equipped with a reliable electronic ignition. The air cooling system is highly efficient, and will provide a long and reliable service of the mechanism.

Mini-saw, thanks to its small dimensions, is extremely convenient in carrying. It is not suitable for working with large trees, but it is optimal for use on the farm, especially considering the affordable cost. Starts easily, quickly gaining momentum, does not smoke, vibrates moderately. Bright yellow-black design will not allow you to forget this reliable tool in the forest.

Types of saws: household, professional and semi.Professional

According to their capabilities and their intended purpose, all chainsaws are divided into household, professional and semi.Professional (often called farmers). Intermediate between the first two positions option. Between themselves, they differ primarily in power and the laid out resource of work.

Household chainsaws are designed to harvest firewood for a furnace, cut trees on the site, conducting small in volume of construction work and other needs of the average resident of a country house. With the help of semi.Professional saws, the same types of work are performed, but in a slightly increased volume of farm. Professional chainsaws are designed for work related to logging.

The power of domestic chainsaws is usually less than 2 kW. This is enough to solve simple everyday problems. You will not be able to bring down the centuries.Old pines in the taiga with their help, but they are quite possible to cut off the branches of fruit trees in the personal plot. The power of “professionals” is significantly higher. Up to 6–9 kW. The cutting speed depends on the power of the chainsaw and what depth the tire will penetrate into the wood.

Of course, for powerful units there are no tasks that they would not cope with. However, do not be thoughtlessly chasing great power. Among those who read this article in order to figure out which chainsaw to choose, there are hardly many professional lumberjacks. For operation in the household, it will be quite a household or at least a semi.Professional model. Indeed, with low power, they have a huge advantage. Small weight (up to 5 kg), which makes the work with them easy and comfortable.

For comparison: the weight of powerful professional chainsaws can reach 10-15 kg (and for those who are falling the forest, this is not a drawback, t.To. The large weight of the tool greatly facilitates the process of cutting large trees), it is not surprising that lumberjacks are people of exceptional physical strength.

It should be taken into account that the actual weight of the chainsaws will be even larger, because the weight of fully filled tanks for fuel and oil and the weight of the saw headset will add to the weight of the tool. (To reduce weight, the crankcase and cylinder are made of aluminum or light magnesium alloys, and even plastic cards are sometimes put on some household chainsaws, which is less reliable, but lighter and cheaper.)

In addition to power, household, semi.Professional and professional chainsaws also differ in their resource, t.E. The time of operation until the moment the compression decreases by 40%, which means that the engine will require major repairs. At the same time, not only the total number of motorcycles is important, but also the time of continuous work during the day.

The resource of household chainsaws is small (usually less than 1000 hours): they are designed to work no more than 20 hours a month (t.E. Less than an hour a day). Professional chainsaws are able to work without a break for 8-12 or more hours a day, and in this mode they can work for almost a year.

Household chainsaws Farmer chainsaws Professional chainsaws
Engine volume, cm 3 up to 50 up to 60 up to 121
power, kWt up to 2 2. 3 3. 9
Power, l. With. Up to 1.5 one.5. 2.2 2.2. 6.6
The weight 2. 5 5. 7 10. 15
Work resource, a day 40. 60 minutes 8. 10 hours (up to 4 hours without stopping) 10. 16 hours (up to 8 hours without stopping)
Work resource, total 500. 1000 hours 1000. 1500 hours 1500. 2000 hours


The correct choice of a chainsaw depends on the study of its main technical characteristics. To choose the right tool, you need to look at the following parameters:

  • The power of the chainsaw-for the gasoline engine, this indicator usually ranges from 1-8 horsepower. The characteristic directly affects the rate of immersion of the equipment into the material and the density of the sawn tree.
  • Engine. Two.Stroke carburetor or injector.
  • Fuel tank capacity-0.2-1 l. The higher the engine volume indicator, the longer the time can be carried out without interruptions.
  • Tire length-25-90 cm. The longer the tire, the more thick wood will be able to cut with a unilateral approach.
  • Tire groove width-1.1-2 mm. The larger this indicator, the less likely to eat equipment and wider cuttings.
  • The chain step is 275 mm (3/8 ”) for household models, 404 mm (3/4’ ’) for professional.
  • Chain tension regulator. Non.Clock and key. The circuit during operation periodically stretches and requires the adjustment of the tension, the convenience of operation and the time spent on maintenance depends on the type of indicator.
  • Emergency brake. After the cut, the rotation of the chain by inertia continues until the full stop. If the saw is equipped with a brake, time is significantly saved, and operation becomes safer.
  • Chainsaw weight-3-12 kg. The more difficult the tool, the greater the load on the hands of the working. Accordingly, this indicator determines the time of work with the chainsaw. Light chainsaws are more convenient to operate, while the treatment of heavy ones will require both physical strength and certain skills.

It is also worth noting that any chainsaw is equipped with two tanks: fuel and oil. A mixture of gasoline and motor oil is poured into the first, in the second. Lubricant for the circuit. With the volume of the fuel tank in 0.3-1 l, the volume of oil is usually taken 1.5-2 times less. A similar ratio allows you to spend both types of liquids the same (on average for 30-40 minutes of operation at intensive load).

Makita EA 3202 S 40 B

Household saw with a quick launch system Easy-Start, a system of extinguishing vibrations and an automatic lubrication system of important nodes.

Chainsaw Animation

  • Cold start function. Easily starts under different weather conditions.
  • Relatively quiet sound during work.
  • Light weight. Confidently holds in his hands.
  • The spring anti.Vibration mechanism provides an almost complete absence of return during operation.
  • Sensitive sensors of the reverse blow. When it occurs, the saw immediately stalls and blocks the chain.
  • Large fuel tank. Excess gas stations are enough to carry out everyday work.
  • Adjustable supply of oil lubrication.
  • Native gasoline hoses can jump off. Treated with replacement.
  • When working in a horizontal position, a circuit can fly. The key to install it must be kept with you.
  • Non.Standard installation of the chain. Requires a certain skill.
  • It is inconvenient to cut the end. It is difficult to make an exact incision.
  • It is necessary to get used to the system of protection against a reverse blow. From the habit of a saw can stall without the emergence of an emergency.
  • The leading asterisk is welded to the clutch drum. If it is necessary to replace it, this increases the cost of repairs.

A well-made tool for performing household tasks-sawing building materials and firing thin (up to 20-30 cm in diameter) trees. The light weight makes the saw comfortable when working requiring mobility, for example, pruning branches.

Partner P340S

Under this brand in China, Husqvarna chainsaws are produced. One of the recognized leaders in the industry. Household in characteristics, the tool is equipped with automatic lubricant of the circuit, a locking system with a reverse impact and anti.Vibration springs.

  • The presence of a primer to facilitate the start.
  • Little weight. If necessary, for some time you can saw on outstretched arms.
  • Small consumption of gasoline and oil
  • General quality assembly quality. It is felt both in work and in storage. The smudges of oil and similar problems are not noticed.
  • A large selection of components. You can purchase in retail or order via the Internet.
  • Convenient design itself is equipped with detailed instructions.
  • Good ratio of price, provided that it was used by purpose.
  • The back cover and the oil supply pipe on the chain are poorly protected from sawdust hit. During long.Term work, these places must be cleaned.
  • There is no sensor of oil level and gasoline. You have to navigate “by eye”.
  • Poor protection against vibration. In addition to impact on hands, affects the bolted joints of the handles. They have to be periodically pulled up.
  • The chain that is included, it is advisable to immediately replace.
  • Air filter is often clogged.
  • There is only a chain and a key for its tension.
  • Be sure to revise the oil supply hose to the chain. It can be transmitted during assembly.

The manufacturer is positioned exclusively as a household tool for short.Term business. Owners note that with proper use of the saw, it is able to serve for more than one year without complaints.

Hitachi CS 33 EB

The “chip” model is a system for reducing the force and the number of exhaust exhausts, which, in addition, reduces fuel consumption.

  • The system of light starting the engine-after the running-in, it is started from the first or second jerk of the throttle.
  • Small weight of 4.2 kg allows you to work comfortably even in uncomfortable places.
  • Well.Thought.Out anti.Vibration mechanism. In addition to the weight of the saw itself, nothing works.
  • The total ratio of price even for a household model.
  • The application of the technology for reducing the exhaust from the engine is a contribution to the preservation of ecology and an additional decrease in vibration.
  • The quality of the components-many owners of this saw note that it has been working for them for 5-8 years.
  • Balanced center of gravity.

Reliable equipment for long.Term work in difficult conditions. Price category. From 14000

Husqvarna 135. 13990

Husqvarna 135 energy efficiency is due to patented air movement technology and fuel mixture in the engine. That with proper care, it allows you to count on an unlimited resource in domestic conditions. Exclusively for which this is quite easy and comfortable in the work of the saw and was developed.

Among the standard useful functions (from the anti.Vibration system to anti.Slip linings) the developers were involved:

  • Switch with auto.Return;
  • The possibility of operational extraction of an air filter;
  • Additional centrifugal cleaning of air flow.

A 40 cm long tire, sufficient power and torque (2NM) of the power unit do seasonal work in a summer cottage or personal plot safe, quite comfortable and does not require exclusive possession of repair methods.

The characteristics of the value
Weight, kg 4.4
Power, l.With. / kW 2.0 /1.5
Tire length, cm 40
Tank volume, l gasoline / oil 0.37 /0.25
Development / production Sweden / Europe, USA
Price, 13990

Watch the video review of the saw Husqvarna 135, with a detailed description of the design features:

EFCO 137-41-15790

The purpose of EFCO 137-41 is limited by the manufacturer by the boundaries of the owner of the owner. But due to the fact that professionals very often use an easy, productive and economical tool for systematic trimming of branches and branches of fallen forest, among compatriots there is a common opinion on the profile of this tool.

And it’s hard to argue with them. Because all owners indicate the presence:

  • Anti.Vibration system,
  • A perfectly balanced case,
  • Inertial brakes,
  • Chain capture,
  • Automatic supply of oil to the rubbing elements of the saw part,
  • Air flow heating to carburetor,
  • Fast.Removable air filter cover and lateral access to the screw that regulates the tension of the circuit.

At the same time, the exceptional quality of the implementation of the noted functions is confirmed by professionals.

The characteristics of the value
Weight, kg 4.One
Power, l.With. / kW 2.2 /1.6
Tire length, cm 35
Tank volume, l gasoline / oil 0.32 /0.22
Development / production Italy / Italy, China
Price, 15790

View a short review of the capabilities of the EFCO 137-41 saw:

Oleo-Mac 937-16-15990

Thanks to Oleo-Mac 937-16, each amateur gets the opportunity to personally evaluate the potential of a professional tool. Which is fully facilitated by a set of technological solutions involved by the manufacturer. Judge for yourself:

  • The duration of operation is ensured by an advanced piston group with forged connecting rod and crankshaft;
  • The economy of the equipment is due to electronic ignition, a system preventing icing of the carburetor cavities in winter conditions and an automatic plunger pump supplying oil per tire;
  • Ease of work and a high level of security. The merit of the ergonomic arrangement of controls, anti.Vibration system, inertial brake and chain pod.

And the insignificant weight, sufficient (to perform common work in the private sector) dimensions of the cutting part and acceptable power. Additionally contribute to strengthening a positive idea of ​​a qualitative tool.

The characteristics of the value
Weight, kg 4.One
Power, l.With. / kW 2.2 /1.6
Tire length, cm 41
Tank volume, l gasoline / oil 0.32 /0.22
Development / production Italy / Italy
Price, 15990

This video shows the real work of Oleo-Mac 937-16:

Echo CS-350WES-14-16210

Contrary to the widespread opinion, the ECHO CS-350WES-14 belongs to the amateur tool segment, not indicate

  • Short tire,
  • Average power indicators,
  • Slight weight,
  • Containers for combustible materials, with indicators characteristic of short work.

After all, none of them is a barrier for professional operation.

While the low.Profile chain (the characteristics of the consumables are indicated only on their individual packaging), which is not alternatives when configuring a household tool, it is given by its main purpose with the head. And for amateur exploitation, this is another small trifle, which is included with

  • Lightweight start,
  • Multi.Point anti.Vibration system,
  • Balanced case,
  • With a latch on the air filter lid,
  • Simple and convenient management,

Will do your work in the garden, in the personal plot and in the forest as comfortable as possible. Without binding to volumes and weather conditions.

chainsaw, considered, light, device, operation
The characteristics of the value
Weight, kg 3.58
Power. L.With. / kW 2.0 /1.5
Tire length, cm 35
Tank volume, l gasoline / oil 0.37 /0.23
Development / production Japan / Japan
Price, 16210

If the standard set of functions and the performance of household instruments of this plan will not be enough, it is worth considering this rating category. The best semi.Professional chainsaws offer durable assembly materials, innovative production technologies, increased performance, and a longer service life. Which semi.Professional chainsaws can be determined by the length of the tire, service resource, weight, assembly reliability, cost.

chainsaw, considered, light, device, operation

Echo CS-260TES-10

The Japanese manufacturer offers a semi.Professional portable chain saw, which is not inferior to European models. The presented functionality will be able to perform sawing garden or forest.Park tasks. At a power of 910 watts and 1.24 horsepower, the engine provides a sufficient speed speed of the circuit. In its category, this is one of the lightest in weight of the units. He does not need to clean the air filter. The built-in ES-START system and primer are responsible for the rapid launch of severe frost.

  • Two.Stage air self.Cleaning;
  • Comfortable shoulder belt;
  • Resource engine;
  • Quality building;
  • Service warranty up to 5 years;
  • A light weight.

Due to this small weight, the unit is most often used by summer residents, travelers, as well as joiners in their business. Due to the fact that the tank with butter can slightly leak, it is better to store it away from combustible mixtures. Low power is considered a minus, although we are talking about a semi.Professional model.

Champion 254-18

This high.Performance, powerful model intended for intensive work deserves special attention. In the course of its creation, materials with increased thermal conductivity were used, the manufacturer proposed a high.Quality Walbro carburerator, the file of Oregon. Tire length here is 45 cm, power 3.4 horsepower along with 2500 watts. With low weight, it offers a high speed speed, which distinguishes the model from competitors’ offers. The efficiency of fuel consumption, a capacious reservoir, a locking from random inclusion, a decompressor, unified spare parts. This is not all that it boasts.

  • The best specific power in the manufacturer;
  • Ergonomics;
  • Balanced design;
  • A light weight;
  • Emergency stopping system;
  • Effective vibro.Gaming;
  • Cold launch.

High estimates users put up a rare combination in such a technique of small weight and power of the power unit. Operational characteristics also received praise. But the plastic case was considered an indicator of short.Lived. Due to the fact that the owner will not be able to regulate the supply of oil, it may be its overspending.

Zubble PBC-560 45DP

This tool is intended for complex, long.Term tasks. Due to two compression rings and chromium cylinder, engine reliability is ensured. The design has a carburetor from the Walbro popular brand (Japan), along with a primer for forced swinging fuel, this guarantees a simplified, rapid launch in any weather. Accurate fuel supply, in turn, perfectly saves expenses. Power of 3.3 horsepower at 2400 watts, the length of the chain is 45 cm with 72 links. The vibro.Gaming will facilitate protection in operation. Environmental friendliness guarantees electronic ignition, lubrication is performed in automatic mode, which is very convenient. The service life increases the preliminary air purification system, which removes large particles at the input.

  • Ergonomics;
  • Excellent weightlifting;
  • Electrical.Glass;
  • Air purification system;
  • Japanese carburetor;
  • Economy;
  • Quick launch at any temperature.

On average, such an unit can work continuously up to 4-5 hours. It is most often used at a construction site, but from a large weight it will not be very convenient to operate at a height. The ability to influence wood of any density, volume leads to the creation of noise. Otherwise, all the characteristics are on top, especially the carburetor, auto.Regulation of lubrication, electric carfet, fuel saving.

How to choose

The company can produce high.Quality manual tools, but chainsaws can be weak. It is important to understand how the tool will be used to choose the optimal model. Do not focus only on the price. But you should not blindly believe in a familiar brand either, since each company has its own specialization.

These are the most important points when choosing this device:

  • Tire size. It can be from 10 inches and more. The larger the size, the larger logs can be sawed. Typically, 10. 12 inch tires are used for home use.
  • Convenience of the location of the hand on the rear handle. This is an important parameter, since it depends on how reliably the chainsaw will be in the hands during operation. Its random lunge from hand during work can cause serious injuries.
  • The presence of vibration isolation. It exists on almost all models so that you can work normally without feeling vibration.
  • The presence of a primer in order to run the tool in the “cold” mode.
  • The location of the safety shield in front of the front handle. If the distance is small, then it can be difficult to work as a person with a large brush.
  • Noise level. This is not a very important parameter, but it should be taken into account when working in proximity to other people.

Expert opinion Levin Dmitry Konstantinovich

Chainsaw breakin: A look inside a cylinder after 5 tanks of fuel.

It is required that the chainsaw is well balanced. Otherwise it will be inconvenient to work. Household appliances usually do not have additional functions and protection, so you should not count on this. However, balancing is one of the most important indicators. Before making an order in the online store, you should try to hold the tool in the hand in the trading floor.

The suitability of the use of chain electric and gasoline saws under various conditions

Determine which saw is better than electrios or benzo, you can only based on the tasks that it will have to perform. When using a chain saw at home, when you need to cut a few logs or make blanks from the boards, both options are approximately the same in terms of convenience and performance.

But if you have to cut down the tree in the garden or clear the hedge, then the chainsaws are much more convenient. It is mobile, light and works in any weather. The radius of the use of electric saws is limited by the length of the electric cable. In rain weather or even with plentiful dew, it is unsafe to use it.

When the rooms are working indoors, the palm of the championship should be given to the electric saw if the work is carried out within one or two rooms. The lack of exhaust gases is a significant advantage, as is the noise level. If the sound from the operation of the electric saw rarely exceeds 75 dB, then even at idle gas is “produced” by more than 80, and when working. Up to 100. 105. On the street, this is quite acceptable, but in a closed space it is very uncomfortable for both the sawer and the people around him.

The vast majority of electric chain saws are made for domestic use. Their main purpose. This is work on a garden and cottage area with small volumes of work, as well as during construction and carpentry work.

The chainsaws are intended for frequent and prolonged use. They are able to work for a long time in almost any conditions.

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