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Can Bar & Chain Oil be used as Motor Oil? Let’s find out!

Chainsaws are powerful and compact, which is convenient for felling wood, cutting firewood or building a log cabin far from civilization with a power source. But for autonomous work with a chainsaw, you need not only fuel, but also oil, and the latter needs two: for the engine and to lubricate the chain with the bar. We have rated the best chainsaw oils, dividing them into categories according to their purpose. When selecting the top products for the rating, our experts took into account the reviews of gasoline tool operators and the characteristics of the technical fluids. It will help to choose a product that has already been proven to provide proper lubrication for the piston, crankshaft, and work tooling.

The reason you even need to use chainsaw oil in the first place is for maintenance purposes. Chain saw oil will automatically keep the tool in working order during use. Chainsaw oil will work hard to keep the engine, tire and chain working perfectly, which are the parts of the machine that need constant attention if you don’t want to run into any problems.

All of the big brands will have their own proprietary chainsaw oil blends, and they are usually sold at a slightly inflated price. It makes you wonder if you should use the product recommended in the owner’s manual, or if you’d rather use something more readily available. Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons you might choose chainsaw oil:

  • Commitment to the brand. Your chainsaw has probably served you well over the years, so you’ll know that the oil the manufacturer sells will probably meet the same standards. If you are loyal to your chainsaw manufacturer, it will be a big risk if you use something that is not really recommended to you.
  • Fewer pollutants. Usually, the product consists of a blend of recycled oils with additives. What you use should be as clean as possible. The extra price you pay for brand name chainsaw oil is probably a result of the process they use to get rid of more contaminants. If you buy a generic chainsaw oil, it will work fine, but probably not like the product the manufacturer asked you to use.
  • Length of use. Brand name chainsaw oil usually lasts longer than its universal counterparts. This is usually because they contain more additives, which is good if you care about the life of your chainsaw.

Some chainsaw engines may be air-cooled, while others may be water-cooled. No matter what type of engine you have, it will affect the type of chainsaw engine oil you can use. For example, if your engine is air-cooled, you should not use oil designed for water-cooled engines.

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What oils to choose for your chainsaw engine

Not sure what kind of oil to use for your tool, then it’s time to figure it out. Only a special 2T oil should be used for the motor, and you can buy it at a special gasoline store. This is a special substance that is used as an additive to gasoline for units that are air-cooled. The composition of these substances are of the following types:

It is recommended to fill the chainsaw with synthetic oil, even though it is more expensive than mineral oil. The main advantage of the synthetic is that it does not form deposits in the cylinders when mixed with gasoline. The absence of carbon deposits has a positive effect on the engine’s long life. The red, green or blue color of the fluid is a special coloring agent that manufacturers add in order to determine the presence of lubricant in the gasoline.

It is best to mix petrol and synthetic but if you have previously used mineral, do not switch to synthetic at the same time. Mineral oil for two-stroke engines promotes soot deposits in the cylinders after 100 hours of operation. If you change from mineral to synthetic, the soot will be washed out and spread throughout the engine. This will damage internal components.

The tool manufacturers give recommendations in the data sheets on what is best to use. If you pour only quality materials, the service life of parts and tool performance will be high. It is forbidden to pour engine oil for cars into a two-stroke chainsaw engine, because it has different characteristics and density.

In addition to the type of oil, you also need the correct proportion of lubricant. The standard ratio of gasoline to lubricant is 1 to 50, or 20 ml of oil per liter of gasoline. The documentation for each tool shows the correct proportions. After all, the ratio depends on such a factor as ambient temperature. If you plan to work with a chainsaw in the winter, more lubricant must be added. about the ratio of these substances for two-stroke engines, described in this material.

Ratio of components in the mixture

To determine specific oil and gasoline proportions for a chainsaw, it is advisable to study the recommendations for the machine. Usually manufacturers suggest diluting the native brand oil and gasoline fuel in the ratio of 1:50, t.е. 50 parts of fuel per part of lubricant. For example, if you have 1 liter of fuel, 20 ml of oil should be poured into it. For non-branded brands, the oil is taken in the 1:40 proportion.

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In the first step, fuel is poured into the container, and then the desired amount of engine oil is poured into it. The mixture is then shaken to mix. The shelf life of the prepared mixture is no longer than 1 month., so you don’t need to prepare it for future periods.

Preparing fuel mixture for a chainsaw

When making a mixture of gasoline and oil to be used in a chainsaw, a special oil is used. Quite a few types of oil for two-stroke gasoline engines are available today. However, power tool manufacturers, especially the well-known ones, almost always recommend to use their own lubricants for gasoline tool motors, i.e. products under their brand name. It is assumed that STIHL oil is ideal for power tools of this manufacturer, because it is designed specifically for it. This is also true for other manufacturers.

Representatives of the companies that make gasoline-driven tools say that they have no information about how their chain saws work with other oils. If you use the original product you are guaranteed trouble-free and long-lasting performance. This does not mean that the tool will definitely fail if the wrong oil was used to prepare the fuel mixture. It is very likely that the chainsaw will work just as well. But there is a chance that free warranty repairs will be refused if it has been determined that an oil other than the recommended one was used.

If the manufacturer does not specify in the instructions for use of the tool, what kind of lubricant is recommended, then it is allowed to mix petrol with any two-stroke oil, which is available at the moment. Still recommended to buy products from reputable companies, so as not to get a blatant fake and not to pay the price of a faulty engine. Masters from services, whose reviews can be found on the network, speak well of products from STIHL, Makita or Husqvarna. Whether it is more about advertising or about really good quality, it is hard to say.

Chain saw oil

High-quality lubricant has a positive impact on the performance of the machine. Important things to know when choosing chain saw oil. In this tool for filling the fuel tank of a small engine, the manufacturer also requires a fill-up of oil to the gasoline. The right choice ensures long, trouble-free use in either domestic or commercial applications.

Peculiarities of chainsaw oil selection

Chainsaw is a multipurpose tool, designed for sawing wood materials. It can be used to cut firewood, cut down a tree, or even trim a tree. Every self-respecting craftsman wants the tools in his arsenal to last long and perform well. You can do this by following the instruction manual. To keep your chainsaw working reliably and for a long time it’s important to use good quality chain saw oil.

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When and how to top up

It’s clear where to put the chain oil. There is a separate container for this. In most chainsaws the size of this container is calculated on the basis of the volume of the chainsaw‘s gas tank. If both reservoirs are filled to capacity, they are emptied at approximately the same time. That’s why it’s recommended to fill up the oil tank at the same time as you fill the fuel tank. Then you don’t have to refill it twice.


How to Oil a Chainsaw Bar and Chain

Before you start, it’s a good idea to check that the oil is flowing into the chain. Just point the end of the tire on a flat surface. Some of the oil will fly off the edge of the bar. If there are drops on the surface, this is a sign that the system is working properly.

At high subzero temperatures, the summer oil becomes thick and its lubricating power is impaired. Therefore, you should use brands intended for winter conditions. If this is not possible, it is worth spending time diluting existing oil to make it less thick. It is best diluted with kerosene at a ratio of 1 to 4.

Some models have an adjustable flow rate in the lubrication system. It is useful for adjusting in case of a change in the type of lubricant.

Please note! Do not fill the tank with a mixture of oils of different types. mineral and synthetic.

If you have run out of oil from one manufacturer and have the same type but of another company, you can mix them on condition that you use them immediately. Do not leave such a mixture for a long time.

Gasoline and oil ratios for chain saws: peculiarities of preparing the fuel mixture

The fact that it is forbidden to pour “pure” gasoline into chainsaws, buyers are warned by sellers at the time of purchase of the tool. Many customers learn this for the first time, wondering why they need to dilute gasoline with oil. If you neglect this rule, the consequences for the tool can be simply catastrophic. In most cases, even an engine overhaul will no longer be able to help. In the material we will find out what should be the proportions of gasoline and oil for filling a chainsaw, as well as what may be the threat of non-compliance with this rule.

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