What chainsaw to choose for the house

One of the main technical characteristics of a chainsaw is the engine power. The required indicator depends on the scope of the tool and affects its performance. For infrequent works in the homestead a model with the power of about 2 kW will be enough, while intensive use and professional tasks will require the value of 5-6 kW.

It is worth paying attention to the length of the bar. It determines the permissible thickness of a log that can be sawn in one go:

  • Board preparation for private construction or logging in the countryside means a guide bar not exceeding 35 cm in length is essential.
  • For comfortable commercial felling we recommend a chainsaw with a guide bar longer than 50 cm.

The size of the fuel tank is important for extended periods of use. It should be remembered that this parameter directly affects the size and weight of the tool, the convenience of long-term use without operator fatigue. The optimal tank capacity is therefore in the range of 0.2 to 0.5 l.

Chain pitch must be taken into account when choosing. It largely determines a chainsaw’s performance. The value required depends on how the tool is going to be used. So, for small cottage jobs suits the model with a chain pitch of 0.375″, cutting firewood. 0.325″, large-scale logging. 0.404″.

How to choose a chainsaw

Since Andreas STIHL invented the first gasoline-powered chainsaw in the late 1920s, there have been plenty of models with different features for the widest range of applications. Some chainsaws with small tires are designed for decorative works, as well as pruning trees in the garden, while others are large for making firewood for the winter and felling trees. They may additionally have an anti-vibration system and overheat protection for extended work in hot conditions. We will discuss the construction of gasoline chain saws, as well as what you should pay attention to when choosing.

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How to Select the Right STIHL Chainsaw

Design of a chainsaw

Almost all chainsaws have the same structure, both outside and inside. All “insides” are covered by a protective plastic housing (1). The top of the housing has a removable cover (2) that covers the ignition system. removing it could be used to wipe off the spark plugs if they are dirty or to completely replace these parts. In the front and rear there are rubberized grips (3 and 4) for sawing operations. The throttle (12) and choke shutter (13) are located on the rear handle. These are used to start the chainsaw. At the front of the machine is the bar (5) to which the saw chain (6) is attached. The chain is wound on a pinion inside the chain, and the rotation of the pinion is due to a bearing that is mounted on the shaft.

To start the machine, it is sufficient to pull the recoil starter (7), or the “schmork”, as it is popularly called. To pump gasoline into the carburetor, there is a pump (8) located on top of the starter. It is a transparent rubber half-sphere, by pushing it with the finger we pump up the fuel. Next to the rear handle is a lever (9) to turn on the engine. On the left side (in chainsaws for right-handers) there is a fuel tank (10) and oil tank for chain lubrication (11). Note that the engines in these saws are two-stroke engines, so oil is first mixed with gasoline and then put into the fuel tank. A chain brake (14) in the form of a locking plate is located in front of the front handle. When the guard is folded back, the chain is locked and cannot turn; when pushed back, the lock is released. This stopper ensures the safety of the operator when transporting the switched on machine from one workplace to another (for example, from tree to tree).

Chainsaw types

Domestic chainsaws

Aggregates are characterized by a small engine capacity of up to 40 cm. cube., With short bars (25-35 cm) and low power. They are used in cottages for cutting firewood, sawing down unwanted trees, small construction works.

  • the tool can work without stopping for just one or two hours;
  • For cutting a thick apple tree it will be necessary to make a pass from several sides;
  • some models have a wrench to tension the chain only;
  • on hard material, the device wears out quickly.


Machines with an engine capacity of 40-60 cm. cube. allow them to be used all day long with short breaks. Often equipped with longer guide bars of 40-45 cm. The power of a chainsaw reaches 2-3 kW, which allows you to use them in the construction of baths, houses or yard structures. With them it is convenient to saw an opening for a window or door.

  • can work 6-8 hours;
  • a wide range in cost (depending on the manufacturer);
  • wide application;
  • availability of emergency brake;
  • fast chain adjustment.
  • Some models work only with original accessories;
  • the width of the groove does not always match the power of the device, and the bar can bend when bent.


The tool with high power up to 6 kW, long bars up to 60 cm and power unit volume of 60-120 cm. cube. In active mode they work up to 8 hours, and with short breaks they can function for 16 hours a day. it is ideal for felling wood.

  • high power;
  • long-term operation;
  • emergency brake;
  • cuts through even thick trunks in one go;
  • wear-resistant accessories.

While loggers used to be able to do their jobs, saws and axes alone are no longer enough as construction and industry appetites grow. Hence the rise of improved tools that cater to human labor, such as chainsaws. Today the market is full of different brands, models, modifications of such tools, which makes it very difficult for the buyer to choose. The rating, compiled by leading experts, where the best chainsaws of the year 2021 will be presented, will help in this. On what criteria they were selected, what users say in reviews, which manufacturers can be trusted, about all this we will talk further.

chainsaw rating 2021-2022: top best by price/quality

The STIHL MS 250 has the following main features. its compact size and power! It’s the ideal tool for clearing land or working with trees. Makes light work of even heavy logs.

Hand tools have always been indispensable in any household. Gone are the days when chainsaws were so time-consuming and physically demanding. With the advent of chainsaws, sawing technology has become not only convenient, but also effective due to the mobility and independence of the process. Who does not remember the Druzhba chainsaw, mass-produced in the USSR since 1955. Modern market offers many models from various domestic and foreign manufacturers with a wide range of functions. Chainsaw ranking is based on expert reviews and customer reviews.

Rating of the best chainsaws in 2022: by reviews, price, quality and reliability

The first chainsaw is selected with many people with difficulty, not all of them know what qualities are best to pay attention to. It is recommended to choose only a reliable device that will last a long time, can not hurt a person during operation. The chainsaws are rated in order to choose the optimal model for a small price. The product is always useful for home and cottage, will serve for cutting branches on trees or the trunk itself.

Top 10 best chainsaws

In a private home or cottage a lot of work associated with sawing wood: preparation of firewood, removing dry branches, trimming boards, etc. д. Chainsaws are used to speed up and simplify these tasks. This tool is also used in construction work: in the construction of houses or baths. The rating of the best and most popular models in the markets of Russia and Ukraine from the most famous manufacturers of the world will allow to choose a chainsaw in accordance with its characteristics. All the equipment presented in the review, passed special tests, is distinguished by its functionality and true brand quality. The reviews of the owners of the units, who have already had a chance to test them in action, as well as expert evaluations were taken into account in the selection. The Top 10 includes the best American, Japanese, German and Korean products.

Top 21 best chainsaws: rating 2021-2022 by price/quality and which reliable model to choose for home

High-quality chainsaw can significantly facilitate work in the garden and will become a reliable helper on the farm.

But how to choose a good model? First of all, you should determine the class of the tool. domestic, professional or semi-professional.

not only the performance of the device, but also its capabilities in general depends on it.

This guide will help you choose the right chainsaw for your needs based on its price/performance ratio. It describes the best chainsaw models from different manufacturers according to the version 2021-2022.

When selecting models we took into account not only advice from professional builders, specialists, owners’ reviews, but also official data from practical testing by Rostest.

Best Chainsaw Size for a Homeowner, Rancher, Farmer, or Landowner

Difficulty of maintenance and use

Getting Started and Serviced

Electric saws are more convenient when getting ready for work. Simply install the chainsaw headset, fill up with oil and plug it in. At the same time, most quality electric saws are equipped with quick-clamping devices that allow you to retighten the chain or replace it in a few minutes.

Quick tensioner.

It is more complicated with chainsaws. semi-professional and professional saws are equipped with traditional clamps on the nuts, which can not be dismantled without a wrench. And the chain is tightened with a screwdriver or a special Allen wrench. It takes a little longer, but the settings are also guaranteed to hold strong.

The conventional chain tensioner.

Preparing the fuel mixture for the chainsaw takes a few minutes. special graduated containers allow you to mix gasoline and oil in a given proportion in any quantity. Usually enough fuel for 40 to 50 minutes. Cooking in the morning 2.3 liters of fuel, you have enough for a whole day’s work. Do not plan ahead and save it for several days, it tends to deteriorate if stored for too long.

ease of use

Electric chainsaws do not require a fuel mix. Simply plug in and press the button to start sawing.

While chain saws are well-balanced and easy to grip, electric chainsaws are more challenging. In addition to the fact that quite noticeably interferes with the cable, they are also made in two varieties of arrangement of the motor. longitudinal and transverse.

Longitudinal saws differ in the alignment of the motor shaft rotation axis along the guide bar. They are small in width, but quite long. Although they are perfectly balanced, the presence of a cable limits their mobility.

Cross-cutting saws are short, but the projecting left side of the motor housing throws off the balance and requires the operator to make some effort to hold the bar in the mowing line of the cut. Effort is low, but fatigue levels increase with prolonged use. Cable inconvenience is felt less in these saws.


Chainsaws are ahead of electric saws in terms of safety due to the absence of an electrical cable, which you have to constantly pay attention to. Electric saws should not be operated in wet or rainy weather, nor should they be operated in damp rooms.

Regarding the possibility of injury from the cutting part. the saws are absolutely identical, you can get injured only in case of gross violation of operating rules.

Which Chainsaw Should I Buy? Best Chainsaw for Homeowners, Landowners, & Firewood STIHL & HUSQVARNA

A lever for stopping the chain instantly in case of a kickback. Both electric and gasoline chain saws are equipped with it.

In the end, to determine what is better than an electric or chain saw is difficult. It all depends on the specific job and the conditions of use. Judging by the prevalence and popularity of tools, both varieties of chain saws have a right to life and are perfectly capable of doing their jobs. The important thing is to buy quality tools, not cheap knockoffs.

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