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Than to saw the slate of the wave. Features of cutting, the choice of disk, how to cut with a power tool, mechanical methods

The slate roof still does not lose relevance. Both on utility structures and on the house itself. However, sooner or later, almost any owner faces the tasks of repairing the roof or its new installation, in the solution of which such roofing material cannot be done without proper cutting. We will analyze how to cut the slate of the wave and its flat modification, in what cases it is cut and what are the features of the organization of work, how to choose the right disk for corner grinding, which power tools and mechanical methods can also be used, which safety recommendations must be followed.

The task of cutting the slate sheet arises in the following cases:

  • Installation of a new roof-it is rarely possible to lay a multiple number of sheets on the rafter system. In addition, they often have to be cut along or from the corners.
  • When repairing a long.Operated roof, it is often necessary to lay a whole sheet, but a fragment with a certain notch.
  • The construction of a roof of a complex architectural form. Sheets need to be cut at all possible angles.
  • Creation of roofing elements for pipes, chimneys, ventilation aerators, etc. P.
  • Cutting from old sheets of elements of decorative design and protection of beds, flower beds, greenhouses and other garden structures.
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Organization of work during slate cutting

Slate is a fairly fragile material, and when it is broken or sawing into the air, the smallest particles and asbestos fibers, which are extremely harmful to health, enter the air. To avoid the destruction of the sheets not along the cut line, but also protect yourself from the negative impact of asbestos dust, you should accurately observe the technology of work and use protective equipment.

During the cutting of slate sheets

  • It is required to protect the respiratory system with a respirator, the eyes with construction glasses, the skin with gloves and dense clothes. The work of power tools (corner grinders, cutting machine, electrician, etc.D.) is accompanied by strong noise, so it is recommended to use protective headphones;
  • To reduce dust secretion and reduce the fragility of the slate, you can pre.Moisten the place of the cut with water with wet rags, or water the place of contact of the power tool with sheet material during cutting with water;

Let us further consider how to cut the slate for the roof: wavy and flat asbestos.Cement sheets are lended on various tools.


How can slate from power tools be cut

In addition to corner grinder, a cutting machine equipped with a stones cutting disk can be used to cut the slate. The preparatory procedure here is the same as in the case of a corner grinder: the sheet is first marked, and then moistened. Working as a detachment machine, it is important not to allow any shifts, conducting the disk exactly by marking. The slate is usually cut for one approach, so after wetting the cut with water, the procedure is repeated again, so the incision deepens. As a rule, in order to comfortably break the slate, 3-4 such approaches will be required.

For sawing the soaked slate, you can apply a regular electrician, equipping it with canvases with a small teeth. At the same time, the spindle is installed in a reduced transmission mode. When using this tool, it is important to observe increased accuracy, avoiding any pressure on the slate, otherwise it will crumble. The use of an electrician is justified only in the case of small volumes of such work.

How to cut slate. An overview of tools and methods of cutting

Flat and wavy slate sheets are widely used as a roofing. During their installation, there is a need to cut, which is a rather specific operation.

Schifer is characterized by sufficient fragility, due to which, during the breakdown or sawing of the sheets, very small asbestos fibers and particles are formed. As you know, asbestos refers to harmful substances that provoke the occurrence of cancer diseases. So that cutting the material is not accompanied by its destruction, with the appearance of asbestos dust, you need to know what the slate cut and use protective equipment.

Requirement when cutting slate sheets:

  • Mandatory use of personal protective equipment. For the respiratory system, this.Respirator, for the eyes. Special glasses, for skin. Gloves and dense clothes. In addition, during the operation of a cutting electric tool, a lot of noise is formed: anti.Noise headphones will help from it.
  • To reduce the amount of dust generated by an order of magnitude and make the slate not so fragile, before cutting the cutting area is wetted with water. To do this, you can use wet rags or direct watering cuts during operation.
  • When working on the street, it is important to find such a place so that the resulting asbestos dust is demolished by the wind away from the operator.
  • If the procedure is carried out indoors, it should not have anyone but workers. All doors must be tightly closed, taking measures for their additional sealing.

Alternative methods

Sometimes it happens that you need to cut a sheet of slate urgently, and there is no angular grinder at hand, nor a jigsaw, nor a hacksaw. The only way out in this case is to break the leaf with your hands. Experienced masters have two tricks, how to make a break even:

  • With a sharp knife. A fishing line for a trimmer is applied to the surface of the slate where the incision is needed. Next, taking a sharp household or stationery knife, they are repeatedly drawn along this lines, over and over again deepening the risk. When the incision becomes deep enough, the sheet is carefully broken.
  • Using a drill. A fishing line for a trimmer is carried out on the sheet, which marks the place of the future section. With the help of a drill along this line, every 5 cm make holes every 5 cm. Then, on the resulting oenic strip, the slate is carefully broken. The smaller the step between the holes, the easier it is to break the sheet.
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Due to the fault of the flaws in the process of cutting the slate, most of the defective sheets are formed, which are not always used. If you do not have experience in cutting, buying a mother, take care of 10% of the reserve that compensates for losses as a result of careless actions when cutting.

What disks are suitable for cutting cutter

The slate is very durable when installed on the roof of the roll. But when cutting the slate along the line, it turns out that this is a fragile material. Cut it off with a corner grinder with a disk very carefully and carefully so as not to break the edge in the wrong place.

To cut the slate (both wavy and flat), it is best to buy an angular grinder of 125 mm (maximum circle diameter). This size just allows you to saw the slate on the waves, and is sufficient for flat sheets.

There are two types of disks on sale that are used to cut asbestos.Cement sheets:

This type of cutting circles is good because it does not require very strong pressure and effort. But before cutting the slate with a stone disk, think about where the constant supply of water will be, otherwise you will not cope. When cutting a disk for stone into the air, a dense cloud of fine asbestos dust rises in the air. To eliminate it, it is necessary to supply water to the place where the corner grinder is in contact with slate with slate. So you can, and cool the disk, and the dust is besieged.

The easiest way to supply water. With a thin stream manually, from a hose or a plastic bottle. If there is no one who could constantly water the circle of water, then you need to fix the water hose. Circles for the stone is good to cut a flat slate in a straight line. So you can also saw the wave slate for the roof, but not across the wave, but along it.

Diamond circles perfectly cut slate on any cut line. A solid circle is best suited, without slots. It is good because it does not have segments that are clogged with dust. A solid diamond disk is very durable, suitable for the hardest materials. But it is adapted exclusively for wet cut with water supply, otherwise it will overheat in 1-2 minutes. The diamond disk also cuts the corners and grinding the edge of the sheet so that it is more resistant to moisture and temperature extremes.

Slopes from the wave slate

When equipping a vegetable flower bed, asbestos.Cement products with waves are used as a fence. In this case, waves can be located both along and across the bed. The process of arranging slate beds consists of the following stages.

  • The plates are cut across or along the wave, taking into account the required size.
  • Then the boundaries of the beds are planned and the trench is dug up in this place. The depth of the trench corresponds to approximately 1/2 of the height of the product.
  • Then the blanks are laid in prepared trenches.
  • It is covered with soil and rammed.
  • To give great stability, the sheets are attached with metal pegs.

Work on the installation of the wave slate provides for its nuances. If it is decided to use a slate leaf with horizontally located waves, then the shoots in some plants can grow along the bed. You must then dig a plot especially carefully. There is a risk of damaging the fence.

Creation of beds from a flat slate

To make beds with flat slate, you need to use sheets with a size of 1.75 m. The arrangement process consists of such steps:

  • The workpiece is cut into two pieces. The length of the first is 1 meter, and the second is 0.75 m.
  • A 20-centimeter recess is made in the ground.
  • The sheets are installed in them.
  • They are covered with soil and tamped well.
  • Then metal corners are made, giving them the necessary sizes.
  • After make the holes in which the bolts will be inserted.
  • After that, metal plates are connected to asbestos.Cement strips.
  • The plates are necessarily painted or applied to the corners, which will prevent the formation of corrosion.
  • After waiting for the coating to dry, the bed is filled with organicism using brushwood, compost, soil.

In the process of arranging the slate bed of the fence, it is unacceptable to drive into the ground, because fragile material may break.

How to cut slate on a roof. The advantages of the slate and its properties

The slate has some advantages over other roofing materials:

After the leaf fracture along the line of marking the edge, it must be sanded. Cutting the slate is easiest outdoors. The sheet is placed on the pallet or on the tables standing next. A gap is necessary for free tools. The most commonly used angular grinder is used.

The wave slate removes excess water well. This property allows you to use it as a roofing material for the roof of the house, garage, household buildings. Can be used as a formwork that prevents the penetration under the construction of groundwater under construction. During the performance of work with slate, you need to remember its fragility.

Before cutting slate, you need to provide protection from the hit of its small particles on hand and face. If you recall its composition, you will immediately have to highlight asbestos. This is a very harmful substance for health. Therefore, the respirator will not be superfluous when working with this material. It is recommended to work in protective gloves and masks. To protect against dust, moisten the spaces of sawing with water.

When using these tools before cutting cutter, you need to put the fabric moistened in water for several hours on a fishing line for a trimmer of marking. Then use any of these tools.

Cutting flat slate at home

To separate flat slate sheets, any method of cutting wavy slate can be taken into service. However, it is most convenient to cut an even slate to cut a corner grinder with a stone disk. To carry out the procedure, a flat surface is selected on which the material is laid. It can be a simple wooden flooring, or a dense soil platform. The main thing is that the lower base is not expensive, since during cutting it will certainly be damaged. When cutting near the edge of the slate under it, it is advisable to put the wooden rail of the desired length. Before cutting flat slate at home, you need to organize the supply of water to the place of work, to reduce the volume of asbestos dust

Regardless of what disk the slate is cut, it is important to avoid haste and show maximum accuracy. Any careless movement can lead to cracking of sheets, which, as you know, cannot be glued. If such work is carried out for the first time, you must definitely familiarize yourself with the recommendations than to saw off the slate. If possible, it is better to practice at first on an unnecessary old piece of material.

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