What corner grinder to take for the house. Gasoline corner grinder

Which corner grinder is better: an overview of the highest quality and reliable models

What are the corner grinder? Corner grinder is divided into two types: household and professional.

The household tool is cheaper and it is intended for short.Term use for a maximum of 60 minutes. To perform complex work, slices of this type are not used, but for cottage and home use. This is ideal.

To say, what a corner grinder is the best and will work reliably and for a long time, definitely impossible. It depends on what work the tool is acquired. If for completely simple ones, for example, summer cottages, you can take a household corner grinder with a minimum set of options. If you are aimed at solving different problems and at the same time long.Term use of technology, it is better to buy a professional model.

The design of professional and household manual technology has practically no differences. The corner grinder consists of three main elements:

  • Frame. There is an engine inside the case. The housing in most gasoline or electric boots of known brands has an ergonomic structure so that the tool is as convenient as possible in operation.
  • Rotating spindle. It is designed to fix the nozzles angular grinder. Disk elements with different diameters.
  • Gear gear. This is an element connecting the spindle and the motor due to which rotation occurs.

Dimensions and weight of angle grinding technology differ. It can be either quite light, weighing a little more than 1 kg, and quite heavy. From 4 kg and more.

Dewalt Dwe 4150

The Dewalt DWE 4150 model with a capacity of 900 W and 11800 rpm has a good ergonomics of the case and the low.Profile case. Dimensions. 390120150 mm. The brush holder is spring.Loaded and independent, which increases the time of unconscious operation of the brushes.

  • Light and comfortable.
  • Hardy, capable of withstand considerable loads.
  • The capacity declared by the manufacturer
  • Moderately noisy.
  • The engine of the engine is anchor with a protective coating protective engine from dust.
  • Self.Disconnecting brushes, prevents the anchor damage.
  • Low vibration level.
  • Weak side hilt.
  • Short power supply.
  • Disk mount is non.Standard, with a hexagon. This may be inconvenient at the first time of use.

Conclusion. The area of ​​use of this corner grinding machine. Housework or small production. It is good to use it in places where accurate processing is required and to perform bodywork. Spindle lock button on top, which provides maximum cut depth.

Blackdecker G650

The power of the BlackDecker G650 is 650 W, 11000 rpm. Dimensions. 310134115 mm. The thickness of the case is slightly larger than standard, but the mass is only 1.84 kg. The handle is two.Position, can be installed on the left or right side. Standard spindle lock for replacing a disk.

  • Combination of ergonomics and weight.
  • The quiet operation of the engine.
  • Soft start, no jerks.
  • Comfortably lies in the hand.
  • It has sufficient power.
  • Good navigation of vibration.
  • Short power cord.
  • Thin plastic of the handle.
  • According to reviews in rare cases, there is no lubricant on the gears of the gearbox, if when turning on the gearbox is very noisy, you need to disassemble the tool and grease the gears or change it according to the warranty.
  • No speed adjustment, starting button staggering, but reacts well to pressing.

Conclusion. This corner grinder is a convenient option for a home workshop, for short work. It is not recommended to use it in production due to low wear resistance. With timely prevention and repair, it will last a long time. For convenience, you can lengthen the power cord. After the purchase, it is recommended to check the model. When working, there should be no loud noise and unpleasant odor.

Professional or household angular grinder

In this section, you will find out which corner grinder is better for home, and which tool is more suitable for constant work. All corner grinder belong to the household or professional class. This separation has no clear boundaries, and sometimes the tool from the professional line has the characteristics of the household.

Designed for home repair. The main difference from professional is a short segment of work without a break. Such corner grinder can fully function up to 10 minutes with interruptions for 15 minutes, and in total-2-3 hours a day. The power of household models is in the range of 500–1200 W. The advantages of this option are low cost and small weight.

These units are needed for intensive work for a long time, for example, at construction facilities, since they have an increased working resource. Power from 1300 W and above, as a rule, they are installed on them the largest circle wheels (from 180 mm and above). Spare parts for such grinder are stronger and more durable than for household ones, because they are designed for prolonged use at high speeds.

Useful additional functions

Expensive models are equipped with a number of additional features. For example:

  • The case will be very useful if frequent transportation of the tool is assumed, and just for storage and protection against dust, from random blows. The corner grinder should be reliably fixed in special recesses. In the case you can place all the necessary keys and discs.
  • System launcher allows the load on the engine of the minimum. When the tool is turned on, the speed speed will be minimal, gradually increasing. This will protect the internal elements of the gearbox from a sharp blow and from biting a disk in a solid surface. Accordingly, such a tool is easier and more convenient to use.
  • Blocking the start button also greatly facilitates the work. No need to constantly keep the power button in the clamped state, from which hands always get tired quickly. Using a small additional button located next to the starting, it can be fixed in the position on the side.
  • Disc speed adjustment. This function is present in expensive professional models. You can independently set the necessary speed of rotation depending on the work performed and the diameter of the working disk. This will relieve the need to purchase several tools. But if you do not have skills in working with a corner grinder, there may be difficulties in self.Selection of modes, and the final result will not justify expectations. Curved sections and other troubles may turn out.
  • Stabilization of the number of revolutions depending on the load on the disk. This function is useful regarding the user’s skills. The tool in automatic mode independently selects the optimal number of rotation and optimizes the workflow. It is very useful when working with heterogeneous materials that have a soft external coating and a solid core or vice versa. Electronics recognizes the change in the load and instantly adjusts the momentum.
  • Dust protection is very important when working with concrete surfaces. Gearbox and shaft will be reliably protected from small abrasive particles in them. The service life of the corner grinder depends on this. Models with such a function are very expensive, so if you are not engaged in construction, then in domestic conditions you can do without it.
  • Automatic disk balancing is inherent in very high.Quality tools. The point is that the corner grinding is smooth out the beating that occurs with uneven erasure of the working edge of the disk. This is very useful in polishing work. The difference in working with a tool C and without this function you will notice in an hour.
  • The ability to connect a construction vacuum cleaner makes the work more comfortable, allows you to not so pollute the surrounding space, the instrument and the respiratory tract of the employee. This is an alternative to the built.In function of dust protection at a more affordable price.
  • Automatic power outage will be useful for interruptions with electricity supplies. If the light turns off in the process, the machine will work, which will turn off the power of the corner grinder, and it will not begin to rotate when the power supply is resumed.

For home or professional model

To determine which corner grinder to choose for the home, and which for intensive work, you need to proceed from its technical indicators. The entire power tool, including an angular grinder, is divided into household and professional, depending on the time of continuous operation. Household models Corner grinder are designed for episodic use for 30-40 minutes a day.

Professional models are designed to use the tool throughout the day or work shift. Professional corner grinder has enhanced protection against dust, noise and a number of systems that are designed to ensure the comfort and safety of the operator.

If the corner grinder is designed to perform small homework, then here it is worth paying attention to the models with a disc diameter of 115 mm, 125 mm or 150 mm. The most common home model is an angular grinder with a disk diameter of 125 mm. To understand how to choose a corner grinder for the home, it is necessary to outline the circle of tasks to be solved and a list of processed materials. It is obvious that the acquisition of an expensive professional tool in this case is unjustified.

As for professional models, here the unconditional leader is a corner grinder with 230 mm disks diameter. When choosing such a model, you should pay attention to the engine diameter. The larger the diameter of the engine, the greater the torque can develop the corner grinder, and this is very important when exhausting operation.

Therefore, if you choose between two approximately equal angular grinders, give preference to the one that has a larger engine diameter and only second stage look at the power. Some manufacturers themselves indicate torque in the passport data of the tool, but many of this parameter ignore.

Additional systems to work with tools

Corner grinding machines are widely used due to convenience, versatility and reliability. The design of the power tool provides a number of systems that are designed to ensure high performance and safety of working with the tool. The functionality of each model is determined by the manufacturer at the design stage, the list of additional options affects the cost.

That is why, then we will consider additional systems that ensure the operation of the corner grinder and determine how important their presence is for effective and safe use of the tool.

Starting current restriction system

When the electric engine is turned on, an abrupt increase in the load on the engine winding occurs by 6-8 times, which can cause damage or the operation of protection. In this case, a stroke moment also arises, which is transmitted through the shaft to the gearbox and spindle. The starting current restriction system is an electronic circuit that provides a smooth increase in the speed of rotation.

The principle of operation of this system is a gradual increase in voltage on windings for a given time. The use of a corner grinding machine at the same time becomes safe, increases the resource of the electric motor and gearbox.

The lack of a blow at starting helps to increase the accuracy of cutting and eliminates the possibility of stray when grinding.

The system for maintaining a constant number of disk speeds

When the cutting disk is in contact with the processed surface, friction occurs, which increases the load on the engine and reduces the speed of rotation. The system for maintaining the constant number of revolutions of the disk compensates for the resistance and ensures the maintenance of the cutting speed. Stabilization of the spindle rotation frequency is carried out due to the use of the constant electronic circuit.

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There are two ways to maintain speeds in corner grinding machines operating under load: on the current or by the spindle rotation frequency. In the first case, a current consumed sensor is used, which fixes its value and, as it increases, the circuit increases the voltage on the windings.

corner, grinder, house, gasoline

Rotation frequency regulation involves the use of a tachiometric sensor that controls the turning of the angular grinder. With a decrease in this indicator, the electronic circuit increases the voltage and, as a result, provides the optimal speed of the equipment of the equipment. The choice of the methodology for maintaining a constant rotation frequency occurs at the design stage and is carried out taking into account the positive and negative sides of each method.

Not all models are equipped with such a system, we can say that its presence is desirable, but not necessarily.

Re.Inclusion lock system

During the construction work, a situation is possible when the power is turned off for a variety of reasons. The system for blocking the re.Turning on the corner grinder excludes the possibility of unintentional engine start. With a sudden stop of the corner grinder, the employee most often simply puts the tool to the side, without checking the position of the circuit breaker.

The sudden resumption of energy supply in this case is fraught with injuries for the contractor or damage to valuable property. For the Bulgarians equipped with such a system, re.Switching on occurs only after disconnecting the starting device and its re.Press. In this case, the user will need to take the tool in his hands, which means that his actions will be meaningful and controlled.

The presence of such a system is very important and necessary.

Disk automatic balancing system

In the process of use, corner grinder, especially with the equipment of a large diameter, wear of the disks or brushes occurs unevenly. This leads to the occurrence of an imbalance, which manifests itself in the form of vibration, which does not contribute to the accuracy of the operation. The beating adversely affects the condition of the bearings and reduces the resource of the electric motor.

The automatic disk automatic balancing system compensates for the uneven distribution of the mass of rotating equipment. Different technical solutions are used to stabilize the tool, mostly these are special design of bearings with fewer balls. This system will increase products and is usually used on professional models with large diameter disks.

If you choose a tool for intensive use on the construction site, then it is best to give preference to models equipped with this system.

Engine protection system from overload

In the process of use, the angular grinder load on the electric drive is inconsistent and in certain periods can significantly exceed the calculated. To protect the engine from overloads of the “corner grinding” are equipped with special systems that forcibly stop supplying current. In this case, the tool simply stops working and for renewal it is necessary to turn it off first, and then turn it on again.

There are two ways to protect angular grinding machines from overheating: by current or temperature. In the first version, the shutdown occurs when the limit parameters are exceeded, which are fixed by the electronic module. Another design on the engine is installed a temperature sensor that interrupts the power circuit when the parameter exits the set values.

The system provides the highest life of the tool but does not affect the quality and safety of the work.

Dust protection system

In the process of grinding surfaces or cutting materials, a significant amount of dust is formed using an angular grinder. It enters with the flow of air into the case and serves as the cause of increased wear, the most vulnerable bearings, brush node and the outer surfaces of the rotor and stator. Metal particles formed during cutting can cause a short circuit between the turns of the winding.

The system of protection of the angular grinding machine provides for the use of the following structural and technological solutions:

  • Installation of nets on ventilation holes, and on expensive professional models and filter elements.
  • Booking the stator windings and the use of cord bandages on the rotor.
  • The use of closed type bearings.
  • The gearbox body is done if possible airtight.
  • Pouring windings with epoxy resins.

Metabo WB 18 LTX BL 125 Quick

The wireless model is optimal for field work. It has all the functions inherent in professional tools: smooth start, spindle blocking, protection against accidental inclusion.

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  • The diameter of the disk of the grinding machine is 125 mm, which will allow you to use it with most of the equipment presented on the market.
  • This model is good with a spindle lock, which will quickly change the cutting element.
  • The thin case of the device provides convenient retention and work in hard.To.Reach places.

Makita DGA504RME

The best angular grinding machine is suitable for professional work, which is facilitated by a brilliant engine: it provides high performance and economical battery consumption.

  • The grinding machine is good with a rich equipment: the power tool is supplied with a charger, a side handle, two batteries, a case for transportation and storage.
  • Disk diameter. 125 mm.
  • The best in the ranking of Grindmine is equipped with a rubberized base that prevents the glide of the device in the hand.

Makita DGA 506Z

Closes the rating of the battery.Free grallpoint grinding machine from the Japanese manufacturer. The model is light, compact and relatively inexpensive.

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