What crosscut saw to choose for the home

Zubr ZPT-210-1400 L

The Chinese manufacturer managed to create a high-quality trimmer with a large set of useful options. It is designed for use on wooden blocks and boards up to 60 mm in thickness. There are different ways of sawing. The tool is distinguished by its high precision of cut. Make the work easier such additional options as a laser, a clamp, the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner or a bag for collecting sawdust, protective interlocks.

Restoring and Putting Crosscut Saws To use

Domestic consumers speak positively about the performance of the saw. Some minor drawbacks, but the price-performance ratio is excellent. Sharp blade, infinitely variable table adjustment and saw tilt are especially valued.

Advantages and disadvantages

High estimation of professionals and increasing customer demand for compound mitre saws are due to a number of important advantages of these devices.

  • The device summarizes the best features of both tools: it inherited from the mitre saw a high precision of measurement of blanks, and from the circular saw a completely smooth and even surface of the cut.
  • The ability to create any shape of any cuts facilitates the performance of any, even very complex, technical tasks.
  • The combination of two tools in one device eliminates the need to purchase each of them separately. This saves money and allows a more rational use of space in the workshop or garage.
  • The devices versatility allows to install different saw blades for various applications, which makes it possible to work with almost any material.
  • The ability to perform not only cross cuts, but also longitudinal cuts allows you to trim the edge of the lumber and produce narrow workpieces.
  • Despite its multifunctionality, the tool is mobile enough and can be easily moved to the required place.

Like any complex electromechanical device, combination saws have a number of disadvantages. They include a rather high price of the device, which, however, is still less than the cost of two separate saws. Also, many professionals note the small, unlike conventional mitre saws, depth of cut, which does not allow using them for cutting material of great thickness.

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How To Use A Crosscut Saw. FULL Tutorial

How to choose the right mitre saw: an overview of 10 popular models

mitre saws are used for cross cutting of blanks at right or random angles. Cutting the face is done by the toothed disc fixed on the sliding lever. When the cutting tool rotates at high speed, the surface is machined accurately and cleanly. The advantage of a crosscut saw over its stationary counterparts is mobility. The unit can be brought to the site and installed in a convenient place on a stable base.

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Cutting at any angle: a rating of mitre saws with a pull-through 2020

Trimming saws are indispensable in the joinery workshop and on construction sites for cutting wooden materials and composite materials. Which broachable mitre saw to choose? We have selected 5 best models ranging from the most inexpensive with basic but good quality features to professional premium class machines and gathered them in one rating of sliding compound mitre saws.

Trim saws with a broach allow you to make a perfect line of cut for structures that will later be mated. So, for example, it is easy to make skirting boards, baguettes or battens so that there are practically no gaps between the parts. The word “broach” means that the saw doesn’t just drop down on the workpiece, but can “drive” over it. That makes it possible to use larger workpieces and achieves a very precise cut that is difficult to achieve with a manual circular saw.

We have selected 5 best models that are suitable for both home use in the garage and for professional applications in the joinery workshop. We have compiled all models into one list of sliding compound mitre saws.

Rating of sliding compound mitre saws up to 15000

Models are considered to be mid-priced. They noticeably lag behind the professional ones in performance, but they can already offer good performance.

Kraton MS-1900/254

Inexpensive crosscutting tool with laser and broach has good assembly and locking of tilt and turn without any signs of backlash. Width of cut is 310 mm. From the disadvantages it can be noted only a sharp start of the device in operation and not enough quality dust extraction.

Elitech PT 1825KU

Russian-made saw allows you to cut blanks at an oblique angle of 45 °. Features soft start, laser pointer, additional support for extension of the work table.

Buy a crosscutting unit Elitech you can for 13000

Zubr ZPT-255-1800 PL

Another inexpensive saw for cutting plastic, wood and aluminum. The model is equipped with a dynamic brake and a laser pointer, makes a cut of 75 mm in depth.

Zubr circular saw with 1800 Watt motor costs about 11000

How to choose a crosscut saw?

Modern models are equipped with sufficiently powerful motors and saw blades of increased strength, which allows them to cope not only with wood, but also with such materials as plastic, metal profiles and pipes, various kinds of composite steel. It is worth immediately stating that the trim saw is capable of cutting not only at right angles, but also at an arbitrary angle. On sale you can also find units where the angle of inclination varies in both the horizontal and vertical plane. With such a tool it is even possible to select grooves.

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The main working elements of the product are an electric motor, a saw blade made of high quality and high strength steel. They are interconnected by means of a reducer with a push button. This whole unit is fixed on the base frame, where the workpiece is placed. The frame is equipped with a turntable, which regulates the cutting angle, as well as a stop. The most expensive devices have this element made of light-weight aluminum and magnesium alloys, which can significantly reduce the weight of the tool without loss of reliability.

The functional unit is connected to the base by a pivoting lever and a spring-loaded swivel joint. Expensive models of crosscut saws are equipped with an asynchronous motor, which has a high level of reliability, does not work very loudly and economically consumes electricity, but they are quite heavy and do not have too high power. Collector motors in terms of size to power ratio are more attractive. they can deliver up to 5-10 thousand revolutions per minute. However, such motors are rather noisy and require regular maintenance.

The gearbox transmits engine torque. In these devices, it comes with either a toothed or belt-driven transmission. The first type may seem more reliable, but if it fails, the entire gearbox unit will have to be replaced. This is the reason why producers often give preference to belt drive. It uses a special belt. It can sometimes come off or tear, but replacing it with a new one or putting it back in its place is not that difficult, so it can be handled at home as well. In addition, the belt manages to absorb radial and axial vibration, which can greatly extend the life of the motor bearings.

When selecting devices for inclusion in our rating, we took into account mainly the above factors, but also took into account the price-performance ratio, as well as user feedback. We have tried to compile an overview of not very expensive products, so that you can choose the best crosscut saw for yourself at a reasonable price.

crosscut, choose, home

Top 15 best crosscut saws with broach: rating 2020-2021 by price/quality and what budget professional model to choose for home

The rating includes products from 7 popular manufacturers with good features and numerous reviews by experts and customers. Among these companies there are German, Russian and some other firms. Here’s who makes the list of leaders:

  • Hammer is a brand of power tools for professionals featuring compact size, high RPM (about 5000 rpm), low noise level and reliable overheat protection. The devices have no problem withstanding heavy loads and are successfully used for different types of sawing. They are effective not only for wood but also for thin aluminum surfaces.
  • Zubr. budget ]power tools[/anchor], among which there are also saws. They are used for both simple and complex cutting of blades at different angles of the blade. Large penetration depth of the working elements and their respectable diameter ensure the process is accelerated. The products have a powerful motor that can handle even high loads.
  • Caliber. the brand devices are not only suitable for wood, but also for plastic and aluminum materials. They can cope with the most different thicknesses due to the large cutting disc, and the amount of waste remains at an acceptable level. The company’s products are distinguished by a compact table, reliable stops and clamps, which guarantees safer and more efficient use of crosscut saws for wood and other materials.
  • Metabo. manufacturer of professional electric equipment, which is characterized by high quality of assembly, good motor power, sharp discs. The company’s products are functional and reliably protected against premature failure. Diameter of the cutting elements varies from 216 to 315 mm, depending on the particular model.
  • Makita’s product range abounds in sliding compound mitre saws with an average power of 1600 watts. The tools have circular saw blades that are about 20 cm in diameter and rotate at a speed of 3000-6000 rpm. Many of them are equipped with a comfortable table and a pulling mechanism that improves the quality of work.
  • Bosch. German manufacturer of mostly premium products. Its saws are compact in size and weight and come with a comfortable handle and sturdy stops. Its designs are well-assembled and made from durable materials. They have easy to replace cutting elements and intuitive controls.
  • DeWALT. brand saws are appreciated for their good quality and high level of safety for the user. They leave the working surface clean, being equipped with a dust bag. Most of the assortment is represented by line models, powered from the socket. The average power of the product is 1300 W, the cutting depth is about 3 cm, but the tools weigh about 15 kg.
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Top 15 Best Trimmer Saws

Mitre saw. a tool designed for sawing wood, soft metal and plastic at a precise angle. Also called a crosscut or shrink saw. It is not an overly complex machine. Trimmer is a cutting head with a cutting disk attached to it, mounted above the bed. Blade is driven by a motor, usually on the right side of the cutting element (less often on the rear side). Rotary table frame (can be rotated to one or both sides), this allows a precise cut at a predetermined angle.

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Crosscut saws with broach: top 10 best models

Carpentry work often involves cutting workpieces at a chosen angle with a high degree of accuracy. It can be done only with the help of special device. crosscut saw with broach. Such a device is easy to use and allows you to quickly perform diagonal cutting.

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