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Than cutting corrugated board

Profiled sheet, this material without which not a single construction is complete. Only before adjusting it in size, it is necessary to scrupulously figure out how and how to cut the corrugated board. Although the process itself is simple, and in the presence of certain tools there are fast, but in this operation there are nuances that are not visible to the eye. And the error can prove itself in a couple of months, after the start of operation.

Steel rental covered with zinc, with a thickness of 0.3 to 1.5 mm, with trapezoid or rounded stiffness ribs squeezed out in it, is called corrugated board.

The overall dimensions of the sheet and the color of the corrugated board, they do not matter to reveal the topic.

Features of the process and material

Metal distribution with stiffeners in the form of waves, squares or trapezoids is made of steel and aluminum with a thickness of 0.3-1.2 mm. Thick sheets with labeling “C” (wall) are used mainly for the construction of fences. The carrying corrugated board “N” and the roofing “PC” are more suitable for arranging awnings and roofs. The NS brand is universal and is used to cover the roofs of buildings and structures and erect fences.

Despite the simplicity of processing, when cutting profiled sheets, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules so as not to violate the surface of the galvanizing and a special protective film. Otherwise the material will quickly become unusable and begin to rust.

Choosing tools for cutting corrugated board

But it is impossible to perform curved cutting, and you need a table for work. In terms of cutting, it is in no way inferior to the electrolobian. The difference is only in speed. Cuts in all directions and curvilinear, the anti.Corrosion coating on the cut line is not damaged. It is best to use an aluminum circle. Cutting is cold, so the protective coating does not destroy.

Be sure to cover the cut place with special paint!

Today I had to cut quite a lot. Not only across the sheet, but also along, using the same technology. Then we clean the sharp burrs with a small corner grinder with a grinding disk. It turns out a fairly high.Quality cut that will never work if you do not use a corner grinder guide for a disk.

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Circular Saw

Small manual disk saws are suitable for rectilinear cut and large volume of work. Models of various capacities are presented on the market, with power supply from the electric network, and from the battery.

For cutting roofing corrugated board, you will need a fine.Toothed disk with winning attacks. The speed of rotation is displayed minimal so that the surface does not occur.

When choosing an electric disk saw, consider:

  • Electric motor power;
  • The sizes of the installed discs;
  • Elements for fixing the tool relative to the sheet;
  • The presence of a revolutionary control regulator (not on all models).


Cutting edges after cutting

Even with the most accurate cutting of corrugated board, the protective coating in the reza sites will still be damaged. Therefore, after the cutting is completed, the edges of the material should be treated, protecting it from destruction.

Factory paint is used to protect. Many shops selling corrugated board offer to purchase factory polymer paint in spray cans. Using this paint, you should immediately paint over a fishing line for a cutting trimmer.

It can be used if the protective polymer layer of the material is accidentally damaged during the installation. The paint, of course, should be selected to the color of the coating so that the processing places are invisible.

So, the correct choice of cutting tools, as well as competent processing of cutting lines will eliminate the formation of foci of corrosion. And this, in turn, will extend the life of the roofing.

Than cutting corrugated board

In order to correctly cut corrugated board, it is necessary to select a tool that will preserve the protective properties of the coating as much as possible and will not spoil the overall appearance of the building material.

There are several suitable tools that need to be learned in detail, and when working with them, some nuances will have to be taken into account.

Cutting corporate grinding disk for corner grinding

As already mentioned, an angular grinder with an ordinary abrasive and extremely rude circle cannot be used to cut corrugated board, since it greatly spoils the coating that have formed in the process of sparks, which will certainly lead to rusty.

Therefore, this tool can be used if you buy a specially adapted disk for cutting corrugated board. This is a very thin working circle (its thickness is less than 1.6 mm). Teeth should be made of carbide materials.

Important! After cutting the material, it is necessary to cover corrosive corrosion with special protective paint in order to avoid corrosion formation.

Some home craftsmen, in order to save time, prefer to cut a whole pack of corporate grinding corner grinder, putting a diamond disk on the tool. But experts do not recommend doing such things, since there is a risk of ruining the metal with the slightest displacement of sheets.

  • The formation of torn edges cannot be avoided (additional alignment or closing of the “inaccurate side” of corrugated board will be required by another sheet).
  • Light noise from corner grinder.
  • Even in the presence of a correct detachment circle, the protective surface will be damaged under the influence of sparks.

Nozzle for cutting corrugated board

Professional roofers often use special nozzles for cutting corrugated board to the drill to quickly and carefully process the surface.

But for such work, it is necessary to have certain skills and use only the battery drill. The nozzle will be convenient to use if you need to cut off the corrugated board in hard.To.Reach places.

Scissors for cutting corrugated board

Hand scissors are used if it is required to cut off parts from corrugated board, but the number of sheets is small. The tool can be used in the construction of the gate or tightening with the material of the barn, garage.

But if the work is more global, then experts recommend using electric scissors for cutting corrugated board.

The advantages of the tool are quite light and neat cutting strips. The advantages also include the possibility of cutting metal across the waves.

Despite the presence of advantages, there are some shortcomings when cutting a profiled sheet with scissors for metal:

  • It remains a rough, as well as an uneven and bent edge (you will have to straighten to give an aesthetic appearance).
  • When choosing scissors, it must be borne in mind that when cutting in the longitudinal direction, the work is very complicated.

Battery scissors are the most preferred option for processing corrugated board. When cutting off parts of the metal, sparks are not formed, and therefore damage to the protective coating is minimal.

Lobzik for cutting corrugated board

Lobzik. A tool for cutting corrugated board, which are often used by builders and home craftsmen. But this statement remains in force if you choose the right professional tool with a quality canvas.

Ordinary household jigsaws have small power for such operations. It is also difficult for them to find suitable canvases with which you can cut sheets with a thickness of 0.75 mm.

Therefore, for neat cutting, you need to buy only professional electrolobsics.

But even in the presence of a special tool, some features must be taken into account:

  • The corrugated board will have to be installed in an upright position for the convenience of cutting, and this is extremely inconvenient, since you need to ask someone to support the cut stripes.
  • It is difficult to cut the flooring in the transverse direction with a high corrugation.
  • The edges of the metal are quite burned from the rapid movements of the canvas.

Electric circular saw

An electric saw is a tool that is suitable for quick cutting of corrugated board, but it is necessary to select models with wide cutting circles. It is also advisable to use special cutting parts for metal work.

This Makes Coping Easier

Attention! Observing these conditions, work can be carried out for one inclusion of the tool.

The main advantage of using a saw is the ability to cut in an arc and round the material.

Having studied all the possible tools suitable for working with the material under consideration, you can understand that the most speedy options are angular grinder or circular saw. But it is forbidden to use them without special discs, otherwise there will be a risk of ruining the surface.

Sparing tool, but for more slow work. Electric scissors.

It is these devices that are most suitable for cutting corrugated board.

Tips and recommendations

When working with corrugated board, there is a risk of serious injuries, cutting off the sharp edges. Therefore, experts recommend starting to process the metal only with appropriate clothing:

  • Protective gloves will protect hands from cuts.
  • When working with an electric tool, it is always necessary to put on protective glasses in order to secure your eyes from the hit of small metal chips.
  • Building headphones will protect the ears from loud noise created by an electric tool.
  • To protect the body from damage, it is necessary to put on specialists.
  • Closed shoes will also help to avoid injuries.

Another useful security advice in working with tools: it is forbidden to use a corner grinder without a protective casing. The fact is that the cutting parts rotate at a very high speed, therefore it is necessary to observe special caution when working. These are the main tips and recommendations that experts do not recommend to forget about.

How to cut a professionalist to maximize the protective properties of its coating?

Many builders prefer to use an electric saw on which a disc is installed for cutting a profiled sheet. This tool has a number of advantages:

  • The speed of rotation of the disc saw is almost 2 times less than that of the corner grinder, so the metaller’s metal is not melted under the action of the teeth of the disk for cutting the corrugated board, but is removed in the form of small sawdust.
  • The ability to quickly cut a large number of sheets
  • You can buy a disk for cutting corrugated board in any construction supermarket, in the same departments where abrasive cutting circles are sold.

However, the use of an electric tool with a rotating circle should be very careful, since the metal pieces formed during cutting can cause injury. Therefore, this tool requires certain skills to work with it and is not suitable for beginners.

If you need to cut a small number of sheets, then a classic tool for cutting a profiled sheet is perfect for you. A hand hacksaw for metal. It is extremely simple in application, allows you to make a cut of absolutely any shape and is safe even for a person with zero experience in construction. Of course, you can also injure a hand hacksaw. However, such an outcome is extremely unlikely compared to other tools.

But this method has its drawbacks. The main of them is a big time of time to do the work. In addition, for cutting corrugated board you will need a special table.

How to Grind Inside Corners. Welding & Furniture Making

Another option is the use of manual or electric saw. With the help of them, the work will be completed faster, but with their help it is possible to cut corrugated board only in a straight line.

Unlike the previous method, cutting a profiled sheet with an electrician allows you to perform curved cutouts of any shape. Such fitting is often necessary when installing roofing coatings in places of passage through the roof of ventilation and smoke pipes. However, before cutting the profile with a manual or electric jigsaw, you need to carefully mark the sheet so as not to make a mistake with the size of the cutouts.

The disadvantage of this method is that the cutting of corrugated board is possible only at a profile height of not more than 20 mm. When cutting higher profiles, the canvas tears the metal and often breaks.

Finally, if necessary, fitting profiled sheets of small thickness, you can use scissors for cutting corrugated board. It can be both ordinary hand.Cutting scissors for sheet metal and special electric scissors for cutting a profiled sheet.

Scissors for corrugated board can be of three types. These are cutting, knife and slotted. The most neat section is obtained if you use slotted scissors for profiled sheet. They are equipped with a special head that allows you to make an accurate cut without any deformations and distortions.

Curtain scissors for cutting a profiled sheet. As well as for all other tools for a good result, preliminary marking of the cut line is needed

Among professional builders, electric wizards are very popular. They are considered one of the most convenient tools for cutting a profiled sheet.

In addition to conventional manual and electronics, sedentary scissors are also used. They cut a profile sheet on two parallel straight lines, which helps to do without bending a sheet. Before cutting corrugated board, using a special handle, the matrix holder can be rotated at an angle of 90 ° to the cut line. This allows you to cut a profile curved at right angles, without burrs.

The only drawback of these tools is the high cost and, most importantly, an extremely narrow area of ​​application. If the cutting of corrugated board is not your daily routine, then buying carriage or electrician does not make sense.

Many roofers use such a tool for corrugated board as nozzles for a drill. In the presence of certain skills and the use of a battery drill, such a nozzle is very convenient for cutting and adjusting a profiled sheet in hard.To.Reach places.

As you can see, the choice of possible tools is quite large, and each of the options is optimal for a certain situation and loses to analogues in another. Therefore, it is quite difficult to say the best thing to cut the corrugated board without reference to a specific task. How to cut a profile in each individual case is decided by the specialist, given the complexity of the cut form, the possibility of access to it and his personal skills and preferences.

Than cutting corrugated board ?

A metal profile sheet, which is used for different purposes, is considered in demand. For example, for installing a roofing, facades for rapidly built buildings for various purposes and devices of fences. The profilelist is light, small thickness, so the fitting is performed directly on the construction site. For work it is enough to have a portable, manual tool.

The cutting of flooring has features, since the sheet is a “layer pie” with a metal base, several layers of protective decorative coating.

When cutting corporate destruction, the protective layer is destroyed, which will necessarily pink, reduces the life of the material. Therefore, you should know the rules for cutting it so that damage to the protective coating does not appear.

Is it possible to cut corporal grinding corral

The harm for profile flooring is considered to be heated to high temperatures, which occurs when cutting. Therefore, gas cutting equipment, corner grinding can not be used.

It all consists in the fact that during cutting with high.Speed equipment using abrasive circles at the contact points, the metal, the protective layer (coating) on ​​both sides are burned, which leads to the appearance of ingenious corrosion. When a corner grinder is cut, many sparks appear from under the circle, which harm the polymer coating due to temperature.

You can cut the corner grinder if you replace the abrasive circle with a cutting disk for profiled flooring with small teeth. But even in this form it is not recommended to use it, since it does not completely remove the amount of damage.

What tools are used for cutting corrugated board

Builders use an electric saw on which a disc is installed to cut a profiled sheet. The saw should be used carefully, because small pieces of metal injure the employee. It has a number of advantages:

  • The disk is purchased at a building store.
  • You can quickly cut a large number of sheets.
  • The speed of the saw is less than that of the corner grinder by 2 times, so the profile does not melt.
  • It turns out a smooth cut, the edge does not heat up, there is no spark.

To cut a small number of sheets is suitable for a knife.Haired woman for metal. Easy to use, can make cuts of any form, safe for beginners. The main disadvantages. For work you need a special table, a lot of time is spent on work.

disk, profile, corner, grind

Direct cuts are performed with a saw, and curved cutouts, for example, in places of chimney, can be made by an electrician. First should be thoroughly mark the object to prevent errors with sizes. The disadvantage is that work is possible at a profile height up to 2 cm. If the height is larger, then the canvas of the jigsaw often breaks.

If it is necessary to fit a non.Thick sheet, then scissors are used. They are ordinary, special electrician. There may be 3 types:

Swls scissors have a special head, thanks to which they make the most accurate incision without deformation. Builders use a very convenient tool. Electric scissors. Curtain scissors are also used, which cut 2 parallel lines, which makes it possible to do without bending the sheet.

If there is experience in using a battery drill, then you can apply a drill nozzle for work, which is convenient in hard.To.Reach places.

Each tool is optimal for a specific situation. Unequivocally say what is difficult to cut. This is decided by the specialist in each case, given the complexity, access, preferences.

Technology for cutting corrugated facilities with an electric jigsaw

Experts advise the best option for cutting corrugated board. An electrician with a laser guide. It is universal, in the use (maintenance), it has a greater speed of work, the minimum probability of injuries, you can easily replace the file. When used, follow the rules:

  • Draw a fishing line for a trimmer with a marker.
  • The flooring is fixed 10 cm from the surface so that it does not move.
  • When cutting for the evenness of the line, a laser pointer is used.
  • The tool must be pressed tightly to reduce the likelihood of canopy of the file.
  • Keep the material by the edge.
  • The hand should not be on the cut line.

If you follow the rules, you can independently cope with a sharp profile flooring. The edges of the cut are treated with anti.Corrosion mastic, stained in the tone of the protective coating of the profile sheet, which will protect it for the entire service life.

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