What disk to saw plastic slopes. Lobby

How to cut sandwich sloping panels

To install plastic slopes from the sandwich panels, you will need:

  • sandwich panel;
  • “P” profile (starting);
  • “F” profile (slope cover);
  • liquid plastic (optional);
  • roulette;
  • sharp knife;
  • Self.tapping screws 2.5x7mm;
  • screwdriver, drill or electric screwdriver.

With the help of roulette, it is necessary to measure the length and width of the slopes. Taking into account these data from the sandwich. panels, three stripes are cut: the upper (parallel to the windowsill) and two side.

One nuance: if you plan to finish just one slope in a panel house, then in order to reduce costs, a band of the desired size can be purchased from a seller company. This will save you from buying a leaf of a sandwich sheet. the whole panel.

disk, plastic, slopes

An excessive layer of mounting foam along the perimeter of a plastic window block is carefully cut off with a sharp knife. It should be borne in mind that work is carried out after the foam is completely dried up. Should pass at least a day from the moment the window is replaced before mounting window slopes from sandwich panels.

Properties of the material

The device of standard panels looks like a sheet, the outer side of which is a whole.leaf PVC, the internal. sheet polystyrene, in the middle is a heater. That is why this option was called an American word. a sandwich panel.They are different onyly with the material of the facing side, and the installation remains the same for any kind.

Important! The people of the slopes of the sandwich call. warm slopes. This is due to the insulation, which is present in the panel.

When you have already imagined what it is, I will tell you about their advantages:

  • Despite their popularity, they remain accessible to all due to their acceptable price.
  • This is not just a construction element, it is still an independent device that has its own configuration.
  • The internal place is filled with mineral wool or foamed polystyrene. this indicates a non.combustible structure.
  • Excellent heat insulation indicators, as well as additional sound insulation is achieved with their help.
  • This method of decoration is durable and durable.
  • If you perform installation with your own hands, then you must definitely follow the installation technology. In this case, resistance to moisture and mold will be at a high level.

For those who decided to change the windows in their house or apartment, and set the slopes with their own hands, I will give advice: you need to wait at least 24 hours after installing windows and only then finish the slopes of the sandwich with panels. The advantage of installing a sandwich over plaster is that installation hands do not require painting skills and is a pure way.

It is important not only the correct installation of slopes, but also what to cut the panels. Plastic elements are best cut with a disc circulatory saw on plastic or aluminum. In this case, a small step of the teeth is able to perfectly cope with the task. In addition, it is necessary to cut the material at a temperature of 5 degrees Celsius-if you do not observe the temperature regime, then chips on the cut line may appear due to a decrease in shock viscosity. If there is a pvc sandwich sloping, then you can cut with many tools. But the most optimal hacksaw for metal remains, it is possible on wood. Cut the front side up and with a small angular slope. At your own peril and risk, you can cut a corner grinder, but having a little overdo it with pressure, the panel may break.

Elimination of a crack near the window frame

How to make a crack between the frame and the slope? In some cases, if a cardinal solution to the problem does not suit or not enough funds and time, and it is necessary to update the surface, then it is necessary to perform the following:

    Using the painting tape, it is necessary to seal the window frame at a distance of about 1-2 mm from the crack. If the sloping is stained after sealing the crack, then it is necessary to seal it with a masking tape. If coloring is carried out, then it is enough to glue only the frame.

In the case of a radical and complete elimination of the crack, it is necessary to unveil the gap first and see how qualitatively the cracks between the window and the wall were blended using mounting foam. In most cases, it is not enough and therefore it is necessary to clean the gap from the remnants of the old foam, and then blow it in a new way in sufficient quantities. Когда монтажная пена высохла, остатки необходимо удалить и приступать к отделке откосов.

The global solution to the problem is best done in the warm season, when the walls of the house are warm to the whole depth.

Cutting sandwich panels

Starting the installation of slopes, it is necessary to stock up on the cutting tool. The quality of the cuts and the final result of the installation of elements will depend on its characteristics. Can be used:

Important. The tool should have small cloves to prevent material crushing on the cut. Keep at a slight angle to the surface, cut only from the front side. The corner grinder needs to work very carefully, without effort, so as not to inadvertently damage the material.

Comparison of cutting tools in the table

For convenience, after testing, they made a table with an assessment of important parameters for a five.point system.

BP. the safety of damage to the material.

Tool Cf CS: GO BSh LG Kr BP
Stationery knife 3 5 5 3 3 four
Wood hacksaw four 3 four 3 2 3
Kryazuvka for metal 2 5 four 2 2 four
Electric four four 3 four 5 3
Corner grinder 5 5 2 5 5 5

Reviews: how to cut plastic panels

General recommendations are intended for all novice masters, regardless of the chosen tool:

How to cut PVC panels

The PVC panels are very in demand today, because they can not only sheathe the walls in the corridor and the hallway, as well as the ceiling on the balcony, but also use it in the bathroom, if necessary and the lack of means, instead of ceramic tiles. Polyvinyl chloride not only withstands various changes in the temperature regime, but also tolerates the moist environment perfectly, and the diverse design of plastic panels allows you to create a very unusual design of the room without prejudice to quality. Another advantage is that all work with the appropriate tool can be done independently.

Universal cutting for cutting plastic panels

PVC panels cutting tool

PVC panel is a polyvinyl chloride that flows into a special form under high pressure, which necessarily includes about 40 % of the natural crushed chalk. Coloring occurs using thermal printing or a better, but expensive method. offset printing. That is why to cut the panel, you need to use a special, but affordable tool.

It is worth considering that a good construction tool for cutting will not cost cheaply, and in order not to be in vain to rush with money, it is better to buy something high-quality right away:

disk, plastic, slopes
  • The universal cutter is produced by various brands, both local and foreign production. The panels can be cut without any oscillatory movements. It is recommended to purchase a saw 2 sizes: wider-2.5 cm by 4 cm and for hard-to-reach places-1 cm per 2 cm. Using the cutter, you can cut the panel both along and across without much physical effort, the cut is very neat and even. The only minus is the rapid wear of the files, and the price is quite high both on the tool itself and for components to it;
  • Maular knife. For cutting panels, you can use knives. Kitchen knives are suitable for cases when you need to urgently repair a small area. Since the blade of the knife is thick, the cut turns out to be rude and inaccurate, and the process itself is laborious and long.term. In extreme necessity, it is better to give preference to a ceramic knife for Bukhankaa. Ideally, cutting wall and ceiling panels is better with a painting knife. Its blade is quite thin and sharp, and the cut is even and neat. True, only the upper part of the panel is cut, if you put forward a blade of about 3 mm (in the form of a small beard), and the lower part is ill. The advantages of this tool are at an affordable price, the blade is easy to change if necessary. But the process of work is quite long, and you can cut the panel only along;

Maslar knife for cutting plastic panels

  • The hacksaw copes well with the set task of cutting plastic panels. over, this tool is in the arsenal of any owner. Before you decide on how and how to cut the PVC panels, you need to choose the best hacksaw option. Professionals recommend giving preference to a hacksaw for metal. When using a hacksaw on wood, the teeth of the instrument should be small and transverse, and not divorced in different directions, since the cut will not be so jagged and “fluffy”. The process of work in this case is more laborious and long. But when lining the walls of the same height, several panels can be cut at the same time, without making special efforts, it is enough to fold the panels in a flat pile. It is not recommended to press the tool too much, so as not to damage the material. This is an ideal option when you need to perform a small front of work on your own and I do not want to spend money on the purchase of an additional tool;

I work at the Private Museum for the Rich and Famous. Horror stories. Horror.

Cutting for cutting plastic panels

Knife.hairedwood for cutting plastic panels

  • The power tool allows you to quickly and easily cut the material of absolutely any thickness and size. Most often it is used by masters specializing in panels sheathing. Such power tools include:
  • Electrician is used for sawing both vertically and horizontally, moreover, it allows you to cut round, oval and other types of figures of irregular shape in the panel. It is recommended to give preference to files with minimal teeth, not more than 0.8 mm. In this case, the incision will not be “torn”. The greater the power of the jigsaw, the faster it will turn out to cut the material. It is convenient to use a file for metal, it does not stupid from polyvinyl chloride. If necessary, you can simultaneously work with 5 panels, smoothly fixed them with special clamps, but in this case the jigsaw should have a fairly high power;

Electrician to cut plastic panels

  • Corner grinder can also be attributed to sawing power tools. It allows you to well and conveniently cut off a piece of any size. But for simplicity of work, it is better to give preference to a small and mild corner grinder so that you can hold it with one hand. For cutting, discs from 0.8 mm to 1.2 mm are used. The cut is perfectly even and undeveloped. Corner grinder can be used at any temperature mode. The downside is the presence of a large amount of fine dust and at high speeds the plastic may begin to melt, while highlighting a specific smell;

Corner grinder for cutting plastic panels

  • The circular saw copes with the task perfectly. But when working with it, you should not make much effort in the form of “pressing” to accelerate the process, the material must be cut exclusively at low speeds.

Circular saw for cutting plastic panels

To say, the better to cut the PVC panel is quite difficult. It all depends, first of all, on the volume of expected work and on human skill and knowledge. Before starting work, the panel is necessarily entered for a couple of hours in a warm room, this will exclude cracking and breaking the material during cutting. So that the cut is not noticeable, the panel is always cut down down the wrong part. With simultaneous cutting of several panels, they are necessarily fixed from the 2nd sides by clamps or press. During operation, the power tool is recommended to protect the eyes with special glasses.

Universal Rezak

The universal cutting is called differently. He has many manufacturers. When we bought our tool one of the leading manufacturers was Bosch.

The tool is notable. But having bought it, to do something else, you can no longer.

The cutter, unlike all other tools, makes oscillatory movements.

We use mainly two main types of files: wide. 25mm40mm and narrow 10mm20mm.

Very often during installation, you need to cut the PVC panel in place. Often this can only be done by the Boshevsky Rezak. You can’t crawl into complex places any other tool.

The cutter greatly simplifies the work and accelerates it. You can cut wall products along and across. You can even cut the upper or lower layer of the panel.

Let’s talk about the minuses. The price of the tool and consumables go off the way to it. For example, a jigsaw file will cost 100r, and a cut for a cutter in 800r. Files quickly become unusable.

What are they made of?

The starting raw materials for PVC wall panels are polyvinyl chloride, which is poured under high pressure in a film (foundry).

disk, plastic, slopes

This method is called the extrusion method. To give color to the composition of the material, ground natural chalk is added, the amount of which is, as a rule, not more than 40%.

In addition to staining, decorating panels is performed using thermal printing or offset printing, but the last method is used less often, due to its higher cost.

Thermal is applied on a special machine with a hot roller, which presses the thermal to the surface of the product. Thus, it is possible to achieve a quick transmission of the picture and a clear and bright print, and the panel itself does not need to process varnish, unlike the use of offset printing.

You may be interested in an article on how to finish the bathroom with plastic panels with your own hands.


If, when performing finishing work, the issue applies to how to cut off the panel evenly, then for such a case, the use of a hacksaw will be correct. When the edge of the panels is hidden from the eye with a starting or corner finishing profile, then a hacksaw is used. If the cut area remains in sight, then use a tool for metal.

When choosing how to cut plastic panels, they pay attention to the convenience of work. When using a hacksaw on wood, the workpiece will vibrate very much, and it will need to be kept tight. And when using the equipment for metal, the vibration effect will be little noticeable, but the tool will need to be kept almost parallel to the plane of the workpiece. This is due to the thickness of the holder of the canvas, which has a larger size than the canvas.

In both cases, the panel is placed facing the cutting tool, so that all chips and deficiencies remain on the wrong side.

How to cut plastic panels at home: choice and nuances of using different tools

Typically, their cut in everyday life is carried out through very common devices that are available in the arsenal for many owners. Despite the possibility of cutting the PVC panels by several popular ones in the repair and accomplishment of the accompanying tasks, it is advisable to use the tools of tools in any situation in any situation. For example, not all devices are successful if you need to cut a large amount of material, which also needs to be found out and taken into account before the work starts.

Kryazuvka for metal

The canvas of such a hand tool has small teeth that provide neat and even cutting plastic panels. Resort to the use of hacksaw on metal is optimal in situations when it is required to carry out perpendicular cutting of the material. When it cuts the PVC panels along or diagonally, certain inconveniences arise that adversely affect the speed of work on the work.

The only significant disadvantage of this tool is the mandatory compliance with the limiting caution when using it, since the metallic arc holding the canvas can lead to the appearance of dents in the places of connecting locks, which is why difficulties will appear during the butt of products to each other.

Among the advantages of the knife.haired woman for metal include the possibility of simultaneous sawing of several panels. To do this, the material should be folded in one stack and be fixed in order to avoid displacement or deflection. To exclude damage to the products, cutting the tool is necessary without severe pressure. If you have a little material to cut, then it is more than enough. In a different situation, it should be borne in mind that work with him will take a slightly larger amount of time than if you use an electric tool.

note! Khocks on wood often have large teeth, which often tear plastic panels at the edges when trying to perform the cut, which should be used in compliance with extreme caution and only in extreme cases when there is no other suitable tool at hand and there is a small amount of work to be ahead.

When cutting products from PVC, you can use several varieties of devices. It is possible to make a cut of plastic panels with a regular knife, although it is quite difficult and if the need for processing 1-2 products arises, it is quite enough, for example, if you need to replace the damage during operation of the material, which manages to avoid the purchase of an additional tool. If large.scale work is planned or a cellular structure has, then it is necessary to consider other available options.

How to easily cut plastic sheets by hand

A more preferred solution in the cut of plastic panels is the use of painting or construction knives with the presence of sharp interchangeable blades provided. When the cutting element is stupid, it can be easily replaced by others, which is one of the advantages, because the sharpening of a conventional tool takes a significantly more time.

The blade of the knife used should be sharp so that for one first passage they managed to cut the front side of the material. After its cut, the product needs to be broken. The formed minor defects at the site of the cut mainly visually do not affect anything, since at the end of the installation of the skirting boards that mask them are carried out.

Among the minuses of construction knives, one can note the inconvenience of cutting the products diagonally and across the existing ribs of stiffness, as well as a fairly high speed of losing sharpness with the established blades.

The stationery device also manages to perfectly saw off the excess, using a ruler or a square in the process of work. Another optimal option for plastic panels is the use of a loaf of ceramics with special small teeth along the edge of the edge.

Corner grinder

It is one of the best tools when it is required to cut such products from the PVC, providing both high convenience and the speed of work carried out. When installing a cutting circle, it is possible to carry out not only direct, but also figured cutting of plastic panels, which is one of the main advantages of using corner grinder. When working at high speeds, the instrument disk is able to spoil the material, leading to the melting of its edges, which must be taken into account and excluded. For cutting plastic panels, it is optimal to use metal circles.

The traditional corner grinder has quite compact dimensions and weight, so that the tire of hand, if it occurs, is only after a rather large period of time, which is often enough to perform all the required work with it with it. An important disadvantage is that the products often subjected to processing at the end of the cut need additional grinding through a special machine. In the case of the initial absence of such a tool and the presence of other suitable devices in its arsenal, it is best to give preference to them.

Electric jigsaw

One of the best options for performing a cut of plastic panels not only across, but also throughout their length, as well as diagonally. With the help of an electric jigsaw, even edges are made, and the work itself takes a small amount of time. Carrying through it is necessary with a preliminary shutdown of the pendulum passage and the minimum speed, which allows excluding too much heating of the material at the place of passage of the cutting element.

Rules for cutting plastic panels

To fulfill their high.quality sawing, it is necessary not only to choose the right tool and find out the features of its use, but also to prepare the material in advance and adhere to certain norms that allow it to eliminate its damage and increase in expenses, simplify work, and prevent injuries:

  • Regardless of the plastic panels used when cutting the process, the process should occur when the material is the front side up. Otherwise, when performing the cut, after some time, microcracks will occur on the outside with a huge probability, which in the future will lead to a deterioration in the appearance of the decoration.
  • To simplify the work, before cutting the plastic panels, it is necessary to apply the marking on their surface by means of a pencil or marker.
  • When cutting products using an electric tool, for example, an angular grinder or jigsaw there is a huge probability of departure in different directions of not only sawdust formed during the passage of the cutting element along the intended line, but even small pieces. Given this, throughout the entire cut, you need to be in protective glasses and gloves that will protect the eyes and hands from getting possible injuries.
  • Before the saw, the material should lie down for some time in the room in which it will be installed. This is especially important when the plastic panels were in a cool place or in the cold and is made so that the products are acclimatized. Otherwise, non.compliance with this rule can lead to their fault when cutting due to increased fragility. For example, when performing a saw along the products located in this state, they are often covered with cracks. The material should be provided at least 12 hours, and preferably 1-2 days, for which it will acquire room temperature. It is not necessary to use additional heating devices for this, so that the heating of products from the PVC occur naturally.

Having found out how to cut plastic panels at home and related important nuances can dwell on the most suitable option for yourself and, if you need to buy or take the selected tool for rent, start the cut of pre.purchased material.

What tools did our users evaluate

Alexey, 32 years old. When finishing a country house, I tried to cut siding with scissors, and sawed the corners with a hacksaw for metal. That is, you can always do without an electric tool. It’s normal to work normally in the warm season, but I think that problems will arise in frost with scissors. With a hacksaw you can safely cut the corners in any weather, but when cutting panels you will lose a lot of time.

Nikolay, 45 years old. Used a corner grinding when installing siding. He carried out the work in late autumn, when there were frosts outside. I think this is the most suitable tool for cutting siding at minus temperatures. I took a regular detachment disk for metal, easily cut the panels along, across, as well as at an angle. on the pediments. For interest I compared with metal scissors. Cracks are often formed in the edges in the frost, especially on the central protrusion. You can ruin a lot of material, and a corner grinder is quickly and reliable.

Evgeny, 28 years old. At home, it happened to cut siding with a circular saw. Prepared a flat place for work, installed a carbide disk with 80 teeth and 2.8 mm thick. As I understand it, the smaller the teeth and thicker the circle, the more chances to ruin the material. Although it turned out to cut vinyl without damage to the edges, it is not very convenient to do it, since siding is soft material, so it cannot act as an independent support. The second time I tried with a corner grinding, the work took place much faster, only a lot of dust is formed. Cut off by weight without unnecessary difficulties.

Vladislav, 51 years old. For about 3 years he was engaged in decoration of houses siding. They did in winter, in such conditions they used only a corner grinder. In the warm season, it is more convenient to cut the panels across the metal with scissors, although it is difficult over the entire length. Theoretically, you can use an electrician and a circular saw, but does not make much sense. These tools are more suitable for sawing some sheet materials on which the sole would relieve.

Let’s highlight the top three of the most suitable tools for convenience directly by nominations:

  • The most affordable. These are metal scissors, which are inexpensive, used even in the absence of electricity on the site. For a hand tool, acceptable performance.
  • The most productive. In this category, an angular grinder becomes the best, which is easy to cut siding under any weather conditions. Lack of support simplifies cutting. The disk easily passes through the plastic surface.
  • For components. The metal hacksaw slowly cuts the panel, but is quite suitable for cutting angles, connecting strips and other additional parts at negative temperatures. Often used together with scissors.

Note! The remaining tools are applicable at a positive temperature on the street, but less convenient during installation work, as they require the preparation of an even and sustainable basis for cutting.

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