What does a small corner grinder look like. What are the corner grinder?

All about mini-bells: describe all the nuances

Modern angular grinders, they are also “corner grinders”, keep up with the times: industrial, household and specialized, for every taste, color, source of energy, the thickness of the cut and the type of material processed, machine and manual. But the most common type of such an unit is a manual mini corner grinder of an electric power from a household power supply of 220 volts. It is also called a mini corner grinder.

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Purpose and principle of action of corner grinding

Corner grinder is actively used in the field of repair and construction, processing of wood, stone and metal, and all due to the fact that almost any material is undergoing abrasive treatment without much difficulty.

As you know, the abrasive circle is just a working element of the grinder, though it is necessary for cutting one of it, and for grinding is a completely different.


To work with different materials, circles that have different compositions are used, and they are marked with different colors.

does, small, corner, grinder, look

Corner grinder is used for processing steels, alloys, tiles, stone, brick, concrete.

This list can be continued endlessly.

When using special equipment, you can polish the surfaces.

Testing 18V Corner Grinder MAKITA DGA467

The main purpose of the tool

In the Soviet years, the most popular scientific journal was “science and life”. The reason for this was the sections “Crossword with fragments” and “Small tricks”. The last section was filled with letters of readers who are ready to share their experience in invention in a non.Standard solution to everyday problems, among which electricity issues occupied a significant share.

In those years, there was not a wide sale of electrical cutting machines, and therefore in the “small tricks” of mention of mentions of the grinders cannot be found. After all, the industrial corner grinders existing then, or “fortune”, working from compressed air, were not used in the apartment or in the garage. In addition, their constructive flaw in the form of a heavy pneumatic sling and the presence of a compressor with the receiver was around the possibility of using it in everyday life.

But now the choice of a cutting tool is wide, and its spheres of application meet all the needs of modern builders. The main purposes of the corner grinder:

  • Pruning of various details or structures;
  • Removal of part of the material in the body of the product, stroke;
  • The peel of unprepared surfaces of parts and nodes before further work with them, including the removal of burrs after cutting;
  • Grinding the surface with the help of special circles, including dulling sharp edges;
  • Sharpening of the tool (using diamond circles, balls, etc. P. ).

The main characteristics of the corner grinder

It is recommended to familiarize yourself with the main parameters of the corner grinding of. This will help to choose a model for the planned volume of work and functionality. For example, if it is needed only for grinding, then a low.Power device with a small radius of the circle is suitable. I exist small corner grinders that do not have a handle and are used in narrow places. Large models have a pen and a place to retain, located at the base.

The number of revolutions

To know how to choose a corner grinder for the house, you also need to find out the number of revolutions (rpm.). This characteristic indicates how much revolutions the spindle makes for 1 minute. If it spins too fast, then the disk can burst or the rotation mechanism breaks down, and if slowly, then the circle is wiped faster. Some manufacturers leave a memo on the product about the permissible amount of rpm on the product housing. They are determined by the size of the canvas and the power of the device.

The marginal value can be from 2.8 thousand. Up to 11 thousand. Rpm and change using a special mechanism on the gearbox. Optimal number of r/min. It is determined depending on the selected material, for example, 2.8 thousand is enough for grinding marble., and for cutting metal about 6 thousand.

The power of the corner grinder

The engine power is most often from 0.5 to 2.6 kW and increases in proportion to the size of the canvas. For example, for the normal performance of a device with a canvas size of 125 mm, a drive of 750 W is required. If it is not planned to use heavy equipment, then the power of the corner grinder can be limited to 1 kW.

You should also pay attention to the fact that a tool with a large radius of the circle can have a low power, on which the torque depends. This parameter shows whether the disk can overcome the friction force during cutting or grinding during rotation and not stop. All components of the characteristics change from the quality of the product, which is chosen by the producing side.


In the beginning, select the optimal diameter of the equipment. It is important to understand that protection limits the maximum permissible size for the circle. But with sufficient power of the corner grinder, you can install a large disk if you remove the protective part before the start of work. This is strictly prohibited by the rules of operation and safety, since the disk breakdown, at the time of use, can lead to injury.

The depth of the hole that can cut the canvas depends on the size of the circle. This parameter is important if you need to cut walls or large parts. For such purposes, you should choose an angular grinder of 230 mm with a protective coupling, since the depth of the cut in it is up to 70 mm. For 125 mm circle, it is most often up to 34 mm. A corner grinder with a small canvas is not recommended to cut the metal, and the surface should not be grinded with large.

Disk selection tips

The market presents a wide range of disks for corner grinders. A large number of manufacturers and technical parameters make it difficult to choose. You should adhere to universal rules:

  • Do not buy the cheapest discs. According to a well.Known saying. The stingy pays twice. In the case of disks for corner grinder. Three times. Cheap discs have an extremely low resource, easily break, they can have poor geometry, and the disk material is uneven density, so they “fly apart”, leaving a sharp tooth on the disk that can cause serious injury if the operator cannot maintain an angular grinding in his hands.
  • You should buy the hardest discs. This will reduce the convenience of work, it will have to be more strongly crushed to the disk, but they serve much longer and break much less often.
  • Reviews are the best source of reliable information about a specific disk model. If they are not in one store, you should look for them in another.
  • Many types of discs are positioned as universal, but are actually specialized. For example, metal disks are used mainly for welding work. The peel is made at an angle. This is a long and painstaking process. If the disk is necessary for simple stripping from rust, it is faster and cheaper to do it with a grinding circle with petals. Information about the atypical method of applying a particular circle can always be gleaned in the reviews.

The structure is corner grinder

It should be understood that the use of industrial, or minibulgarles is advisable for large dimensions of products with long cutting lines and processing of the material, when a different cutting tool such as a hacksaw, mechanized scissors is not possible. Thus, the use of corner grinders without fixing in the machine does not provide precise cut parameters, and manual cutting increases the effect of vibration and human factor both on labor safety and the quality of work.

According to their drives to the engine and in technical characteristics, disk cutting tools are divided into:

does, small, corner, grinder, look

World’s smallest angle grinder, perfect for coping

  • Electric grid (220 and 380 volts);
  • Pneumatic (3–10 atmospheres);
  • Battery (wearable battery in the handle with external charging from the mains);
  • Gasoline (internal combustion engine as a power body).
  • Permissible maximum diameter of the detachment (flat view) or grinding (plate view) of the circle;

  • Engine power;
  • Parameters of engine power sources or battery capacity;
  • The degree of electrical safety and the level of protection against the destruction of the disk;
  • A system of protection against overload in the mains and from a sudden shutdown of power supply;
  • Vibration suppression system;
  • The principle of fastening and fixing the disk.

The size of the disk speed is determined by the power of the angular grinder. According to these parameters, the quizes are the most extensive:

does, small, corner, grinder, look

Under the specific diameter, the corresponding thickness of the disk, which varies from 1 to 8 mm, is set. Over, steel discs have radial cuts to compensate for their temperature expansion.

Mini and microbulds

The corner grinder of the mini in design is practically no different from ordinary Bulgarians: it has the same longitudinal location of the cutting disk. The obvious difference between the device is the lack of a pronounced main handle (in a small model, the body of the device itself appears in its quality) and the small size of the case itself. Of the other signs that clearly indicate that we have a small corner grinder, the following:

Among small Bulgarians, a separate category can be distinguished. This is micro.Arrangements. They are even more miniature, the design of the working body is present in the design. In such devices, as a rule, there is no reducing gearbox and the speed of the disk corresponds to the number of engine speeds. This is justified by the fact that the device is not intended for large loads and more serves as polishing equipment.

Features of a small angular grinder and the scope of application

If the corner grinder is the necessary tools in your house, then you should competently approach its choice. And only the right choice will allow you to appreciate the possibilities of this tool.

When choosing a particular model, you need to take into account certain characteristics and nuances, in particular, areas of application.

Like large tools, small corner grinders are classified according to the following signs:

The key difference of a mini-ugly grinder and a large tool is its dimensions. In size, it is comparable to several electric toothbrushes. But despite the size, the tool is equipped with all the necessary components: grinding circles and additional devices that help expand the functionality of the machine.

Another advantage of the machine is the universality of application, as well as the ability to solve high-precision problems (which can be called differently “jewelry” work). In addition, it will be possible to easily process areas with a small area, which is very good when other tools are powerless.

In their common functions, mini-versions of Bulgarians have practically no differences from large models. During operation, you do not have to make much effort, your hands can be held freely, since the device is light enough. Accordingly, you do not have to choose the optimal position in your hand to create the desired effort at the work point.

Another plus of small machines can be called that they can be used without additional handles and protective casings. This will allow you to work more comfortably with the tool. But this does not mean that the requirements of safety regulations do not need to be observed: regardless of the size, the corner grinder may become source of injuries for humans.

Safety precautions

Safety precautions when working with corner grinding (small) is extremely important. Especially if a non.Professional work works with this tool. It is important to comply with all safety requirements and recommendations of manufacturers. Mini corner grinder requires:

  • The use of a structurally provided protective casing in order to avoid injuries from a disk rupture or its deformation;
  • Confidence and hand fortresses for the safe management of industrial or mini corner grinding in the process of their operation;
  • A protective mask or glasses that protect the eyes from damage to sparks;
  • Compliance with the norms and operating rules prescribed by the manufacturer.

Compliance with these rules guarantees safe and high.Quality work with corner grind.

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