What electric screwdriver is needed for ice discovery. What to consider when choosing

Electric screwdriver for ice discovery

In addition to the main functions, electric screwdriver can be used and not entirely intended. Many take this fishing tool for drilling holes in ice. We will tell you what kind of electric screwdriver to choose for ice discovery and which company is suitable for this.

Place Model
one. Interskol Dau-13/18V Prices Review
2. Dewalt DCD777D2T-QW Prices Review
3. Makita DF033DWAE Prices Review
4. Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls 2013 3.5ach x1 lihd box Prices Review
5. DEWALT DCF620D2K Prices Review
6. Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls 2013 5.2ah X2 Case Prices Review
7. Dewalt DCD791P2 Prices Review
eight. Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls 2013 4.0ah X2 Case Prices Review
nine. Makita DDF481RF Li-Ion 3.0 A h 18 in x1 case Prices Review
ten. Metabo BS 18 L Bl 2.0ach x2 case Prices Review

Rating of the best screwdrivers for ice discovery

Our TOP includes only the best screwdrivers for ice discovery, which have optimal characteristics. Each model received most positive user reviews. When compiling a rating, we did not forget to take into account the pros and cons of each model.

What electric screwdriver for the ice discovery would you choose or advise?

The best tool tools at a low price

The best screwdrivers for ice discovery at democratic value are presented here.

Makita DDF451RFE

This unstressed device is reliable. The model has several speeds, high.Quality backlight and convenient buttons to control the device. The side handle of the device is characterized by ergonomics, and the durable case allows you to use the device under any climatic conditions.

Makita DDF451RFE

On a note! The product can be equipped with batteries with a capacity of 4 or 5 Ah.

  • Type-drill-electrical screwdriver;
  • Additional option. Drilling;
  • Backlight. Yes;
  • Additional handle. Yes;
  • Compatibility with batteries, capacity of 4 and 5 Ah. Yes;
  • Length. 238 mm;
  • Weight. 2.1 kg.
  • Good power;
  • Convenient grip;
  • Flying overlays;
  • Reliability;
  • Affordable price;
  • Long service life;
  • The ability to use in any weather conditions.

Dewalt DCD991P2

This model is characterized by quality and reliability. The product has several speed modes. The device withstands increased loads, so suitable for professional use. The model is equipped with an additional handle for the convenience of use. The device has a powerful motor with reliable protection.

Dewalt DCD991P2

The product is characterized by a rich configuration. Two batteries are attached to the screwdriver itself, the capacity of which is 5 ah.

The main advantage of the product is the optimal combination of cost/quality. The main drawback. In the case of a breakdown of an electric screwdriver, it will be almost impossible to restore its work.

  • Type-drill-electrical screwdriver;
  • Additional option. Drilling;
  • Backlight. Yes;
  • Additional pen. Yes;
  • Restriction of the start button. Yes;
  • Dimensions (DHV). 200×208 mm;
  • Weight. 2.0.8 kg.
  • Low weight;
  • High strength;
  • Increased endurance;
  • Two batteries are attached to the apparatus, with a capacity of 5 Ah;
  • A good indicator of torque;
  • High resistance to negative temperatures;
  • High.Quality backlight, which allows the use of the product in the dark;
  • Good power;
  • Does not overheat.

Makita DDF458RFE

This is a powerful device that has a comfortable handle and backlight for use in the evening. The product is characterized by a good indicator of torque and several modes, which allows you to easily form a hole even in a thick and dense layer of ice.

Makita DDF458RFE

  • Type-drill-electrical screwdriver;
  • Additional option. Drilling;
  • Backlight. Yes;
  • Additional handle. Yes;
  • Restriction of the start button. Yes;
  • Compatibility with batteries, capacity of 4 and 5 Ah. Yes;
  • Dimensions (DHV). 225×259 mm;
  • Weight. 2.3 kg.
  • The case has reliable protection against moisture;
  • Good power indicator;
  • Multifunctionality;
  • The presence of an indicator that shows the battery charge;
  • A convenient side handle that facilitates the drilling process;
  • The possibility of using the battery, with a capacity of 4 and 5 Ah;
  • Excellent assembly without backlash;
  • Convenient case;
  • Ergonomic handle.

The best tools for average cost

The best screwdrivers for ice discovery are presented here,

Bosch GSR 18V-60 FC 5.0ach x2 l-boxx

This tool is characterized by rich equipment and functionality, which allows you to use it in various conditions. In addition, the model is characterized by the safety of use, as it has reliable protection against overload. The product has several settings modes, which allows you to install the most acceptable option.

Which drill is suitable for working with a screwdriver

Most of the screwdrivers are designed for right.Hand drilling, tightening fasteners. Iceobur should be selected taking into account this moment, with this orientation. There is not so much on the sale of drilling systems with a rotation system in the left side of the domestic production. Such models are not suitable for working with screwdrivers. The return move in expensive units quickly disables them.

Drill the holes manually time.Consuming and for a long time, especially if the thickness of the ice is large. It is more efficient to choose high.Quality screwdriver for ice discovery, and use it.

Which ice car to choose for winter fishing to drill with comfort one of the main attributes of winter fishing is an ice. With the help of such a tool, it succeeds quickly and efficiently.

electric, screwdriver, needed, discovery

Assembly of the ice discovery for screwdriver

In order to collect a functional tool for drilling ice based on a screwdriver, three main elements will be needed:

DRILL VS. DRIVER (What’s The Difference?!! Cordless Drill Vs. Impact DriverCOMPARISON)

The screw is connected to the power tool through the adapter and is reliably fixed by the screw. The equipment is ready for work.

In some cases, an inexpensive screwdriver can be replaced by a professional nuture, drill and even a chainsaw.

When using domestic screws with the left direction of rotation, reducing gearboxes are used so that work at high speeds does not lead to untwisting the cartridge and a snack loss. The same gearboxes are needed when connecting an ice car with a motor drive.

Electric Screwdriver: Best Electric Screwdrivers (Buying Guide)

TOP-10 best models rating

Which of the screwdrivers is better for winter fishing? It is necessary to buy proven samples included in the rating of frequently sold goods. You will have to select the device according to the reviews of professionals and quality indicators.

The category of budget devices includes devices with a value of up to 10 thousand. The list of the most sold is presented:

  • Blackdecker BL186KB. Has a rubberized body, small dimensions and additional backlight. Increased performance, lack of overheating is provided by a bronnial engine, a rotational moment is regulated by 22 provisions. Standard equipment: 2 batteries, charger and storage suitcase.
  • Hitachi DS18DS FL-weighs 1.7 kg, comfort and convenience are achieved due to the ergonomic case. The sample contains air cooling, several modes of operation. The kit consists of 2 batteries, a hand lamp, a charger, a bit, a holder for nozzles that are resistant to mechanical effects of the portfolio. Equipment charging takes place in 40 minutes.
  • Makita DF331DWYE. Is characterized by prolonged performance, a small weight of 1.1 kg. The device contains a shutting key blocking, point backlight for dark time of day. The maximum number of revolutions is 1700 per minute, the equipment consists of a suitcase and 2 batteries. The disadvantages of the apparatus include the absence of a special bushing on the case for the bit.
  • Makita DHP482Z. The device regulates the number of shocks and revolutions, has a 54.Nm productivity. The equipment set does not provide for the presence of batteries, a charger case, they are acquired separately. The mass of equipment does not exceed 1.8 kg, the maximum number of revolutions reaches 1900 units, there is additional backlight. There is no additional handle in the surf.
  • Interskol DAU-13/18VK Li-Ion-2 batteries, charger, suitcase and user instructions are supplied along with the equipment. The assembly is of high quality, the equipment works at different temperatures and in any conditions.

Another interesting option: bison of DAI-18-2-LI KNM4. This domestic apparatus can be used both for construction work and for combining with ice discovery. The metal case is resistant to mechanical damage, a brilliant engine is used in the device and the electronic brake limiting its electronic brake. The equipment is standard, and the simplicity and ease of work made equipment popular among fishermen. The disadvantages of the equipment include a small battery capacity and quick discharge, the absence of a secondary handle.

TOP-16 rating of the best screwdrivers for ice discovery 2021-2022

The location of the price
TOP-5 best screwdrivers for ice discovery for price/quality for 2021-2022
one Rokodil Twist 2 Pro Find out the price
2 Makita DDF485RF Li-Ion 3 A h 18 in x1 case Find out the price
3 Bosch GSR 180-Li 2.0ach x2 case Find out the price
4 Metabo BS 18 L Bl 2.0ach x2 case Find out the price
5 Dewalt DCD777D2T Find out the price
TOP-4 Best Chinese screwdrivers for ice discovery
one Worx WX175 2.0ach x2 case Find out the price
2 WHOLOR DA-20L-2K Find out the price
3 BORT BAB-24X2LI-XDK Li-Ion 2.0 A 24 in x2 bag Find out the price
4 Worx WX183.12.0ach x2 case Find out the price
TOP-4 best powerful screwdrivers for ice discovery
one Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls 2013 3.5ach x1 lihd box Find out the price
2 Makita DDF481RTE LI-ION 5 A h 18 in x2 case Find out the price
3 Stanley SBI201D2K Find out the price
4 Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls 2013 0 Box, without battery Find out the price
Top 3 best inexpensive screwdrivers for winter fishing
one Makita DF0300, box, 320 watts Find out the price
2 Interskol Dau-13/18V Find out the price
3 Makita DDF482Z, without a battery Find out the price

Of no small aspects when choosing an electric screwdriver for ice discovery are:

  • Power. The higher this indicator, the easier the tool will cope with strong durable ice. The best option is models with a capacity of 36 V, but the optimum in value and quality most often becomes screwdrivers with a capacity of 18-20 V;
  • Twisting the moment. Facilitates the drilled process, do not pay attention to models with indicators of less than 50 N m, and you will have to adapt to devices more than 100 N m;
  • Type of battery-lithium-ionic most popular due to the cost, durability and duration of autonomous work;
  • Additional options and equipment. The presence of a second hand and adapter for fixation will not be superfluous.

Inexpensive models

Einhell TE-CD 18

Inexpensive model is suitable for use on shallow ice. Power is not enough to obtain a hole with a depth of more than 0.5 m. Two lithium-ion batteries included. At temperatures below. 10 ° C, they quickly discharge, so they must be kept warm (in the inner s of clothing). A significant deficiency of the unit is the absence of an additional handle. When drilling, you can dislocate your hand.

Makita DHP482

A powerful device confidently copes with thick ice up to 60 cm. Drilling speed is regulated by electronics. The unit is ergonomic, relatively light (1.8 kg). Unfortunately, it is supplied without a battery, charger and case. Makitov lithium-ion batteries 18 V are suitable, purchased additional. Another minus. There is no additional handle.

Zubble DAI-18-2-LIC4

Inexpensive devices with a moment of strength 60 N. M will cope with ice up to 60 cm thick. Supplied in a case with two Li-Ion batteries and a charger. Reliable, light (1.7 kg) The unit is convenient to work due to electronic adjustment of the speed, reverse, locking the launch key. The disadvantages are significant for winter fishing: a battery capacity of 1.8 ah, fast discharge in the cold, there is no handle for the second hand. Good choice for a novice lover of winter fishing.

Inexpensive models (up to 25,000)

When making any thing, the first thing is to pay attention to the cost. It is believed that the high price obliges the same quality. But the pattern does not always act. And this is successfully proved by models of screwdrivers for winter fishing from the budget segment.

Makita DDF458RFE

  • Moisture.Proof case
  • Fasted cartridge
  • High power
  • Metal gearbox
  • 21 Twisting mode with a drilling function
  • Battery charge indicator
  • The presence of a side handle
  • Compatibility with the battery for 4 Ah
electric, screwdriver, needed, discovery

Drill.Electrical screwdriver Makita DDF458RFE has excellent performance. The diameter of the clamp cartridge up to 13 mm. The side handle and the presence of backlight increase the effectiveness of the work performed. Twisting indicators from 58 to 91 nm and 21-speed mode help to cope with various density material. Users noted high reliability and ease of use of the tool.

Dewalt DCD991P2

  • Easy
  • Durable and hardy
  • High torque up to 95 nm
  • The battery perfectly withstands minus temperatures
  • Bright backlight
  • A capacious battery charge

High.Quality shock tool Makita DDF458RFE. Drill. Electrical screwdriver with 3 speed modes. Designed for active professional application. Equipped with electronic engine protection and an additional handle. Included 2 batteries with a capacity of 5 ah. Despite the fact that many users noted the fact of the non.Metallicity of the model, recognized as the best in the category “Reformation of price and quality”.

Makita DDF451RFE

MAKITA DDF451RFE model is a reliable unstressed drill-16 steps of torque and 3-speed modes. Equipped with double backlight, a power button lock and side hilt. A durable case provides work in any weather. The peculiarity of the model is compatibility with more powerful batteries for 4 and 5 Ah. Users have repeatedly noted the reliability of the tool.

Choosing a brand and model of electric screwdriver

Surely you want to spend as little money as possible on an electric screwdriver. In order not to spend too much, I recommend making purchases in a store where the for these units are the lowest. These are all tools.RU. I made the selection of the screwdrivers suitable for us on their website and it is available at this link. Some are afraid of online stores, since there is a risk of sending money to nowhere, as well as a beautiful price can be spoiled by the cost of delivery. It is so? But for all tools.Ru delivery to the point of delivery in your region is free, and you can pay for the goods when receiving it, so you do not risk anything.

You can also make purchases in the online store 220 volts. For delivery, the truth will have to pay a little (200-300r.), but sometimes here you can find something that is not on all.Tools.Ru, and it may also be that the final price tag, taking into account the delivery fee, will turn out lower than that of others. The list of screws suitable for us on the 220 volt website is available at this link.

One of the popular models in 2020. Is AEG BS18C2BL LI-402C. He has a solid moment of 65 nm and batteries for 4 ah. One of the main features is that it is also brilliant, which means that the resource of operating its engine will be much larger than the brush brothers. There is also an expanded warranty of 6 years when buying for all.Tools.RU. To get it, you just need to register an electric screwdriver on the AEG-PowerTools website.EU. This is done for free.

The Makita DDF458RFE electrical screwdriver is also popular with 91 Nm, but the batteries are less capacious. 3 Ah. As you can see, AEG wins the capacity, but Makita’s torque is much higher.

With 5Ach batteries there is an electric screwdriver AEG BSB18CBLLI-502C. This is essentially the same browned device from AEG, which was considered above, but with more capacious batteries, thanks to which the holes with it will be a little more.

If the above models seem expensive to you, but you still do not want to abandon the idea of ​​drilling ice using an electric screwdriver, then spit on everything that I wrote above about the battery capacity and an additional handle, and purchase, for example, for yourself, for example, Such an apparatus: Bosch GSR 18-2-Li Plus Professional. Yes, with him you are only about 50-70 pcs., since the capacity of his batteries is only 2 ah. It will also have to be kept stronger, since there is no additional handle. But it costs one and a half to two times cheaper. Therefore, those who are not so active on winter fishing are not so active.

All these models of screwdrivers are most optimal. When buying them, you will receive the characteristics necessary for ice drilling, but pay the minimum possible amount without losing the quality. However, no one forbids you to buy an electric screwdriver with an even greater torque (for example, 100-120 Nm), if funds allow, it will last longer. Therefore, you can look closely at all models from the above links to online stores.

Well, I think the article can be finished on this. I hope that I helped you with the choice. Read my other articles on this site! See you and successful purchase!

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