What electric screwdriver to choose for an ice drill

Advantages of an ice pick under a screwdriver

When comparing a hand-held ice drilling tool to a screwdriver ice drill, the latter wins out over the mechanical tool in several ways:

  • saves time and effort. Finding the right ice-fishing spot takes less time and much less effort when the ice drill is attached to the screwdriver. The usefulness of the tool is especially felt when drilling through ice thicker than 50-60 cm.
  • Ease of use. vertical setting of the tool and light physical effort is all that is required to make the holes.
  • Functionality. using different augers for ice auger under the screwdriver you can make holes of the required size in any ice type (dry, wet, thick, loose, etc.).д).
  • Low noise level. the tool works quietly enough and does not scare away fish by drilling holes.
  • versatility. ice screwdriver can be used not only for winter fishing, but also for other purposes: for repair, construction, household needs.

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CORDLESS DRILL Ice Auger Requirements and Settings. What your drill needs when used as an ice auger.

There is a significant disadvantage of ice drills with screwdrivers: in severe frosts (from.10) the battery runs out quickly and stops starting the tool. For this reason, a spare battery should always be available and it is recommended to keep it in a warm

Which auger is suitable for work with a screwdriver

Most screwdrivers are designed for right-handed drilling, screwing fasteners. It is worth to choose an ice drill with this point in mind, with this direction. There are not many domestic-made augers with left-hand rotation system on sale. Such models are not suitable for working with screwdrivers. Reverse rotation in expensive devices quickly puts them out of order.

It is labor-intensive and time-consuming to drill by hand, especially if the ice is thick. It is more efficient to choose a quality screwdriver for the ice drill, and use it.

Requirements for the parameters of an electric screwdriver

To use an electric screwdriver as a drill, the following points must be taken into account.

Specifications for cold operation

For winter fishing it is better to buy an electric screwdriver with a big capacity battery. Batteries are divided into 3 types and each has its own capacity:

  • Nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd). Capacities not exceeding 2 Ah.
  • Nickel-metal hydride (Ni-Mh). Capacitance. 2.5 Ah.
  • Lithium-ion (Li-Ion). Popular and affordable batteries. Highest capacity 5 Ah.

Since the capacity of the first two types is small, such wrenches should not be used for drilling. Lithium-ion cells will not be afraid of low temperatures. As for weight. they are lightweight, you can keep them in your and they will not freeze.

Heavy-duty specifications

Household models with torque value of 10 Nm are not suitable for winter fishing. Ice is slightly inferior to concrete in strength. The best option here is an electric screwdriver with a torque of 60 Nm or more.

True, there is an interesting point. Not every tool with such an indicator can be used as an ice drill. A hammer function is also necessary. But not the kind that is available in wrenches.

There are models with a blow, which are used for drilling brick and concrete. Impact mechanism and torque from 60 Nm. such an electric screwdriver will cope with the load to drill the ice.

Characteristics for long hours of autonomous work

There is no outlet on the river or reservoir, so the battery charge of an electric screwdriver must be thorough. For winter fishing, it is better to buy a tool with a high battery capacity. Not less than 3 Ah. Such a parameter is available in professional tools that come with 2 battery packs.

Which electric screwdriver is better for ice picks

An electric screwdriver is a useful and versatile thing. It is impossible to imagine repairing apartments, fixing wooden things, cars, maintaining household appliances, sanding and polishing, stirring paint and construction mixtures without it. The list can go on for a long time, but in more detail we want to dwell on the electric screwdriver as an indispensable helper in winter fishing. If you provide the necessary equipment, it will save you from the tedious work of drilling holes. This is especially true when it is necessary to drill many holes in the search for fish, or when the fisherman is elderly and has not enough physical strength to operate a hand ice pick. If you intend to use an auger with a large diameter, you will have to work. an electric screwdriver simply will not notice the difference. a quality tool can easily handle even the largest auger. To choose a suitable electric screwdriver, it is necessary to take into account a few important points, which will be discussed below.

For an electric screwdriver, connecting directly to the ice drill and drilling holes is not a nominal task, so you should be very careful in selecting so as not to damage the tool and ensure high performance.

Battery voltage for an electric screwdriver

Cordless Drill Ice Auger Adapter In Action

Here we want to draw attention to a common mistake. many people wonder what power an electric screwdriver for an ice drill is necessary, which is fundamentally wrong. The concept of power applies to wired devices, and as for the electric ice-drilling screwdriver, such a tool should be cordless, and here it is necessary to pay attention just to the battery voltage. It is this parameter that has a direct impact on performance. that is, on how suitable the tool is for certain tasks. The most popular battery packs have voltages from 3.6 to 40 volts. For winter conditions the best choice would be an 18-volt battery.

Torque. what is the right torque to focus on?

This depends on the construction of the tool and the voltage of the battery. Affects working with hard textures. wood, metal, or, as in our case, ice, or with very tightly screwed connections. Measured in Newton meters (Nm), it varies from 1.2 to 500. Choosing a cordless electric screwdriver, you can safely follow the advice. the higher this indicator, the better. To fully understand, here is an example. this value should not be less than 60 Nm.

What the capacity of the battery should be

When preparing for winter fishing it is important not only to choose the right model and characteristics of an electric screwdriver. After all, even the best electric screwdriver with a low-capacity battery will make you two holes and run out. You should therefore pay attention to the battery capacity as well. Here, as in the previous case, the more the better. It is true that an increase of battery capacity will influence its weight and volume, but these indicators do not matter for us, we do not need a mobile tool, but a powerful one with big battery capacity. The most common are batteries with a capacity of 2 or 5 Ah. give preference to the latter. Many manufacturers produce screwdrivers of a design that allows several additional batteries to be installed on a single tool, which increases the tool’s operating time from a single charge cycle.

In this matter, you should be guided by the amount of work. It is impossible to say exactly how many holes can drill this or that electric screwdriver with a particular battery, there are too many factors that affect drilling. This and the density of the ice, and the temperature outside. But on average you can be guided by the following indicators. a battery with a capacity of 4 Ah is enough to create 25-35 holes. But it is always better to have a spare.

This is the most popular topic of debate about what type of battery is best for winter fishing. Let’s look at the three main types of battery packs:

Lithium-ion batteries. These are the most advanced batteries, are lightweight and have a high charging speed and no memory. This means that this battery does not lose capacity when recharged even if not fully discharged. Earlier versions of these batteries had a weak point: they were quickly discharged in the cold.

Nickel-cadmium batteries. These batteries are steadily losing popularity, despite the fact that they keep their charge even in freezing temperatures. The reason why manufacturers are phasing them out is that they are bulky, heavy and have a memory effect, so they need to be charged very carefully.

Nickel-metal hydride batteries. This is an improved version of the nickel-cadmium batteries, they have a much smaller memory effect, they are smaller and more robust, but on the market almost no tools are found with this type of battery.

Currently, there are very few screwdrivers on sale that are equipped with batteries other than lithium-ion batteries. Though nickel cadmium batteries hold their charge better, you may not find a replacement battery pack on the market.

Fishermen with a lot of experience say. that modern models of Li-Ion batteries are quite successful in cold weather, and their performance when working with heavy augers is at a high level. Professional tool manufacturers use this type of battery in their products.

What drill rotation is needed for an electric screwdriver?

This is a key point when choosing an ice pick. All screwdrivers rotate clockwise, all threads on drills and screws are designed for this direction. And although almost every model is equipped with a reversing function, this is still not its main task. Frequent use of reverse puts the tool under more strain and it can fail. Choosing an ice auger for an electric screwdriver, pay attention to the direction of rotation. it should be right, in the characteristics of all ice augers this parameter is specified.

To connect an electric screwdriver to an auger you will need a special adapter for the ice drill, because the auger is not a basic accessory for the drill. The quick-clamp type chuck will not work here. Adapter allows you to transfer the rotation of the tool shaft to the axis of the ice drill. The adapter does not come with either the electric screwdriver or the ice drill, so it must be purchased separately. To get exactly what you need, pay attention to three points:

Compatibility. make sure that the adapter fits into both the auger and the drill.

Handle availability. if your tool does not have an extra handle it is wise to purchase an adapter with a handle. It will make your job easier.

Restrictor. must be present in the design of the adapter to avoid its falling into the hole in case of careless handling.

Rating of the best screwdrivers for winter fishing. requirements and characteristics

Newcomers to winter fishing wonder which electric screwdriver is better for an ice drill and how it helps in speeding up the drilling procedure. The apparatus allows you to solve several problems: to facilitate labor-intensive processes and increase productivity. Before buying the equipment, you should study all the disadvantages and advantages.

Rating of the best screwdrivers for ice fishing in 2022

On the shelves of construction stores you can find a large number of screwdrivers with different costs and characteristics. But in order not to make a wrong purchase, you should choose proven models. Based on consumer reviews, you can make a list of models that differ in quality, it includes tools that have a different price category, which makes it possible to choose a suitable for any user.

Tips for use

To keep your icefishing screwdriver from breaking and last for a long time, you need to follow the rules of operation. You can read about them in the instructions that come with the devices. There are a few rules that apply to all wrenches.

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  • Never keep lithium-ion batteries out in the cold. It is best to stick them in the inside of the jacket, although this is not very convenient. But if the batteries freeze, they lose capacity.
  • Do not drop the screwdriver on ice or in the snow. This can lead to breakdowns.
  • Don’t forget to check the equipment. After the winter season is over, you should service the device: change lubricant, check components for wear and tear.
  • Dry the adapter after use. To avoid corrosion of the metal.
  • Observe transport regulations. Always transport the ice pick and screwdriver unassembled. Auger, tool and adapter should be separated from each other.
  • An adapter can be useful. If your power tool does not have an extra handle, use an adapter with a welded-on handle. Such a design will allow you to make do with cheaper models of power tools.
  • Another important point. The drill should rotate in the opposite direction to that in which the chuck (movable part of the screwdriver) rotates.

Top 9 best screwdrivers for ice drills

You go ice fishing often, and you want to drill through the ice with ease?? Planning a repair job, and need quality tools? You are a professional builder and cannot do without professional devices? This article presents a rating of screwdrivers for ice drills and other drilling, drilling, screwing.

Screwdrivers for ice picks: types, recommendations for selection and installation

It is impossible to do without an ice drill for winter fishing. This useful device is used for drilling holes in icy waters. In certain climatic conditions using an ice pick becomes much more difficult, if not impossible. That’s where a special electric cordless screwdriver comes to the rescue.

It is worth getting to know more about this practical device and find out what varieties it is subdivided into.

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