What gaykovert is needed for tire fitting. Type of cartridge

Metabo SSW 650

A model equipped with a rotation frequency adjustment function. The tool is designed to work in difficult conditions. Thanks to electronics, a smooth change in the number of revolutions is ensured. The case is made of cast aluminum.

Power, W 650
Weight, kg 3
Max. Torque, NM 600
Parameters of the cartridge 1/2 inch
How many shocks per min., Explorer/min. 2800
Spindle rotation speed, rpm. 0-2100
What type of cartridge square with a hole and a functional ring
Price, 27199

DWT SS09-24

Network Gaikovers is characterized by high performance, reliability and comfortable control. Used in work with threaded mounts. A feature of the design is access to carbon brushes.

gaykovert, needed, tire, fitting, type, cartridge
Power, W 900
Weight, kg 3.5
Max. Torque, NM 320
Parameters of the cartridge 1/2 inch
Fastening parameters M-8-M-24
How many shocks per min., Explorer/min. 2700
Spindle rotation speed, rpm. 0-2100
What type of cartridge square with a hole and a functional ring
Price, 5850
gaykovert, needed, tire, fitting, type, cartridge

Bort BSR-1100X

The model is characterized by a high torque, which makes it possible to work with various fasteners. The case is made of durable metal. This prevents damage to the nodes during the use of the device.

Power, W 1100
Weight, kg 3.9
Max. Torque, NM 500
Parameters of the cartridge 1/2 inch
Fastening parameters M-8-M-24
Spindle rotation speed, rpm. 0-2200
What type of cartridge square with a hole and a functional ring
Price, 8149

Forsage Electro F-03071

The tool works at the same speed. Type of mechanism. Shock. Store and transfer it convenient thanks to plastic cases.

Power, W 1010
Gross weight, kg 5.38
Max. Torque, NM 450
Parameters of the cartridge 1/2 inch
Fastening parameters M-22
How many shocks per min., Explorer/min. 2200
Spindle rotation speed, rpm. 0-2200
What type of cartridge The square is external
Price, 6740

What to choose an electric screwdriver or a gaykort

Since the purchase is not cheap, some users think about the fact that it is better to choose an electric screwdriver or a gaykort. Although, using the first device, you can tighten nuts and bolts, there are still serious differences between them:

-The cartridge is suitable only for warden heads

TIRE TANKS. Preparation (1 of 2)

-A small range of torque adjustment

Universal cartridge for fasteners and drills

Many options for installing the force of twisting the switch in the gearbox

Rating of the best gaycroverts. TOP 15

Category place name rating
The best network nuts one Bosch GDS 30 nine.8 /10
2 Makita 6906 nine.6 /10
3 Metabo SSW 650 nine.5 /10
4 Dewalt DW292 nine.4 /10
5 Makita TW0350 nine.2 /10
The best batteries one DEWALT DCF899P2 nine.9 /10
2 Bosch GDS 18 v-li ht 0 nine.7 /10
3 Makita DTW251Z nine.3 /10
4 GreenWorks GD24IW 0 nine.2 /10
5 AEG BSS 18C 12Z-0 nine.1 /10
The best pneumatic nuts with a square 3/4 “ one JTC Auto Tools 3403 nine.8 /10
2 King Tony P33621-075B nine.6 /10
The best pneumatic nuts with a square 1/2 “ one Jonnesway Jai-1054 nine.8 /10
2 Ombra OMP11212 nine.5 /10
3 Thorvik aiw12717 nine.3 /10

Bosch GDS 30

Opens our rating of the best gaywo controls of the network Gaykowert Bosch GDS 30. A full.Fledged tool for hard work itself does not differ in lightweight. It is not for nothing that it is scanning it for a suspension: whatever one may say, and 7.3 kg makes themselves felt. But a full.Fledged two.Handed grip and an inch square under the heads will allow you to pull with all your might. Even in “soft” mode, he gives up to 500 Newton meters, in “hard”-up to a thousand. In this regard, the translation of the Russian site Bosch is especially amusing. There these modes are called “soft and hard wrapping of screws”. Show me such a screw, translators!

With this power, there were no few problems. Sometimes in particularly zealous hands even breaks off the screws of the gearbox mounts, so it is worth checking their tightening regularly. Well, do not overheat the Gaikovert (this is directly written in the instructions, but who reads it!), otherwise the lubricant will begin to squeeze in the direction of the electric motor.

Makita 6906

By weight “Makita” is already more like a hand tool. 5 kilograms. But two.Handed grip here is also definitely needed, with one hand you can’t twist for a long time if your name is not Arnold. Over, the side hilt is installed on the rotary ring. It can be set as convenient for any work. As for design, the inscription is involuntarily looking for: “Made in the USSR”. Sometimes likes Makita to give out something in such a condoed style, not even a rubber lining on the handle.

But it gives out a Gaikovert all 588 Newton meters of moment, equipped with a three-quarter square-it is the most durable shock heads. The country of production is Japan, which when buying Makit should immediately look: the transfer of part of production to China, alas, was reflected in the quality of the legendary brand of tools.

Metabo SSW 650

Concerning, despite the “one-armed” grip, an electric gayc guard with a maximum torque of 600 Newton meters is a full-fledged professional tool without those flaws that, alas, often noted from the more affordable Metabo series (it seems that Taiwanese assembly is still better than Chinese). Its weight is quite moderate. 3 kg, and in terms of the quality of the handle he definitely “makes” Makita 6906.

The arrangement of places in the ranking of the best gaykortes, however, shifts Metabo down. The resource of Makita from the experience of the owners is higher, and the difference in the power of the engines affects the real use. But Metabo also deserves. The weight and convenience of the grip are also important.

Dewalt DW292

Compared to Metabo, the Dewalt GaikoVERT is noticeably more compact and more convenient when working in limited space, but it weighs even a little more. The maximum moment is 440 nm, the square is a semi.Inch.

The instrument of its money is worth it, shows itself well in work, Mexican collectors do not abuse tequila. But the incomprehensible flaw in the design of the Gaykowert still makes us reduce the rating score: instead of the usual “pistol” layout of the reverse switch made higher than the trigger, here it “hangs in the air” right above the trigger. When working in gloves, it often clings to the fabric and is independently transferred to another position. It seems to be a trifle, but never pleasant.

Makita TW0350

Continues our review of the best GaikoVEVs Makita TW0350. The Gaikorte is quite convenient in the work for half.Inch heads, developing up to 350 nm. However, he recruits them for a long time. There is a small advantage of the center of gravity relative to the handle, but it begins to tire only with prolonged work.

They also decided to wipe with a reverse-there is no switch as such, to select the direction of rotation, you need to press the upper or lower side of the “rocking chair” keys. Let’s say honestly. It only interferes when working, it was worth using traditional switching. Yes, and the key body at the installation site of the swing axis sometimes cracks, which is somehow unpleasant for the “Makita” of the Japanese assembly.

Licota PAW-04048

The pneumatic apparatus from the brand “Likot” consumes 180 liters of air per minute and gives out torque to 1085 nm. In this case, the wrapping force can be adjusted to the rotary switch to the end or less. There is also a reverse function. The Gaikovert is equipped with a spindle with a 1/2 inch landing square, allowing you to use a device for working with nuts and bolts to M18. The length of the case of the 195 mm case is quite compact and helps to climb into uncomfortable places, for example, in the motor compartment of the car. The manufacturer endowed the device with a double strike by Twin Hammer, which makes a larger number of tapping equipment. This helps to increase productivity when working with old fasteners.

This pneumatic gaykoVert is one of the easiest, with similar power and functionality, as in the above models. Its weight is 2.19 kg, when competitors with similar characteristics have a mass of up to 3 kg. If you need to work with a pneumatic tool for 6-8 hours a day, then hands will get less tired of.


  • Metal gearbox and the case around it;
  • An extended end of the handle that prevents the slippage;
  • Rubber rings that reduce blows on the working part;
  • Clear designations on the case to control the power of twisting and the direction of rotation.

How to choose a gaykovert

Before acquiring the tool, it is necessary to determine the amount of upcoming work. Above we examined the parameters for independent replacement. To work in a cargo tire fitting, you need a more powerful gaykowert: the torque should be at least 1 kW.

AIRLINE assorted pneumatic nuts that are suitable for any request. The optimal choice for self-replacement of the wheels will be an AIROLINE AT-IW-02 shock GaikoVERT.

Pneumatic shock gaykort AIRLINE

In addition, the Twin Hammer shock mechanism (double hammer) is used, which provides the highest torque when impact. Such a tool will not let you down when working with a high load.

Design features

When choosing a gaykort, it is also important to consider its design features. Gaikovert can be straight or corner. Direct Gaikrovert is ideal for solving standard problems (for example, unscrewing wheels). The corner model is also called rattle. It is distinguished by an elongated form. At the end of the case of such a gaykowert at right angles there is a spindle. Due to this constructive feature, this model is ideal for working in hard.To.Reach places.

When choosing a gaykort for tire fitting and car service, it is necessary to make Accent on the following characteristics:

  • The presence of a shock mechanism. Such a Gaikovert can cope with rusty, bitten and tight mounts without damaging a nut or bolt.
  • The presence of a reverse that allows you to tighten the part back.
  • The presence of rubber linings on the handles. They reduce vibration and load on hand. The need for such overlays is especially noticeable with prolonged and continuous work with the tool.

Gaikovers can also be equipped with a tightening force adjustment function. But this function cannot be called important. In most cases, the master can “by eye” determine the required tightness power. In this case, the presence of this function affects the increase in the cost.

gaykovert, needed, tire, fitting, type, cartridge

Also, the speed of unscrewing the nut is not much important. Therefore, such a criterion as the number of revolutions per minute cannot also be called fundamentally important.

Adjustable Cartridge to Bonneville’s Fork

Rating of the best battery gaycroverts

We offer you the TOP-4 Gaikowurts from the most popular manufacturers.


The aggregate due to the high point of rotation in 950 Nm can work even with fasteners with high load. LED backlight is provided. The tool from LI-Ion batteries with a capacity of 5 mAh works, with a voltage level of 18 V. Compatible with fasteners up to M20. Two batteries are at once in the set, the kit is supplied in a plastic case for storing and carrying. The functions of the impact (2400 beats/min), reverse and adjustment of the speed of rotation are provided. The model weighs a lot. 3.3 kg, but this is a fee for reliability and performance.

Bosch GDS 18 v-li ht 0

Torque at 650 nm allows you to work with loaded fasteners. The metal case and a particularly durable whole.Metal gearbox makes it possible to use the tool even in harsh conditions. The illumination of the working area is provided. The branded technology of the Cool Pack manufacturer, together with the Cell Protection system, are aimed at protecting the battery, they protect against deep discharge, overload and overheating. Battery capacity of 5 mAh is sufficient for long.Term autonomous work. The set includes two batteries. Gaikovert belongs to the type of shock (up to 2100 beats/min), a reverse function and adjustment of the rotation speed is provided.

Zubrov ZGUA-18-L-K

A good economical option for a home master. The tool allows you to work with small metal structures, it will cope with the replacement of the wheels near the car. Torque. 350 Nm. Works with fasteners in the range from M6 to M16. It is equipped with a strike function (up to 3300 beats/min), adjusting the speed of spindle rotation and a reverse. Additionally, there is a backlight of the working area. It works for a lithium-ion battery with a small capacity-only 1.7 mAh, which is not designed for a long work without recharging. There is no additional battery. The tool comes in the box.

Makita DTD152Z

The tool is intended for those craftsmen whose arsenal already has a tool from this manufacturer, working on a Li-Ion battery. In a set with a Gaikovert, a battery and charger are not provided, which positively affected the price. Works from compatible batteries with a voltage of 18 in. Indicator of the maximum moment of rotation. 165 nm. The cartridge allows you to pinch equipment up to 6.35 mm in size. Only one spindle rotation speed is provided. The unit is equipped with impact functions (up to 2900 beats/min) and reverse. There is a built.In backlight. Stable work is ensured by a system of protection against overloads and overheating.

Is it possible to leave batteries in the cold?Storing battery gayworms at minus temperatures is not recommended. After that, such a tool may still work, but there will probably be problems with charging the battery.

How long does the battery gaykowerte hold the charge depends on the battery capacity and operation intensity. The larger this indicator, the longer you can work as a tool without recharging

TOP-5 of the best strike batteries 2020

This is a budget model that does not have high power, but is quite useful in the household. This Gaikovyrt is easy to work, light and convenient. Included to the tool there are high heads 17-19-21. According to the reviews of the owners, one battery charge (1.5 A h) is enough to unscrew 40 nuts M12 × 1.5 and twisting 32. If the operating time must be increased, you can quickly change the battery, since the kit has another, however, similar power.

This model of the nuts can work in impulse mode and develops the maximum torque to 250 N m. In standard work, torque is about 130n m.

When buying a nozzle, the tool can tighten screws into wood and other soft material (adapter square 1/2 ″ on a hexagon 1/4 ″).

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