What good chainsaw brands recommend. Carver PSG-52-18


Semi-professional tool from a well-known manufacturer. Saw is equipped with safety features, lightweight (in use and weight) and practical.

  • Reliable, high quality components and assembly.
  • than enough power for everyday use.
  • The chainsaw weighs the same as a domestic model.
  • Well-designed engine vibration damping system. hardly noticeable even when the saw is placed on a hard surface.
  • Convenient location and opening of oil and gasoline tanks.
  • Intelligent chain tightening mechanism.
  • Quickly disassembled for cleaning or camping.
  • Only original fuel and chain oil is recommended for use.
  • Exhaust fumes exit upwards so that they can get in the face. A full-face mask is better for long hours of work.
  • The plastic body, although it looks strong enough, but the impression is that the accidental fall can not survive.
  • The original air filter will need to be replaced soon. you need to buy a spare at once.
  • Oil and grease tanks are small. take extra containers with you for extended periods of operation.

This chainsaw is not powerful enough for lumberjacks, but it is more than enough for domestic use. Good quality chain and bar. guaranteed to last for years.

Husqvarna 450e

Smart Start and Primer technology are used to start the 2.4 kW engine more easily. Anti-vibration spring mechanism for comfortable operation, safety ensured by emergency brake.

  • Powerful engine. runs without problems with 38 cm long original rail.
  • Reliable and long-lasting. using high-quality consumables increases engine life significantly.
  • Good ergonomics. the saw is easy to hold at any angle.
  • A roomy fuel tank and oil reservoir, which lubricates the chain.
  • Economical fuel consumption. Its level in the tank can be monitored through the transparent wall.
  • Spring-loaded anti-vibration system relieves strain on operator’s hands when working long hours.
  • Easy bar assembly and chain tensioning adjustment. no tools required.
  • Few original parts are available on the market. even at authorized dealers they often have to be ordered in advance.
  • power than a domestic appliance has a proportional effect on the weight of the saw. felt when working long hours.
  • Poor chain oil supply protection. requires periodic cleaning.
  • Easy access to the adjusting screw, which adjusts the oil flow.
  • Chain that comes with the purchase will need to be replaced fairly quickly.

Powerful tool that will cover all your household needs and can partially be used in professional work, as long as you control the load.

The models mentioned above are made by reputable companies that cannot be questioned as to the quality of their tools. Their main disadvantage. it’s price. That’s why we have listed below the most proven cheap semi-professional chainsaws from Asian brands.

The choice of the expert

Echo CS-4200ES-15 1890W/2.57 л.с

It’s a good choice for cutting firewood. The machine can also cut light debris. The chainsaw is lightweight enough and easy to control. The Japanese assembly is considered one of the best, the quality material of the model confirms it. No consumables problems, that’s one of the major advantages. No stalling or cranking, the machine starts up immediately.

A 38 cm long guide bar and a sturdy 1890 Watt engine help give you great performance. The toothed end stop provides a more secure hold-down of the saw.

Chainsaw users always have questions about getting started: the chainsaw doesn’t always start on the first try. There is also an easy start system, and a heated carburetor allows you to provide it even in cold weather. Speed is achieved through the automatic chain lubrication system, and the inertia brake ensures safety during operation. It also has a lock for it to prevent it from being switched on accidentally.


A model from a renowned manufacturer of this kind of tools. According to users, it is suitable for sawing firewood and for construction work. Can be started in half a turn. Lightweight start-up not requiring a lot of force to start. Reliable mechanics, so it’s easy to remove the guide bar, clean it, and put it back on.

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Robust and powerful saw. Does the job well, cuts absolutely everything, even the ice. No complaints about machine malfunctions. There are more positive reviews online than negative ones. Starts the model the first or second time. If you get the hang of it, you won’t have any problems.


A chainsaw that is not the most expensive on the market. The machine works well nonetheless. It starts up almost immediately, and with the right power setting, it can even handle thicker logs. Included is a good quality chain. Among the features is the chain brake that makes it safer to use.


This chainsaw has plenty of power. According to users, it has a nice and easy start. The machine works reliably and efficiently, without stopping when working. Chain adjustment is very easy, filter cleaning is also no problem. Saws logs up to 50 cm in diameter, works fast with heavy use, and is ready to handle large quantities of firewood or other lumber.

The features

This chainsaw has enough pluses. quality of materials, assembly, power, side chain adjustment. The chain included is reliable and does not need replacing. Fuel-efficient operation, according to the owners. Made in Germany, where they know how to make quality tools. Even outwardly the model looks solid. nothing bangs, seems solid.

The features

This model is well received by users. It is distinguished by its powerful and reliable operation and the fact that it starts up without any problems. Air-cooled, two-stroke engine. Ergonomic and safe handle makes it easy to work, and the adjustable automatic oil pump with spring vibration damping system reduces the load on the operator’s hands for more comfortable work.


One of the most affordable options on the market. The machine is marketed as a household tool, but is also suitable for all garden work in moderation. The chain saw comes well-equipped with a chain, guide bar, safety guard, fuel tank, keys and file. As users say, it is a perfect model for the money.

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The chainsaw has a good working capacity. You can hear it in the sound and see the result. It can be used both for household chores and to take it with you into the nature, where you need a firewood cutter, for example. Low vibration. It may not be the universal machine on the market, but it will do for non-professional woodcutting jobs.


The model is characterized by low fuel consumption, which allows the user to save his money. It is lightweight and easy to operate. The chainsaw is excellent for clearing small trees and plants, for example. Also perfect for making firewood for the winter. It also starts up without any problems.

The features

Another interesting model in our rating. It is suitable for both households and work environments. This saw can be used safely in a furniture workshop, and quite intensively. Not the strongest trees can also be cut very well. The chainsaw is also suitable for cutting firewood. No effort or pressure to cut.


Engine type petrol
Power 2100 W / 2.85 л. с.
Chain pitch 0.325 in
bar length 45 cm
Turning speed 13500 rpm
Engine capacity 49.3 cubic meters. see
Fuel tank capacity 0.55 л
Oil tank capacity 0.26 л
Noise level 116 dB
weight 5.2 kg (without bar and chain with empty tanks)
Warranty 1 year

Why is there no information about saw chains??

Circuit characteristics are deliberately omitted from the table. Because in the case of a domestic tool, the parameters of the common saw pitch variants are

not the only criteria. And if you have to use a chain that differs from the chainsaw manufacturer’s specification, you not only have to consider the length of the saw part, but also

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  • number of tines,
  • cutting tooth design features
  • the height of the profile (the working part of the link),
  • You should also consider the thickness of the shank, which is inserted in the guide bar groove and holds the chain on it.

Because safe and efficient use of the consumables is due to the design features of the “native” tire, clutch and engine of a particular tool. And not each individually, but their combined features.

What chainsaw to buy for home: expert advice

Which chainsaw to buy for home use? At a choice it is recommended to consider the following recommendations:

  • First of all, determine the front of work, for which the saw is purchased. You should not buy “professional” models, if the tool is not planned to be used almost every day. It will be a waste of money.
  • Always pay attention to the presence of a vibration damping system. Kickback is the main problem with all chainsaws. Which chainsaw will be better in this regard? One that does not have a noticeable case rattle at high speeds (you can look at the starter knob).
  • If the saw is not planned to be used regularly, it is desirable that it has a primer (valve for pumping fuel). It makes starting the engine much easier.
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