What grinder to choose for your home.

What to choose a brush sander: Top 13 list of the best models

Before you start sanding, you need to choose a tool that is suitable for your type of work. Seen textured wooden furniture with elegant vintage elements or artificially aged interior compositions? This design is done with a brush grinder. But this is by no means all, the tool has a wider range of features.

  • Paint, putty or varnish removal from surfaces (metal, wood);
  • soot removal, rust removal, defect removal (metal);
  • Planken production for facade finishing;
  • material sanding (preparatory work);
  • manufacturing of designer interior items and furniture (panels, countertops, chandeliers, stairs, kitchen sets and even entire rooms);
  • satinizing and matting of steel sheets;
  • work with burnt wood to give the product several colors;
  • Creation of eco-decor for bars, stores, saunas, etc.д.

At the same time, any material selected for processing retains its quality and properties. the brush machine works very delicately. But in order to achieve the desired result, the master must choose the right power tool (including speed options) and its equipment.

How to choose a belt sander

Let’s note the main criteria for choosing a belt sander:

  • Power. Available in 600-1200 watts and affects the endurance of the power tool. Under the same operating conditions, more powerful machines will last longer. They also have a higher capacity.
  • Belt speed. The index varies from 200 to 500 m/min and also indicates the performance. In the same period, a machine with higher speed will work a larger area than a machine with lower speed.
  • Belt size. Measured in length and width. Parameters influence the area to be covered. Larger belts are available for larger surfaces, while smaller belts are used for grinding banisters, posts and other narrow workpieces. Another consumable must be widespread on the market, otherwise the tool will be useless.
  • Weight. Weight affects ease of handling. Tape grinders can be from 2.5 to 7 kg.
  • Additional functions. Different options allow for more efficient work. Speed control is useful for hardwoods and softwoods. Soft start reduces energy consumption and eliminates jerking at the beginning of the process. Maintains constant RPMs for consistent results on a spacious surface, regardless of varying effort on the part of the operator. Availability of a dust bag will simplify the workplace cleanliness.

Rating of the best grinders

Nomination Location Name Price
The best belt grinders 1 Makita 9403 16 015 ₽
2 Metabo BAE 75 13 190 ₽
3 Bosch PBS 75 AE 9 765 ₽
4 Hammer LSM 800 B 4 657 ₽
Best vibratory grinders 1 Makita 9046 15 060 ₽
2 Bosch GSS 280 AE 9 900 ₽
3 Bosch GSS 23 AE 7 990 ₽
4 DeWALT DWE6411 6 990 ₽
5 Makita BO3711 4 653 ₽
6 Hammer PSM 300 2 871 ₽
The best eccentric grinders 1 MIRKA Deros 5650CV 52 000 ₽
2 Metabo SXE 150-5.0 BL MetaLoc 36 435 ₽
3 Makita BO6040 24 490 ₽
4 Bosch GEX 125-1 AE box 6 053 ₽
5 Makita BO5041 7 644 ₽
6 DeWALT DWE6423 5 889 ₽

The first selection of devices in our ranking are grinders made in the belt form factor. Our experts have allocated in a wide market offer of four models from different manufacturers: Japanese Makita and three German. Metabo, Bosch and Hammer. It is worth to remind that globalization of production fully concerns the power tool, that is why all three German machines presented are actually produced in China. But in this case it is not a “verdict” on quality, because the development and quality control are still at a very high level.

Makita 9403

Let’s start with the model from Japanese Makita, an old-timer on the power tool market. It’s a rare example of “reverse globalization” where the parent company is in Asia and the production is in Europe. This particular model is manufactured in Makita’s own factory in Great Britain. Last but not least, this has an influence on the rather high price of the machine.

In this selection, the most powerful and high-performance machine. Motor power rating. 1.2 kW in terms of power consumption. Runs only from 220 V mains. In doing so, it is considered one of the quietest in its class: the sound power is not higher than 84 dB, according to the manufacturer, and the sound pressure is not higher than 97 dB.

Dimensions of the sander. 353x164x211mm, net weight. 5.7 kg. Grinding belt size. 100×610/620mm. Working speed of the belt is about 500 meters per minute, which provides quick and not particularly time-consuming removal of the top layer of material. Rotation speed is fixed. Labyrinth-type seal offers reliable protection against potential hazardous contamination of bearings and motors. On the “nose” of the machine is an additional handle for a better grip and accurate guidance.

To collect dust in this sander is used quite handy dust canister with the ability to rotate in all directions by 360 degrees. A vacuum cleaner connection is not provided.

Includes the grinder itself, graphite and cork plates, dust bag, one sanding belt.

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Metabo SRE 3185

It is sufficiently light and compact, so you can work with it anywhere. It has an electric motor of 210 W, a small platform (which is natural for a small model), two types of fasteners. Velcro and clamps, the frequency is 22000 rpm, and the amplitude is 2 mm. In general, this machine embodies everything you need for roughing or finishing work.

Despite its small size, the machine is comfortable to hold. We owe it to the designers who made the decision to place a full-fledged rear handle. In addition, they also tried to install vibration protection, which fully justifies itself.

What’s not so good is the filter bag. It is better to simply pull it out and connect a vacuum cleaner. so there will be less hassle and more results.

Bosch GSS 230 AE

The 300 W sander, assembled in Switzerland, with a sufficiently compact platform, on which the Velcro or clips are attached to the sheets. that’s what you can understand when you see this model. Its amplitude is 2.4 mm at 22,000 rpm. It is more than enough for quality work.

The presence of vibration protection is also a plus. When working with this model, it doesn’t go anywhere to the side, all the time in my hands. The grip system is well designed. it is located so that both right- and left-handed people can comfortably grasp the handle.

The only annoying thing is that the device is too poorly equipped.


DeWALT has its own compact version of the sander. DWE6411. The first thing to note is the almost square shape of the platform. The frequency of this model, of course, smaller than others. only 14000 rpm, as well as the amplitude. 1.6 mm. But the motor is great. Let not the power, which is less than the full-size version of the same company. this model has only 230 watts. It pleases with its high stability.

The platform has two fasteners. Velcro and clips. There is also a plate for cutting sheets, which is nice.

The design of the grinder is simple, but it is worth noting the absence of the speed regulator and the back handle. Also, you should pay attention to the price. this model is quite affordable, it can afford it in principle, anyone.

AEG FS 280

The AEG FS 280 is an interesting model, because it lies between the professional and amateur model. Power 440 W, a fairly large platform, the amplitude of 2.5 mm. you can find it all in this sander. There are only two things to keep an eye on: the platform itself and the clamps. Otherwise everything is great, everything is reliable.

The machine is reasonably priced and can be ordered by anyone who wants to work around the house. True, you need to get used to the frequent vibrations, which the back handle will help you deal with.

The main disadvantage of this model. not so much the lack of velcro, but quick-wearing clips.

Makita 9046

The Malevich-style box is not what you would expect to see in a sander package, so Makita has managed to surprise.

Inside it turns out quite a productive unit with a capacity of 600 watts. Its amplitude is 5 mm, which is good for the initial, rough treatment, but not for the final one.

In terms of ergonomics, everything about this model is good. it is equally comfortable for everyone who has interacted with it.

Its aluminum platform is long enough to work comfortably. Fastening is double. Velcro and clamps.

What is bad in this model is the removal of dust. Although it has a large bag, it is inconvenient to clean. Otherwise, it is a very good machine.

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If you buy this type of grinder, then you know

This grinder. Versatile. In terms of performance is in the middle between LShM and PM. Grinds weaker than a belt sander, but faster than an SMP.

This sander is priced about halfway between an LFM and a HFM. For example Metabo Metabo FSX 200 costs around 5 500r 00.

This grinder at its capacity has a compact size and is designed to work with one hand.

This sander, if equipped with a speed controller and a felt nozzle, can polish metal or stone.

This grinder is popular with those craftsmen who are often engaged in grinding and polishing. That’s why there are so many different models of electric and pneumatic power tools.

And the coolest firm for sanding MIRKA.

Among the grinders Mirko Leros 950cv model can be distinguished by a premium class. This option has the largest (of those presented in the list of grinders) speed of rotation. In addition, this model stands out for its excellent quality. Mirko Leros will be a great tool for repair work in an apartment or in the construction of large objects.

  • Speed of belt rotation;
  • Power;
  • The size of the processed area, determined by the length, width of the belt;
  • Weight;
  • Availability of a dust collector, which ensures the cleanliness of the workplace;
  • Type of speed regulator;
  • Functionality;
  • The level of power consumption;
  • Cord length;
  • Equipment;
  • Price.

In the rating of belt sander for wood there is a description of 10 models. Based on user feedback, the pros and cons of each device are highlighted.

Flat grinders up to 250 W

Sanders with motors up to 250 watts are a good choice for the home workshop and for use as an auxiliary tool. The compact electric motor has a low weight, which reduces the physical effort required. The category is distinguished by a wide range, variety of constructive solutions and models with different functionalities. Our experts have analyzed 16 grinders and settled on 7 brands of well-known manufacturers.

Makita BO3711

Versatile model designed to work with soft and hard wood, plywood, metal, lacquer coatings. High performance is guaranteed by the 190 W motor, which provides 11,000 reciprocating motions. Electronic control allows you to adjust the number of strokes from 8 to 22 thousand and choose the best mode depending on the material to be worked. The amplitude of movements of 2 mm guarantees high quality machining, and the large area of the working surface guarantees professional pace. The grinder does not burr on soft wood.

The abrasive tool is fixed in place with an improved clamping system. This makes it possible to use different types of sandpaper. Casing does not protrude beyond the platform, providing full visual control in confined spaces. As a consumable, ordinary sandpaper is used, which is cut into sheets of 93×228 mm and punched in the points of attachment to the platform with the hole punch included in the kit.

grinder, choose, your, home
  • Increased reliability of the electric motor;
  • Low noise level. no headphones required;
  • Ergonomic housing with numerous rubber inserts;
  • Handy trigger switch;
  • Affordable price.

High quality of machining guaranteed by efficient dust extraction system from the working area. All debris is collected in a dust container connected to the machine. The tank has a large volume and allows you to work for a long time without stopping for maintenance.

Bosch GSS 23 A

The grinding machine is equipped with a reliable and economical electric motor with an output of 190 W. The motor drives the platform at up to 24,000 strokes per minute. Number of movements electronically adjustable from 14 to 24 thousand, allowing you to select the best mode for different materials. Short range of motions ensures high grinding quality. Attachment of abrasive material to the platform with clips.

Integrated dust exhaust system, dust bag can be connected via two nozzles. Casing dimensions allow working closely to perpendicular surfaces. Consumable material. sheets of sandpaper 93×230 mm. High price makes the equipment unprofitable to use in a home workshop, but in the hands of a professional equipment will quickly pay off.

  • Low weight;
  • Increased productivity;
  • Low noise and vibration level;
  • Ergonomic handle;
  • Quality steel soleplate;
  • Effective dust extraction system.

Vibratory sander developed by German engineers is equipped with a 150 W electric motor. The tool is designed for finishing rooms and restoring furniture. On the shaft of the grinder develops speed of 10000 rpm, providing 20000 forward and backward movements.

The abrasive belt is clamped in place. Amplitude of 2 mm provides a good quality of processing. The best results are achieved when using sandpaper with a fabric base. There is an adapter for connection of a construction vacuum cleaner, and special holes in the sole ensures high rate of dust extraction from a large area. Manufacturer provides a 2-year warranty and 5-year extended warranty.

Vortex VSM-90

The grinder comes to the buyer with a 220 W motor, which provides high shaft speed. 12000 rpm. This enables a platform to perform 24000 forward and backward movements with an amplitude of 2 mm. Abrasive tool. flat band 90×187 mm, fixed with large clips. Vortex VSM-90 is used when processing wood, metal and plastered surfaces, removing varnish.

Ergonomically shaped housing, allows you to work in hard-to-reach places. Anti-slip handle, lies comfortably in hand. Platform made of impact-resistant and wear-resistant plastic, which promotes reduction of the tool weight. Adapter to connect a vacuum cleaner for dust extraction.

  • Low price;
  • Grinds hard wood well;
  • Excellent accessibility to abrasive material;
  • maintainability;
  • Ventilation holes for protection against overheating.

BlackDecker KA300

Grinder designed by American engineers for vertical and horizontal machining. Two handles make locking the tool as comfortable and secure as possible. Equipped with a 135-watt motor that delivers a shaft speed of 11,000 rpm. This allows 22000 movements per minute and achieves impeccable quality of grinding. Platform stroke range. 2 mm. Effective for surfaces made of wood, plastic, metal.

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Abrasive tool. sandpaper on cloth or paper base, sheet size 90×187 mm. Fastening to the platform is performed by clamps. The model is equipped with a dust bag, there is an adapter for connecting a construction vacuum cleaner. Cable length of 2 m makes it convenient to work at a considerable distance from the power source. Anti-vibration pad reduces the level of adverse effects and makes use less tiring.

Which eccentric sander is best?

The main criterion of choice for craftsmen is often the price of the tool. In case of rare use, it is recommended to buy the model with a minimum set of additional functions. Comparative tests of the nominees allowed the team of the project VyborExpert to select the best devices from the review of eccentric grinders on a number of grounds:

  • The cheapest device. Wert EES 125DE;
  • The best equipment is the Makita BO5031;
  • The most compact and powerful model. Einhell PXC TE-RS;
  • Best build quality. Bosch Advancedorbit 18 0;
  • The best device in the ratio “performance/quality of sanding”. Hammer OSM480;
  • User’s choice. DeWALT DWE

A good grinder should provide a high quality finish of the material. To ensure that the model does not bring disappointment, experts recommend taking into account the peculiarities of its use when choosing. This will allow you to correctly determine the technical parameters of the tool. The analysis of reviews presented in the rating will clarify the pros and cons of using each nominee.

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