What is a band saw for metal made of

What is a band saw machine

The band saw machine, which belongs to the category of high power equipment, can be used for cutting not only metal, but also wood, plastics and other materials. Remarkably, not only straight but also curved cuts can be made with this machine. As is already clear from the name of such a machine, the cutting tool in it is a band saw, which is a metal strip of closed type, on which the cutting teeth are located.

Metal band sawing machines are equipped with several sheaves (2 or 3) forming a closed loop on which the band with teeth travels. The great advantage of such machines is the considerable service life of cutting blade, absence of necessity in its frequent replacement which is provided by the design features of equipment and continuity of cutting tool movement.

The main characteristics of a band saw machine. its productivity and efficiency. are determined by the power of the electric motor used in it, which drives the pulleys. The same parameter is a basic criterion when choosing a cutting blade type. Band saws are characterized by high safety for the operators who work on them. It is provided by the fact that the cutting blade always moves in the direction of the working table and the material to be treated, thanks to which the workpiece can not be thrown in the direction of a person.

Despite their high power, band saw machines are compact, and models for use in private workshops. also a light weight. It is quite possible to install them by your own forces, without using special hoisting equipment. It is worth noting as an advantage of such equipment and a low noise level, which produces a quality band saw blade.

Regardless of the model, any band saw machine consists of the following structural components:

  • housing;
  • drive mechanisms;
  • the unit directly responsible for cutting;
  • mechanisms for loading and feeding the workpieces to be cut;
  • control system of the equipment mechanisms, including electromechanical and hydraulic components.

Metal band saw machine JET HVBS-56 M

How to choose the width of the blade

the number of teeth is important when choosing a blade and the machine tool builder specifies the requirements. Such indicators as their pitch and setting are important. Grinding quality and tooth size are important.

Do not use a thin blade when working with thick workpieces, it may deform. The wider the chosen blade, the thinner the cut will be. When sawing thin items, do not install a thick saw on the machine, it can bend the workpiece.

Advantages of band saws

In order to finally understand the features of the belt machines for metal, it is necessary to cite the advantages and disadvantages of common tools. The advantages will be as follows:

low cost. Budget options are great for simple hobbyist tasks. This compact device can be placed in a home workshop or garage;

easy to maintain and operate. Band saws are practically maintenance-free, and a beginner will be able to understand their working principle. Band saws come with an instruction manual, which contains the necessary information;

possibility of angle cutting. Sometimes it is necessary to saw a part at a given angle. On band saws it is possible to realize this possibility.

Pros and cons of metal band saw

A rich assortment of devices makes it possible to purchase any model that will suit not only in terms of cost, but also in terms of functionality. Industrial and mini band saw for metal have a wide list of advantages:

band, metal, made
  • excellent performance;
  • High cutting accuracy;
  • high quality of cut;
  • small kerf width;
  • easy adjustment of cutting angle;
  • universal use.

Band saws with own hands

There are many skilled craftsmen, seeking to make a band saw machine for metal with their own hands. Someone adapts an old bicycle for this purpose, someone. a jigsaw, but the most simple model can be made of plywood:

  • Make a frame in the shape of the letter “C”.
  • Assemble the table that will house the bottom pulley, motor and drive pulley.
  • Place the tabletop on the support and cut the future pulleys out of particle board. The larger their diameter, the better the saw will work.
  • To make a hoist, which will ensure the movement of the movable block, you will need a bar. It should be mounted under the pulley and connected to the lever with a tight spring.
  • When attaching the pulley, mount the bearings necessary for the installation and removal of the wheels.
  • The bandsaw with your own hands at home involves making guides on a small bar. Their function can be taken by three roller-type bearings.
  • Lubricate the unit and try it out in action by putting a previously purchased cutting blade on the pulleys.

Band saws. all you need to know!

Band saws are designed for sawing materials to a given size, most often. by thickness they can be bought in Penza and under other names. band saws or band saws. Band saws, due to its high efficiency, quality and accuracy of cutting, are widely used in logging industry for primary wood processing (log sawing), procurement of metal products, metal profile cutting. Also, because of its curvilinear-cutting capability, band saws are used in furniture industry, woodworking shops and in carpentry.

Design and functioning principle of band saws

Structurally, band saw machines consist of a frame (body) in which the electric motor and the roller mechanism (pulleys) are fixed. Metal blade is put on pulleys. It is a continuous band, the cutting part of which is usually made up of sharpened teeth. Some blades are made without teeth, in this case the cutting is done by the friction of the working part of the blade (its end face) against the material or by electrical influence. Number of pulleys may be two to four. pulleys make the machine more compact, with the possibility to place a long cutting blade. Cutting blade must be properly tensioned to run the machine. This can be done manually or by a hydraulic tensioning system. The latter option increases the cost of the machines, but makes them easier to operate. You can check the accuracy of the saw tensioning with a strain gauge.

Almost all models of industrial band saws operate on three-phase network (380 V). Some types of equipment can be connected to single-phase power supply (220V), they are designed exclusively for domestic use, have small size and weight, the area of their application is limited.

The choice of the band saw is mainly determined by the conditions of its operation. Besides that, when choosing a sawing equipment, pay attention to such parameters as:

Description of band saws

Two rotating wheels that support the band are on the frame. They are driven by an electric motor. The cutting band is fixed by two rollers and a stop next to the work table and can be adjusted. The size of the teeth on the saw blade depends on the size of the machine and the type of operation, in the same way as in manual saws. Teeth are sharpened to the shape of a universal profile.

Soldering with copper solder is used to close the strip of cutter blade into a ring, this is how the ends are fastened together and the place of the break is connected when repairs are made. Factory soldering is done by electric welding, small workshops use a torch or special pliers.

Varieties of units

From the hacksaw blade the band saw blade differs in size in length and is made in the form of a ring, but in appearance they do not differ in an open state. Toothed strips are used in metal or wood band saws, they are used in meat and fish production for cutting carcasses, in industry foam concrete, mineral insulation material, foam plastic and other construction materials are cut with their help.

The toothless band saw principle is applied in the same way as the circular saws. There are also teeth on the saw blade, but their shape promotes heating of the workpiece rather than cutting. The heat generation in this case increases the productivity of the machine. Cutting blades in friction saws are made in thicknesses of 0.6 to 1.7 mm, with widths from 6 to 26 mm.

Electrospark action saws are used for cutting workpieces with a thickness of 150-400 mm, which cannot be processed with circular saws due to their pitch and diameter which cause high runout.

Material types for blades

For cutting wood, saw blades made of high-carbon steels, carbide-tipped blades and bimetal blades are the most commonly used. The bimetallic version uses a flexible blade and hard teeth, for which two types of metal are used. The base of the strip is made of springy material, to which a tool high-speed wire is welded by means of electron-beam welding, from which a toothed profile is subsequently milled.

Blades of universal application and special saws used for particular steels are produced. Area of use is selected based on tooth parameters:

For cutting of large workpieces blades with big teeth are used, especially for processing of metal sheets of considerable size blades with enlarged elements are used. To avoid run-out and resonance phenomena, teeth of different sizes are mounted on the same strip (variable pitch).

The hardness of the cutting elements depends on this steel. The most commonly used metal for making teeth is M42 (this indicates a Vickers hardness of 950). To work tool steel, this is not enough, so it is necessary to take the hardness of M71 teeth (100 Vickers), works of medium complexity require hardness M51.

The geometric shape is determined by the sharpening angle and the profile of the cutting element. To cut a section (channel, angle, T-beam, I-beam, pipe) to size, it is necessary to form teeth with reinforced backs. This is dictated by the special shape of the profile, which causes shock and vibration when cutting, leading to chipping and cracking. To cut tough stainless steel or other similar materials, the teeth are made sharp, with a considerable space between them.

Depending on the size and mass of the material to be cut, the setting of the cutting elements is adjusted. For example, to prevent crushing when cutting solid solid material, bands on the saw are used with an alternation of narrow and wide set.

Saw types depending on the material to be worked

The next division into categories is made according to the material of processing:

Working with hard materials (metal, stone) is carried out with a tool where the saw blade is reinforced with high-strength teeth made of appropriate alloys. The wrong choice of blade leads to its tear and damage of edges on the workpiece. Before buying a saw determine the front of further work.

Top 10 Best Models

The rating includes both floor and table band saws, which are the most sold, are safe, have many features and are inexpensive.

Metabo bas 261 precision

The wood band saw produces an excellent quality of cut, with three steel rollers for reliable operation. Equipped with a cast-iron bed with a swivel-tilt table that allows for tilted sawing. Has a low noise and vibration level during operation, which increases comfort. Belt change is quick and without tools. LED-lighting for comfortable and precise work. A vacuum cleaner can be connected to the machine to remove swarf from the table.

Jet jwbs 9x

Inexpensive band saw wins top marks thanks to its excellent woodworking results. Its disadvantage is a weak power, but it does not interfere with the work. Minimal vibration thanks to belt drive. The thickness of the workpiece is 2 cm. The band saw is easy to operate and set up before each job. Features a thumb screw for quick tension adjustment of the saw blade. The work area is illuminated by a lamp for comfortable work in a poorly lit room. Graduated scale available for sawing the workpiece at the right angle.

band, metal, made

Metabo bas 318 precision wnb

Wood band saw for sawmill has two cutting speeds: 410 and 880 meters per minute. It is equipped with a powerful motor that cuts through even hardwood quickly and smoothly, without jerking. Noise level is low, almost no vibration, and protection against restarting is available. Equipped with a drawer to collect sawdust, which reduces the time for cleaning the workplace. Features double-clamping stops, graduated, metric and guide scale. Equipped with a LED light for high precision. The saw blade can be changed quickly thanks to the quick-release lever.

Einhell tc sb 200 1

The table saw can cut not only wood but also metal and plastic. Thanks to its small size, it takes up little space in the room, so this model is often chosen for private workshops. Equipped with a powerful motor that guarantees a long life span. Equipped with a pusher to ensure safety when cutting wood. Equipped with vibration damper which evenly distributes the vibration throughout the body. Thanks to the tilting workplace, it is possible to produce any shape of workpiece. The machine is activated by means of two buttons. The body is protected against corrosion, which extends its service life.

Jet jwbs 10

Wood band saw is equipped with 600 W motor, so it is used in sawmills, furniture mills and in home woodworking. High speed, so you can easily cut through hardwood. Able to make precise and thin kerf cuts, for which it is popular. Equipped with a magnifying glass and a millimeter rule for precise working. Strongly supported on four legs. Access to internal mechanisms via wing screw.

Makita lb1200f

The Japanese band saw is equipped with a long cord of 2.5 meters, so you don’t have to look for a place for it near the socket. For convenience, there is a nozzle for a vacuum cleaner, which reduces the cleaning time. Is not cheap because of its high quality construction and materials, which means it will last for several years without failures. Powerful motor, protected against overheating and overload. Shaped cut of wood is a special feature of this saw. Working table can be tilted in either direction up to 45 degrees. There is a spotlighting of the working area. If something goes wrong the machine can be stopped by pressing a button.

Proma PP-250 25601250

Small band saw is designed for sawing plastic and wood products. It has a swiveling stop for convenient sawing at an angle. Equipped with an economical electric motor that does not require regular maintenance. Cleaner hose attachment on the housing. Dull band saw blade is easy to replace without tools.

Enkor Korvet 31M 90311

The Russian band saw requires little space and is easy to move, thanks to its small dimensions and weight of 17 kilos. Working table is made of aluminum, has an additional extension for sawing long workpieces and tilts up to 45 degrees. This saw is designed for making quick cuts in wood.

Zubr Zpl-350-190

Another inexpensive Russian band saw is included in the rating because of the powerful motor and high-quality wood sawing. This table model is used in small private workshops and at summer cottage. Transporter scale on the pivoting stop for precise cuts. The maximum speed of the band saw is 882 m / min. Holes in the saw stand help keep it firmly in place at the workstation.

Enkor Corvette-35 90350

This expensive band saw has two saw blade speeds. Thanks to the table tilted by up to 45 degrees, it is possible to make complex shape cuts. The machine can be connected to a vacuum cleaner to keep the workplace clean and tidy. Equipped with a parallel stop that makes it possible to saw several identical pieces of the same size without pre-sawing, saving time and increasing productivity.

Tooth setting

Unfolding is when the teeth are bent one by one: one to the right, one in the center, one to the left, and so on. the further they slope, the more power required by the motor, the wider the kerf and the less friction between saw and material, and therefore, the lower the overheating of the machine.

Bandsaw for Metall How To Make

Proper setting extends saw life, gives a smooth cut, reduces saw blade vibration and noise. Metal band saw blades need to be sharpened each time after finishing work or as they become dull. The dumber the saw, the poorer the quality of work and the higher the motor power requirement. Tooth blades are sharpened using special machines with abrasive blades.

Situations where it’s necessary to do tapering:

  • Switching to summer or winter mode. In winter the pitch of the tines should be up to 90 degrees, in summer such a high pitch is undesirable.
  • If teeth are damaged.
  • For cutting certain metal.

When working with hard metal, such as steel, blades with large teeth are chosen. Soft metal, such as aluminum, is processed with a tape with a fine tooth, otherwise its large edges will make uneven. The tooth pitch is variable and rhythmic, the former is suitable for cutting thick pipes and the latter for thin work.

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