What is a gaykowert for. Fundamental criteria for choosing a gaykort: what to pay attention to?

Electric Gaykowert (choice and operation)

The tool of not too wide profile, but an indispensable assistant in performing certain types of work, the Gaikovert can become a real salvation when it comes to working with threaded connections. How this tool works, for what work is suitable and whether in everyday life is necessary, we will figure out this article.

The main distinguishing feature of all electrical nuts, determines the type of operation of the device. These tools can be shock or unstressed (impulse). The shock electric gaykoVert has a higher torque and is used in works where the maximum rotation force is needed. Models with the shock mechanism will cope much more efficiently with the tightening of large fasteners or with unscrewing the “boiled” nuts than models with a pulsed mechanism. Unstressed gaykortes are better suited for small nuts with dimensions from M10 to M16 or in works that do not allow the stress principle of exposure. There are models that combine both of these modes, but their price is an order of magnitude higher.

According to the principle of operation, the electric gaykowert has some similarity with an electric screwdriver, although it has a number of significant differences. If you compare the shock drill with the same gaywort, the latter will differ in a significantly increased torque moment. The strikes of the Gaykowert are in the direction of rotation, when they are directed along the drill along the axis of the tool. If we compare the battery gycover and an electric screwdriver for the duration of the work, then the charge of the Gaykowert will run out many times faster due to increased current consumption. If you want to know in more detail how the electrical screwdriver differs from the Gaykowert, on our website a suitable article.

There are several mechanisms of shock gaybortes: Rocking Dog, Pin Clutch, Pin Less and Double Hammer. These elements have a direct impact on the power, quality and price of the tool. When choosing an electric gaykovert, it is useful to know by what principle it works.

Rocking Dog. Has a simple device with a minimum of details. Quite noisy in work, but with a good power supply. This mechanism is less prone to wear and can last a long time even in inexpensive models.
Pin Clutch is one of the most common mechanisms of electrical gaycroverts. Consists of many small details, the quality of which directly affects the life of the tool. Has low power indicators and minimal vibration. If you want to purchase a gaykowert with this mechanism, look towards the proven brands, as its details can easily become unusable.
Pin Less. A simple and quiet mechanism with acceptable return. In terms of power, it holds a middle ground between Rocking Dog and Pin Clutch. Has a single shock mechanism, which provides higher reliability and long life of the tool.
Double Hammer. A mechanism with a strong design and the highest torque. It is used mainly in production, where the tool can be in working mode for hours. Suitable for professional use than in everyday life.

Pay Attention

How to choose a gycover for tire fitting

Choosing an effective tool for unscrewing the wheelset, first of all, you should decide on the dimensions of cars on which it will be used. Passenger cars have enough shock gaykwert with a torque of 200 Newton per meter, SUVs need a little more-300-400 Nm, and trucks are suitable for a tool with minimum 600 nm.

Few people often want to repair their gaykort, and on the basis of this, everyone is trying to choose a more reliable and persistent tool for damage. The leaders in this industry are pneumatic and manual gaybortes. Followed by network and battery. The quality of the device largely depends on the manufacturer. Cheap Chinese pneumonskover can break faster than battery makita or aeg. It is better to familiarize yourself with the reviews and the history of the brand in advance than to constantly repair a bad tool.

The independence of the tool from connecting to a network or compressors is a certain plus, but if the scope is limited to 10-20 meters, then stationary models will be a more suitable option. For active work in the garage or automatic cash, pneumatic and network gaywortens are ideal, as they do not require constant replacement of the battery. It will be best to take on a long road, battery or more reliable, but less fast “meat grinder”.

Determining which gaykovert to choose for tire fitting, we all sooner or later come to the issue of the price of this device. If we consider a pneumatic tool with a storage margin for passenger tire fitting, the average price tag of all models is 6500. A compressor suitable for this tool costs an average of 10,000. Total, a working tool with a hose and a lubricator, will stand at 18-20 thousand. A decent figure, but the reliability of the tool and the efficiency of work, compensate for this drawback. A network tool, for the same goals, will cost much cheaper in 5-6 tons.P, and battery in 7-8. The manual gaykovert will not be considered here, since it is more suitable for massive connections, and on cars instead you can use a regular cylinder key easily.

In a car service where the mobility of the instrument does not play a serious role, the best option would be a pneumatic gaykoVert. For domestic conditions in the absence of a compressor, the optimal choice will be a network or battery. On long distances, drivers of heavy equipment, come in handy manual or a good battery gaykoVERT.

Duration of work

Almost every Gaikover on the battery has a very limited working hours. Compared to the same electric screwdriver, a gaykowert with a similar battery is discharged much faster, since the tool itself consumes many times more electricity.

The average operating time of the battery of the stressed guest, varies from 10 to 20 minutes of continuous torsion with load. The duration of the work depends on the voltage and battery capacity, as well as on the power of the tool itself. For example: the charge of the SPARKY Gaykowert with a voltage of 12 V and a capacity of 2.0 ampere hours, is enough to unscrew about 20 nuts with M12 threads before the tool is completely discharged.

Tight or unscrewed fasteners, is also an important factor affecting the rate of discharge. If you tear rusted nuts or drive screws with hexagonal heads into wood, the battery will run out many times faster than from twisting on clean carving.

Network or battery gayword. Which one to choose?

Battery models are characterized by more mass, but they are truly mobile. A similar gaykort can be taken everywhere, not worrying that there is no electric outlet nearby. Such a gaykorte from nickel-cadmium or lithium-ion batteries operates. The latter are considered environmentally friendly, at present they are most often equipped with batteries.

Network devices for twisting nuts have a low weight, in their power they are usually “stronger” by their batteries. In addition, the price of them is in most cases lower. But all these advantages are leveled by the fact that without a network of electric current they will not function. True, network models are easy to power from the car battery using a special adapter.

It seems that now you will be able to choose the gaykowert you need, which is suitable for housework and garage.

How to choose the right gaykovert

Distinguish between mechanical, electrical and pneumatic nuts, they can also be considered gasoline, however, due to their massiveness, it is impossible to call them a manual tool. It is the mechanical models that are most popular today, due to their low cost and sufficient efficiency. However, if you approach the repair of cars professionally, you can not do without an electric wiring or battery tool.

Depending on how much the threaded connections should be tightened on your car, you should choose an angular or straight electrical electrical guinovive vehicle for trucks. They differ in the location of the rotating handle, which is installed in the rear or side. Pneumatic instruments are also with the angular position of the head, which can not be said about the mechanical version, the latter should rest with a special foot into the next nut, which can only be direct.


This parameter determines the level of tool performance. It is associated with the number of shocks, due to the growth of which the degree of vibration is reduced. High maximum speed is important for industrial models. For a household tool, the presence of a gearbox with the ability to control the speeds is valued.

Hydraulic gaywo verses: which one to choose?

Hydraulic type devices also have their own varieties. Distinguish between pitch and cassette hydraulic gaycroverts. The universal gayworms, also called hydraulic keys, are used in cases where an effort must be made to carry out installation measures, for example, when the fasteners are covered with rust. The use of a hydraulic drive allows you to make efforts that cannot be created when using gayworts of other types. The presence of support and spare parts for uniform nuts can significantly expand the functionality of this device, as well as repair it in case of emergency breakdown.

The use of cassette hydraulic gaycroverts is relevant when it is necessary to process connections in hard.To.Reach places. This is due to the features of the structure of cassette models, the main of which is a flat shape and a relatively small diameter, which makes free access to hard.To.Reach compounds possible. Cassette.Type tools are equipped with a reverse and antivarious latch. The production of hydraulic gydraulic gayworms is made using high.Strength steel equipped with anti.Corrosion protection, and lightweight aviation alloys were used to produce hydraulic cylinders.

How to use a pneumatic stroke

This tool is mainly used when working with cars and assembling massive structures. However, in contrast, for example, a wireless gayworte, a pneumatic model for work requires a connected air supply system, so that this type is not particularly mobility. But using the pneumatic gaywortet is quite simple, even if you are a newcomer, you just need to follow certain steps:

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Things that you need and preparation for work

You will need an air supply system. Air supply system. This is an air compressor that supplies air to the pistol along the tube connecting the air compressor hose to the gun. It is worth reading the instructions, namely the information about the speed of air supply (m/s) and the value of the pressure necessary for the operation.

With a larger tank of the air compressor, the tool time will be much larger than a compressor with a small tank.

If you used the compressor earlier, you know that there is water inside it, and that it is supplied with compressed air and enters the gun when it works. You will also need a water filter and a bowl with butter.

The water filter passes only a dry air flow and after passing the air flow through a water filter all water evaporates. At the same time, the air flow, passing through the bowl, takes the oil, carries it to the gun and lubricates it for better operation of the tool.

The correct hose is also needed. Its length will depend on the distance at which you will use the Gaikovert from the compressor.

Mechanics lessons. Reded life to their Gaykowert

Many articles have been written about the pneumatic tool, about its advantages, device, features of operation. As a rule, the information presented in them is limited to general information and recommendations. In this article, we will try to tell in detail about the features of the preparation of the air line and the main errors made by users.

So you have acquired a pneumatic tool. What needs to be done so that the tool serves for a long time and operates according to the characteristics declared by the manufacturer, and what should not be done in any case?

It is clear that the pneumatic instrument works on the energy of compressed air. But what are the basic requirements for this air?

The amount of air should be sufficient for the full operation of the tool.

Carefully read the instructions of the product you purchased. The manufacturer necessarily indicates such an important parameter as the average cyclic air flow rate. As a rule, the pneumatic engine is quite “voracious”. The compressor that you use must have sufficient performance, and its receiver should be large enough so that the tool does not “blow” it in several tens of seconds. For example, an attempt to use a gaykowert with an average cyclic flow rate of 120l per minute together with a household compressor with a 24l receiver volume will not lead to anything good. And the compressor with a 50 liter adversary is hardly allowed to fully use the Gaikovert. It will be enough for a few seconds of normal work. After that, the pressure in the system will fall, and the Gaikovert will not develop the required effort. Also, monthly inclusions of the compressor working at the limit of the capabilities will lead to its Skirma wear and failure.

Next, attention should be paid to pipes, hoses, adapters and other elements of the system through which the air will go to the tool. It is important that the channel’s rottenance is sufficient throughout the pneumatic line. Narrowing will limit the amount of air supplied, and the tool will work for half. It is desirable that the channel’s rottenance is no less than the diameter of the input hole of the fitting through which the air enters the tool.

Pressure in the system. Most manufacturers of pneumomechanical tools recommend setting pressure in the system of 6.2 kg/cm². If the pressure is lower, the tool will not issue the required power. Too high pressure will lead to premature wear of the main nodes and the failure of the tool.

How to properly set pressure using a regulator? Attach the tool to the pneumoline. Using a regulator and manometer, set the pressure in the system of 6.2 kg/cm². Click the tool to turn on the tool, the tool should work in idle mode. When the tool is turned on, set the pressure in the system 6.2 kg/cm².

Air quality. The air should not have extraneous impurities that can damage the tool. When the air is compressed inside the receiver, condensate falls. With strong compressor wear, oil also enters the receiver. Mixing with condensate moisture, the oil forms an emulsion, which enters the pneumatic motor through the pneumoline and causes corrosion of its parts.

In practice, I have repeatedly faced with gaykover entering the service center, the inside of which was filled with water and rust. It seemed that the Gaikovert drowned in a swamp for at least a year. Surprises how in such conditions he was able to work for so long.

The filter-detector allows you to solve the problem of air purification. A “net” of foamed bronze is installed inside the filter. Passing through it, the air gives moisture and other impurities, they settled in the sump. The filter case, as a rule, is made of transparent material, which allows you to track the number of accumulated contaminants. The valve in the lower part of the sump is designed to remove them. It happens that in the presence of strong contaminants, the bronze filter element clogs and cannot provide the required air passage speed. A typical symptom will be a drop in the power of the tool. After starting, the engine begins to work at the proper speed due to the air of the accumulated in the hose, but after a couple of seconds it slows down, t.To. The filter does not let air in the required volume. Remove the filter housing and rinse the filter element in the solvent, blow it with air. If this did not help, the filtering element will have to be replaced. They must have in the assortment of companies that supply pneumatic tools and elements of the pneumatic preparation system.

Lubrication of pneumatic engine.

Lubrication plays a decisive role when it comes to the operation and the resource of a pneumomechanical tool. Oil not only reduces friction between moving parts of the motor. Its main role is the removal of wear products. During friction of the rotor blades, the smallest dust forms on the cylinder wall. It fills the miniature gaps between the grooves of the rotor and the blades. The blades stop moving freely, and the motor loses power. I will reveal a little secret. When an instrument that does not develop power enters our service, an experienced mechanic fills the motor cavity with penetrating lubricant, introducing it through the airflow fitting, and leaves the tool for several hours. Lubrication lenses pollution from the clades of the motor. After that, you need to smell the tool with compressed air, and it is again ready for use. In almost half of cases, this technique is triggered.

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