What is better a jigsaw or a sabre saw

Circular saws

Circular saw is used for precise and long cuts of wood and all types of materials based on it, and in the presence of special circular saw blades saw can easily cope with sawing plastic, non-ferrous metals and aluminum alloy profiles. This tool is used in all phases of construction, from cutting planks to carpentry and furniture work.

Interskol DP-190/1600M circular saw

Circular saws differ in the diameter of the disc that can be installed on the saw, as well as the diameter of the seating hole. In everyday life, saws with a working diameter of the disc, usually from 120 to 250 mm, and with a mounting hole of 16, 20, 22, 30, 32 mm are used. Some sizes are more common (e.g. 165/20, 185/20, 210/30 mm) and some less common. Make sure you can buy the right size at any time and find it easily.


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Brushless circular saw BKS 18BL (AEG).

Leroy Merlin


Greenworks G24CS 24 V Cordless Circular Saw (9 690 )


For accurate and precise sawing the circular saw is equipped with a laser cut line indicator, a guide plate and marks. DeWALT DCS391N cordless circular saw, 18 V, 165 mm (11 735 )


For cutting longitudinal grooves, the circular saw, which is equipped with special adjustable slotting saw blades for this operation, is an excellent choice.


Makita HS301DZ compact cordless circular saw (5 600 )

Circular saws give the highest precision when cutting wood. Perhaps the indispensable tool for construction work, with which you can make longitudinal cuts, making boards of the desired width. For longitudinal sawing of thick beams and logs high tool power is required, so do not skimp on this characteristic if the volume of work is large. It’s better to choose a model with a power reserve (1 500-2 000 W) than to burn the tool in the midst of work. for work with thermoplastic materials it is desirable that the circular saw has a regulator of speed (thermoplastic materials are cut at low speed).

Zubr ZPD-2000 circular saw

Blades are available for different types of wood and for rough or precise work. The diameter of the blade determines the maximum cutting depth, which is about 30-40% of its value. It is necessary to choose the tool so that the maximum depth of penetration is sufficient for cutting thick boards. Therefore, let’s say, saws with a disc diameter of 130 mm and a cutting depth of 42 mm will not be suitable for cutting thick boards (50 mm). On the other hand, such models are very handy for work due to its compactness and low weight (mass of such a saw can be 2.5 kg, and the weight of the saw with a disc 210 mm. to be more than 5 kg). It might make sense to equip yourself with two models of circular saws with bigger and smaller circular saw blades diameters if you have a lot of work to do. Fortunately the cost of circular saws is not very high: for 4-5 ths. you can buy a tool of quite good quality.

For cutting boards with great precision, use the removable guide rails, which in some models are included with the saws, and sometimes purchased separately. With a large amount of such works it makes sense to buy a sawing machine, good thing you can now find models for quite reasonable money. So, the machine models “Interskol”, Ryobi, Bosch, Einhell are available for 10-25 thousand dollars.

What is good about saber saw?

This unit is simple and understandable for any user who has at least some experience with power tools. Long body, pistol grip handle, handshake, a couple of switches, working blade nothing new. Even a beginner easily understands what is what and can easily find a decent use for the multifunctional machine.

In fact, saber saw is an analogue of the familiar hand hacksaw, it is even sometimes called electric hacksaw. The principle of operation of this tool is the same as that of the jigsaw, no wonder they are very often compared. To be fair, the sabre was developed a couple of decades earlier (1927) and became the ancestor of the jigsaw. The working blade makes reciprocating movements and the teeth select material is cutting. In its time, the invention of the pendulum stroke was revolutionary, which greatly increased the efficiency of the saw. About it a little later.

Skeptics say that the sabre saw can be easily replaced by any other cutting tool, grinder, jigsaw or a set of all sorts of saws. But is it true??

First, a saber saw is a truly universal unit, which is useful for a carpenter, plumber, roofer, finisher, both at the amateur and at the professional level. It can cut wood, wood with metal elements, steel, nonferrous metals, stone, plastic, foam blocks, composites, ceramics, glass. you just need to choose a right tool blade. We have a complete omnivorousness.

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Second, this tool has a very good longitudinal layout. The narrow elongated gearbox and long blade allow you to fit in very limited space. Imagine if you need to saw a pipe or a beam flush to a wall, neither a circular saw, angle grinder or a jigsaw (with its short saw blade, wide support platform and closely spaced body) will help you here.

Thirdly, sabre saws are excellent for overhead work, including work on pieces of any shape, angles, boards, bars, tubing, and rolled sections. For the same reason the tool is very productively used for pruning trees (landscape architecture), when you need to accurately clear the crown, saw a large branch.

Fourth, with good maneuverability the thin-blade sabre saw helps to make curved cuts. Cutting curved details from sheet metal, rounding workpieces, making complex constructions are no problem, especially as there is usually a support shoe, albeit not a big one.

Fifth, a sabre saw is indispensable for demolition work. It is very fast for sawing out old window frames, cutting out apertures, taking apart a steel heating. The ability of the sabre saw to cut a wooden bar together with the nails or screws hammered into it is really worth a lot.

Sixth, this tool is much safer than plate, circular and chain saws. When working with a saber saw there is not so much dust, no need to fear sparks, dross, overheating of the workpiece.

Milwaukee 6538-21 15 Amp Super Sawzall

Seventh, these saws are unpretentious in maintenance, they last a very long time.

Those who could not make friends with the saber saw, complain about the two-handedness of the device, the lack of a supporting roller and a full-fledged platform (the withdrawal of the blade). Disadvantages of these nuances can be called conditionally, after all, it is not a jigsaw saber solves a much wider range of problems.

Professional or consumer sabre saw

If the use of the saw will be limited to domestic tasks from time to time, it is better to choose a tool designed for domestic use. Models of the “hobby” class from well-known manufacturers are not inferior in quality. They have a set of all the necessary options, as well as being lightweight and well-priced.

The only thing to consider is that such models are not designed for continuous long-term use, so they are not suitable for a large amount of work.

What Can You Do With a Jigsaw? A Lot! | WOODWORKING BASICS

Professional will be needed only for those who plan to use this tool regularly for a long time. Manufacturers have provided in the complete set of such devices a lot of additional options that simplify the sawing, increase productivity.


Additional parameters that require attention when choosing

The quality of the tool depends on these parameters:

  • If the saw blade is well connected to the rod, the blade should not dangle.
  • The less vibration, the more comfortable it will be to work with the saw, and fatigue from work will not come so soon. It is very good if the saw is equipped with a special balancer that dampens vibrations from vibration.
  • Too much noise when working may indicate poor build. The less noise you make when you plug it in, the better.
  • Quality units from well-known manufacturers usually have a power cord with a length of at least 3 meters. The shorter the length of the cord, the more often you will have to use a special carrier, which allows you to turn on the saw at a considerable distance from the outlet.
  • If you choose from a category of more expensive models designed for professional use, be sure that it will be comfortable in your hands.

Sabre saw specifications

Testimonial: Bosch GSA 1100E. Large jigsaw (comparing the saber saw and other varieties of similar tools)

I worked all day yesterday with a sabre saw. My brother came to visit in the country and brought his sabre saw Bosch. He has been telling me about the pluses of saber saws for over 5 years, he has cut through a lot of trees, pipes and cement blocks. I spent the whole day sawing two large apple trees, and the small items of wood and boards and some metal.

What pluses I found in this unit:1. You can use it in places where you can’t use a chainsaw or a circular saw. Because the blade bends, you can even saw at an angle. It’s very useful when you cut a tree with strong bindings and not all branches need to be cut, but some of them need to be thinned out. This saw is very useful for uprooting, unlike the chain saw it is not afraid of the earth, and unlike the disk saw it has an oblong body and will not require digging a huge trench around the tree.

Requires minimal maintenance, no oil, the saw blade can be sharpened, but this is required much less often than a chain saw. The vast majority of saber saws are powered by electricity, there are cordless models, but they are expensive and since the element of such a saw is the garden and work in and around the house, autonomy from electricity is not required. Here appears another advantage, unlike a tool that runs on gasoline with this saw can work comfortably indoors and not to choke on exhaust fumes.3. Durability and quality. Device of the saw is pretty simple, with normal care, even a budget model will last a long time, and this particular model from Bosch practically forever. Of the additional costs here can only be the purchase of new blades, the price tag of which starts from 100 4. The saw is comfortable enough and relatively lightweight 3.9 kg. It is comfortable enough to climb up the lean-to ladder and saw branches. 5. Versatile, for this saw there are many different saws that are designed for wood, plastic, metal, stone. Depending on your needs you can quickly change the blade and saw the desired material. I was comfortable to saw the branches up to 100 mm, the maximum was to saw the trunk 300mm but it was a circular saw with a call from the different sides. Easily handled one-inch metal pipe with a wall thickness of about 1 mm. 6. Relatively safe unlike a chainsaw or circular saw, but it too can cause serious damage to your health if you really want to, so be careful, follow safety precautions.7. A long electric wire of about 1.2m. No need for an extension cord when working near a power outlet, unlike most chain saws.

But there are still some drawbacks:1. for this unit is obviously overpriced, given that the range of work carried out by such a tool is very limited, and the device is fairly simple I think the price is greatly overpaid for the brand.2. You can not work with such a saw for a long time, there is a strong vibration, especially if the blade is clamped under the bend of the material. My muscles are sore right now after yesterday, and I know it’s probably just from the lack of habit, but I know I shouldn’t work every day. 3. As with a jigsaw, after you release the button the saw continues to work at reduced speed for another 5 seconds. I also really do not like the latch button located directly on the trigger, and I had a few times the saw continued to work even though I let go of the trigger. I guess you can adjust to it, but it seemed VERY INSECURE to me, when choosing a saber for myself, I’ll definitely look for that would be a latch by itself.4. Limited use. In my opinion it is optimal to cut with a saber saw trees up to 200mm thick, thick logs can of course also be cut, but to do this you must have access to the trunk from all sides and after a cut of 100mm the blade begins to clamp and you need a second person who will unbend the tree. The saber saw’s element is branches, boards, not thick metal and concrete or aerated concrete blocks, very handy for uprooting trees. Cutting firewood with this saw is unlikely because it would be very physically demanding.

To summarize, I can say that the sabre saw is not a bad tool to keep every person who has a garden. It is very unlikely that I would buy this particular model as it is, in my opinion, unreasonably expensive and has an unsafe lock on the trigger itself, there are newer models lighter in weight, lower in price and with additional features (such as pendulum stroke). Good luck with the sabre saw, take care of your hands, you will need them yet.

Jigsaw and circular saw, which is better and how to use it?? Comparison. Bosch tools. saber saw.

Comparison of sabre saw and jigsaw in use. Jigsaw, or sabre saw? What’s better? A sabre saw is a sabre saw! Jigsaw is a jigsaw! The sabre saw is a multifunctional power tool that is analogous to a hand saw, but much more convenient and efficient in operation. The saber saw is not only for professional craftsmen, but also for those who are far from this field. Thanks to this tool, it is possible to quickly, and most importantly, qualitatively perform almost any work associated with cutting material Saber saw. it is a multifunctional equipment, which in appearance resembles a drill. Has an elongated body with a handle and work button at forefinger level. To provide protection when using the tool, there are fuses on it to protect it from accidental button presses. The device is also equipped with a special cutting blade that moves straight, capable of performing pendulum-like actions (on some models). According to its operating principle and according to tasks, which will be described below, saber saw can be compared to a commonplace hacksaw. Electric jigsaw The electric jigsaw is a hand-held power tool for cutting various materials with a reciprocating motion of the saw blade. The first electric jigsaw was created in 1946 by Albert Kaufmann, an engineer at Scintilla AG (Switzerland). The jigsaw is a compact electric hand tool for cutting wood, metal, plastic and other materials. It is equipped with a file that reciprocates. Thanks to its low cost and ability to perform a wide range of works, this tool is widely used for household purposes, but it can also be found in the arsenal of professional builders engaged in the implementation of repairs. Carpenters and joiners don’t use it much because of its poor cutting precision. Band saws, mitre saws and circular saws are vastly superior to jigsaws and scroll saws in performance and precision.

What type of saw do I need for which job?

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In fact, “Sabre” is an electric hacksaw, which appeared back in 1927 (of course, not in the same form as now). Designed for sawing wooden and some metal materials, which perfectly copes with. Narrow and long tool shape allows you to work in the tightest spaces. In addition, when selecting the right blade, “Sabre” cuts stone, ceramic, foam blocks, some composites, plastic and glass. Small jigsaws are handy for working on weight.

The sabre saw and jigsaw can be called distant cousins. They are similar in many ways, but at the same time they are opposites, complementing each other. That’s why many come to the question: “What is the best choice??”. One of the main differences is that the jigsaw allows you to cut oval, round and wavy profiles, while the Sabre is only available in rectangular. In addition, the jigsaw produces more precise cuts, while the rival is a kind of “destroyer”, compensating sloppiness with speed. Obviously, both mechanisms have advantages over one another, so it is wrong to say that one is better than the other.

But when combining these two devices, perhaps we get something special. Let’s finally find out how to assemble this indispensable household tool by ourselves.

What are we dealing with?

Many people can’t figure out which is better. a saber saw or an electric saw. It all depends on the nature of the work, capabilities and additional equipment. First, when sawing wood or metal structures with a saber saw, you will not have the problem of hard to reach and sparks. Secondly, the latter, do not appear at all when working with such a saw, and you thereby seriously protect your workplace and your body parts from damage and contamination.

differences in operation and features

An electric jigsaw cuts material through the reciprocating motion of the saw blade, which should be selected according to the work to be done. Some types of tools allow you to adjust the oscillation forward and backward to achieve less overheating of the cutting blade and a smoother cut. The jigsaw allows making a cut both vertically and at an angle, and the thickness of material that can be sawn depends directly on the length of the saw.

Circular saw makes the cut with a toothed disc. It is necessary to hold this tool with two hands, unlike the previous one. Most circular saw manufacturers make it possible to mount the tool with the blade upwards and thereby turn it into a small machine. It can be used both perpendicular to the material plane and at different angles. Depth of cut is regulated by repositioning of the saw platform and normally does not exceed 85 millimeters.

Before you buy one of these tools, it is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with their most important advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of the jigsaw

  • Small size and weight allowing you to hold it with one hand
  • Quick saw blade change
  • Ability to make cuts from any section of material by pre-drilling the hole
  • Cutting into a variety of shapes


  • Saw blade overheating leads to a significant deterioration in cut quality and a slight wavy cut
  • Unable to set the cutting depth
  • Saw blades wear out quickly

Advantages of the circular saw

  • Long blade life
  • Ideal for materials that require a longitudinal or crosscut
  • Able to perform large amounts of work without having to stop to cool down
  • Greatly increased productivity because of the ability to mount the saw blade upward
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