What is better for sawing laminate without chipping

Features of the process of cutting laminate flooring

When you start to install laminate flooring, you need to know not only how to cut the laminate at home, but also how to use the right tools. Among the main determining points concerning the peculiarities of working with laminate, the following can be noted:

  • You should not use too much force when cutting laminate flooring;
  • In case of a poor-quality cut, the board should be laid with the damaged side under the baseboard;
  • to obtain a perfect cut, the workpiece should be placed backside down when working with an angle grinder and circular saw, or backside up when working with an electric jigsaw;
  • Before cutting, check the calculations several times, so as not to spoil the materials;
  • Perform shaped cuts should be made using a template to measure the curves, gluing construction adhesive tape to the place of the kerf.

Let’s arm ourselves with an electric jigsaw

It is good if you have a jigsaw at home that is equipped with a file for wooden surfaces.

Using this tool is the best option.

Before sawing we mark the cut line with a pencil and then use a knife or an awl to cut through the foil of the laminate flooring. Now clamp the board tightly (face down).

The rotational speed of the power tool should be high. Try to saw smoothly enough, without jerking the jigsaw, so that no chips occur. If you get the hang of it, you can cut the laminate boards quickly and accurately. And a good result is obtained when sawing both along and across the board. It seems that the answer to the question of the best way to saw laminate flooring is clear. with the jigsaw of course.

The planks are made as rectangular lamellas with a multi-layer structure consisting of pressed paper layers impregnated with resin. The surface of the boards is covered with a thin film of resin to protect it from damage and negative influences. Under the protection is a colored layer, which forms a pattern that recreates the natural wood of wenge, cherry, oak, walnut and others. After that follows a stabilizing layer of particleboard, which gives the flooring rigidity and strength, and the last, melamine, provides the flooring with protection against moisture. As a result, the thickness of the finished laminate flooring is 6-12 cm. When cutting such coatings, a neat edge is important, as uneven chips will have to be corrected at the cost of several centimeters of laminate. This can lead to the need to replace damaged flooring modules with new ones. Then what is the best way to cut the laminate flooring when installing it??

Tools for cutting laminate flooring

Properly connect the panels is half the battle, but you need to evenly cut the lamellae to fit the area of the room. If this is not done, the staggered order of the flooring will be disrupted and the floor will cease to look attractive. This will require professional tools, but not everyone has the skills to work with such devices.

What to cut the laminate flooring with:

  • Construction knife
  • Saws
  • Electric jigsaw
  • angle grinder
  • Circular saw
  • A laminate panel cutting machine

This is the easiest tool in the arsenal of the home craftsman. Small files are good for making small cuts to match the laminate flooring to the wall projections. Cutting laminate along the width with a hacksaw will take time, and trying to cut along will not only take time, but also effort. Using a construction knife results in a sloppy cut. If there is no other tool available, make sure that the knife you have is sharp. Cut lamellae with a knife should be strictly under the ruler, after that the laminate should be broken.

If the knife is not suitable, then what is used for sawing laminate boards?? You can cut the lamellas with a wood hacksaw. However, the tool has large teeth, therefore the edge on the laminate will not turn out smooth. A fine-toothed hacksaw designed for cutting metal is better suited for this purpose. You get a cleaner-looking panel cut. Laminate is cut according to the scheme: the place of the cut on the front side is marked, then the sawing is done. when sawing do not apply too much force to the tool.

A good solution to the problem. What is the best way to cut the laminate flooring during the installation is an electric jigsaw. Easy-to-use tool that helps you make a smooth and clean edge. The jigsaw can be used by anyone, even without experience. The principle of operation of the device is to cut at high speed, which avoids damage to the laminate flooring. Another advantage of the tool. is the ability to cut not only in a straight line, but also diagonally, as well as in a circle. To cut the wood surface it is better to choose a narrow saw with fine teeth. Before you start working, the saw blade should be applied to the back side of the lamella. The panel is placed on a hard surface so that the part of the coating to be cut protrudes from the surface. Having secured the panel on a hard surface, cut off the excess.

Is it possible to cut with an angle grinder laminate? This is a frequently asked question. Angle grinder or angle grinder, which is a must have for every owner. This tool can cut any material: concrete floors, metal, tile and laminate flooring. When using an angle grinder the edge of the sawn lamella does not form chips and cracks, and the cut looks smooth. To protect the laminate from damage, you should only cut from the front side of the panel, preliminarily marking the cut line. To work with laminate choose metal or ceramic discs. The only disadvantage of the angle grinder in the process of work is the formation of dust and the unpleasant smell of burnt wood.

What else to cut the laminate apart from the listed tools? A circular saw, the work of which will require special skills, is a tool of great size. A fine-toothed metal blade is good for cutting laminate flooring. Thanks to this the cut will remain clean and even, without jagged edges. The panel is laid on a hard surface face up and fixed with a special ruler that comes with the tool. Then along the marked mowing line gently and with little effort move the disk of the circular saw working on the board, trying not to slow down the movement. With the help of such a tool it is easy to cut the laminate both along the panel and across. The saw’s advantage is that it is fast.

Machine for cutting laminated panels

How to cut laminate at home, if it is difficult to use a circular saw? The answer is simple masters recommend to buy a handheld cutter for laminate, which will provide the work at a professional level. You do not need special skills to use the cutter, and the cutting does not require much effort. The tool is a guillotine consisting of a sharp blade controlled by a handle and a support. It will not be difficult to work with the machine. The board is put on the support and adjusted to the marking, then the cut is made by applying force to the handle of the tool. As a result, the end of the cut board comes out flat and without any chips. The cutter can be used to separate panel parts in width, lengthwise and at right angles by selecting the appropriate blade from the kit.

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In the absence of professional tools for cutting laminate, use a tile cutter. However, this tool is recommended to use only in cases of emergency jigsaw, angle grinder or circular saw breakdown. The disadvantage of using a tile cutter is that it is impossible to get a clean cut on a laminate panel. To avoid trouble a construction knife or the purchase of a new tool will help.

If you have decided on the choice of laminate flooring, but prefer a professional installation, you can order the service through the online form. Site manager ready to answer your questions.

What and how to saw laminate boards

Many buyers are in love with laminate, who are impressed by its beauty, practicality, durability, and affordable price. The main problem that people encounter in the process of independent installation of laminate flooring is the correct sawing of boards. To cut the laminate panels in the process of laying is necessary constantly, at least at the end of each row.

This material discusses the basic tools and techniques for accurately sawing laminate. Of course, if you plan to install it yourself, it is preferable to choose a high quality lock product, such as laminate flooring from the Norwegian manufacturer Alloc.

A construction knife if there is nothing else at hand

At first glance, this device is not much different from an ordinary office knife. However, such a simple tool is irreplaceable in any construction procedure. Even this time it can safely be used to saw laminate at home.

better, sawing, laminate, chipping

Important! If by the end of the job you have a couple of small boards left to finish, but you just don’t want to use an angle grinder or other complicated type of tool because of the small amount of work, our little helper can help.

In order for your work to be productive when using a knife, you need to:

  • Place an ordinary ruler on the front side of the laminate.
  • Make a deep cut with the tool.
  • Press down on one side of the cut, holding the board on the other side.
  • The laminate board should break eventually.

What can be used to cut laminate flooring at home?

Depending on the thickness and material of the laminate planks you can use several cutting tools that are likely to be available in your home workshop. The idea to cut the laminate using only the power of the hands is good if you need to repair or replace one or two lamellae. In other cases, it will be very difficult to do without a power tool.

better, sawing, laminate, chipping

A traditional set with which you can accurately and neatly cut laminate looks like this:

  • A hand hacksaw with a blade for cutting metal;
  • Circular saw in a manual or desktop version;
  • Guillotine cutter in a floor-standing or table-top version;
  • Construction grinder for cutting rebar or angle grinder;
  • Renovator or vibrating cutter;
  • An electric jigsaw;
  • A special knife for cutting Fiberboard.

The easiest option is to make a special nesting knife for cutting laminate. The design of the blade differs from a clerical and conventional knife in having 2-3 teeth on the leading edge of the tip. Such a cutter is usually made from an old wood saw, the cutting edge is sharpened on opposite sides. In order to cut the laminate, it is necessary to attach a carpenter’s angle, apply a cutting line to the surface of the lamella. After that the film is cut through with an ordinary knife, and then the square is replaced by a ruler, and the rest of the laminate is cut through with the laminate cutter.

The cut line is not too smooth, but you are guaranteed that there are no chips or paper fringes on the edges.

Cutting laminate with a guillotine

The tool is similar to a nibbler in many ways. The design of the tool can be seen in the photo below.

Universal tool for all types of laminate

The cutting part is mounted on a steel frame. a stand. and the cutter itself can pivot around the hinge at the end of the fixture. the cutting line is flat and straight, but the material can be deformed, especially on the edges, because of the high pressure on the laminate surface. Cutting with the guillotine requires no special training. The cutter is commonly used for cutting vinyl boards and laminates.

Cutting laminate with an angle grinder

This is one of the most successful tools used for cutting and slicing construction materials. The high rotation speed of the cutting wheel ensures the highest quality of laminate cuts. To cut a piece of a laminate panel, you just need to lay the material on the edge of a table or workbench, fix it, and with a little effort smoothly make the cut along the mowing line of the marking. High power allows you to cut laminate of any thickness.

Cutting with one hand is only possible with a special support foot

Soft wood panel can be cut with almost any cutting wheel. The best way to cut laminate with an angle grinder is with a disc diameter of 110-125 mm and a thickness of 0.8-1.5 mm. Various types of diamond and metal based nitride grinding discs perform slightly worse.

In order to cut the laminate flooring a small 300-500 W laminate flooring machine is enough. With some experience the cut can even be made with one hand.

Cutting laminate with a jigsaw

Electric jigsaw is very popular, it is used for cutting all kinds of lumber, plastic and even thin sheet metal. On sale there are several options for hacksaw blades for materials of different density and hardness. Usually it is a short titanium blade with sharp teeth, for metal the height of the tooth is 1-1,5 mm, for soft wood and plastic the size of the cutting edge increases by 2 times.

Electric jigsaw is a handy tool if you need to perform cutting very quickly, on the fly as they say. But the seam or the cutting line after using a jigsaw is not the smoothest. over, if you use a blade with teeth of high height and cut at low speed, then the cutting edge strongly “chips” the laminate material.

Be sure to use guiding devices

Therefore, to cut laminate with a jigsaw without chipping, it is necessary to adhere to the following rules:

  • You can cut the laminate only when turned upside down, with its face on the table or on the supporting surface of the workbench;
  • If the back side is very soft it is best to put a piece of scotch tape on top of the cut line. Tape does not interfere with the movement of the teeth, while keeping the edges of the notch intact;
  • The cutting speed should be selected individually. Usually a high RPM with minimal blade feed is chosen for soft materials.

Another condition is that you must not cut laminate with the jigsaw on its weight, you must have a rigid support for both the lamella and the jigsaw blade. In addition, if the width of the laminate is more than 15 cm, then you must use the guide bar, which is attached to the body of the tool and provides smooth and uniform movement in the process of cutting.

On the side edge chipping can occur

The Best Way To Cut Laminated/Formica Countertop Without Chipping.

In order to master the work of the jigsaw, a lot of patience is required, but sometimes the jigsaw capabilities are simply indispensable. For example, if you need to cut a laminate under a heating pipe. It’s not easy to do with your hands, a regular knife or a hand saw, but with the electric jigsaw it only takes a couple of minutes to make the hole.

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Renovator for cutting laminate

A relatively new tool for the home workshop. Renovator is unusual in that there is no moving or rotating cutting edge. Instead of a saw or hacksaw blade, the Renovator has a small flat nozzle. In the process of cutting, a thin metal plate with teeth performs oscillations along the mowing line of the cut, thanks to vibrations, the cutting process is safer and less traumatic.

The Renovator is designed so that the cutting plate is moved far beyond the main body of the tool. It takes quite a long time to cut laminate flooring with the renovator when compared to a jigsaw or angle grinder. And for trimming the edges of an already installed laminate, the Renovator’s capabilities are simply invaluable. You can cut a laminate edge even if there are only a few millimeters to the wall. One of the options for cutting laminate is shown at

Cutting laminate with a circular saw

Home circular saw or otherwise, the circular saw, is the most powerful, heavy and dangerous in handling tools. That’s why it makes sense to use a circular saw only if you need to cut a huge amount of laminate, and even lay on complex floors with lots of transitions on the skirting and thresholds. In this case the circular saw copes with the load better than the angle grinder and the jigsaw.

The basic requirements for cutting laminate with a circular saw are about the same as in the case of the jigsaw. The teeth on the disk of the circular saw are much bigger, so the cutting speed is about 2-3 times higher than that of the jigsaw.

No fuss way to cut laminate sheeting without chipping.

The circular saw has one major disadvantage. Circular saws designed for sawing boards and beams, hardwood lumber, the teeth, as a rule, have carbide inserts, the cutting width increases to 3 mm. Because of this the quality of the cut edges is reduced and sometimes an additional sanding with sandpaper is required.

The circular saw is ideal for cutting panels with a surface imitation of ceramic or marble tiles. Usually the front part of the lamella is coated with composites containing up to 20% mineral fillers. Cutting such material, even with a jigsaw, is quite difficult, the best tool for making a neat and accurate cut remains a circular tabletop laminate cutting machine.

The solution to all laminate slicing problems

High-strength grades of laminate of class 33 and 34 can be cut with special table saws. They are less productive and comfortable than a circular saw, but provide a very even, almost smooth cut.

Cutting laminate with a hacksaw

You can meet quite a few reviews that cutting lamellas with an ordinary hacksaw for metal, and even more so for wood, is categorically impossible. Both the face coating and the end face of the board can easily be damaged in this way. In fact, when properly set up and sharpened, a laminate saw can cut through a particle base as well as any other tool.

It is more difficult to cut with a hacksaw, but it is also possible to get a good quality cut

The problem with working with a hacksaw is due to several factors:

  • The pressed chipboard blade contains paraffin and resin additives and as a result the cutting edge dulls quickly and the blade sinks into the material;
  • In order to cut quickly with a hacksaw, you have to apply pressure to the tool, which results in a large number of burrs and chips on the mitered tooth exit line, even if you try to cut the laminate upside down.

To avoid problems the blade is subjected to special reworking, namely the side surface of the teeth is ground off. It becomes more comfortable to cut a panel, but not as fast as with a regular saw. In addition, change the cutting angle. To avoid chips, the blade is guided at a very sharp angle to the surface of the laminate, sawing is carried out almost parallel to the plane of the laminate. In this situation, cutting laminate on the floor is not very convenient, so you have to do the work on a table or a special stand, but the quality of the cut is very good. Vinyl and even quartz vinyl material, plexiglass, polycarbonate, vinyl plastic and even thin sheet metal can be cut in the same way.

Hacksaws are only good for making holes

Circular saw

This tool can be used for cutting laminate only in the most extreme cases where other tools are simply not available. The reason for this is the danger of using a saw and the required experience with the tool. In addition, the teeth of the circular saw are not able to provide a perfect cut, and the use of metal discs is undesirable because of the emission of acrid smoke.

Manual hacksaw: nuances of work, safety precautions

If the work front is small. one or two rooms. and there are no electric cutting tools, a hand hacksaw is quite suitable. The hand saw blade should have very fine and frequent teeth.

It is best to use a hacksaw for metal, because laminate is a hard, very strong, pressed material, and it is difficult to saw it with an ordinary tool with large and sparse teeth.

Laminate board is sawn from the front side, and to avoid nicks and chips, you need to glue a masking tape along the mowing line of the saw. On top of the tape, a fine line under a ruler or angle, along which the material will be sawn.

It will greatly facilitate and accelerate the process electric hacksaw, and the quality of the cut will be better. You can also make angled notches in laminate with an electric or metal saw, but for rounded cuts (such as under a pipe or column arch) these tools are not suitable.

To saw the board must be placed on the work table so that the sawing line is at a distance of at least 20 mm from the edge of the table.

What to saw laminate at home?

You can choose one of the most popular and affordable options. Before you pay for the device, find out more about its capabilities and the nature of its work:

  • A hacksaw. You can not say that it is a modern option, but in some cases it comes in handy. A hacksaw never fails. For the best result of the work it is better to use a hacksaw for metal or wood with a fine tooth. Start cutting from the backside of the panel to prevent any chipping on the surface of the board;
  • angle grinder. This is an angle grinder with a metal disc. How to saw laminate properly? Clamp the blade and slowly lower the angle grinder so that it does not break free and lock. Be prepared for an unpleasant smell from the heat of the disc during work;
  • cutter. Here is another popular tool for cutting laminate. It allows to cut boards quickly and qualitatively. The cutter can effortlessly handle both thin and thick panels. Such a perfect result can be achieved neither with an angle grinder, nor with an electric jigsaw. It is a device with a sharp blade that is easily controlled by a handle. Such a mechanism works very quietly, without noise or dust, and does not need any power supply;
  • circular saw. What saw to saw the laminate? It is a variant for accurate sawing, equipped with a special disk. Lay the board face up on a hard flat surface, secure it and apply the cutting line. Then gently lower the disc of the angle grinder and gradually move it along the intended mowing line, without getting stuck in the board. It is this option that requires skills in working with a circular saw, as well as a lot of patience. But, the advantage in a quality and fast result. Are there any disadvantages? Yes, if the disadvantage can be considered the smell of burning wood that appears during the sawing process;
  • Electric jigsaw. This is quite effective, but a simple option. Make sure that the jigsaw is equipped with a special wood nozzle. Before you start work, you need to fix the lamella on the floor. Turn the jigsaw on and set it to a higher RPM to prevent the material from chipping. Your movements should be smooth.
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! At least two people should work with the jigsaw.

Woodworking Fact or Fiction: Does Tape on Wood Give Cleaner Cuts? / Less Tear-Outs

Using the guillotine for cutting laminate flooring

Real professionals who perform repair work, use only specialized tools for each type of finish. In the construction of laminate flooring, a professional guillotine is best suited. This manual device has the following undeniable advantages:

  • The powerful frame reliably fixes the slats in special slots, so that the cut is made strictly according to the markings.
  • The cutting organ is a long blade, which descends on the surface of the board in one step in a cross-cut. This means that a deviation from the rectangular path is simply not possible.
  • For a longitudinal cut, the machine is equipped with special clamps and guides so that the floor element can move freely without deviations.
  • The machine is very easy to use, requires very little skill, and is safe even for beginners.

Circular saw

Circular machine. it is not what to saw the laminate at any time, however, if you are the lucky owner of such equipment, then boldly proceed to sawing:

  • Place a disc with fine teeth on the shaft.
  • Draw a cut line on the lamella.
  • If you are sawing along the lath, set the width on the machine.
  • Cut the lamella by pushing it in front of you.

The main advantage of the circular saw is the speed of its work, which allows for a few seconds to saw a lamella lengthwise, but because of the size, which you can notice in the photo, it is rarely used, in addition, it can not cut certain pieces of laminate, such as under a column or a ledge in the wall.

Can an angle grinder saw laminate

Yes, you can, but you should not use an angle grinder if you are not experienced in it. First it is still necessary to learn on unnecessary boards.

There are different discs for the device: to work with wood, metal, etc. д. Cut laminate with an angle grinder experts advise using a disc for metal, which has fine and thin teeth, it will help to avoid cracking on the board.

There are special discs for working with laminate flooring, they can be purchased at construction stores. Its format is 160 mm, has 48 teeth. Before sawing the lamella is placed on a hard surface with the top of the laminate blade, fix it in place. The saw should be lowered smoothly and not in a hurry. to avoid damage to the panel.

The main characteristics that a tool for cutting laminate at home should have are:

The last point, the meaning of which is not to spoil the look of the laminate boards after cutting, is decisive for most home craftsmen. But its value is still exaggerated. In any case, chips up to 5 mm in size on the finished flooring will not be noticeable. defects on the edges of the panels will be hidden by the skirting boards.

So what are the most suitable tools for cutting laminate flooring??

The tool The jigsaw

The best possible way to cut laminate floorboards is with the jigsaw. It is a lightweight, very easy-to-use tool that any beginner can quickly get to grips with. Even a woman or a teenager. The jigsaw cuts at high rpm so as not to damage the structure of the laminate board. If you cut quickly and confidently, you get a nearly perfect cut.

The key to using the jigsaw is the choice of the jigsaw blade. Modern tools are usually initially equipped with special saws for cutting laminate. They differ in particular shape, pitch and way of setting the teeth. However, ordinary metal saws. narrow, fine-toothed saws. will do the job just as well.

In order not to damage the decorative surface, the cutting line is applied (with a pencil or chalk) to the underside of the laminate board. It is placed on the table (chair) with the back side up so that the part to be cut is suspended. One hand fixes the laminate lying on the table, and the other quickly cuts off the excess part.

Tool Circular saw

You can get a clean cut along the edge of the laminate using a circular saw with a metal blade. Working with a circular saw is more difficult than with an electric jigsaw, so it requires some skills. If you have them, you can saw the laminate quickly, evenly, with almost no chips.

The laminate board is laid on a hard surface with the pattern facing upward, fastened in place, and the laminate flooring is cut into two pieces. It is necessary to cut carefully, with a little pressure advancing the disk along the drawn line, trying not to slow down in one place.

The tool is an angle grinder (angle grinder)

angle grinder. a handy tool, indispensable in the drawer of the home craftsman. Almost everything can be cut with it, including laminate. For a beautiful edge without cracks and chips, the laminate board must be turned on its face when sawing. Metal, concrete or ceramic tile discs can be used.

The disadvantage of using an angle grinder (and a circular saw, too)!) can be called a large amount of dust, which will be released when cutting laminate. Also this action can be accompanied by the smell of burning wood. Therefore, to deal with cutting should be in the open balcony or on the street.


Laminate can be successfully sawed with an ordinary wood hacksaw. But it will take some effort, because its teeth are quite large and will gnaw into the laminate, but not cut it. Metal toothed hacksaw has finer teeth and should be used for cutting.

The hacksaw is very often used for cutting for small amounts of work. In construction teams this method is not used, due to the increased time and labor intensity.

The tool Laminate Cutter

The laminate flooring cutter, on the other hand, allows a professional cut. Most often this tool works like a guillotine. a knife that, with the help of a handle, is lowered onto the surface of the laminate and cuts it. The cutter works smoothly, without chipping or noise. To use it, you do not need to use force and have skills. It is probably the easiest tool to use, allowing you to get excellent results in any conditions.

Because this cutter is only used on laminate, it is only worth buying if you are laying professionally. For finishing several rooms of the apartment, this option is considered impractical.

The tool is a construction knife

A normal construction knife can also be used to cut laminate panels. For example, if you’re almost finished with the flooring, you have one board to cut, but suddenly the angle grinder breaks. You have no other tools handy, but the cut must be made urgently. Then a construction knife will come in handy. Lay a ruler on the front side of the laminate board and use the knife to make a deep cut into the board. Hold the board on one side of the cut and press down on the other side. Laminate should break, just like ceramic tiles under the action of a tile cutter.

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