What is the best fishing line to use for grass trimmer

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Top 15 best lines for grass trimmer: rating 2021 and what to choose in 3 mm thickness

Today’s rating of lines for grass trimmer on our portal Tekhnik.top. the best way to quickly find the right model.

We’ve broken down the rankings into categories for quick navigation:

  • Best grass trimmer lines by price/quality for 2021.
  • The best lines for grass trimmer 2 mm.
  • The best lines for grass trimmer 2.4mm.
  • The best lines for grass trimmer 3mm.
  • The best lines with a core for grass trimmer.

Any grass trimmer requires a quality trimmer fishing line that will cut the grass effectively, and at the same time will please you with economical consumption and good elasticity, capable of providing a minimum number of rips.

We have compiled a rating of the best lines for trimmers in 2021, where we tried to take into account the selection criteria, high scores of buyers, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each variety.

Technical characteristics of the cord and the choice of diameter according to the power of the grass trimmer

If you pick up a fishing line package, there are only two main parameters on it. the overall length and the cross section. There is no instruction on how to choose fishing line for a grass trimmer, so you have to ask the experts. It is not easy to find a good specialist, especially since not only new lines are produced every year, but also reels.

The first thing to decide is the diameter, thickness or cross-section of the cord. This is all one parameter that characterizes the performance of trimmers, gasoline mowers, brushcutters and grass trimmers. What section of fishing line should I buy for my grass trimmer?? In order not to make a mistake, you should take with you a piece of old cord, and give it to the salesman. The seller will give you the cord with the same diameter based on the piece you gave him.

This option is certainly reliable, but it is not the right one. Why? After all, the choice of line depends not only on the head used, but also on the power of the tool used. To begin with, it is recommended to decide what diameter of fishing line for trimmers can be used on trimmers and gasoline mowers, depending on their power parameters:

  • Electric grass trimmers with power up to 500 watts. grass roots up to 1.6 mm thick.These tools are designed for mowing young grass on household plots
  • Gasoline-powered and electric models with power rating from 500 to 1,000 watts. 2 to 2.4 mm cord.Such units with the consumable are used for mowing thin and dense grass, as well as weeds. Grass trimmers up to 1 kW can be fitted with a 1-1.6 mm cord, but it will wear out quickly
  • Grass trimmers and lawnmowers with power output over 1 kW. allow the use of cord with thickness from 2,4 to 3,3 mm.Such a fishing line can cut thick and dried stems, as well as dense thickets. If the consumable material with a thickness of more than 3 mm can not cope with the task of cutting the grass, then metal discs with blades, teeth and knives are used

This is interesting!Manufacturers produce trimmer line for trimmer with a diameter of more than 3.3 mm, but it is used very rarely, and only on powerful gasoline units.

Section types

There are many types of fishing line, you can not pay attention to the color. as such, there are no general standards “color-characteristic”. An important factor becomes the type of cross section of the string, it is chosen depending on the type of grass.

  • Circle. a universal line for the trimmer. Smooth line has a higher noise level when mowing, while twisted line, on the contrary, mows more quietly, but is consumed faster (like any type of twisted line).
  • Square or polygon. This line for trimmer is more effective than round line. sharp corners cut the stems faster and better.
  • Asterisk, ribbed or twisted square. Maximum cutting efficiency and speed.

Important to know! It is strictly forbidden to use metal wire, ropes or bars instead of fishing line. Such equipment easily cuts even leather shoes and can seriously injure the operator.

Section Type

There are many kinds of fishing line, color is not an issue, as there are no common “color-characteristic” standards. An important factor becomes the type of cross-section of the string, it is chosen depending on the type of grass.

  • Circle. a universal line for trimmer. Smooth line makes more noise when mowing, whereas twisted line mows quieter but uses up more quickly (like all twisted lines).
  • Square or polygon. This trimmer line is more efficient than a round line. the sharp angles cut the stems faster and better.
  • Sprocket, ribbed or twisted square. Maximum cutting performance and cutting speed.
best, fishing, line, grass, trimmer

Important to know! It is strictly forbidden to use metal wire, ropes or rods instead of a fishing line. Such equipment easily cuts even leather shoes and can seriously injure the operator.

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Basic parameters of trimmer lines

Lines can be classified according to the following parameters:

Thread thickness

You can learn about it by reading the performance specifications of the grass trimmer or by referring to the dimensions and inscriptions on the universal bobbin. Usually for trimmers use lines with a diameter of 1.2-4 mm. True, for each machine you have to choose a line for the trimmer with a certain diameter.

Filament for grass trimmer, thinner than required, the engine immediately out of service, although it will significantly increase its wear. If you use a thread thicker than necessary, the resistance to rotation will increase, the engine will work harder, overheat and, as a result, will break. But a lot depends on the engine.

You can also find out the approximate diameter of the line for the machine by the type of engine. If the grass trimmer works from electricity or a battery and its power is 1 kW, you will need a cutting thread with a diameter of 2 mm, and if its power is less than 500 watts, use a fishing line for the trimmer no more than 1.6 mm.

For gasoline grass trimmer trimmer line is chosen with a certain diameter. 2.4. 3 mm. The choice of such a thick line is due to the peculiarities of gasoline units. they are more powerful and productive than their electric counterparts. Use a thick line for the trimmer can be used for a long time, in addition, it easily overcomes years of dead wood.

Sectional shape

The most common trimmer line for electric grass trimmers is the one with a round section. It is inexpensive and the most popular, mows fresh grass well. Its main disadvantage is in the noise level emitted, which can be heard during the operation of the grass trimmer. The noise of the line is similar in intensity to the hum of the engine. Manufacturers suggest using spiral-shaped trimmer lines for the best noise reduction.

Today they also produce lines for grass trimmers with a square cross section. Other shapes include rectangular and star-shaped lines. Particularly effective lines with serrations and sharp edges. Such edges cut the grass more evenly.

There are also versions of line with notches and dents. They are suitable for cutting coarse weeds. Noise level of such lines is low and due to enhanced aerodynamic properties additional power is added to trimmer. Such cutting element is installed on powerful grass trimmers to be used in overgrown, neglected areas.

Special heads are installed on the brushcutter for working with lines of this type. On them and winds up the line for the trimmer. It handles all kinds of grass (especially weeds) and bushes. But it is expensive. The consumption of such a line is also high, as it can be difficult to retrieve it when feeding it from the spool. It is usually used with discs, into which it is inserted in small sections.

Two-piece twisted trimmer fishing line is also available. It is intended for high-quality mowing of dead wood. It is characterized by its round cross-section, resistance to tearing, and increased durability. It comes with a core made of a different material. Twisted line for trimmers is only suitable for gasoline trimmers. It can cope even with small bushes. Its main disadvantage is its high cost. It is rather expensive to buy coiled line for trimmer for daily work.

Line Composition

It is the composition of the line that determines its lifespan. It is often made of nylon. It wears out slowly and improves performance at high temperatures and high loads. The material retains its properties for a long time, it is not affected by low temperatures, nor does prolonged operation.

The coaxial trimmer line for trimmers is considered one of the strongest. It has a dense core, and therefore wears out gradually. This trimmer line is difficult to cut with a knife and makes little noise during operation. Also now there is a line for trimmer, which includes aluminum inclusions.

Which shape is best?

Also, do not forget about the shape of the line. it affects the cost and performance. So, let’s talk about the basic shapes of the section:

  • Circle. the most common, simple to make and therefore cheap line for the trimmer. Great for mowing thin, young grass. However, it makes a lot of noise during operation, which is unlikely to please both the grass trimmer user and the surrounding people. This has led manufacturers to produce twisted round line for trimmers. it’s slightly more expensive, mows much more quietly, but uses up more power.
  • A polygon or square is more efficient than a round one. Thanks to its sharp corners, even quite thick grass is cut in no time. A square trimmer line is slightly more expensive than a round one, thus it is a good compromise between price, comfort and efficiency.
  • A twisted square or star-shaped cutter boasts the best cutting performance, and even mature or hard grass is not a problem. the sharp edges are very easy to cut. Noise level is comparatively low, but the price of this line is the highest. This discourages some potential buyers. In fact, the “star” line is well worth its price when mowing tough grass, saving a lot of time for the user.

In addition, on sale you can see lines for trimmers with different cross-section, but with special serrations. They increase efficiency, but at the same time make the material more expensive.

As you can see, it is quite easy to understand the cross-section. With these simple rules in mind, you can probably easily decide which line on your trimmer is the best choice for your lawn trimmer.

DDE Hard line circle 2 mm 15 m

Trimmer line with 2 mm section diameter, round form. The line for trimmer is 15 m long and is packed

Enough for a large area.

Suitable for a variety of gardening equipment, such as trimmers and brushcutters. Made of durable nylon, takes not only fresh grass and weeds, but also small bushes.

Trimmer line is part of the line of durable trimmer lines, and has received high marks from users.

Available in many stores, so no problem with the purchase. The manufacturer claims that the consumption of the product is reduced by 20 percent compared to other analogues.

  • The line has a section of 2 mm.
  • Sectional shape. round.
  • Slicing/threading length. none.
  • Number of pieces. comes in a single coil.
  • Total length 15 meters.
  • Additionally with core.

ELITECH 0809.002100 2 mm 15 m

A good option for quick lawn care with an electric grass trimmer.

Thanks to the star-shaped cut of the line the efficiency and cutting ability of the product is improved. Sold in a blister, which is convenient for storing trimmer line, the length of the skein is 15 meters.

Product has good elasticity, so consumption is economical and breaks are kept to a minimum.

trimmer line will fit many grass trimmers that work with a 2mm line.

Grinding is minimal, buyers note that even small bushes are cut without problems.

Reduced vibration minimizes noise level, trimmer becomes much more comfortable to work with.

  • Line cross section. 2 mm.
  • Sectional shape. star.
  • Slicing/threading length. none.
  • Number of pieces. one continuous strand.
  • Total length. 15 meters.
  • Extra. sold in a blister.

Husqvarna Whisper Twist 2 mm 112 m

Another trimmer line for trimmers with Husqvarna brand quality.

Whisper Twist is suitable for standard trimmer heads, has a twisted cloverleaf cross-section and is sold in a single 112 meter roll.

Often used by municipal maintenance workers and in areas with a lot of dead wood over a wide area.

The aerodynamic shape of this line reduces noise and vibration during operation.

Polymer elasticity is professionally rated for maximum performance.

Sturdy core protects trimmer line from breakage and overstretching, making this line last longer than others.

  • Line cross section: 2 mm.
  • Sectional shape. twisted clover.
  • Slicing/threading length. none.
  • Number of pieces. comes in a single ball.
  • Overall length 112 meters.
  • Additional features. for standard trimmer heads.
  • price to length ratio;
  • universality of use;
  • elasticity of the material, withstands regular load;
  • fast cutting of grass.

What materials are used to manufacture the fishing line and how this affects its reliability

Nylon with polypropylene and polyamide as the basis is used for the trimmer line. Distinctive features of nylon are its following advantages:

  • Durable in storage conditions. Can not be stored for a long time in the sun or at low temperatures
  • Lightweight, allowing high speeds thanks to the high inertia of the head rotation
  • Wear-resistant. material is resistant to wear and tear, and damage to the cord occurs only when hard obstacles are encountered
  • Low cost. convenient because material is consumable and a new line is required at all times

This is interesting!When you cut the grass, the nylon line tears into pieces and these pieces get stuck in the cuttings. These pieces are harmful to animals, so it is not recommended to cut the grass with this line for haymaking.

Sometimes cheaper polyethylene is added to the material, which reduces the reliability of the cutting equipment. Polyethylene cord wears out faster, so experience proves that it is better to buy a line for a trimmer made of natural nylon (it costs more) than to save money and buy a polyethylene cord.

Lines of thickness from 2.6-3.3 mm consist of nylon and graphite or steel rods. a two-piece cord. Not only does a string increase the cutting performance, it also reduces the fast wear and tear of the line. The result is that a string with a larger cross section lasts longer than a thin trimmer line. There are also cords with metal particles in them. These additives are also designed to increase the efficiency of grass mowing, and increase the strength and wear resistance parameters of the material.

This is interesting!When choosing a trimmer line for your grass trimmer, you should pay attention to the head or spool. These parts indicate the parameters of the cross-section of the cord that is allowed to be used.

Fishing line installation: pros and cons

Sometimes an ordinary fishing line for trimmer is installed in the drum of the garden trimmer for grass, instead of a special one. it is just a waste of time. Fishing line for trimmer is too soft and washes out many times faster than the traditional version. It can indeed mow grass, but such a non-standard application is not well suited for it. Fishing line for trimmer can be used exclusively as a spare, if nothing else is at hand.

It is also worth considering that it should be thick enough. It is best to insert a trimmer line of at least two millimeters in thickness into the lawnmower. By the way, there may be difficulties with its installation, if the grass trimmer model provides winding on the spool.

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