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Choosing a wood sander

For professional and domestic purposes, you often need a sander to sand off some coating or remove an old layer. Most often such a treatment is needed in wood. On sale, there is rarely a perfect quality lumber that does not need pre-treatment, and they cost much more. Therefore, a wood sander should be on hand with every craftsman.

How to choose from the variety of grinders, because all tools use the same abrasive material. sandpaper, but the results are different. This is because different models have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Some grinders are needed for rough sanding, while others are better at polishing the surface. Those that are not designed for large areas are good for spot work in hard-to-reach places.

You need to understand for what type of work the tool will serve, for general leveling of the surface or for finishing sanding, because in both cases different tools are required.

Belt sander

Belt sander (abbreviated LSM) got its name because of its operating principle, in which the sandpaper in the form of a ring, moving continuously by means of built-in rollers around the sole.

LSM for wood sanding can be used for rough sanding. in preparation for finer processing. This sander is the most productive compared to other models. It can cope with a large amount of rough sanding, but finishing it is not recommended.

It is used during carpentry work in wood, not designed for further painting, so that the subsequent finishing sanding with another tool takes less time. If fine grit sandpaper is installed, medium quality material finish can be achieved.

It is a good idea to use this machine right up against the wall, but only on one side.

  • When working, the machine leaves a lot of scratches, the number of which can be reduced if you perform sanding along the grain of the wood.
  • If used carelessly can make a hole in the surface of the material, which will be difficult to remove.
  • Due to its design, it is impossible to reach hard-to-reach places, such as corners and grooves.
  • Makes a lot of noise during operation, so requires special headphones.
  • The action of the roller implies the elevation of the belt in front and back, so the grinding only occurs in the center of the abrasive belt.
  • Difficult to clean vertical surfaces.

Flat grinder

Flat sanding machine also called vibratory, vibratory sanding machine. It can be used for finishing work before painting, varnishing. It is suitable for sanding large surfaces, but its productivity is lower than the belt model, but it makes much less noise.

Platform is rectangular in shape and equipped with spring clips for fastening sandpaper. The bottom may have velcro to better hold the sandpaper, but not all models have it. To remove dust during work, the platform has holes connected to the outlet for a vacuum cleaner, or a dust container.

It works due to small circular vibratory movements, performed with great frequency by its lower working surface. grinding platform. The eccentricity (amplitude of vibrations, platform travel) of the platform movements is on average 2 to 5 millimetres. In small, square models it can be 1.5 mm. The frequency of vibration of the platform varies depending on the model, on average it is 12000 kolpm. It is good, if there is an adjustment of frequency.

Platform stroke of the surface grinder

This model has a significant disadvantage. when grinding, it can leave round traces. “drums”, if during grinding sandpaper gets between the sandpaper and the surface or other debris. Such a defect occurs due to insufficient dust extraction, and eliminated by sandpaper with a finer grain in a few iterations. That is why the surface is thoroughly cleaned beforehand, a construction vacuum cleaner is used to remove all foreign elements at once.

Traces of debris caught under the sole of the grinder

The grinding area is limited, models with platform travel over 2 mm are difficult to grind high quality close to the walls. in the inner corners, about 4-8 mm to the surface perpendicular to the ground surface. It will just hit the sole against the wall and can ruin the product.

Sanding with an eccentric sander

An eccentric sander is also called an orbital sander. It has a round sole to which the sandpaper is velcroed. On the sole of the orbital machine there are holes into which the dust enters during sanding. Dust accumulates in a special dust collector and must be periodically cleaned. A construction vacuum cleaner can be connected instead of a dust collector.

How to choose?

What materials must be sanded?

Most sanders handle the most common materials when using the right type of sandpaper.

What sizes and shapes are most likely to be sanded??

Sanding a large flat square is very different from finishing a small object with many curved surfaces or small corners.

Do you need special levels of surface quality?

Some electric sanders provide the best surface quality, while others produce a rough finish.

What budget?

  • Power. Different types of grinders have different power levels. You need to consider the type and duration of the job.
  • Durability. Are there any special features of the grinder that will extend its life?? This is very important if it is going to be used all the time.
  • Vibration control. Excessive exposure to vibration can be not only uncomfortable, but also very dangerous. Low vibration levels mean you can work longer with more safety and comfort.
  • Dust extraction. The work generates a lot of dust, which is not only dirty, but also dangerous. See if the tool comes with a dust bag and how big it is.
  • Ease of use. If the budget is limited, you will have to sacrifice some feature. Nevertheless, if you have enough money to buy the right grinder, then: comfort, many functions, low weight, convenient location of switches and ergonomic design are worth it.
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  • Manual belt sander suitable for work on very large and uneven surfaces when a finish is not required.
  • The half-sheet orbital sander is a cost-effective solution for creating a medium-sized polished surface.
  • Electric random orbital sander provides fast workpiece clearance and very precise finishing.
  • The orbital type is good if you intend to do only small light-duty jobs and need a lightweight tool that is easy to handle.
  • The multi-tool type is only suitable for small jobs. The other functions of the multi-tool are intended for regular use.

Wood belt sander. how to choose?

Model description and purpose

If the surface we are dealing with is large and relatively flat, it is better to choose a belt sander. It is designed for machining solid wood, lacquered boards and veneered panels.

Belt sanders are characterized by the highest efficiency, they are most often used in workshops and rarely for home work.

Due to their high productivity, belt grinders can work large areas in a short period of time with excellent results. The finished surface is smooth and homogeneous. Also, since belt sanders are mainly used for linear movement, they are ideal when sanding along wood fibers.

The disadvantage of belt sanders is the design of the base, which does not allow you to reach hard-to-reach corners. The edge of the belt is not at the same time the edge of the sole plate, so the surfaces, for example, near the wall, are inaccessible to this device. In this case a delta model is required.

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What belt sander to choose?

To choose the right belt sander, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

  • The speed of the working part. the higher the speed, the faster and more accurate the surface is sanded. Depending on the model, the speed can vary from 200 to 420 rpm.
  • Belt size. this parameter affects the speed and accuracy of grinding. But be careful! The larger the size, the faster the grinding, but at the same time its accuracy decreases.
  • Power. the higher the power, the better the tool can work on harder and more difficult surfaces, e.g. hardwood (oak). The higher the power, the longer the tool can work without overheating.

If we need a belt sander for wood, how to choose the power correctly? Belt sander with a motor power up to 1000 watts are mainly designed for light work, and with a motor power over 1400 watts will work great for short-term, but heavy load.

Model Overview

Below you will find the machine models recommended by specialists. The following features are highlighted for each model.

1.Graphite 59G394 belt sander. Small front roller diameter (16 mm) and additional handle with adjustable angle for easy sanding in hard-to-reach places.

2.The Makita 9920 is a powerful and professional belt sander with electronic speed control for optimum performance. Thanks to the automatic lateral adjustment of the belt, you can sand the surface all the way to the edge.

Technical features

There are a few things to consider when choosing a belt sander. details about each one.


There is a direct correlation: the more powerful the device, the more productive the work and the less time a person will spend on a particular surface. Up to 1000 watts is enough if the tool is to be used for household purposes.

Speed of rotation

The tooling depends on the purpose of the tool. For example, if you have to work on hard materials, you have to work at high speed. For polishing, however, you can also use a low speed of rotation.

Professionals recommend to pay attention to the possibility of adjusting the rotation of the shaft, so that the tool can be adjusted to the specific type of work.

Tooling size

The size is directly related to the field of work. For example, if you have to work in confined spaces, you have to look for equipment with a small tool size.


As a rule, the heaviest units are professional, because they have a powerful motor. This figure must be chosen individually, depending on the physical capabilities of the user (only this approach will be correct).

Soft start

Modern devices are often equipped with a soft start function. It means that the speed can be increased gradually during start-up, which is very important if a jerkiness is to be avoided.

Length of cord

In recent years the manufacturer began to provide consumers with a choice of cable length. It is very convenient if there is no possibility to use a portable power cord. you just need to choose a unit with a long cord.

Speed control

This is a useful function, because it turns an ordinary sander into a universal tool. By adjusting the speed, you can select the mode of operation.

Safety features

The more expensive a unit, the more protective functions it has. For example, you can pick up a device equipped with an automatic shutdown in case of overheating. It also has a function that protects the operator from accidental starting.

Rubber pads on the handles

The rubber pads help in the work, because during prolonged use your hands can get sweaty, so the device will slip. Rubber pads avoid this difficulty.

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Dust collector

This is an additional equipment of the machine. No dust bag as standard, so must be purchased separately. At the same time, you need to make sure that such an addition is suitable for a particular type of grinder.

They differ from each other by the fact that domestic can be operated for a short time. Usually no more than 3 hours, with occasional breaks of 15 minutes. Professional tools do not require breaks and can work for 8-12 hours. That is, their service life is several times longer. Because they are made using high quality, and therefore more expensive, parts and components.

It should be noted that some manufacturers today offer a kind of intermediate version, which is called semi-professional. We should add that some brands of household tools for their characteristics are not inferior to semi-professional. So it is not necessary to overpay.

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Metabo WEV 10-125 Quick (from 7978)

The Metabo WEV 10-125 Quick belongs to the category of angle grinders (angle grinders), commonly known as angle grinders. This name was given to this type of machines in USSR because of the place of production. Bulgaria. Equipped with 125 mm cutting discs. Suitable for grinding and cutting of metal, stone (concrete) and softer materials. The new powerful motor, with a power consumption of 1000 W, provides a high torque, designed for active use both in the home and for professional tasks. This grinder has a number of unambiguous positive elements: automatic safety clutch, full-wave electronics with an adjustment wheel, electronic overload protection, quick-action nut SDS, soft start and protection against accidental restart. Carbon brushes are turned off automatically, which prolongs the life of the tool. The grinder is ergonomic. well-matched center of gravity. The housing boasts a non-slip coating. Max speed. 10500 rpm.

Grinders are produced by almost all companies involved in the manufacture of electric hand tools, both in our country and in other technically advanced countries of the world. The following brands are the most popular among users:


World-famous Japanese company specializing in the production of hand-held electric tools.


The German brand “Bosch” is known for its reliability in all industries where the company.


Domestic manufacturer, successfully competes with famous foreign brands.


Well-known professional tool manufacturer from USA.

Designation and principle of operation of belt grinders

LShM is widely used not only in industrial production, machine shops, carpentry shops, but also in home workshops.

Operating principle

On the leading roller is transmitted torque from the drive motor, it comes in motion a ring abrasive belt. Grinding depth and surface roughness depend on the size of abrasive particles in the sandpaper. The finer is the fraction, the less rough is the processed surface.

To summarize

Sanders are used to prepare wood for finishing. In some cases they are also used for grinding and polishing paintwork. There are many types and designs of sanding tools.

The most popular are:

The grinding process generates a great deal of dust, so it is necessary to wear protective equipment. The abrasive must not be changed before the machine is at a complete standstill. Before you start, you should carefully study the user’s manual and follow all the requirements of the manufacturer. This will increase tool life and give you the best results.

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