What is the best grottozatseli for power tillers?

Extensions of grottozatelems with their own hands for a power tiller

Extensions are used to increase the width of the cali, as well as for the ability to rotate the wheel smoothly in relation to the axis. In order to perform this kind of extension in the tiller, it is necessary to screw a sleeve with a slot on the axle. An axle is inserted into the hub and fastened with a bolt. And the last thing is to fix a wheel with a grouser to the axle. This mechanism is very simple and everyone, who has at least something to do with machinery, will be able to make it. At the mall, such an extender costs from 800 to 1000

How to make more complex trailing arms?

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The above described methods of making starters are very simple, but you can also consider options with more complex designs.

You need to have the following parts:

  • A steel plate with a thickness in the range of 3-5 millimeters, which will be used under the steel disc;
  • A 5 millimeter thick and 50 millimeter wide steel strip, which will be used to make the outer hoop. A total of six hoops are needed to make the wheel heavier and stronger;
  • A steel strip with a thickness of 8-10 millimeters is necessary for the hook;
  • With a drill or drill bit;
  • angle grinder;
  • welding machine.

Arc welding is used to join all the parts, as a gas torch will not cope with such a thickness of metal.

Soilers are made according to the following scheme:

  • The axles are lengthened. This should be done because the size of the grousers need more space to mount than standard wheels;
  • It is necessary to be able to adjust the track position for cultivation of different widths of seedbeds;
  • A profiled sheet of steel is used to make the two center discs;
  • Three outer hoops and hooks are welded to the end parts of the product;
  • The steel plates are welded to the hoops. Their placement should be diagonal to the serpentine type;
  • Each plate is sharpened for optimal traction with the soil.

This gives the machine the best possible grip on the soil. They are used to remove various weeds.

These designs can only be used for cultivating various plots of land. Do not use on asphalt or concrete, because the tines will bend and deteriorate quickly.

All the described types of structures (simple and complex type) can be installed on power tillers of different manufacturers, including Salyut, Agat, as well as Neva MB-1 and MB-2.

Many farmers and gardeners are interested in how to make groundhooks for a power tiller. The different brands of tillers and power tillers are designed for farming and gardening, cultivating homestead plots. With the help of these units, you can loosen the soil, plant, weed and dig potatoes (and other crops). But all these operations are performed with additional equipment (coulters, plows, trailers, snow blowers, etc.).д.).

How to make the grousers for the Neva motoblock

Let’s look at how to make groundhooks for the Neva MB and Neva MB-2 power tillers yourself. These power tillers differ from each other by weight and transmission.

Т.к. The Neva MB power tiller has a weight of 75 kg, and the Neva MB-2 has a weight of 100 kg, some ground work may be inaccessible due to the lack of weight.

In such cases, make homemade weights or buy them.

To make the wheels of your power tiller heavier it is important to know that the additional weight should not exceed 50 kg. This should be taken into account when making homemade.

There are many ways to add weight to the wheels, every farmer comes up with his own. You can add weights with a metal pancake and weights of 5 and 10 kg. For this purpose, a pancake is attached to the outside of the wheel (front wheel), and with the help of drilled holes and additional constructions kettlebells are attached to the axis of the machine, increasing the weight of the wheels and facilitating the work of the power tiller.

Подкормка озимых по мерзлоталому 2022г. МТЗ-892.

To add weight to the wheels you can use discs, pouring them with concrete and inserting them into the grousers to the tiller, on the inside of the wheel hang weights (if necessary).

Another way to prepare weights for the wheels. cut an old metal barrel, constructing a hollow structure (like pancakes), fill the empty space with sand or gravel, additionally you can pour water to give additional weight.

We have considered not all variants of making weighting agents and weights. What kind of grousers are made according to certain dimensions will be better explained by special drawings and diagrams attached to each type of power tillers.

The tillers to your power tiller are useful attachments that allow you to clear the area for sowing weeds and, at the same time, increase the stability of the farm machine on loose soil. Today, these simple products have earned great popularity not only among owners of large farms, but also among dacha owners who have small plots of land at their disposal.

Description and sizes of hooks

Heavy power tillers are the most suitable for heavy soils and, accordingly, the hooks with larger width and height are more suitable for hitching the unit to the virgin or very neglected soil. For more demanding applications, the wheels are equipped with weights.

The dimensions of the hooks range from 310-700mm high, and 100-200mm wide. 500×100 mm and 500×200 mm tines are suitable for the Salyut moteblower. The latter are functional together with the plough. The same size can be bought with a sand-dumping weighting tool, so the mounted plough can plough up the soil deeper. If 500×200 hooks are available, you can make the weighting piece yourself. Wheels with hooks of size 700 × 130 mm on a single-axle tractor to put to work with pluckers, ploughshares and potato harvester.

Grit hooks for the Zubr

In addition to those described above, to the heavy power tiller Zubr JRQ78 and 79 freely fit hooks 700×100 mm. Their width is less and except for the heavy ones you can use them with medium-heavy power tillers.

Hooks for the Zubr fit the Neva. Hooks in this size are very popular, just because of their better compatibility. 700×200 wheels can be fitted only on heavy machines and are designed for tillage. The 700×100 wheels are suitable for the average farmer’s needs, and can be easily saved and mounted on another power tiller when the existing one becomes obsolete, even on the weaker one. The 700×100 tires will cost about 70.

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How to make snow chains on car and crossover wheels: 3 schemes

The first draft of the guide had a step-by-step description of making three kinds of chains: ladder, honeycomb, and rhombus. The material turned out to be quite voluminous, so we had the idea of presenting the information in a condensed form. Given that a number of operations in the manufacture of each of the three schemes is the same, you can roll out a detailed instruction on one of the technologies of weaving, and for the rest to make only remarks. We decided to take “rhombus” as a base, and describe the process of making “ladder” and “honeycomb” on the basis of “rhombus.

“Rhombus” with their own hands

The complexity of making a homemade chain is that a number of simple things are unknown. For example, it is not clear how long each of components of the future product should be, how long to make the same rope or chain located on the sides of the wheel We propose to conduct all the experiments in relation to a particular car. Then the percentage of errors is lower and the result is evident.

  • Laying out the chain on one side of the tire. This will help to estimate approximately the number of links included in each of the elements of the diamond pattern. Use rope and duct tape for easy marking. You can use rope to bind the product along the contour of the side, and insulation to wrap the outermost links to be connected with rope on the sides and rings in the middle.
  • Make a mirror part of the obtained chain. The anti-skid chain conditionally consists of two parts: front and back, or left and right. In the paragraph we have shaped the front part. To get the back you need to mirror the already obtained section or, simply put, measure the same segment of chain, marking on it the boundary points of the connection.
  • Connect the two halves obtained together. The easiest way to do it is with connecting rings. If they are not available, you can use one of the chain links by separating it. Reverse fixation of the link must be inseparable, so you can not do without welding.
  • Put the chain on the wheel.
  • Measure the necessary length of wire on the sides of the tire. Use a rope to calculate the exact meter, tying the chain front and back with it.
  • Put the eye of the turnbuckle on the front rope.
  • Finish the two wire ends by putting shackles on them and clamping them firmly.
  • Try on the resulting construction again by tying together the rope ends with a rope and using a turnbuckle.
  • Replace the rope with a shackle if the turnbuckle provides a secure hold, and the homemade version is ready for combat use.

Important! The turnbuckle should be made diagonally.

Homemade “honeycomb”

Rhombuses, alternating with straight sections, are made by analogy with the diamond-shaped anti-skid chain. First try on the outer part, which consists of half-rings and straight sections on the tire tread. If no coupling rings are used, the outer part will consist of a continuous length of chain. The mirror part here is not solid. it includes small sections that form, together with the upper semi-finished product, a diamond-shaped structure.

The junction point is still located at the peripheral vertices of the diamond. If you want to use chain instead of cable ties, it is necessary to have 10 pieces of brackets, of which there are three different configurations. In the budget version, the brackets can be replaced by bolts with large washers. And if you pursue the purpose to create unbreakable design on motives of the Soviet anti-skidding chains, replace turnbuckle on a high-grade lock under a square. It is clear from the photo that in terms of design this solution is simple: two disks (it is allowed to use aluminum) are riveted together. On the same axes are mustaches (only steel).

“Ladder” at home

We left the most traction version for an appetizer, as they say. For two reasons. The ladder is the easiest variant for self-made and at the same time the least popular weaving scheme in off-road by known reasons.

It is important to observe a number of rules during manufacture. For example the cross segments are interconnected here by a chain and not by a rope. The wire binding complicates the installation to the extent that the wheel must be taken off and even lowered, otherwise there is no way.

Otherwise everything is extremely simple. It is enough to cut 13-15 equal chain segments, fix them by chain, make a lock or use turnbuckle (again, only in diagonal direction) and the device is ready to use.

Selecting a tiller for a power tiller

When we buy a cultivator or a single axle tractor, we expect not just a means of loosening before sowing, but a multifunctional machine that can perform many tasks, such as tilling, plowing, working with a snowplow, digging potatoes and others. To select the main attachment for these tasks, it is not very difficult, but to correctly select the grousers, it is already a task. over, buying universal callipers does not solve the problem, but often only complicates it. Choosing the right grousers is not really complicated, let’s look at what kind of grousers, for what tasks are designed:

Best Tiller Cultivator 2022

One more important point for the additional equipment of the sowing loops.One more important function of a trailing arm is to attach the weights to the trailing arm. Heavy weights are needed for use with a snowplow, for use with a cart and for use with a plough on very heavy soil. Weights allow you to unify the single-axle tractor for more efficiency while reducing the probability of slipping.

Choose the right trailing shoes properly and you’ll have a fun and productive way to work with your tractor!

Dirt hooks for the Zubr power tiller

Zubr single axle tractor refers to heavy professional power tillers. It is suitable for the best attachments available. But in order for the Zubr to go into the ground perfectly, you need to buy or make your own trailing shoes for your Zubr power tiller. The standard lattice hooks, which are suitable for it, have a height of 700 mm and a width of 200 mm.

Wheels with such width can be used only on the heavy power tillers. Besides Zubr JRQ78 and 79, wheels will also work on Centaur 1070D, Aurora 101 and Aurora 81, Zirka LX1080D and Zirka 1090. The distance between the hooks in the factory version. 14,5 cm. The hub of these wheels is 60 mm in diameter. Fitted to a single-axle tractor with an additional hub.

Rating of best grousers for power tillers in 2021

One of the main assistants of a person in the conduct of a personal subsidiary farming is a single-axle tractor. Its main purpose is to plow the ground. This is quite expensive equipment, and in order not to spend money on such highly specialized equipment, it is enough to buy an additional primer, which will expand the range of application of the power tiller.

The industry produces a wide range of models of tedders. Some of them are universal, suitable for many power tillers, and others are narrowly focused, suitable for a particular brand.

These products are in high demand because they have a balance of price and quality. They can be used for a long time. manufacturers have made sure that they do not rust over time. They can be put on instead of the wheels of various power tillers. But you need to read the instructions to be compatible. You can also get this information from the seller at the time of purchase.


Based on the name, it can be understood that these groundhoes are small. They are designed for tilling crops. The cleats are curved, have an external hexagonal sleeve. This model is attached as an attachment.

  • made in the USA;
  • weight 8 kg;
  • diameter 340 mm;
  • the hub is 23 mm.
  • quality welding;
  • low weight.

Best Power Tillers in India 2020 | Kirloskar, Honda, Kubota, Kamco & Shakti Power Tillers

  • Not suitable for loosening the soil, the result is far from good.

Multi-agro MB GS.32.500.200

Excellent products from the Russian manufacturer, suitable for many cultivators. Weight is sufficient to provide the necessary traction, the price is optimal. Users note high efficiency.

  • weight 15 kg;
  • diameter 500 mm;
  • hub 32 mm;
  • width 200 mm.
  • pleasant price;
  • can be found in many stores;
  • large weight.

Celina 10106

The device is suitable for many domestic power tillers. It weighs 11 kg, which is enough for most types of work. Can be used as an additional plow. The spikes are securely welded to the hoops for a long service life.

  • weight 11 kg;
  • diameter 480 mm;
  • 25 mm hub;
  • width 130 mm.
  • easy to attach to a single-axle tractor;
  • fits many models;
  • sufficient weight;
  • high-quality metal alloy.

GMC-6.5 Huter 71/3/3

German-made products. Price is quite high compared to other products, but the quality meets European standards. Spikes are strong and durable, but can only be used with European power tillers.

  • 360 mm in diameter;
  • weight 8,5 kg;
  • German production.
  • good quality;
  • Practically universal model for European power tillers.
  • not suitable for domestic cultivators.


Lightweight but solid spikes that allow you to work in the field or vegetable garden. It is an attachment, so it can be used for hoeing or for removing weeds. Additional use of plough possible.

  • weight 7 kg;
  • U.S. manufacture;
  • diameter 340 mm;
  • 28 mm hub.
  • Three hoops with large spikes;
  • easy to use;
  • high-quality processing of land.
  • The area of application is severely limited, as few power harvesters are suitable for this model.

These groundkeepers are popular, and their effectiveness is proven, so you can safely buy them if you need such equipment.

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