What is the best lawn mower?

Top 11 best petrol lawn mowers

Gasoline lawn mowers are quite popular all over the world. It is justified. On the one hand, they have more power, which makes it easy to clear large areas of excess grass and even bushes. On the other hand, they have a great autonomy, as there is no need to connect the mowers to the network. just fill a full tank of fuel. It is not surprising that many people have a desire to buy them. But how to choose the right one with such a wide range? Exactly for such readers we will make a rating of the best gasoline lawnmowers and describe ten really successful models from popular manufacturers.

Take the choice of a suitable model should be as seriously as possible. after all, it is quite an expensive purchase. What you should pay attention to when buying?

First of all, the power. It depends on it, whether there will be problems when mowing tough weeds and young bushes.

In addition, you should not forget about the noise level. it will affect not only the comfort of the neighbors, but also the work process itself. it is not too pleasant to work for several hours under the deafening noise.

You should definitely pay attention to the presence of the mulching function. shredding the grass clippings for later use as mulch.

Quality models are produced by different large companies, but the most popular products are still such firms:

Of course, this is not a complete list of good manufacturers. And not all of their models are flawless. But if you buy the products of these companies, you will not regret it.

Lawn mower gasoline rankings for 2022

The best petrol lawnmower in terms of reliability Huter GLM-6.0S

Why we liked it: With its powerful engine, the Huter lawnmower works well even with dense vegetation. The wide steel blade cuts the grass perfectly to the height set by the user and stays sharp even after frequent use.

Main features

  • Self-propelled: yes (rear wheel drive)
  • Engine power: 6 litres.с.
  • Engine capacity: 150 cm3
  • Fuel tank: 1.2 litres
  • Mowing width: 53 cm
  • Mowing height: 25-75 mm
  • Recommended area: 1000 m2
  • Grass box type: rigid
  • Grass box capacity: 65 l

Semi-professional self-propelled model from German brand Huter. Large-diameter wheels guarantee easy lawn mowing and excellent manoeuvrability. Rear-wheel drive allows GLM-6.0S is easy to move even on areas with small irregularities.

Huter lawn mower can throw the grass to the right or back. In the latter case, it falls into the 65-litre capacity, durable plastic grass catcher box. Additionally, the mower has a mulching function. to use it, you need to install the appropriate attachment (supplied).

If you prefer soft containers, choose the version with the index ST. Its characteristics are similar, but the grass catcher box is made of fabric.

Huter mower handle is foldable, making it easy to transport and store. Handle length can be adjusted to the operator’s height for convenience. The controls on the GLM-6.0S are symmetrical, so the equipment is suitable for both left- and right-handed people.

Adjustment of cutting height in the reviewed mower offers 7 levels (25-75 mm). The width that the equipment covers is 53 cm. Mowing performance of the GLM-6.0S is good, but its owners complain about the high noise level.

Best budget petrol lawn mower PATRIOT PT 42 LS

Why we like it: A domestic petrol lawnmower, suitable for small lawn care. Its engine is powerful, reliable and fuel efficient. Folding handle, removable grass catcher box. for easy storage. Rear drive makes it easy to work in uneven terrain and dense grass.

Main features

  • Self-propelled: yes (rear wheel drive)
  • Engine power: 3,5 l.с.
  • Engine displacement: 123 cm3
  • Fuel tank: 0.8 l
  • Mowing width: 42 cm
  • Mowing height: 30-75 mm
  • Recommended area: 1200 m 2
  • Grass catcher bag type: soft
  • Grass catcher box capacity: 40 liters

The Russian brand PATRIOT not only competes on equal terms with many popular brands, but in many ways surpasses them. First and foremost, of course, cost. The PT 42 LS is half the price of a STIGA or Makita mower and virtually as good in performance.

The unit comes with a 3.5-horsepower 4-stroke engine, a sharp blade, and 7-level center height adjustment. The PATRIOT lawnmower also has rear wheel drive! Yes, for this price, the manufacturer even offers this feature. Mulching is also available, but there is no PT 42 LS only a side throw.

The wheels in the reviewed model are of medium size, so it is not suitable for large irregularities. But, perhaps, this is the only thing in which the domestic mower is inferior to foreign counterparts. The PT 42 LS has a soft dustbin. Its volume is 40 liters, which is normal for a mowing width of 42 cm.

The best inexpensive gasoline lawn mower without a grass catcher box Champion LM5127

Why we liked it: An interesting budget model with side discharge. Practically as good as its more expensive competitors in the same category. The technique offers mulching, a folding, height-adjustable handle, as well as a powerful motor.

Main features

  • Self-propelled: no
  • Engine power: 3,5 l.с.
  • Engine capacity: 146 cm3
  • Fuel tank: 0.8 l
  • Mowing width: 51 cm
  • Mowing height: 25-75 mm
  • Recommended area: 800 m 2
  • Grass catcher box type: none

If you like the Makita lawn mower but need something cheaper, then it’s worth choosing a model from the Champion brand. These machines are similar in many respects: similar mowing width and height range, the same fuel tank capacity and comparable engine volume. But the LM5127 has even more power.

Champion lawn mower has side discharge and mulching. Weighs only 24.7 kg, which is important because there is no wheel drive. The user doesn’t have to put in extra effort to move the machine. But it is better not to buy the LM5127 for cutting uneven areas.

Directly to the mower complaints are almost no. The only thing that can be noted is too thin metal housing, which is associated with the desire to minimize costs. But the manufacturer’s service is mediocre, and it’s not always possible to get help from the company.

The best gasoline mower with mulching Hyundai L 4310

Why we like it: A manoeuvrable lawnmower with a very sharp blade. Good looks, optimum motor power for small areas, long life, mulching. these are the key advantages of the L 4310. Mowers can cope with both dry and wet grass.

How to choose a gasoline mower

Already figured out what you need the motor power, mowing width and grass catcher box, but have not chosen a specific model? Then you can estimate five more important parameters for gasoline mowers.

How to start

Most modern models do not require complex manipulations to start the engine. just pull the rope and the motor will start. But some mowers are even easier to turn on. thanks to the electronic ignition system. The design of such equipment assumes the presence of a battery.

Mowing height

There are three ways to adjust the height of mowing:

  • Individual. With this kind of machines you have to change the height for each wheel.
  • Screw. Repositioning of the axle attached to the lawnmower’s body.
  • Central. Height is adjusted with one lever.

The last one is the most convenient, and that’s why it is mainly used now. Individual height adjustment is typically found on low-cost electric mowers.

A mulching attachment

Mulching is one of the most useful extras in lawnmowers. These models know how to shred the grass in the deck, and then spread it evenly over the plot. As a result, you can not only mow the grass, but also fertilize the soil.

wheel drive

Non-mounted mowers move due to the efforts of the operator, so such equipment is suitable for perfectly flat (or close to it) areas. You can also choose a unit without a drive if you need regular physical activity.

In all other situations, buy self-propelled models. They come in:

The first type makes it easier to navigate over rough terrain, the second type has better maneuverability, and the third type is a universal option.


Some self-propelled mowers have a choice of speeds. This allows for flexibility in adjusting to different surfaces and densities of grass growth.

Lawn mowers with an electric drive are divided into battery-powered and working from 220 V. The first are more convenient with their mobility, but cost more, the second are more economical, and depend on wires.

This class of garden equipment is distinguished by the absence of disadvantages inherent in units with an internal combustion engine:

Electric devices are only slightly inferior to gasoline ones in terms of power or other technical parameters. They are also able to handle large and small areas, are maneuverable.

The best were four popular self-propelled lawnmowers, which by quality and characteristics have surpassed more than a dozen competitors.

Hyundai LE 4600S Drive

Hyundai LE 4600S Drive

The popular electric lawn mower model from Hyundai has received the title of “user’s choice” on Yandex service.Market. it is distinguished from competitors by high rotation speed of the blade, which will significantly reduce the work time. The powerful motor allows not only to mow the lawn, but also to cut thick weeds. According to the reviews, the lawnmower is pretty quiet in operation, moving at a comfortable speed of 3.6 km/h. Maneuverability can be evaluated by 4 because of the considerable weight, but all the controls are located as conveniently as possible. Height of mowing is adjustable in the center from 3 to 7,5 cm. The only disadvantages the owners attributed to the slightly excessive weight and only one speed.

  • powerful, easy to move on a plane uphill;
  • convenient operation;
  • mows quickly and efficiently;
  • it is possible to conveniently fix the cable to the handle;
  • 7 steps of mowing height adjustment;
  • High quality assembly;
  • revolving.

greenworks 2502907 60V 46cm GD60LM46SP

A good self-propelled mower from the professional Greenworks range, powered by a 60 V (4 Ah) battery and with a modern induction motor DigiPro. It combines a good power, comparable to gasoline models, and the absence of all the disadvantages of the internal combustion engine. The mower is very easy to use. maneuverable, comparatively light. There is a useful mulching function. Grass ejection in two positions: in the grass catcher box or sideways. Features just like the pro line: height adjustable from 20 to 80 mm, width 46 cm, 1 hour off-line time. The top 9 participant does not have many reviews, however, most of them are only positive.

  • Induction motor;
  • good technical parameters;
  • Long autonomous work;
  • Two directions of ejection grass;
  • steel deck;
  • Battery and charger included.


STIHL introduces one of the most successful cordless mower models on the market. Outstanding quality at a glance: UV- and heat-resistant polymer housing, ergonomic single-arm grip with height adjustment. The innovative shape of the grass catcher box makes it easy to clean and protects the user from dust and grass clippings. Combined with its good technical characteristics, the model has undoubtedly added to the 2022 rating of self-propelled lawnmowers.

  • high quality of assembly and materials;
  • possibility of installing a mulching nozzle;
  • Durable materials;
  • a wide range of cutting height adjustment;
  • infinitely variable speed adjustment.

Makita ELM4613

One of the most popular electric ride-on mowers in the brand’s lineup features optimally matched performance and the maneuverability needed to care for complex lawns. Its grass catcher box, despite its increased volume, has a soft design that allows you to raise the front quite high when overcoming obstacles or turning. The adequately powerful electric motor delivers the speed best suited to most types of lawns. But the main thing that users note, it is a large number of height steps and the best in its class quality-price ratio of equipment.

  • The optimum travel speed is 3.6 km/h;
  • 60L grass tank;
  • height adjustment in 8 positions;
  • reliability;
  • the cleanliness of the grass.

Top Questions

How much of the lawn can be mowed?

For small areas up to 500 sq. Small mowers with little power are well suited to these types of terrain. These models are lightweight and inexpensive. For small areas up to 1000 sq. m and above you need a more productive machine. It is usually more massive and more expensive. After all, working on such areas requires a lot of power and a number of additional design features that facilitate the process of mowing the grass. With their help even the most difficult work can be done easily and effortlessly.

How close the lawn is to the power source?

Where the lawnmower will be stored?

Before you buy a machine, you need to know where to store it. Whether it will be a spacious garage or a cramped back room? According to this already choose the size of the mower. Also, think about whether you have to go through a confined space, such as a door or gate. Measure the doorways beforehand so you can buy a model that fits through them without any problems.

Let’s look at the main aspects of the choice.

Top lawn mowers in the inexpensive price segment

Hammer KMT145SB

Opens our rating self-propelled model, which belongs to the semi-professional line, well suited for constant operation. It is based on a four-stroke engine with an output of 3.5 liters.с., and the volume is 145 cu. see. Valves are located on top, so the air is well-cooled.

This particular feature also cuts down significantly on fuel consumption and prevents the formation of large quantities of environmentally harmful exhaust gases. The air filter here is double. made of foam and paper. The cylinder liner is made of cast iron, the crankshaft is cast iron. The design includes a silencer that reduces noise pollution.

The device is capable of operating in one of three modes. side discharge, collection in the grass catcher box and mulching. The cutting width is 46 cm. The cutting height is adjusted with a seven-position lever from 25 to 75 mm. Grass catcher box capacity is 60 l. It is fabricated, fastened to a metal frame.

The wheels are plastic, 200 mm in front and 255 mm in the back. Results in a small turning radius and high maneuverability. The handle is height-adjustable and foldable for easy storage and transportation. Neoprene padding on the handlebars reduces vibration and gives the tightest possible grip.

  • Quite strong and comfortable design, without raising any complaints;
  • Large enough grass catcher box;
  • Easy to pass over uneven areas. no extra effort required.

Champion LM4630

Another self-propelled model, which is quite reasonably priced. It is designed for medium-sized lawn care. not more than 16 acres. Robust, durable and easy to operate. The model is equipped with a four-stroke motor with high environmental performance, the engine capacity is 4.1 liters.с.

With a cutting width of 46 cm, the cutting attachment is ideally matched to the power of the engine to cut grass at high speed. Central cutting height adjustment system with one lever. range 25 to 75 mm. The blade is made of high-strength material. It will not wear out or blunt over time. So you don’t have to change it so often.

The blade has two specially shaped blades that also push the air in, creating good suction power. Not only the grass cuttings, but also leaves and even small twigs are collected in the grass catcher box.

Grass catcher box capacity of 60 liters, made of high-quality fabric-type materials, the upper part is plastic, equipped with a very comfortable handle. The maximum mowing speed is 3.5 km/h, which is a good value for a 173 cc lawnmower engine. see. Gas tank holds one liter of gasoline. The design is quite heavy. with an empty gas tank and emptied grass catcher will weigh about 34 kg.

Carver Promo LMP-1940

Carver Promo LMP-1940 gasoline mower

Non-motorized four-wheel mower by the domestic brand Carver Promo LMP-1940 perfectly copes with the processing of the area up to 1200 square meters. м.

It is equipped with steel blades, adjustable cutting height (8 levels from 2,5 to 7,6 cm), a roomy grass catcher box (40 l). Working width of 40 cm, power of 4-stroke engine. 2.4 liters. с., Noise level. 96 dB, fuel tank holds 1.2 l of gasoline. mower body is made of steel, adjustable height of handle. Weighs 24kg.

Advantages: Low weight, adjustable cutting level, Low gasoline consumption, Large cutting surface, Easy to operate, Maneuverability.

Disadvantages: High noise level, not very comfortable handle

Huter GLM-5.0 S

This model is ideal for mowing on relatively flat terrain. The device operates thanks to a single-cylinder four-stroke motor with air cooling system and manual start. Maximum power of the model is 5 liters.с. Two main drive and brake handles are mounted on an arc-shaped handle. It is height-adjustable and can be removed for transport.

The mower has four plastic wheels with polymer tread that will not harm the lawn. Fully self-propelled, rear wheel drive. All the user has to do is to point it in the desired direction. The cutting width is 46 cm, and the body is designed in such a way that it is larger than the width of the wheel axle. That makes it easy to work around fences, house walls, and trees.

Similar to previous models, cutting height is in the range of 25 to 75 mm. Grass cuttings go into the grass catcher box. All the main elements are very conveniently located, so they are very easy to reach in case they need to be serviced or repaired. The engine is equipped with a sturdy air filter that reduces the toxicity of exhaust gases, making the equipment safe for the environment.

  • The engine is easy to start;
  • A full gas tank is more than enough for a lawn area of 1,000 square metres. м;
  • High maneuverability.

How to choose the right gardening equipment, its functions

Before you purchase a drum mower, you should know its pros and cons. The wrong tool will be a disappointment, pulling the grass out by the root, and you will feel homesick for the days when you used more traditional engine-powered machines. Simply put, a coil machine is not a direct replacement for a conventional.

Mechanical equipment is not only good for the overall condition of the lawn, but also useful for the person who works on it independently, as its use will successfully replace a trip to the gym. It doesn’t require much grooming, however, it does require a lot of diligence by following a cutting schedule, t.к. The product is not designed for tall grass.

The main criterion for choosing a drum machine for your home is the size and quality of your plot, it is best suited to small flat lawns. Any deviation from this can cause problems. Using a reel mower is more like having fun outdoors than hard work, but not everyone likes it. Some homeowners, after long-term trials, say they regret the purchase and often consider selling it in order to purchase an inexpensive electric or engine-powered machine with a portable trimmer.

Compared with a brushcutter, provided with conventional cutting elements (line), top or bottom of the engine, the functionality of drum units is better for the “health” of the lawn. They cut the grass like scissors, unlike engine-powered machines, which tend to mulch it, damaging the leaf tissue, which in turn puts more stress on the plants. The use of reel-to-reel machines allows your lawn to lose less water, be more disease-resistant and look better overall.

As you push the reel unit, you simultaneously rotate the blade blades, which increases resistance. It’s not an easy job, like, say, pulling an empty cart where you only push the wheels. A person weighing 79 kg burns about 251 calories operating a drum machine for 30 minutes. That’s 51 calories more than an 84-pound worker pushing a lawn mower with a driven blade for the same amount of time. Anyone with more than 10 acres will find weekly mowing with a reel mower tedious.

Rotary mowers require minimal maintenance, much quieter than conventional machines. Aside from greasing, sharpening the blades every few years, you don’t need other maintenance. As for noise, many users of coil units cite the quiet cutting sound the tool makes as a key advantage. On the other hand, gasoline machines require fuel, regular repairs, oil changes, preparation for winter, they are noisy, have an unpleasant smell.

In addition to the undeniable advantages of using this equipment, there are disadvantages, summarize them:

  • Firstly, for a hand-held mower to be practical, you must have a small lawn (up to 10 acres). It can be especially tiring in the spring, when the grass grows quickly and may require mowing twice a week.
  • Secondly, it takes a lot of diligence and rigorous adherence to a regular mowing schedule. If the grass is overgrown, a reel mower won’t do the job, it will just roll over the vegetation, so if you’ve taken a long break between mowing, you should use a regular mower.
  • Third, reel mowers are inconvenient on sloping or bumpy lawns. The torque that turns the blade blades comes from the wheels as you roll them on the ground. On an uneven surface or slope, you lose contact with the ground, which will result in unmowed grass.

In fact, the results overall may not be what you expect. The machine often misses taller patches of grass, you have to go back and trim them with the scissors. Also, on most drum machines, the blades are inside the wheels, so you will have a wide swath of unmowed grass by a fence or stone wall.

Experts recommend never cutting vegetation too close to the ground, which can cause it to dry out and cause burns in the summer. This means that a minimum mowing height is not a useful equipment option because you are unlikely to use it.

Which lawn mower is the best choice?

There are quite a few garden equipment manufacturers in 2022. Along with well-known and proven brands, there are more and more new companies that promise better quality and longer service life.

Before you buy a mower with an electric motor, you should pay attention to the best brands, according to experts:

  • Bosch. German manufacturer. the undisputed market leader in equipment for repair, construction and gardening. The brand is in great demand for a wide choice, consistent quality and the best technology.
  • ELITECH. Domestic firm stands out from the competition with its reliability and strict quality control of production. The important advantage of the company. a wide network of service centers and responsive to market trends.
  • STIHL. Another famous manufacturer that places special emphasis on the production of various equipment for the care of garden plots and homestead land. Many brands include mowers in their range but STIHL focuses on this area with its own technology and a strong emphasis on convenience and efficiency.
  • Hyundai. The brand has made a name for itself in developing good equipment at a reasonable price. The company has accumulated vast experience in engineering, so all products meet the requirements of modern users.
  • Champion. A good and well-known brand offers inexpensive and reliable machines. Wide range of gardening equipment covers the entire spectrum of users’ needs. And the main pluses are maintainability and unpretentiousness in operation.

Bosch Indego (0.600.8A2.100)

The robotic lawnmower, which provides ideal care for the area around the house. The machine needs no human supervision and saves a lot of time. Voltage is provided by a lithium-ion battery. Working width 260 mm. Enough battery power for mowing grass up to 1,000 m2. Adjustable cutting height (20-60 mm). Special sensors, which the robot is equipped with, allow you to work safely and efficiently.

  • safe operation. The cutting tool is closed with a casing;
  • big wheels with good cross-country ability;
  • high efficiency, requiring no human involvement;
  • motion pattern. parallel lines.
  • quiet sound (no more than 75 dB);
  • design safety;
  • compactness;
  • environmental cleanliness;
  • easy operation;
  • modern appearance.

AL-KO 119781 Robolinho 110

Robotic mower recommended for plots up to 700 square meters. The machine is battery operated. Therefore, to buy this device means to show care for the environment. Thanks to its powerful drive, the robot has no problem moving even in tall grass. All lawn care work is automated. The weight of the device is only 8 kg. The robot comes complete with a battery charger.

Robomow RC304u

Environmentally friendly robotic mower from Israel, which comes complete with a base station. The unit allows you to care for the yard without human intervention. The device is equipped with sharp blades. When reaching an obstacle, the mower stops, avoiding damage. Thanks to the special working mode the device moves precisely along the perimeter of the field. Can be controlled via remote control or mobile gadget (must install special app). Battery charging time is about 1.0-1.5 hours.

  • easy operation. All parameters are set by special buttons;
  • Blades made of heavy-duty material. No tools are required to change the blades;
  • good cross-country ability even in undulating terrain.
  • Adjusting the height of mowing;
  • theft protection;
  • environmental safety;
  • simple operation;
  • Multi-area function;
  • locking the blades when the gadget is lifted
  • Smooth mowing even in uneven terrain;
  • mow lawn edges;
  • Reliable chrome wheels.

GARDENA Sileno City 250

A robot with excellent workmanship, assembled in Great Britain. Easy programming, low noise and low power consumption are its main features. Precision-ground blades for flawless mowing. Cable included with the robot for limited mowing area. Grass cutting height varies from 20 to 50 mm. The device is equipped with a collision sensor, which eliminates the accidental collision of the device with obstacles in the garden. Theft protection system (PIN-code lock). Recommended for lawns up to 250 square meters.

  • one charge is enough for 60-65 minutes of work;
  • theft protection (the necessity to request the PIN-code);
  • Ability to operate in rainy weather;
  • LCD screen, programmable menu;
  • easy cleaning with a garden hose;
  • EasyPassage. automated mowing in narrow areas;
  • simple software update;
  • Built-in carry handle;
  • automatic battery charging;
  • rugged plastic housing.

Worx Landroid M WG757E

Robotic lawnmower, independently overcoming obstacles and designed to handle areas up to 800 m 2. Mowing height is adjustable from 20 to 60 mm as desired. 180 mm grip width. Theft protection available. the device is sold with preset settings, but they are easy to change.

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