What is the best line for an electric grass trimmer

How to choose a fishing line for a grass trimmer

Before considering the rating of the best manufacturers, let’s touch upon the criteria for selecting the line itself for the grass trimmer:

  • The material of the cord. Buying a fishing line, you need to be interested in what it is made of. The more plastic the material, the less likely the line will break. The best are polyamide monofilament and nylon. Reinforced cutting attachments with steel wire inside are used for particularly rough grass (e.g. burlap).
  • Section shape. The fishing line is available in four configurations. The round blade is universal and can be used for all types of grass. It also winds up easily on the bobbin. Sprocket and square sprocket, due to their pronounced edges, easily cut coarse and overripe grass. A coiled line makes up to 50 % less noise than other lines, therefore it is optimized for continuous work.
  • Diameter. Power ranges from 1.3 to 5.0 mm. the strength and load of the motor depends on it. 1.3-2.0 mm is good for trimmers with 0.7-1.0 kW. 2.4 mm are chosen for electric trimmers with a power of 1.4 kW, and semi-professional brushcutters. 2.7-5.0 mm is a tool for professional gardening equipment.

Choosing the right line for your grass trimmer

The question of how to pick up a line for a trimmer for grass is very relevant, because neither in the passport to the tool, nor on the packaging of the line do not indicate detailed characteristics, except size and type of section. The first step is to determine the permissible diameter of the line. this information can be found in the user manual for the trimmer. Users can also take a sample of line from the delivery (there is almost always a small section on the bobbin of a new tool) and measure it with a caliper or simple ruler.

In the absence of both, suitable dimensions can be determined by the tool itself.

  • Electric grass trimmer up to 500 W. 1-1,6 mm. Used to cut lawn grass.
  • Electric grass trimmer from 500 W to 1 kW. 2-2,4 mm. Tolerates fine, thin grass and medium-diameter overgrown weeds.
  • Gasoline grass trimmers and brushcutters. 2,4-3,2 mm. Thick line easily cuts dry stems, weeds, thick and dense thickets.
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Grass trimmer line thicker than 3.2 mm in diameter is rarely used, only on some types of powerful petrol trimmers.

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Conclusion: the more powerful technique. the thicker the tool. If in doubt, you can buy a smaller diameter tool. If you use a line for the grass trimmer with a diameter larger than the set, it will regularly wind up on the spool, worse “go”. Also the use of too thick a string can put excessive load on the engine, which leads to rapid overheating.

Standard package may contain 15m of line, but rare bobbin is able to wind 7-7,5 m, i.e. half of it. There is another type of packaging. “coil” or “spool”, here the length of the string varies on average from 250 to 515 m.

You should also pay attention to the production date. The line should not be very old: over time, nylon shrivels up and becomes very brittle. In this case there is a way out. to soak line in water for some hours, but it is not possible to restore elasticity of the line.

Best trimmer line on the planet

best, line, electric, grass, trimmer

Select a suitable cross-section of line

First of all, the choice of line for a grass trimmer should begin with the section. You can see line of different thicknesses on the market. on average from 1.2 to 4 millimeters. Basically it’s quite simple. the more powerful the grass trimmer is, the thicker the line that can be used.

Because of its greater mass, a thicker line is more efficient at dealing with dry grass and bushes. It also wears out more slowly, so the increased cost is more than compensated for by its lifespan.

Therefore, for electric trimmers (as less powerful) usually choose a thin line, but for gasoline, characterized by increased power, it is better to take a thick.

Advice from experienced owners

How often do you need to change grass trimmer lines??

To ensure that the tool will serve you for a long time and malfunction as seldom as possible, apply the tips of experienced gardeners.

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  • Read the technical data sheet of your product carefully so that you use the correct line diameter and cross section.
  • Different strings are used for different grass.
  • Excessively fine line will wear and tear faster, reducing the performance of the device as a whole.
  • Too thick a wire also makes the work inefficient, since the load on the motor increases, which can not stand and burn out.

Which shape is best

Do not forget the shape of the line, which has an influence on cost and performance. So, let’s talk about the basic forms of cross-section:

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How to STRING TRIM like a PRO ������

  • The circle is the most widespread, easiest to produce and therefore cheapest to buy. Perfect for mowing thin, young grass. However, it makes a lot of noise during work, which is unlikely to please both the user of the grass trimmer and other people around. As a result, manufacturers have produced a round line with a twisted section. it’s a little more expensive, mows significantly quieter, but consumes faster.
  • A polygon or square is more effective than a round. Thanks to its sharp corners, even quite thick grass will be cut in no time at all. A square line is a little bit more expensive than a round line, therefore, it’s a good compromise between price, comfort and efficiency.
  • A curved square or star-shaped cutter boasts the best cutting performance, and even mowed or hard grass is no problem. the sharp edges are easy to handle. The noise level is relatively low, but the cost of such a line is the highest. This discourages some potential buyers. In fact, a sprocket is well worth its price when mowing tough grass, saving the user a lot of time.

In addition, on sale you can see a line with different cross-sections, but with special serrations. They increase efficiency, but they also make the material more expensive.

As you can see, it is quite easy to figure out the cross section. With these simple rules in mind, it’s easy to decide which brushcutter line is the best choice for your lawn trimmer.

Dimensions. How to choose the right size of fishing line

Size range of line diameters (in mm): 1.3; 1.4; 1.6; 2; 2.4; 2.7; 3; 3.3; 4. Sometimes there are strings with other sizes. Especially Chinese-made. Cord comes in thicknesses over 2 mm.

String size is selected according to the power of the grass trimmer:

  • For 0.5 kW devices, as a rule, 1.3-1.6 mm string is used. Suitable for lawns, young, soft weeds, low herbs in the garden.
  • 2 to 2.4 mm lines are best for 0.5 to 1 kW trimmers. You can mow thicker and more dense weeds with such a string.
  • Thicker strands or 2.7 to 4mm cord are used on heavy-duty professional machines with gasoline engines. The thickest lines, 3.3 and 4 mm, in particular, are not used in home trimmers.

If you install a thin string on a powerful gasoline trimmer, it will wear out very quickly. For powerful trimmers, it is better to use cord with a metal core. Cord is much stronger and better suited for cutting dry grass and large weeds. Even brushwood and small bushes can be cut with these lines. Cord is most often in the form of a solid and twisted circle or square (twist).

Selection tips

How to choose a line for the grass trimmer?

The fishing line for trimmers is classified according to such characteristics:

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  • Thickness of line. The thickness can be found in the technical data of the device itself. Each machine requires a certain diameter of line. If the device is electric, it will need a thread of 2 mm. Gasoline grass trimmer should be filled with a line diameter of 2.4-3 mm.
  • Section shape. Usually a line with a circular cross-section is preferred. It is reasonably priced, and it perfectly copes with fresh grass. The main disadvantage is the noise that comes from the working device. Producers also produce lines with a square cross-section. Rectangular lines are less common. A two-part coiled line is produced, which is used for mowing dead wood. Its specialty is its strength and resistance to breakage. Disadvantage. price.
  • Line composition. By it you can determine the lifetime of the model. A nylon fishing line is often found. It wears out little by little and is effective for heavy use. Coaxial line is regarded as one of the strongest lines. It is difficult to cut with a knife, in the process makes minimal noise. Used mainly by utility workers.

Rating TOP-15 best lines for grass trimmer in 2021-2022

Location Name Price
Best grass trimmer lines by price/quality for 2021-2022
1 Bosch F016800431 3.5 mm Learn the price
2 DDE Classic line 2 mm 63 m Learn the price
3 Husqvarna T25 M10 (5784461-01) Check price
Best lines for grass trimmer 2mm
1 DDE Hard line 2mm wheel 15m Find out the price
2 ELITECH 0809.002100 2 mm 15 m Ask the price
3 Husqvarna Whisper Twist 2 mm 112 m Find out the price
The best lines for grass trimmer 2.4 mm
1 DDE Speed line 2.4mm 116m Check price
2 Huter S24 Star 2.4 mm 12 m Check price
3 DDE Classic line 2.4mm 44m Check price
Best lines for grass trimmer 3 mm
1 ELITECH 0809.006200 3 mm 12 m Check price
2 Huter S30 star 3 mm 12 m Check price
3 DDE Hard line 3 mm 120 m Find out the price
The best lines with core for grass trimmer
1 DDE Hard line 2.4 mm 180 m Find out the price
2 ELITECH 0809.006000 2 mm 15 m Check price
3 Sturm! GT3535-3.0-0M-10 3 mm 10 m Learn the price
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