What is the best reel for grass trimmer?

Grass trimmer line cross section

There are the following main varieties of line cross-section:. square;. round;. with sharp edges (in the form of a star).

The shape of the cross section of the line must meet the thickness of the vegetation to be mowed. A round section of fishing line will be needed for mowing lawns and young grass. A five-sided and a square are needed when the grass is rough and there are weeds on the lawns.

Here the choice depends on the individual model and the purpose of the grass trimmer. However, if you need to mow, for example, old bushes, a fishing line is not suitable, as it will break right away. For such purposes, it is desirable to use a brushcutter equipped with a metal blade.

How to choose a trimmer head for grass?

For a brushcutter head to be highly efficient, the owner of a brushcutter needs to make the right choice. There are a number of factors to consider:

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  • Experience. if a novice gardener is buying, it is best to purchase an automatic bobbin. Semi-automatic and manual bobbins are best suited for use by more experienced gardeners;
  • The material. the coil’s reliability depends on it. Metal models are considered the most durable, but they weigh much more than standard plastic devices. When working with a metal bobbin, the engine of the brushcutter succumbs to increased stress, so you should buy them only for work with a powerful benzokosa;
  • the diameter of the line used. for medium power trimmers use spools that can be threaded with a thickness of no more than 1.6 mm. On brushcutters with more than 2.5 hp. с. You can fit a reel with a cutting cord which is thicker than 2 mm.

The simplicity of its construction also plays an important role when choosing a reel. For beginners, bobbins, which have a minimum number of parts, are best. experienced gardeners can use heads with more components.

What’s the difference between the reel and the head?

A brief look at the grass trimmer head and reel. The head is the base inside which the bobbin with the wound line (also called the bobbin) is located. The photo below shows an example of a head design with a bobbin inside.

Many people call the heads coils, so in the search engines there are requests about what there are coils on grass trimmers, and how they differ. In these issues, we will understand in detail in this material.

best, reel, grass, trimmer

Best Reel Mower

Top 5 Best Models

The rating below includes the most popular coils in five different categories. The list was compiled based on current 2019 sales figures and consumer reviews of these models.

The most affordable model

Among the best available spools stands out Patriot DL-1200. This semi-automatic collapsible spool from Patriot is suitable for chain saws with straight booms. Threading parameters: M10×1.25 LH (left-hand metric thread, 10 mm diameter, 1.25 mm pitch). Thickness of line. up to 3 mm. Compatibility with other appliances: Lesnik, Home Garden, ELG, Huter.

The best automatic spool

The best automatic group coil is Denzel 96308. It is suitable for gasoline and electric equipment with a nut M8×1,25 RH (diameter 8 mm, thread right). The maximum cross section of the line is 1.6 mm, the length is up to 15 m. Cord is extended automatically when the mower is switched on.

Positive aspects Negatives Initial cost,
High-quality materials and assembly, convenient line feed. Fits one model, 96608 TE-550, can only be used on soft grass. 430

Best semi-automatic model

In this category, the STIHL AutoCut C 5-2 bobbin is the leader, which is designed for trimmers FSE 60/71/81, FS 38/45/50 of the same brand. It is designed for line thickness of 2 mm and is characterized by easy threading without disassembling the head.

Positive aspects Negative points Initial price,
Durability, fast winding. High price. 850

Best manual model

Among reels with manual control, the bobbin STU-226, aluminum, gathered the most positive reviews. This is a spider-type reel with 8 cutting ends. It is suitable for electric and brushcutters and will not rust or warp even in the most difficult working conditions. Ignition/power must be turned off for cord replacement.

Positive aspects Negative points Initial Cost,
Versatility, durability, reliability. Must constantly monitor the length, condition and stock of fishing line, which is consumed faster through the use of segments. 650

The best all-purpose model

Of the many universal spools, the Denzel 96316 is especially popular. It is a semi-automatic spool for line length up to 3mm. Diameter and thread pitch (left) is M10×1.25, but thanks to adapters, this reel can be put on grass trimmers with 8, 10 and 12 mm nuts and screws. This bobbin is suitable for many models of motorcycle and electric scrapers.

Positive aspects Negative aspects initial cost,
Compatible with a variety of devices, easy and fast installation of the spool in the body, a good combination of price and quality. Not found 650

So, the failure of the trimmer head is an unpleasant, but easily removable obstacle on the way to a tidy plot or harvested hay. Even if the desired model is not available in the store, you can always make a spool by hand, although with the current variety of products for the garden, this method should be resorted to very rarely.

Types of spools according to their correspondence with brushcutters

In addition to the methods of charging and feeding the cutting cord, mowing heads are divided among themselves according to their correspondence to different models of trimmers. The following spools are on sale:

  • original. suitable only for certain models of brushcutters. To use them for installation with other trimmers will not be possible because of the mismatch of threaded connections;
best, reel, grass, trimmer

Most often you can find original spools of STIHL, Husqvarna, Oleo-Mac, Echo brands on sale. In turn, universal mower headsets are produced by Champion, Shindaiwa, Partner.

Review of EFCO 3060 trimmer reels

This is a very compact and inexpensive coil for grass trimmer (universal). Its winding system is of the semi-automatic type. The fastener is set with a diameter of 6.2 mm. The line itself wears very slowly. If you believe the buyers, the model is able to mow grass of any height. Adapter is installed with a threaded connection. Cup in this case reliably protects the body of the head. The presented reel is suitable for trimmers “Intratool”, “Hyundai” and other manufacturers. You can buy the model for 850

Classification by cord charging method

Another important factor is the principle of charging the line into the mowing head. According to this factor, there are the following types of reels on the market:

  • fast. to charge this type of attachments the operator using them does not need to remove the head from its base. You just need to gently slip the cord through the center of the spool and wrap it around the base a few times. This is convenient and, in addition, saves a lot of time;
  • demountable. to replace the cords on a reel, you need to disassemble it. Beginning gardeners may have problems with this procedure, but once they have gained the necessary experience, charging the head will be much faster in the future.

As practice shows, for the novice gardener, the fast reel on the grass trimmer is best suited. It stands out for its durability and can be actively used in areas with lots of hard obstacles.

Designation and equipment

The trimmer reel (bobbin) holds the line to cut the grass. On some devices, the cord is wound in coils, while others have finished sections attached. In the first case, the length of the line is 1-8 m, and in some models up to 15 m, in the second. a few tens of centimeters for each piece. The reel itself is the central part of the working head of the grass trimmer, but these terms are often used synonymously.

The bobbin with the line wound on it is enclosed in a casing that includes two parts: the base and the cover, which are connected by snaps. The cord is fed through the holes in the body, which can be two or more, for example, to use a line of different diameter without changing the spool. There is a spring between the bobbin and the cap, which allows the line to come out or be pulled in to replace the frayed end. The design is bolted to the trimmer’s grass trimmer bar.

Just a side note! With spider reels, the line sections are fastened individually, like in the Kumm universal model T 31, or in a bunch in the middle, like in the aluminum head T 34 of the same manufacturer or in a similar model Khoper wth905a.

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Types and features of trimmer reels

The device of a household brushcutter begins with its working body, the role of which is most often played by the grass trimmer spool.

There are 3 types of brushcutters on the market with different cutting line feeds:

  • automatic coils. in this type of nozzles, the cord is fed when the engine speed of the brushcutter is increased. The operator himself does not extend the line. it is fully automatic. Automatic heads are the most convenient to use and are most often used by gardeners caring for large areas. Among the disadvantages of these nozzles, experienced users highlight the frequent breakdowns of the device and the highest cost among all types of trimmer reels;
  • semi-automatic heads. nozzles of this type work on a fairly simple principle: to feed the cutting line, the spool must be pushed into the ground surface. Pressing simultaneously a special button activates an integrated anchoring mechanism. the result is a centrifugal force that lengthens the line and allows the operator to continue working in the field. These attachments require a certain amount of skill on the part of the operator;
  • manual reels. in the construction of these heads the cutting cord is extended mechanically. Accordingly, to feed the line, the operator must turn off the engine of the brushcutter and pull the line by hand. Despite the inconvenience in operation, this type of spool is recognized as the most reliable and popular among gardeners.

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In addition to the above mowing head types, universal mowing heads are also available. They can be installed on any domestic grass trimmer model, regardless of its factory equipment and purpose. universal mowing heads are characterized by high reliability and do not require frequent repairs.

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