What is the best way to cut laminate at home

Tools for cutting laminate

If you choose tools for cutting laminate, it is worth taking into account a number of peculiarities.

  • It is important that the tools were convenient to use. To a large extent, the convenience depends on the ability to use the tool and the preferences of people.
  • If the tools are light and ergonomic, you can do all the work much faster. In carrying out repair work, time is a very valuable resource.
  • An important nuance when choosing a tool and carrying out the sawing is that the cut should be even, without any cracks and chips. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to focus on this nuance, because some kind of irregularities can be hidden under other elements.

Electric jigsaw

A very simple tool to use when cutting lamellas is the usual electric jigsaw. The jigsaw operates at a very high rpm. That means you can make all the cuts very straight. An important nuance in the operation of the jigsaw is the choice of the right saw blade for the tool. Today, most of these tools have in their kit saws for such coatings, which can be easily replaced. If you compare with other types, they have a different shape, size and position of the teeth. If, however, there are no special saws available, standard saws with small teeth that are used for cutting metal products can also be used.

It is quite easy to cut laminate with an electric jigsaw. it does not require any special skills, you just need to observe safety precautions

To avoid damaging the laminate surface, always cut from the wrong side of the laminate. It is better to put the flooring on a table or stool so that the part you want to cut is suspended. Firmly fixing with your hand the element, you need to quickly pass the jigsaw on the intended mowing line of the cut.

Bosch has tools for cutting laminate. Solutions from this German company are great for the job. The range includes devices for cutting both straight and curved. There are also tools to make narrow cuts.

Special saw blades for electric jigsaws from the company are available in a wide range of. Thus, the company has a model in which the teeth are located on the back side. Such a saw will not harm the coating, and the cuts will be even and smooth.

It is worth using special jigsaw blades to cut the laminate

In addition to sawing laminate, the tool can also be used for working with plywood, chipboard and fibreboard.

There is also a model that is excellent for carrying out figured cutting of laminate or other coverings made of wood.

  • A narrow saw will make the cut more neatly.
  • If you need to make a cut as quickly as possible, a tool with large teeth is ideal, but the risk of damaging the material increases.
  • Always use tested equipment that has all the necessary certificates of authenticity.

Step by step instructions for cutting a laminate with an electric jigsaw


You can use the guillotine to cut the desired pieces of laminate panels. If we make an analogy with the jigsaw, the guillotine has a device with a mechanism. Externally, you can make a comparison with a large scissors. Such a device will not be noisy, and with a guillotine it is easy to make a cut across the panel. However, to buy a tool only in order to make repairs in one room, do not. Guillotine will be more useful for people who are constantly laying coatings on the floor. specialists. It will be better to borrow such a tool for a while.

You can use a special guillotine, which will help evenly cut the laminate

Circular saw

It is possible to make a cut, and using professional equipment. a circular saw.

The circular saw will also cope with the task well

It is important to know that if you use a circular saw, it must have a special purpose disk, suitable for working with metal products. In addition, to wield a circular saw, you need to have a certain level of skill.

When working with a circular saw, the panel is placed face up and firmly fixed. It is necessary to be very careful when working with such a tool. Always keep in mind safety precautions when working with equipment that can harm people. Always fasten your sleeves and watch your hands.

The most budget circular saws will cost about forty dollars. It does not make sense to buy such equipment to make a cut of the laminate flooring. In addition, it is quite oversized, and bringing it into the house is not an option. If such a tool is available, it can perform all manipulations with the laminate. It is necessary to use a disk for work with metal products, but it is worth having experience so as not to damage the product and not to harm your health.

The nuances of working with a “circular saw”.

  • You need to make markings and make cuts on the front side.
  • It is important to fix the part firmly on a flat surface with the pattern facing upwards. It is important that the blade is positioned correctly, not that one person holds it with his hands and the other makes the cut.
  • If there is a machine with a “circular saw”, then everything is done in the same way as described above.
  • If a machine is used, the laminate is not fixed, but simply gently brought to the cutting disc. It is important to use protective equipment and to protect your eyes.
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It is important to observe safety precautions when working with a circular saw


You can also use a router for cutting laminate flooring. It is unlikely that everyone has such equipment at home, but professionals who work with furniture products, the cutter is usually always available. Can make a perfect cut with this tool.

You can use a router if you have one

A standard construction knife can also help with laminate cutting work. It can be used to cut several panels of flooring. It is worth understanding that if there is a lot of work to be done, it is worth using another tool.

Hacksaw (saw)

Very often it happens that during the laying of the coating is used quite a common tool. a hacksaw. Anyway, in order to make a cut of the panels quickly and efficiently, you need to choose properly such a tool. But if there are no other options available, you can also use a hacksaw, which is used for working with wood. It is worth understanding that under such circumstances, it will be much more difficult to do all the work because of the teeth of a large size. Because of this all cuts can be uneven.

If only a few blades need to be cut, a hacksaw can easily do the job

The best solution in such a case would be to use a hacksaw for working with metal products. This kind of tool has a lot of fine teeth, and it will be able to make the cuts even.

32 How To Cut Laminate Using Laminate In Your Woodworking Shop. 1 of 4

It’s important to realize that this solution is worth using if there is not much work to be done. It takes much longer and harder to make cuts with non-electric tools. That is why specialists use equipment that works only from electricity.

angle grinder

Such a tool as an angle grinder, used for sawing various parts, including and laminate. When working with an angle grinder, you can make a fairly straight cut. When working with the tool, it is necessary to lay the panel with the upper side where the decorations are applied. Do not forget about the use of special discs with small teeth. For example, discs that are designed to work with metal products are great for sawing laminate flooring.

Many people use an angle grinder for cutting laminate, but it is worthwhile to work outdoors

Attention! When working with an angle grinder, you can feel the characteristic smell, dirt and dust. Do all work with the tool outdoors. Do not get to work with an angle grinder if you do not have any experience with the tool. it can be very dangerous and cause serious injury. It is always necessary to remember about safety and wear protective elements: special protective glasses and clothing with long sleeves to protect hands.

The manual circular saw has an impressive list of advantages. These include:

  • The ability to adjust the depth of cut;
  • high cleanliness of processing;
  • acceptable noise level;
  • relatively low danger level, controllability
  • no smoke, no dirt only fine sawdust.

You do not need much skill to work with a hand-held circular saw. The recommended course of action for beginners includes the installation of a solid support for the movement of the tool sole and work on the table.

By adjusting the plunge of the saw blade, it is possible to cut laminate without damaging the surface of a workbench or other support. The main disadvantage of a circular saw such a tool is not available to everyone, it is not rational to buy it specifically for laying laminate flooring.

How to cut laminate with a jigsaw. the right saws solve everything

It is most often recommended to saw laminate boards with an electric jigsaw. In general, a jigsaw is a multi-purpose device. You always need a tool for your household. And it does not cost much. The cheapest machine is easy to find for 20 dollars.

best, laminate, home

It is light and mobile, you will quickly learn how to work with it. That’s what is really handy for cutting laminate flooring. The main thing here is to have a steady hand (so it won’t move sideways) and to choose saws. Let’s see which side to saw from below.

How to properly cut laminate with an electric jigsaw:

  • It is very important which saw to cut laminate boards with. There are special ones for laminate on sale. But if you can’t find them, that’s okay. To avoid chipping on the front side we mark and cut on it. And then you just use a saw with teeth that are directed downwards. It ensures a nearly perfect cut. All chips will be on the bottom part of the lamella. But you have at home only a jigsaw with the teeth upwards. In this case, make a mark and saw on the back side. That’s the secret. Some people also use metal files.
  • Saw the laminate in another room. There will be a lot of sawdust. They, by the way, fly differently depending on the saw. Teeth up. sawdust up and vice versa. It is to the fact that sometimes you need to wear glasses;
  • Hold the piece to be cut. Because at the end of the sawing it can tear off a piece of the coating on top;

The jigsaw can cut laminate flooring not only in length or width. You can easily make a shaped cut with rounded corners. For example, to make a nice saw cut for the pipe.

Is it possible to use an “angle grinder”?

This tool, which is also called an angle grinder, is excellent for sawing different materials, including laminated panels. With this device you can get a straight and neat cut. To properly cut the laminate with an angle grinder, you need to lay the panel with the decorative side up, as well as use special replaceable discs with fine teeth to work on metal, ceramic surfaces or concrete.

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Since during the work with the angle grinder generates a lot of dust and dirt, as well as you can feel the unpleasant smell of burning in the process of sawing, it is better to perform all manipulations outdoors. On the first floor you can pull an extension cord through a window pane and work outside, on higher floors an unglazed balcony is best suited.

Another nuance when working with the angle grinder, as in the treatment of the circular saw. you need to have at least some experience with this tool. Insecure handling when sawing can lead to an uneven edge or the edge can become chipped.

What can be used to cut laminate flooring at home? 6 ways

Sometimes beginners-finishers get stuck: with what to cut the laminate flooring? The thing is new, unfamiliar, it has never been used. It will be scary to spoil your rather expensive purchase by inept actions if the dimensions are not quite right when laying. And even if they fit, you will have to trim in the corners and unevenness of the coatings anyway, no matter how you turn it, since no factory will be able to produce laminate exactly to the size of your apartment. The boards turn out to be long. and the excess will need to be removed.

Elsewhere, their duration is not enough. and we have to deliver a piece from another element of the material. In both cases you need to cut the laminate into pieces so that the cut is filigree smooth and the board itself did not go through cracks: firstly, it is ugly, and secondly. reduces the level of resource and protection of this coating.

How To Cut a Laminate Countertop | Including Lessons Learned

What to cut the laminate at home. Without the use of high, so to speak, technologies and involvement of the repair crews possessing the appropriate devices? On this occasion came up with several options. from professional to folk, artisanal. Either of them will give the desired result; and here: you only have to choose the one that is more suitable. based on the volume of the upcoming surface finishes and the availability of certain required tools.

Let’s try to analyze these methods in descending order of ease and simplicity of execution in our article.

If you are pondering with what you can cut the laminate, it means that you definitely do not have this tool. But maybe he is found at your friends, who will give you them to use.

It’s called a laminate flooring cutter, but it’s based on the guillotine principle. Externally similar to a cutter that is used to cut the edge of a photograph, only, of course, much larger in size. A board with a mark on which to cut is put under the knife, it goes down. and you have a perfectly smooth cut, obtained without the slightest effort. Buy such a tool for the sake of laying the floor in one or two rooms makes no sense. it’s pretty expensive, and only works on laminate.

  • put the right saw. Modern versions of the tool come with a special saw for laminate flooring. If you have a jigsaw bought a couple of years ago, buy such an insert to it: it has a special divorce of teeth, a certain shape of their teeth and a clearly calibrated step between them;
  • work must be done with the tool turned on at high speed. This mode makes it possible to cut the laminate without damaging its structure.

And suitable for those who have a circular saw. It requires some experience to work with it, otherwise you will not manage without chipping on the laminate. The board is placed upside down on something flat (table, workbench, floor) and fixed. In a circular saw is inserted a disk for work with metal. it has finer teeth. The tool is moved forward along the traced mowing line with light pressure. It is necessary to try to go smoothly, without stops: exactly they lead to splitting of a floorboard.

The disadvantage of this method is a noticeable cloud of dust from sawing and a distinct smell of burned wood. So, according to safety engineering, to do laminate flooring cutting with a circular saw is placed on an open balcony or outside at all.

  • The discs are used for ceramic, concrete, or metal. For the same reasons for which one chooses a disk for a circular saw: on such attachments the teeth are shallower;
  • The board is put with the laminated side up, otherwise you can’t avoid splintering or splintering;
  • A person should already have at least some experience with the angle grinder: the machine will have to operate by weight, uncertainty will lead to an uneven cut and, again, to the raveling of the edge.
  • From the front side, under the metal ruler, make the deepest cut you can in the right place.
  • The board is pushed to the edge of the table.
  • The main part of the board is held firmly, and a sharp pressure is applied to the cut board.

In looking for an answer than to cut the laminate, it is better to stay on the more advanced methods that use modern devices. The primitive helps in extreme situations; but if you will cut the whole room laminate with a hacksaw or knife, forces and time will spend an unimaginable amount, plus, quite possibly, pereport quite a large metre of coverage.

How to cut a laminate worktop cleanly.

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Ways of cutting

Mounting a laminate board involves its fixation to the floor with glue or special self-tapping screws. But many novice masters do not know what to cut the laminate to get a high-quality and even joint.

Cut vinyl or cork laminate at home you can use several tools:

  • Cutter. This design resembles a guillotine. To cut a board, it must be placed under the knife along the saw blade. After that, with a certain force the cutter is pressed in, which produces a rubber. With some skill this tool can be used to cut laminate even lengthwise.
  • Jigsaw. Cutting with this machine is one of the fastest and most accessible. But it is important to use only special saws for processing laminate. To cut the desired piece, you should measure the required dimensions and draw a straight line. The board is then moved slightly away from the table so that the saw moves in the air and the cutting begins.
  • Hacksaw. Cutting laminate with it can be done both on the floor, and on a certain elevation. To do this, you also need to mark the fishing line and carefully start sawing. Here it is important to take into account the saw’s pitch, as it can take a lot of laminate. This in turn can lead to a mismatch.
  • Knife. The upper layer of laminate is a thin layer of film that can be easily damaged by an ordinary office knife. The technology of working with this tool is quite simple. Along the marked mowing line you need to pass the tip of the knife in such a way as to cut through the top layer. If it is necessary to get an even line, then the board should be additionally fixed qualitatively.

When you have cut through the top layer, you need to break off the excess piece. To do this, lay the laminate on the edge of the table along the rubber and press sharply on one side. This approach reminds us of breaking ceramic tiles or glass after processing with a glass cutter.

  • Circular saw. Cutting with this tool is much faster. To cut a piece of laminate, you should also perform a marking. After that, the board is fixed on the bed along the plane of the saw movement. Place the product on top of the laminate layer. In doing so, the saw blades will enter the material, which will reduce the formation of chips and cracks. When everything is set up, you should slowly guide the board along the cutting line with the circular saw switched on.
  • angle grinder. This tool works like a circular saw. Similar types of cutting blades are also used here. But cutting can already be done almost anywhere. But to get an even cut, you need to get a hand that controls the angle grinder during processing.

A handy cutter for laminate

Properly trim a standard laminate board can be done using a machine with a guillotine. It is important to remember that the board consists of 5 layers, namely unrefined paper, through which the penetration of moisture into the coating is prevented, High-density fiberboard, moisture-resistant film, decorative paper, acrylic resin. Cut the laminate without chipping, so as not to spoil the integrity of the board, and it is desirable not to use a regular knife.

When working with a machine, you need to:

It is strictly forbidden to make a cut without a previously planned mowing line along which a disk put on the cutter is installed. With the machine the cut will be made qualitatively, quickly and easily, but if you do not follow the technology, you can not only deform the material, but also harm your hands.

What to cut the laminate at home

Laminate floors today are, perhaps, at the peak of popularity. The laying of laminated material is available to perform by one’s own efforts. For this you need: the desire, neatness and a little free time. To perform the installation you need to buy materials, a set of tools. There is a question: what tool is needed for laying and what to cut the laminate at home.

Sometimes it is difficult to stop your choice on any one kind of lamella, so great is the variety of colors, textures, decors with different patterns, faithful imitations: natural wood, natural stone, metal and even reptile leather. As practice shows, the variety of lamella appearance is not a factor in cutting the material. Therefore, in most cases, self-cutting will not cause difficulties.

You can perform all installation work without buying a specialized tool, using the existing stock of equipment in the pantry at home. Today we will consider what tools are needed to cut the panels, what to cut the laminate when installing with your own hands.

What to cut the laminate: what tool to use?

Correctly cut the laminate flooring to the required size. this is one of the positions in the technology of installation of this flooring at home. After all, it’s no secret that the laminate flooring is laid according to the type of brickwork, and, therefore, part of the panels will be cut in half. In addition, not all of the last panels in a row fit in one piece. And again we have to trim them.

Many ordinary people who are trying to make a laminate with their own hands, there is a valid question, what are the tools for cutting and which of them is better? To answer these questions, we need to consider all kinds of.

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