What is the difference between a lawmaker from a trimmer for grass. Engine power

What is better to buy for a summer residence. A trimmer for grass or a lawn mower, their differences

In the dachas are more often found areas with green grass, which are called lawns. Such beds require special care. To make the site look aesthetically pleasing, it is worthwhile to use special devices. Lawn mowers and trimmers for grass. Over, each of the devices has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, many people have an urgent question: which is better to choose for a summer residence. A trimmer for grass or a lawn mower?

This term is called a device that helps cut grass. At the same time, in appearance, it resembles a cart on wheels. Another feature of the product is the presence of a grass collector in the kit. It is made of plastic or synthetic fabric.

Lawn mowers allow you to choose a mowing height, which can be from 2 to 8 centimeters. Such devices are gasoline and electric, which also allows everyone to choose the right option.


By maneuverability

It is clear that the lawn mower won in performance, however, a trimmer leads in maneuverability for grass. The design of the tool is more compact (diameter of the cutting part up to 30 cm), which allows you to easily cope with mowing in hard.To.Reach places and practically do not pay attention to the irregularities of the processed area. In addition, when meeting with a stone, fence or flower bed, a trimmer for grass will easily make a neat edging.

The only plus of the lawn mower in this comparison is the uniform height of the mowing. It is extremely difficult to achieve the same effect with a trimmer, so if there are no serious obstacles and flaws of the site, then this unit will perfectly cope with its task and will outplay the “competitor”.

difference, trimmer, grass, engine, power

Trimmer for grass: a braid braid with a drive

The lawn mower. This name also characterizes the device very well: practically this is a braid for grass, only with a rapidly rotating fishing line (or knife) instead of a blade. It is convenient to work on any surface with a trimmer. The relief does not matter. You can mow at least under the level of the earth. The height of the grass depends on how you hold the braid.

Of course, such a device is much more compact than a clumsy cart, it is easier to store. They perfectly fight weeds-if you come to the site once a month, you constantly see thick thickets and want to somehow ennoble them, the gazonocosel cart will most likely be powerless. She will simply crush the grass with her front, as a result, the knife will not be able to work effectively. But the trimmer for the grass easily pares off even thick stems. By the way, and costs cheaper than “cart”. Our advice: do not take models with a capacity of less than 300 watts. Even in the price range of up to 5000 you can find a powerful trimmer for grass from a reliable brand: for example, a 450-vat Makita UR3000.

But there are two problems. Firstly, a trimmer for grass should be worn on yourself. For older people, this may be an overwhelming task for large sizes of the site. Secondly, the lawn mower simply cuts the grass-after mowing you need to collect it with a rake manually. The lawn mower in this sense is much more practical: in it the grass falls into a special container, which sometimes needs to be shaken.


Compactness is low price. The ability to work on complex reliefs is easy to mow at the fence and next to the trees


It would seem that this is not a car, why is there to think about power at all? Everything is simple: when working with long, densely growing plants or thick stems, it becomes difficult to scroll the shaft of the shaft. If its power is insufficient, the trimmer for the grass will constantly lose speed, overheat and disconnect. As a rule, such problems are characteristic of electrical devices. In gasoline with power, as we noted, everything is in order.

What should be the power of the trimmer for the grass?

300-400 watts will be enough for regular lawn care. By regular we mean timely mowing, by lawn. Lawn grass, not weeds. For such tasks, a simple Gardena Smallcut Plus 350/23 for 3000 is suitable

Universal option. From 400 to 800 watts. This is enough to remove small thickets of weeds and trim the overgrown lawn. As an option. Blackdecker GL8033, which at a low cost of about 6000 has an 800-watt engine (upper location), two coils (for standard fishing line and fishing line of increased strength, which is included).

For strict conditions. More than 800 watts. Such models will cope with dense thickets and relevant, for example, if you rarely visit the country. If you want hardcore? Take the 950-WATTLE BOSCH AFS 23-37 capable of working with fishing lines and knife.

If we talk about gasoline trimmers, it is still simpler. As a rule, the power of even basic models is quite high. However.

Up to 1.5 l. With Suitable for summer residents and owners of small areas. They can mow, as a rule, only by fishing line and after an hour and a half require a break.

1.5. 2.5 l. With a universal option for lawns, meadows, weeds. Such models will cope even with large areas, rest is not required not 3-4 hours.

difference, trimmer, grass, engine, power

Than 2.5 liters. With Professional models. Facilitate the fight against serious thickets or hay harvesting. Can work with both fishing line and knives.

What is a garden trimmer for grass?

At its core, a trimmer for grass is something between a manual scythe and a lawn mower. Like the latter, it is equipped with a motor and works automatically, while, like a hand tool, it is very effective in uneven and complex areas.

The main components of the garden trimmer for grass are the motor and cutting apparatus, which are fixed on the rod of one or another length. In this case, the engine (electric/gasoline), and the cutting element (steel knives/disks/nylon fishing line for a trimmer), and even the configuration of the bar itself (stationary/collapsible, straight/curved) can be different. Also, the configuration of the working part of the working part is necessarily included in the package.

For ease of use, the device is equipped with a comfortable handle-d-, p-, t- or U-shaped. The most weighty models have special belts or shoulder straps. Range type devices are also available, which involve the mounting of the motor on the back.

Garden trimmers for grass are actively used to care for the lawn, elimination of weeds, processing the lawn in front of the house.

How the trimmer for grass differs from the lawn mower?

Experienced summer residents and happy owners of country houses unanimously claim: the lawn mower and a garden trimmer for grass should be present on the site. Both devices will find application and, in combination with each other, will help keep the lawn in perfect condition. But try to save, replacing one unit for others, is not worth. And that’s why.

The lawn mower is designed for beating grass on an even, smooth area. From contact with thick branches and stones, its blades quickly become unusable, a complex relief such a device is also beyond the power. The mower is not effective in hard.To.Reach areas.

Trimmer on the shoulder Any “thin” work in the garden. Hard processing around trees, near the fences and walls of the house, between the bushes, the edging of the lawn. With such tasks, the device copes easily. He is not afraid of an uneven relief, which also distinguishes a trimmer for grass from a lawn mower. But it is better not to trust the processing of large areas to the trimmer. The power of the device for such goals is not enough, it will quickly overheat and will fail.

Distinction constructive features

Garden trimmer for grass. Compact, manual device. And it is necessary to work, accordingly, it is necessary manually, making physical efforts. The process is very laborious and tiring, so aligning the lawn on a overall area using a trimmer for grass is an ungrateful thing.

The lawn mower is a trolley on wheels. Moving it through the territory of the site is many times more comfortable and easier, and many models are completely equipped with an automatic mechanism, which significantly reduces the load on a person. As a result, The processing of the lawn on the site with an area of ​​6 acres and even higherly takes less time and time.

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The lawn mower, as a rule, is equipped with many different blades, the height of which can be configured. This allows her make perfectly even mowing, blade grass, turning a lawn carpet into a work of art.

Trimmer for grass for such exploits is not capable of. He does not chop the grass, but cuts, therefore it is extremely difficult to achieve a perfectly even canvas with it. At the same time, the small width of the capture and the presence of special cutting elements endows it with the possibility Effectively eliminate branches up to 3 centimeters thick, shrubs and even small trees. And also gain access to the most difficult areas to which the lawn mower cannot approach.

Pros and cons of lawn mowers

Lawn mower. A more conservative and complex tool for leaving grass. However, in many cases, it is an indispensable equipment for the lawn.

Lawn mowers can be self.Propelled (usually with a two.Stroke engine, work on gasoline and electricity) and non.Self.Propelled (usually they are gasoline with a four.Stroke engine).

Lawn mowers are much more productive than their younger brimmer brothers. However, there are both advantages and disadvantages.

  • Minimum load. The cart does not need to be dragged on yourself, load your back and hands. An elderly person can manage a lawn mower.
  • Large volumes. The lawn mower works for a long time without overheating.
  • Grass collector or chopper. The lawn mower may have a bag or a special box for collecting mowed grass. You do not have to appreciate after processing the lawn. Another function that the lawn mower may have. Grinder. Many owners of country houses especially appreciate this device. It grinds the grass almost into powder, turning it into a natural fertilizer for the lawn and saving you from excess work.
  • Big size. You can no longer constantly carry the lawnical mower there. It is better to store near the site. Since it is quite bulky, just put it in a corner at the door or shove it on the upper shelf of the cabinet.
  • Lack of maneuverability. To tear grass next to the paths, flower beds and trees will be more problematic. And the uneven relief will become a big obstacle.

Trimmer for grass or lawn mower

Trimmer for grass, or as it is sometimes called. A lawn mower, is a manual option for a lawn mower. But the areas of use of lawn mowers and trimmer for grass are significantly different. Trimmer for grass. A tool for mowing grass in small areas, areas with an uneven surface or with a complex geometric pattern. It can also be used on parts of a lawn with high grass, where it will be difficult to cope with a regular lawn mower. This tool is suitable for creative solutions: they can create interesting drawings on the lawn. From a practical point of view, a trimmer for grass is very convenient and easy to use: for example, they just cut the grass around flower beds or trees, under a bench or a fence. The pluses should also include the slight weight of the tool and the greater opportunity to control the haircut.

Note that the trimmers do not have a grass collector, and therefore, there is a need to clean the territory after a haircut. But, nevertheless, this tool is much safer than the lawn mower.

Today, the scope of the use of trimmers is not limited only to cutting lawns, since additional nozzles are available to these tools: cultivators, nozzles for snow cleaning and for cutting bushes.

So, you decided that you need a haircut of the lawn of a small area and made a choice in favor of a trimmer for grass. The next step will be the determination of the type of engine. Distinguish between trimmers for grass with gasoline and electric drive.

Gasoline trimmer for grass (benzotrimer)

The gasoline trimmer for grass is the most powerful type of trimmer for grass, which is suitable for combating hard weeds and shrubs. This type of motorcycles is usually equipped with knives, unlike an electrimmer in which a cutting device. Lines for a trimmer. Benzotrimmer is autonomous in work. This is an important aspect, given the fact that you may need to mow grass in hard.To.Reach areas, as well as in places where it is difficult to find a power source. But there are shortcomings. The first, and most significant, is a price that is noticeably higher than electrical analogues. There is a second minus. Gasoline trimmers for grass do not tolerate moisture, that is, immediately after the rain, you cannot cut the grass. Consumers also distinguish other shortcomings, such as a high noise level and harm to the environment (exhaust of the spent fuel), so you should pay attention to whether the trimmer for the grass is equipped with a device to lower harmful emissions. We also note the need for constant engine care. But, probably, the most important drawback is that you constantly need to have a supply of gasoline, which, before refueling the tool, is mixed with butter in certain proportions.

Electric trimmer for grass

Ethletric trimmer for grass is less powerful, compared to a benzotrimer, machine. This tool is dependent on the power source, therefore the degree of its maneuverability will be determined by the length of the wire and the presence of a place on the processed area where it can be connected. Note that when working with trimmers of this type, it will be necessary to take breaks in work, since the ethletric trimmer for the grass quickly overheats, and without time for cooling, it can soon fail. But, of course, there are undeniable advantages, such as: low noise, which allows you to work without special headphones, and environmental friendliness. In electrhemers, the main cutting element is a fishing line for a trimmer that rotates and cuts grass. A fishing line for a trimmer can be replaced independently.

The lawn mower is indispensable for maintaining large area lawns in perfect condition, and has advantages compared to the trimmer, as it is required to make much less effort. Most of these machines have a grass collector, which solves the problem of cleaning the territory after cutting the lawn. Let’s take into account the power of this machine, which provides uninterrupted operation for a long time. An important aspect is the price of this tool, which is much higher than the price of trimmers, but, at the same time, the lawn mowers have much more functionality.

Functional features of lawn mowers

The functional features of modern lawn mowers are amazing: the user can perform several actions at the same time. You should choose whether you want the machine to throw the grass directly onto the lawn, or you need the soil to remain fertilized, that is, the lawn mower will neatly laid freshly cutting down right on the lawn to create a soft pillow, for a new layer of the lawn. At the same time, the appearance of the lawn does not spoil at all, since the machine cuts the grass several times. You can also just collect grass in the grass collector. The duration of work depends on the volume of this compartment. Pay attention to what this compartment is made. It can be soft or hard. It is preferable for it to be plastic, that is, tough. It is easier to throw wet grass and plastic is not subject to corrosion.

Regarding the device of the engine, the lawn mower, like trimmers for grass, are gasoline and electric.

Gasoline lawn mowers

Gasoline lawn mowers are the most powerful option from existing lawn care devices, and therefore, they provide a thorough haircut of grass. Most often, this type of lawn mower is equipped with a tank for combustible different containers, based on which the time of continuous operation is determined.

In turn, benzocystems can be divided into:

difference, trimmer, grass, engine, power
  • Self-propelled-(riders) selection of gardener gardeners. Designed for large lawns. Such lawn mowers are more powerful and equipped with a gearbox, which allows you to change the speed of work.
  • Non.Self.Propelled. Designed for lawns of small or medium size. In this case, you yourself are moving the car. The power and functionality of such a lawn mower are quite comparable to self.Propelled.

An important parameter of the operation of a gasoline lawn mower is the height and width of the mowing. The minimum height is 2 cm, but the width of the mowing depends only on the dimensions of the lawn mower.

Electric lawn mowers

As the name is clear, the source is current. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the lower maneuverability of this type of lawn mower and dependence on the length of the cord. But, if you want to cover the entire area, you can buy an extension cord. Electric lawn mowers are also self.Propelled and non.Self.Propelled. The main advantage is relative noiselessness, harmless to the environment, and such machines do not require any cost from the owner except for electricity fees.

Trimmer for grass pluses

The compact device is suitable for small sections, complex reliefs. Where you need to provide paths, flower beds. The fishing line for a trimmer trimmer for grass is easy to bring almost to the tree, the boundaries of the flower garden or the bench leg. Changing the tilt of the rod, the hollows, terraces, and the changes in heights are pumped out.

You can go along a narrow passage, where you will not squeeze with a lawn mower. In this case, the width of the capture depends on the area of ​​the lawn and may be large. Up to half a meter.

difference, trimmer, grass, engine, power

Trammers for grass, especially with a metal knife, are helped out in a neglected area. Takes hard, tall weeds, shoots of shrubs and fruit trees.

Trimmer for grass or lawn mower?

You cannot definitely answer this question. It all depends on which area, which area, and what type of lawns you have to work. To care for a small summer cottage, in principle, an electric trimmer for grass is enough. If you have a long extension cord, the absence of sockets will not become a problem for you.

However, judging by reviews, mowing lawns with an area of ​​more than 3-4 acres is already tiring. In this case, you can consider the purchase of an inexpensive electric or gasoline lawn mower. True, you should take into account that the lawn mowers will not be able to get into hard.To.Reach places and corners in your site, so there you will have to tear out the grass either manually or garden tools, or buy at the same time an inexpensive trimmer for grass.

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