What is the tape grinding for. Equipping the operational replacement of the abrasive tape

How to choose a tape grinder

Remove any irregularities and thoroughly polish the surface, especially large in area, is not difficult if you have a tape grinding machine at hand. In this article we will talk about what they are, about the features of their application and help make the right choice.

Ribbon grinding machines

Above, we carelessly called the tape grinder with heavy artillery, in fact it would be more appropriate to say “tank”. The working element of this well.Recognized tool is an abrasive tape glued in the form of an endless ring, which moves along two end rollers and clearly resembles a track of a caterpillar machine. Such units are relatively powerful, they have a relatively simple reliable structure (corner gearbox plus cuneiform transmission), low center of gravity, solid speed of abrasive material. Using a tape grinding machine, you can easily remove a layer of material a few millimeters, make an edge or rounding on the workpiece, remove the old paintwork or rust. They are subject to: wood, metal, polymers, mineral building materials Clean the floors of the floors. Yes, adjust the strict beam. Please align with marriage a putty wall. Without problems. Without problems. However, it should be understood that high performance is not the best friend of the quality, there will certainly be scratches and shells. For finishing grinding, it will be necessary to use an orbital or flat.Grinding machine.

It is no secret that the power of the electric tool is directly proportional to the power consumption of its motor. The higher it is, the more we can squeeze out of a particular unit. In the case of LSM, the consumer has the opportunity to choose from models with an engine from 0.5 to 1.2 kW (Skil Masters 7660ma. 1200 W).

Skil Masters 7660ma

Please note that the instrument of Chinese brands is often declared with high engine power indicators, or if there are really voiced watts, they are not balanced with the rest of the characteristics of the apparatus. Those manufacturers who have nothing more to show, except perhaps the large weight and bulkiness of the “unique” product are praised.

The next important characteristic for the tape grinding machine is speed. Obviously, it also needs to be taken into account to determine the possibilities of the tool. A fast machine will make more, but it will not be possible to crush it if the outstanding speed is not supported by additional power. The notorious torque, which says that the more speed the tool has, the less he will have the strength. The responsible manufacturer carefully balances these characteristics, makes them mutually changed, for which smart electronics sometimes are responsible. The speed of the tape in these grinder can be between 150-550 meters per minute (Fiolent MSL1–100. 550 m/min.).

The question may arise, but why at all to release nimble, but relatively slightly.Melted lnm? Just a super.Performance (fast and at the same time strong) machine is more difficult to control, it is heavier, larger, more expensive. With it, with excessive pressing, it is easy to ruin the workpiece. In turn, with maneuverable high.Speed lightweights, it is convenient in a short time, often “in place”, to treat the surface of a large area. If you still do not know what loads are expected by a grinder. Choose a slower model on which you can press a little, so it will be more universal. Even more multifaceted are LSM with the possibility of pre.Installation of the speed mode (Sparky MBS 976, Dewalt DW433). Among them there are options with smooth or stepped adjustments.

Dewalt DW433

It’s time to say about electronic systems that help with tape grinder in the work. These machines are not rich in electronic filling, compared with other types of electrical tools. Everything is usually limited to regulation of the speed of the tape. The switch responsible for this function is performed in the form of a slider or wheeled with divisions. There are models with overheating (Metabo Bae 75). With a certain stretch here we include the function of fixing the start button in the on position.

The situation is much more interesting with the mechanical “bells flashes”. The kit may be included in a stand or special clamps designed for stationary mounting of the tool (very convenient for processing small parts). The grinding frame serves as a kind of limiter that helps to avoid damage to the workpiece. Parallel or angular emphasis is useful to obtain an accurate bevel or flat parallel surface. The thin front video in some lshm (BlackDecker KA88) has a small diameter, which allows you to minimize the dead zone in the inner corners. Automatic centering of the tape (a cunning barrel.Shaped shape of one of the rollers) does not allow the latter to treasure the latter at the most inopportune moment. An additional handle with a variable inclination or removable will significantly increase the functionality of the machine in “clamped” places. Sometimes significantly.

Grinder with your own hands. Part 1. Assembly.

Blackdecker KA88

Special attention should be paid to the size of the working plane. The sole, respectively, the length and width of the tape. Wide soles (100 mm) are characteristic of powerful professional models, due to which they become more stable and productive. Class “Hobbies” is usually limited to 75 millimeters. The long and wide sole of expensive lsm has a complex structure consisting of a substrate and an elastic plate, which allows you to have constant uniform contact with a part, such a tool “holds a plane” well ”. It is necessary to mention the “ribbons” with a narrow equipment. These are the so.Called “electric beacons”, which do not differ in great power and versatility, but specialists value them for unprecedented compactness (for example, Makita 9032 with a tape of only 9 mm wide).

Makita 9032

The dust system is in all tape devices, but not all it works equally efficiently. The fight against dust is carried out either using a vacuum cleaner connected through the pipe, or by collecting it into a bag, a built.In filter. Of course, the vacuum cleaner is preferable, especially when grinding mineral grounds. In super.Dressed models, the impeller, which is responsible for absorption of air, does not cope with its function, the channels are quickly clogged, there are many harmful “flour” in the air.

The principle of operation of tape grinding machines

The principle of the device is very simple. On the sole of the equipment there is a rotating shaft on which an abrasive tape is wound. The rollers rotate, and the surface is processed using the tape.

The processing intensity depends on what size abrasive substances on the tape.

For reference! On sale you can find LSM from different manufacturers. The equipment of European and Japanese brands is expensive, but is characterized by quality. Chinese devices can be sold with significant discounts, but sometimes they do not serve very long.

How to choose a tool

Usually the most reliable and durable grinder from proven brands are. However, worthy options can be found among Chinese power tools. True, in this case it is very easy to run into a “cat in a bag”. The quality of products among the “Chinese” can differ very much even within the same batch. Therefore, it is better not to take risks and buy a grinder from a trusted company that has proven itself well.

Options of tape grinder

Models equipped with a button with a circuit breaker lock significantly facilitate the work process and allow you not to put pressure on the start key during operation. This option is present in almost all grinder models.

Automatic stabilization of the speed of the tape is most often found only in expensive tools. The parameter allows you to maintain the speed of the tape even during overload and during a strong pressing of the tool to the surface.

Smooth start and engine protection is protected from overload and prolong the life of the power tool.

Inexpensive grinders use manual centering the position of the tape with unstable operation. In the process, the operator is forced to constantly twist the adjusting screw, otherwise the tape will slide to the side. In this case, it is recommended to use models with automatic centering.

How to work with tape grinding machine: features of its use

By and large, almost everyone can master this ingenuous tool. There are practically no nuances in working with it. It is easily installed on the processed surface and just as simply this surface is polished. All that is required of you is to evenly move the unit on the processed surface and monitor the quality of the final result.

How to choose granularity of grinding tape

Difficulties in working with this machine can occur only in two cases: in the process of replacing abrasive grinding tape and at the time of its adjustment. It’s not so difficult to deal with this. To change the spent tape, it is only necessary to weaken its tension, for this there is a special lever on one of the sides of the machine. And in order to reconcile the abrasive tape, it is enough to turn the regulator that is on the front video on the side, rotating it clockwise or counterclockwise, you can shift the tape in one direction or another from the edge of the video. Here the main thing is not to overdo it, so that in the process the tape does not crawl from the instrument.

In principle, this necessary minimum needs to know an ordinary user about this device. The main thing is to remember, the tape grinding machine is an electromechanical device that can cripple a person with incorrect treatment.

Install angle grinder disc | Angle grinder safety

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Scope of tape grinder

Among the variety of grinding technology, being the most popular, strip machines, are designed for rough processing of wood and other materials. With their help, they carry out:

  • Fitting lines of cuts;
  • Accurate pruning;
  • Leveling, as well as preliminary grinding of gross surveys;
  • The formation of parts;
  • Sharpening;
  • Removal of layers of wood, plastic, glass or metal.

When doing the surface processing of the surface, the strip machines, due to their power and speed of rotation of the working surface, are able to quickly remove the wood layers of various thicknesses. To do this, you need to wear a coarse.Grained ribbon of the width that corresponds to the parameters of the grinder on the rollers. This equipment copes well with the surface cleaning after processing with a shirt, it can be aligned with the butt parts of the workpieces and their ends. With grinds, you can expand the door boxes, without being afraid to accidentally cut off the excess, they perfectly cope with cutting out grooves, etc.P.

Tape machines can be quickly and effectively aligned with ragged surfaces, clean the old paint. If you need to fabricate the window frame, door or battery to the base, then you will not find the best device for these purposes. Thanks to the technical characteristics that are very diverse, these devices are used to tear off the paint from large area of ​​the bodies when repairing cars. A durable case allows you to fix the device on a table or stand for processing small workpieces with manual feed.

Greener models for domestic use

The application of the Greener in everyday life should be justified. That is, you do not need to purchase installations with a large number of modes that will not be used in the future. You need to choose a device purely for its intended purpose. Look below three well.Deserved models. Perhaps some of them will suit you.

Encor Corveta-51

The perfect machine for processing small details. It differs in good stripping surfaces of wood-fiber slab, wood-steering plate, composite, metal. For the machine, a transport slope is provided and the ability to reinstall and adjust the working surface.

Jet 10-20 Plus 628900M

A rather compact option for small workshops in the household. Equipped with a powerful asynchronous engine that connects and works from the 220 volts network. It is possible to replace the equipment with the aim of decorating the processed surfaces.

Einhell TC-SUS 400

A popular stationary model designed for effective grinding of plastic and wooden elements. The device has a long warranty period and a long service duration.

Additional functions

The presented model has a vacuum cleaner, which allows you to maintain a workplace clean. There are models that can be connected to a vacuum cleaner. This is a more progressive option for dust removal.

Smooth start. The function allows you to start the tape without jerking. In this case, damage to the grinding surface is excluded.

Replacing equipment without a key. A small lever weakens the tape, significantly accelerates the process of replacing.

Maintaining speed during load. This is a whole system that monitors the constantly set speed of the working part.

Body centering. An important element for professionals. No need to worry about the tape position.

Additional handles. Create a convenient capture, increase the accuracy of the movement of the working sole.

Additional functions are selected as necessary. The more of them, the higher the price of the tool.

About operating conditions. A machine with a capacity of about 800 watts is suitable for domestic use. For a professional model, 900–1200 W is needed. An error when choosing a class will lead to a constant overheating of the engine.

The form of the workpiece should also be taken into account. If the part has a curved, convex shape, then they purchase a car with the sole, which is somewhat advanced forward. In this case, a complete seizure of irregularities will be provided.

The market offers many options for tape grinding machines. Today you can find a suitable model that meets any wishes of the consumer.

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