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The difference between a trimmer and a motorcycle

The lawn is the face of the owners of the site, so it cannot but rejoice the tendency to maintain it in a neat form. Over, many assistants have been invented for this today. So much that sometimes the future user is lost in conjecture: what most of the devices similar in terms of functionality vary? In our article, we will consider how the lawn mower differs from a trimmer for the grass, and what is their purpose.

To understand how different are these types of devices, it is necessary to monitor the following points:

The purpose of the devices

The mission of both devices is the same. They are created to ennoble the green territory. Similar devices and purely externally. However, the technical capabilities with which they will fulfill the task are varying.

  • A trimmer for grass is a device that cuts small bushes and grass. He copes especially well with his work in heavy places (in uneven and inclined areas, near the walls and borders, along the lawns and fences).
  • The lawn mower is needed to process thick vegetation, shrubs and even young trees. The device will perfectly serve a large territory, but you should not wait for a carpet from it with an ideal texture. Its performance reaches 8 hours a day.

The difference between the units is also manifested in the cutting elements of the device: if both knives and cord are found in the motorcycleos, then trimmers for grass are most often equipped with fishing line.

Another difference lies in the appearance of the handles. In motorcycles it is more than a bicycle type, and in the trimmer closed.

Power and performance

Of these two devices, the lawn mower has a greater power that the gasoline engine provides (found in two- and four-strokes). That is why the device has another name. A gasoline. This addition allows the device to be in action for a long time and cope with the processing of large territories. The operating volume of the motor motorcycles is 46-48 cm3, which gives a power of 1.2-3 horsepower.

These devices cannot be used in closed rooms, for example, greenhouses and winter gardens. The ban is associated with the mandatory formation of exhausts.

The trimmer most often uses electrical or battery energy. This reduces its power and performance, but at the same time, it gives out less noise. Long work without stopping (more than two hours) is simply contraindicated in this device. The power of trimmers is in the range from 350-450 W to 1-1.2 kW. There are more powerful models. Up to 2 kW, but usually a person prefers to buy a gasoline motorcycle.

Easy operation

Which is easier. A trimmer for grass or a lawn mower? If we talk about weight, then the lawn mower is significantly heavier than a trimmer for grass even to the touch. The weight of the device will directly depend on how powerful the motor is in it. Of course, this indicator will affect the time of working with the device. It is very difficult to maintain disability, for a long time carrying a device weighing at least 7 kilograms on the shoulders. So you should advise you to stop all the same on a lighter model.

The Garden Trimmer Eleger for grass is lightweight, which rarely exceeds a value of 3.2 kg (more often found even less). This makes it possible to use it women and people of the elderly.

The presence of additional nozzles

Additional components will help expand the functionality of the device. Over, they help to declare his versatility. Moreover, in both cases.

Let’s start with motorcycles. This device has many quite popular nozzles.

trimmer, grass, gasoline, electric
  • Altitude, which is used in order to cut knots and branches even at a three.Meter height. The nozzle is a rod of one and a half meters long, on which a chain with a bus is installed. The weight of such a component is quite small. This allows you to work with it for a long time.
  • The blower is useful for knocking autumn leaves into trees, cleaning the territory from garbage (even sand). The attached rather powerful compressor will disperse the air masses to 60 m/s. At the same time, the design itself (the bar with the compressor) is quite light. The weight is hardly exceeding two and a half kilograms.
  • Boarded nozzle is a pair of knives half a meter in length each. They interact on the principle of scissors, giving the width of the course from 2 to 4 cm. This nozzle can be crowned with trees or cut the bushes and hedges.
  • The Krai Process is similar to a standard nozzle of motorcycles with a fishing line, but its bar is more curved. This design feature makes it possible to equalize the lawn edges and process hard.To.Reach areas.
  • Foresting lawn mower is a standard nozzle with a capture width reaching 25 cm. It is used to treat horizontal surfaces. Weighs only 2.3 kg with a barbell and a handle. And above the working surface there is a special shield. It will protect against scattered beveled vegetation, among which bitch may also be.
  • The cultivator will help in the processing of small soil areas in the garden. Usually drum or toothed blades are used here. With their help, it is really possible to loosen the soil around the trees, dig in flower beds and vegetable garden, hill the beds with potatoes, onions and carrots.

Among the unusual nozzles in a gasoline braid for grass, you can distinguish a water pump for the supply of water from a well and a brush-leaf for sweeping tracks or lawn. It all depends on the device model.

The main cord head of the trimmer for the grass is represented by a body, fishing line and a reel on which it is wound. Centrifugal forces turn it into a cutting tool with great power. This nozzle is especially good for working in spring or summer, when soft vegetation is easy to cut. In addition to the cord, the trimmer for the grass has other nozzles.

Pros and cons of gasoline trimmer for grass

The gasoline trimmer for grass is a device that contains great functionality, it has recently enjoyed very popular among users. He copes with his tasks with his special head, as well as fishing line. This device is equipped with an internal combustion engine, additionally equipped with plastic disks or special metal knives.

Benzotrimmer can be of two varieties: with a motor of 2 and in 4 tacts. The first performs his work on mixed combustible fuel. Oil and gasoline in the tank. The second variety is considered more powerful, oil and gasoline have to be filled separately. Another feature of it: the first can work with a stronger noise than the second.

It will be quite difficult to fill a two.Stroke trimmer for grass due to its special size, but it weighs a little and is quite easy to move.

  • Ease of maintenance and use. The internal device and the method of functioning of special difficulties do not carry itself. Absolutely everyone is able to understand this.
  • Reliability. A gasoline mower can work without stops for 24 hours. At this time, it will not heat up much and will be able to guarantee the owner the perfect fulfillment of all tasks in completely any application conditions.
  • High performance. The power of the device provides its owner with the opportunity to mow the lawn even in the inaccessible area in the shortest possible time and with a high quality indicator.
  • Unhindered movement of the device from one point of the site to another. The gasoline trimmer for the grass does not depend on the presence of a socket in it, which means that you can freely move with it throughout the site.
  • Noise while using. Lawn mowers vibrate very strongly and publish increased noise, which, of course, does not like some consumers.
  • Environmental pollution. Such a device that operates on fuel can form a large number of exhausts during its work, which at this time negatively affect nature, polluting it.
  • Increased cost. The gasoline trimmer for the grass is quite expensive, which can be explained by increased performance and positive technical characteristics.

Trimmers for grass on gasoline can be completely different in modification and configuration. A set of a set with a trimmer can be of various types of knives and nozzles: for grass, for stronger branches, as well as for snow cleaning. You can advise the buyer to take a closer look at manufacturers of devices such as Kawashima, Kasei, Dolmar.

What to opt for

What is better to choose for your site? You need to know for what purpose the device is purchased. In case of work in a small area with uneven relief, you need to stop at the trimmer. It is ideal for conducting accurate pumping of grass growing in hard.To.Reach areas. They can also decorate the edges of the lawns, work along the walls and fences.

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And if the entire territory is faced with 6-10 acres, then it is better to opt for a lawn mower-this will save time and time (especially if you choose a convenient and maneuverable model). In addition, the result will be a exactly cut grass carpet.

Experienced gardeners advise to have both devices in stock. This advice is perfect for owners of plots with variable landscape.

Choosing a trimmer for grass

Before you go to the store, you need to decide which trimmer to choose for the grass. Electric or gasoline. It is also necessary to determine what amount of work it will perform. An important condition. Is there an electricity on the territory. It is necessary to pay attention to which grass grows on the site (lawn, meadow, weeds).

What should be guided by when buying:

  • Select the type of engine: electric or gasoline.
  • Decide on the power of the device.
  • Select the device with the location of the engine (from above or below). For electric models.
  • Find out the volume of the fuel tank (gasoline).
  • Select the shape of the handle (there are T-shaped or D-shaped).
  • Determine the type of cutting tool (fishing line for a trimmer, metal or plastic knives, discs). Model with fishing line is cheaper, but the purchase of coils is required. Metal discs and knives last longer, do not require frequent replacement.

The quality of work and its convenience also depends on the following functional details:

  • The width of the strip that the device mopes;
  • Cord length (electric);
  • Ease of use of the device;
  • The weight;
  • Security;
  • Appearance;
  • The presence of additional nozzles (if necessary);
  • The choice of the manufacturer;
  • Price.

Before buying, you can see reviews about popular models on the Internet. It is better to choose a model of a trusted manufacturer. Powerful devices are more expensive, but they will last longer. Gasoline trimmers for grass are more expensive than electric, but they have many advantages. You also need to decide whether additional nozzles are needed. If they do not need, then do not overpay, it is better to choose a simple model.

The power of the power unit

The power of gasoline tools is measured in horsepower, electric in watts. This indicator is directly proportional to the price and weight. The power of electrimmers ranges from 0.45-1.5 W. Battery models are equipped with low.Power trimmers, so do not expect high performance from them.

As for gasoline units, their capacity is an order of magnitude higher. Units with a power of 0.7 to 5.4 liters are produced.With. Such trimmers for grass are considered more productive, they effectively cope with various shoots, including thick shoots, shrubs, tall grass with thick stems, dry. The more powerful the tool, the heavier and more expensive it. If prolonged work is not supposed, sparing stiffen, it makes no sense to overpay for extra power.

Pros and cons of the gasoline model

Benzotrimmers are no less in demand in the market. It is beneficial to purchase them for mowing a large area of ​​a large area and launched lawns. The main advantages of the tool:

  • For a long time without turning off the engine (depending on the model);
  • High power that allows you to cope even with the thickets of shrub;
  • Good performance;
  • The possibility of autonomous use;
  • Simple device that facilitates repairs.

The disadvantages of the instrument stem from its pluses. A powerful trimmer for grass weighs a lot, so you can’t call it physically light to working with it. The lawn mower requires regular maintenance. It is necessary to clean the carburetor and candles, add oil, monitor the gearbox. Otherwise the tool will not last a long time. In cool weather, the starter may not work the first time, you have to restart the trimmer again and again for the grass.

Types and use of knives for a trimmer for grass

Disk knives, as a rule, are included in the set of delivery. If there are no cutting elements, you can buy them. To choose the optimal size of the products, measure the diameter of the landing hole and external diameter. STIHL and Husqvarna expenditure elements are interchangeable. Disk knives are classified according to the following parameters:

Discs are installed on gasoline trimmers for grass with high power rates. With their help, you can mow dry shoots, weeds, shrubs and young shoots. It is not recommended to mow young grass with disc knives, since sticking grass is observed on the surface of the protective casing.

A tool equipped with oenic cutting discs is gaining momentum faster, effectively cuts vegetation. The disadvantages of disk elements include a high inertial moment, which leads to an increase in the starting power of the drive. In some cases, this leads to overload and overheating of the motor, and this negatively affects the functioning of the trimmer for grass, reduces its working resource.

Features of gasoline trimmers

If you take this device in your hands, you can immediately notice the difference: its weight is much more tangible than the electrical option. True, such an indicator will depend on what volume of the tank of the trimmer for grass: usually models of 0.5 liters, 1 liter and 1.5 liters are found. Kawashima, Kasei, Dolmar, Stihl can be recommended.

The power of such an unit ranges from 1 kW to 2.5 kW, however, for homework it is quite possible to choose models with a capacity of 1 kW. 1.5 kW.

Types of engines

Also, the gasoline model uses two types of engines. High.Octane gasoline is poured into two.Stroke in proportions with special oil. In the four.Stroke version, both of these components are filled separately. The power in this case becomes greater, and the noise, oddly enough, is less.

Type of bar

The type of bar is also important: it can be straight or curved. The first option is preferable. In this case, the spinning moment will be transmitted from the engine to the gearbox through a hard and straight line. This is much more reliable than a plastic curved cable that can easily break on the bend.

Elitech T 12RK2 gasoline trimmer with a curved rod

In addition, the rod is of collapsible and indifferent. In the first case, the equipment will cost a little more (the difference is only 400), but the advantage will be obvious only if transportation is necessary.


It is necessary to consider the cutting element. In most cases, both a forest coil (cord) and a knife (usually with two or three petals) are used: a fishing line for a trimmer is useful for working with grass, and a knife is needed for large weeds.

Another interesting nozzle is a disk that looks like a circular saw (the same many teeth). This device is already great not only for grass and weeds, but even of small.Diameter trees of trees.

Benzotrommer’s pros and cons of

The main among the advantages of the benzotrimmer are considered:

  • Mobility of use (you can leave even in the field);
  • The ability to increase functionality (for example, a nozzle can be used even for cutting small trees, in other cases it is really possible to remove snow);
  • Work with large areas;
  • Excellent performance.
  • A large cost of consumables (it is required to constantly purchase a fishing line for a trimmer, knives, butter, gasoline);
  • Expensive repairs for breakdown;
  • Harmful exhaust;
  • The presence of technical skills for working with the device;
  • High noise level in comparison with electric counterparts (you have to work in headphones).

We summarize. What to choose an electric trimmer for grass or benzotrimer?

There is no access to electricity or pull the wires through the entire site is not possible or it is necessary to work for a long time. For example, the processing of park zones, regardless of the weather. It is worth choosing a device with a gasoline engine.

To work in a equipped summer cottage, an e.It.It.Autric trimmer for grass is ideal. Quite powerful, but light, not noisy tool without gasoline exhausts.

Comparison of trimmers FPT 43 benzotrimmer Electric trimmer for FET 1200R
Power 1.3 kW 1.2 kW
The weight 8.5 kg 5.5 kg
Readiness for work
Noise from work

It is ideal to have both tools. For each of the trimmers there is a decent use. How to choose each of them-watch new videos on our Fubag Russia YouTube channel.

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