What is the voltage of the ingco cidli20025 cordless electric screwdriver

Ingco CDLI1222 12 V Cordless Electric Screwdriver

Cordless hammerless electric screwdriver INGCO CDLI1222 designed for drilling holes in plastic, wood, metal, screwing screws, screws and other fasteners for furniture assembly, installation of various structures, the implementation of repair, construction and finishing work both inside buildings and on the street. The model is equipped with a quick-action keyless chuck that enables installation of standard 6.35-mm hex bits and wood, metal and steel drill bits with shank diameters ranging from 0.8 to 10 mm. The electric electric screwdriver has a variable speed switch for easier, more accurate operation.The tool body is made of impact-resistant plastic and soft rubber pads prevent the tool from slipping in the hand. LED lighting under the chuck makes it easy to work in poorly lit areas. Backlight turns on automatically when electric screwdriver is powered on.The electric screwdriver comes with 2 rechargeable 12 V Li-Ion batteries with a capacity of 1.5 Ah. Full battery charge time 2 hours. The main advantage of Li-Ion batteries is the absence of the so-called memory effect. This allows you to charge the batteries at any time without having to think about its degree of discharge. The service life of Li-Ion batteries is about 1500 charge-discharge cycles, but the final figure depends greatly on usage conditions. Batteries of this type are susceptible to high and low temperatures, so it is not recommended to store them at negative temperatures or at high temperatures over 40 degrees positive. It is recommended that Li-Ion batteries be stored in a charged condition.

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The work of a carpenter, a carpenter, a finisher, a builder or a household craftsman is already unthinkable without a cordless electric electric screwdriver. And its main distinctive and advantageous feature is a cordless electric screwdriver. is, of course, mobility. You do not need to be tied to the power grid with constant power outages. And the wire doesn’t restrict movement, allowing you to work in the most inaccessible places. Over the past 10 years, the use of batteries in various types of tools has increased several times. But it all started with the invention of alkaline nickel-cadmium batteries back in 1899, but back then they were very expensive and bulky. But compact nickel-cadmium batteries didn’t appear until 1947. And we still use them to this day. Many first-time users don’t see much difference between Ni-Cd and Li-Ion batteries. But there is an essential one. In order to choose the right battery for your electric electric screwdriver, you need to know certain peculiarities.

The difference between a nickel cadmium battery and a lithium ion battery?

The main advantage of the nickel-cadmium battery is its excellent work at low temperatures. It retains its charge for a long time and has a fairly high number of operating cycles when used properly. Even if you have not used an electric screwdriver for a long time, the battery is quickly regenerated and ready to go again and again. Keeps the battery “until the last” and then sharply discharges. The price of the battery is quite low, which makes it competitive and in demand among buyers. But such batteries also have disadvantages. The nickel-cadmium battery is subject to a “memory effect. It is a loss of capacity if the recommended charging mode is violated. If you charge a battery that is not fully discharged, it will “remember” this limit and give less energy when charging. Also cadmium and nickel are quite toxic, and the dimensions of such batteries are larger.

But still more popular among craftsmen is considered a lithium-ion battery. Its design uses an organic electrolyte based on lithium salt. The main disadvantage of the new batteries was their explosive nature in case of violation of the charge-discharge conditions. This problem was solved by replacing the anode material with graphite. In addition, all modern lithium-ion batteries have a built-in electronic system that prevents overcharging and, consequently, overheating from intensive charging.

The advantages of lithium-ion batteries:

1) high energy density of stored energy compared to other types of batteries;

3) short charging time (from 15 min to an hour);

4) insignificant self-discharge (up to 3% per month);

5) harmless to the environment, low cost of disposal;

6) absence of “memory effect”, full discharge is not necessary;

8) can be used in the temperature range from 0 to 30 degrees.

And from the disadvantages should be noted the high price, sensitivity to shock and overheating, the inability to charge the battery at low temperatures. And another thing: after 2 years the battery loses about 20% of its capacity, so it is not recommended to take “spare”, as well as deep discharge completely fails the Li-ion battery. Now you know the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of batteries and it is easy to buy a good electric screwdriver. Online and retail stores offer a very wide selection of screwdrivers. It is very easy to get lost in this variety. The wide price range can make it difficult to choose an electric screwdriver-drill, so there are a few tips for the right choice.

Buy a cordless electric screwdriver inexpensive for infrequent use. Inexpensive models are often called “household” and are used for tightening-unscrewing screws, working with drywall, dismantling various structures. Excellent proved themselves tools from such manufacturers as TAIGA, Dnepr, Forte, Ritm, Zenith, Rostekh, Edon, Vityaz, Grand, Eltos, Pro-Craft, Dexton.

Before you buy a professional series cordless electric screwdriver, think about whether you need to overpay by 2-4 times. If there is a lot of work and every day, then, of course, you can’t do without the professional series. And if you just decided to treat yourself to a good tool for the home, it is not worth the expense, because the battery without use is self-discharging. The price of cordless drills is formed according to the quality of plastic and parts, as well as the battery capacity and manufacturer. Such brands as AEG, Einhell, BlackDecker, Makita, Bosch produce quality and durable tools.

The cordless drill has a few basic parameters that you should pay attention to when buying. The switch and the “soft starter”. This is an important detail in the tool, because for screwing it is necessary to adjust the force exactly to the material to be machined. Automatic spindle stop. Important function if you want to pull the self-tapping screw by hand. LED illumination allows work in dark places without loss of quality. Chuck to secure the tooling. All cordless screwdrivers reviews for which are only the best are equipped with a quick-clamp, keyless chuck. Such a chuck makes the tool easier to handle and makes it easier to change drills or bits.

It is also important to know 3 things before you start


  • b) Preferably take Chinese KEEPPOWER batteries. Samsung does not produce models with protection.
  • a) The correct output readings are 5 volts and a current of 0.5 to 1 of the rated capacity of the battery itself.
  • a) 10. 25 is ideal. Do not put the battery in any other conditions.
  • a) Two steps. first with 0.2-1A, then with high DC.
  • a) Only one. The high voltage is immediately applied to the element. The other steps are missing.

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The problem with the nickel-cadmium battery installed in an electric electric screwdriver is that it needs to be constantly used. If the battery is completely discharged or is not used for a long time, it will begin to crystallize and the battery will soon be out of service altogether.

For the replacement of the battery will have to spend a lot of money, because batteries that are suitable for an electric electric screwdriver, are not cheap.

For these reasons, screwdriver owners slightly modify the battery to connect lithium cells to it. But before you begin such work, you need to consider whether such a conversion is necessary, and whether it is advisable at all.

READ What is the voltage of the ingco cidli20025 electric cordless screwdriver

Definition: A 18650 battery is a battery that provides 3.7V of power.

What is the voltage of the ingco cidli20025 cordless electric cordless screwdriver

Warranty: 1 year! Post-warranty service!

In the store “100 Pudov” g.Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, you can buy:


Features of “INGCO” cordless tools, series. P20S:

One battery for all INGCO P20S cordless tools.

A unique series of tools from brand “INGCO” P20S.

Feature of the system is that the set of battery and charger fits any tool of this line.

With one kit, you can use all the tools in the P20S line without overpaying for batteries for each model. it’s profitable and convenient! The P20S system includes several universal 20V Li-Ion batteries with a capacity of 2GB.0 и 4.0 Ah and over 60 tool models.

Choose your own set in the system P20S.

The advantages of “INGCO” tools:

free delivery within the city and suburbs. delivery in cities and districts of Sakhalin region:- by mail EMS of Russia.- by the postal and luggage department of Russian Railways.- by transport companies.

Form of payment:- in cash in the store.- Payment by bank cards (debit, credit)-payment of goods in installments, without interest for four months on card “Halva” SovComBank.- Bank transfer for organizations (including VAT).

Store hours “100 Pudov”:Monday. Saturday: from 9:30 to 18:00 Sunday: from 10:00 to 16:00

One battery for all tools of brand “INGCO” from the line P20S.

The unique series of tools from the INGCO brand P20S.

The special thing about this system is that the battery and charger kit fits every tool in this product line.

With one set you can use all tools of P20S line without overpaying for batteries for each model. it is profitable and convenient! The P20S system includes several universal 20V Li-Ion batteries with a capacity of 2.0 и 4.0 Ah and more than 60 models of tools.

Which electric screwdriver is better: 12 V, 18 V or 24 V??

The range of cordless screwdrivers is now so large that in any price category you can find a tool with good technical characteristics. But comparing the parameters of different models in the catalog, you will unwillingly think about which of the screwdrivers is better, and why they are equipped with batteries with different voltages. We decided to find out how batteries of cordless tools are designed and what is the difference between them.

Battery design of cordless tools

All battery packs that are used to power handheld power tools, are arranged approximately the same. Inside the block there are several standard cells. the so-called “cans”. For example, lithium-ion batteries use “cans” of 18650 standard with a rated voltage of 3.6 V and high current output, but in the nickel-cadmium ones there are cells with a voltage of 1 V.2 В.

By changing the number of cells and the way they are connected to each other (in series or in parallel) you can get batteries with different characteristics. They will differ in operating voltage (in practice, blocks of voltage from 10.8 V to 24 V) and capacity (hand-held power tool batteries have a capacity of 1 Ah to 12 Ah). Some manufacturers (such as DeWALT) even make usable battery systems in which the order of the “banks” connected to the terminals automatically changes depending on whether the battery is 18 volts or 54 volts.

The relationship between voltage and power of an electric electric screwdriver: is there or not?

We know from electrical engineering that the power of an electric motor is directly proportional to the voltage applied to the windings. From this we can conclude that the more volts in the battery. the more powerful electric electric screwdriver. Is it true?? There is a gulf between theory and practice. In fact, the power of a cordless tool is also affected:

  • Discharge current. cheap high-current “banks” give up to 15 A, and the current output of the elements that make up the batteries of high-quality screwdrivers, reaches 25. 30 amps, necessary in order to screw in a screwdriver to the stop or rip a stuck nut;
  • Gearbox design. the gear ratio of the gearbox mechanism and the strength of the gears that are inside it determine whether the tool can develop high torque and cope with tasks that require considerable effort;
  • motor quality. good motors that can withstand high currents and loads without damage are much more expensive than simple electric motors from cheap screwdrivers;
  • electronics settings. the control electronics board, which regulates current output, protects the motor from overloads and prevents excessive heating of the battery cells, imposes restrictions on the power of the tool.

Considering the above, it is easy to conclude that the voltage of the battery pack is not the only factor affecting the power output of the power tool. Therefore, it often happens that a “brand-name” 12-volt electric electric screwdriver in practice turns out to be much more powerful and useful in work than a cheap 18-volt “Chinaman”.

Makita DF330DWE electric screwdriver and its Chinese clone are identical in voltage and design, but differ significantly in price and characteristics.

Classes of screwdrivers by battery voltage

After a brief excursus into the construction of batteries and basics of electrical engineering it is time to take a closer look at cordless screwdrivers. They are equipped with batteries with voltage:

  • 10.8 V (12 V). the tool of this class is characterized by compact size and low weight due to small batteries. It is used primarily for assembly and assembly work;
  • 14.4V. is an intermediate class, which takes a place between the compact tools and high-performance models. Only a few manufacturers produce such screwdrivers;
  • 18 V (20 V). this is the most mass segment, there is a huge choice of models with different parameters and characteristics. Screwdrivers in this class are the most in demand because they are more versatile than the others;
  • 24 V. there are few models with battery packs of this voltage, despite the fact that the increased voltages improve the characteristics of the tool.

Special attention should be paid to the difference in voltage measurement methods. Japanese and European manufacturers, following the rules of EPTA (European Power Tools Association), indicate the nominal voltage, while American manufacturers indicate the full charge voltage. That’s why the same tool in Europe is labeled “10.8V” and overseas “12V”. The same goes for screwdrivers with 18 V and 20 V batteries. they are the same class of tool, just the voltage measured in different ways.

The influence of battery voltage on other characteristics of an electric electric screwdriver

All parameters of a cordless tool are “coordinated” with each other. The greater the voltage and capacity of the battery, the greater its weight and size. For example, a battery of 10.An 8-volt electric cordless screwdriver can have only three lithium-ion “banks” of 3.The battery bank is 6 V each, and for an 18-volt battery, you need at least five (in practice, there are usually more “banks” inside the battery to increase its capacity). In addition, higher voltage requires a more powerful motor and a more massive gearbox, and this also increases the weight and size of the tool. So to work in a confined space or overhead, you should buy an electric electric screwdriver with a battery of 10.8-volt, because it will be more compact and lightweight. And 18-volt models are better for those who have enough space in the workplace to use a larger tool.

There are other nuances to consider when choosing an electric electric screwdriver. For example, the motor design is important. Modern tools with brushless motors even at voltage 10.The 8-volt has more power and torque than many 18-volt models with conventional collector motors, thanks to reduced power consumption and less friction and heat loss.

Battery compatibility with other tools

Luckily, powertool manufacturers have already taken care of that. Many build an entire “ecosystem” of different types of tools around one type of battery. This means that the same battery is compatible with your screwdriver, drill, grinder, jigsaw, rotary tool and more. Some companies even make powerful peorators, concrete cutters, lawn mowers and electric bikes that run on one, two or three standard batteries from an electric electric screwdriver. Milwaukee, for example, has an 18-volt tool “ecosystem” of more than 200 models.

There’s no definite answer to the question of which electric electric screwdriver is better: a 12-volt, 18-volt, or 24-volt. Each is some compromise between power, run time on a single charge, size and weight. Although 18-volt models are the most popular, it doesn’t always make sense to overpay for them. It is better to choose the tool based on the work you will do with it. the electric electric screwdriver is your main helper and you work all day long? In that case, it is worth buying a quality 18-volt model with a high-capacity battery and a spare battery. You use an electric electric screwdriver as an auxiliary tool for individual operations that do not require special power? Then an inexpensive 12-volt device from a budget brand would be just right.

Are you thinking of buying an electric screwdriver??

The cordless electric screwdriver is a very useful tool for home repairs. This handy and functional tool will suit every person with hands from the right place. However, in order to choose a tool that meets your needs, it is worth studying its main characteristics and parameters. Especially since there are many models on the market that differ in quality, price and purpose. Some of them combine the functions of several devices. Thus, the question remains: what to buy a cordless electric electric screwdriver?

a cordless electric screwdriver is an ideal tool that works anywhere there is no electrical outlet. It will also appeal to people who don’t like to be limited to a power cord. Cordless screwdrivers allow you to work in a variety of positions and places. Angled bits with a swivel head are an interesting solution, allowing you to work in hard-to-reach places. Most screwdrivers are equipped with additional features, such as drilling, which makes them a doubly useful tool. One of the most serious tools and the most powerful is the cordless impact screwdriver, it allows you to drill in brick and concrete.

What to look for, how to choose cordless type screwdrivers?

Power of a cordless electric impact screwdriver

Power not only affects how long you can work without the tool overheating, but also the types of materials you can work with. This applies in particular to a certain type of tool: cordless power tools. The higher the power, the harder the material can be drilled.

The voltage of cordless screwdrivers

The choice of a cordless electric screwdriver for purchase with a certain voltage should depend on how it will be used. The voltage (volts) directly affects the power of the device. Batteries are the source of energy to run this type of power tool, t.о. It is affected by the amperage and voltages of the source. This means that screwdrivers with voltage:

    – They will work when assembling furniture or appliances, the more so that most of them are already drilled holes will be useful for frequent, not very labor-intensive repair work or for work just in the apartment, where high power is not required will be good for more frequent and intensive work. If it is a cordless drill, it will allow you to drill holes in different materials. In models of this type, there is also a choice of speeds, which allow you to adjust the power, the force of tightening the screws depending on the work to be done are devices designed for professionals, very often equipped with an impact mechanism that allows you to drill holes in walls.


The screwdriver can be shaped differently depending on the type of work. The housing can resemble a letter:

T. these are the tools most commonly used for tightening screws and screws

P with a handle, in this case the main task is to drill holes.

The size of the device should be convenient for the user, as well as the location of all kinds of buttons. Do not chase a large and powerful tool, it will be heavy and impossible to work with small parts

Torque, what does it affect??

Torque. is a value expressed in Nm. It determines the force with which screws will be screwed, and therefore how deep they can be driven. Some models have a special torque setting for drilling mode. Manufacturers can provide two different values for:

  • Soft twist. refers to soft materials. The torque increases evenly with the depth of screwdriving.
  • Hard screwing. relates to hard materials. The torque increases very slowly and increases sharply in the final phase.

Number of gears/speeds. why a lot in a screwdriver?

Cordless screwdrivers can be equipped with at least two speeds. The first sets a lower speed and higher torque, which makes the device work very well when screwing screws. Second speed is needed for drilling, so the tool produces more RPM.

The weight of the tool, electric electric screwdriver. It is not a jackhammer!

On the one hand, it is a minor feature, but it is worth looking for a model whose weight will not be too great. Holding the tool for long periods of time can make the hand fatigue and the movements become less precise. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that the weight of the power tool depends on the battery manufacturing technology, as well as whether there is a metal frame inside.

Running time and battery charging for an electric electric electric screwdriver

When buying a cordless electric power screwdriver tool, you should pay attention to two parameters related to the battery:

· Working time. How long the device will run on one charge and a single battery or two batteries, so look at the package. Of course, many factors affect the actual power consumption from the batteries, such as the type of material into which the screws are screwed or the hole drilled. Working time is not directly stated in the specification. This depends on the battery capacity in Ah.

· Charging time. How long it takes the charger to fully charge the screwdriver battery.

Battery types

You can find three types of batteries used by power tool manufacturers on the market:

· Nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd). nowadays this type is found less and less often due to the many disadvantages of this solution, among others: the higher weight, the occurrence of the effect of electrochemical memory and low capacity compared to other types of batteries. And, above all, harmful to the health of heavy metals. Their advantage is low cost and long discharge time.

· nickel metal hydride (Ni-MH). are characterized by higher capacity than nickel-cadmium batteries, are lighter and do not suffer as much from electrochemical memory. On the other hand, they offer a shorter life span and, unfortunately, a quick discharge.

· Nickel-zinc (Ni-Zn). They are more powerful and lighter than nickel-cadmium. They are similar to Ni-MH, Ni-Zn has a higher voltage rating (

· Lithium-ion (Li-ion). is currently the best and most popular solution, because the batteries have very good parameters, are lightweight and have no memory effect. Like in cell phones or Tesla electric cars.


In kits with cordless screwdrivers, you can find:

· Optional Battery. Extremely useful, so you do not have to worry about a discharged tool during work.

· Quick charger. it allows you to charge the battery quickly (even in half an hour). If it’s not in the standard set, you can buy it as a separate accessory.

· Case. for safe storage of tools and accessories

· Flashlight many models have a light that illuminates where you’re drilling or fixturing, handy in dark places or when you don’t have enough light.

The cordless screwdriver is a special kind of screwdriver

Cordless screwdriver is a version of the lightweight cordless electric screwdriver. It is suitable for screwing and unscrewing screws, small screws in small appliances or in a computer. Unlike its older, rechargeable brethren, there is no drilling function. It has low power and low voltage.

What a cheap and good cordless electric screwdriver you can buy?

Choosing a drill. the battery-powered electric screwdriver we choose also depends on our financial capabilities. We can not always afford the coolest device with the highest price. What then can we buy with a limited budget?

Electric cordless electric screwdriver to buy from 1000 USD is one of the cheapest devices available on the market. These are limited-power models that are not as versatile as their more expensive counterparts, but they work well for occasional use. In this price category, it is worth mentioning an electric electric screwdriver Einhell, screwdrivers Tekhmann or an electric screwdriver STARK.

Buy electric cordless electric screwdriver from 3000 USD for professionals, tools of this price class are characterized by very good technical parameters, a wide range of works, respectively, the scope in which they can be used, expanding. They also allow you to work on different materials. Not just wood and plastic. These are the perfect power tools for the home. How you use it just depends on what you want to do. It can do an incredible amount. You can use it for both tinkering with furniture and drilling holes. Power tools at this price are usually characterized by a good reputation, but it is worth checking the opinions of other users. After all, all brands only praise themselves. Bosch, Makita, Metabo screwdrivers are especially good and very popular. For example, the Makita HP330DWE. Makita DF347DWE, Metabo BS 14.4, Metabo PowerMaxx BS Basic is one of the cheapest products of these brands. Nevertheless, they are equipped with a drilling function that you will appreciate. In this price range we will also find STANLEY and Hitachi screwdrivers.

Price electric cordless electric screwdriver from 5000 UAH is mainly a professional tool. Rarely do devices at this price point lack a drilling function, which is understandable. They allow you to perform a variety of work. That’s why they will work in a professional workshop, as well as on a construction site. They are equipped with many features that are especially useful for long hours of work and strain.

When choosing this type of tool, make sure it has at least an 18-volt lithium-ion battery. It is the best option for the professional. Even repeatedly charging the equipment does not result in a noticeable decrease in battery capacity. Usually products at this price point are also equipped with reverse can screw in and unscrew. For example, Makita screwdrivers or the aforementioned Bosch screwdrivers, thanks to it they can work with bolts, nuts, studs, screws and other fasteners.

Screwdrivers, cordless, you can usually buy at this price in the market, but is it worth risking so much money. The budget you allocated for the purchase of an electric electric screwdriver, it is worth spending wisely. The more so the price can only fluctuate slightly. Choose an authorized dealer.

Sm-tools has been selling power tools from various brands exclusively official for more than 10 years. We do not sell fakes, so you can buy any tool by bank transfer, with the conclusion of the contract. The official product guarantees a long term warranty. After all, if you buy Polish goods cheaper by a couple hundred hryvnias, you can not get a warranty of 3 years for professional tools. For cheap models it may be a rational decision, but when buying expensive, why take the risk??

The price of an electric electric screwdriver plays an important role in making the final decision on the choice of power tools. The more financial resources you have, the higher quality power tools, and buy a cordless screwdriver including, you can buy. Nevertheless, it is worth considering your needs. Don’t overpay for a super brand or model of power tool whose capabilities won’t be used at all.

Electric screwdriver universal power tool for beginners and professionals. It differs in type of power, capacity and features. Which model is better? What to look out for? Answers in this article.

Cordless screwdriver Ingco. CIDLI2002, series. P20S

In the store “100 Pudov” on Ukrainian 65A, in TC “Severyanka”, you can buy:. Cordless impact electric screwdriver “Ingco” model. CIDLI2002, series. P20S product code. 12100.

Brand Owners. USA. Production. PRC (Factory quality!). P20S Series Tools Warranty. 2 years! (Post-warranty service).

Specifications:. cordless tool series. P20S one battery for all Ingco P20S brand tools battery voltage. 20V no-load speed: 0-400 / 0-1500 rpm max. 22500 bpm maximum torque. 45 Nm chuck size: 0.8-10mm torque control: 151 quick-action chuck mechanical 2-speed spindle lockout Battery 20V Li-ion 2.0 Ah charging voltage: 110V-240V

50/60Hz built-in backlight LED battery charge indicator.

Includes:. 20V Li-ion 2 battery.0 Ah 2 pc quick charger 1 hr 1 pc accessories. 47 pcs Ingco branded bag.

Features of the Ingco cordless tool, series. P20S:. one battery for all Ingco P20S brand cordless drills, a unique series of P20S brand cordless drills the system feature is that the battery and charger kit fits every tool in the series with one set you can use all P20S series tools without overcharging for batteries for each model, it is convenient and profitable! The P20S system includes several universal Li-Ion batteries with a voltage of 20 V and a capacity of 2.0 и 4.0 Ah and more than 60 models of tools.

Choose your own set in the P20S system.

Advantages of Ingco tools:. quality comparable to “Makita” tools is cheaper than Makita, Bosh, etc. analogues during the period of high dollar, similar products are many times more expensive

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