What jack of a hammer is needed for concrete. Jumping hammer from the instrumental company Enkor

TOP-20 of the best jack hammers-2022 rating in quality

The main criterion for choosing a chipping hammer is the scope and purpose. All other parameters are selected based on the circle of works for which they make the purchase.

In the top of the best tools 2022. Increased products that received specialists and ordinary buyers. 20 models of leading brands are certified according to the standards of world, European and quality.

Rating of the best jack hammers

Vocality location
The best jack hammers in price/quality for 2022
one Makita HM1307C Find out the price four.9 /5
2 Bosch GSH 16-30 Professional Find out the price four.8 /5
3 Metabo Mhev 5 BL Find out the price four.7 /5
Best electrical jack hammers
one Makita HM1213C Find out the price four.9 /5
2 Bosch GSH 11 E Professional Find out the price four.8 /5
3 DWT H13-05 B BMC Find out the price four.7 /5
Best pneumatic jack hammers
one Caliber OMP-815 Find out the price four.9 /5
2 Jonnesway Jah-303HK Find out the price four.8 /5
3 Fubag HRC 4500 Find out the price four.7 /5
The best jack hammers with impact frequency adjustment
one Zam ZMM-25-1500 EVK Find out the price four.9 /5
2 Patriot DB 550 Find out the price four.8 /5
3 Makita HM0870C Find out the price four.7 /5
The best jack hammers with an additional handle
one Zam ZMM-25-1500 VK Find out the price four.9 /5
2 Stanley Sthm10k Find out the price four.8 /5
3 Patriot DB 560 Find out the price four.7 /5
The best powerful professional jack hammers
one Makita HM 1812 Find out the price four.9 /5
2 Edon DH-GL95A Find out the price four.8 /5
3 Electrolite OM 65 2200 Find out the price four.7 /5
Best Budget Jacks
one Caliber PNZ-19/800 Find out the price four.9 /5
2 Eureka ER-83501K Find out the price four.8 /5

The market offers production of production (professional) and domestic purposes. Depending on this, the technical characteristics differ.

By the type of energy, the chips are:

These are the most common types of equipment. The former operate from a network with a voltage of 220-380 in. Where the use of electrical engineering is contraindicated, use hammers operating under air or liquid pressure (pneumatic). The latter are designed to perform operations of increased complexity in the open air.

The main parameters that pay attention to when choosing:

Energy consumption capacity affects work performance. In compressor chips, this value is absent. Power energy in pneumatics is provided by pressure (bar).

These three indicators (power, impact energy, the number of impulses behind.time) interconnected and characterize generally the effectiveness and purpose of the tool. The weight and dimensions of pneumorudium are less electric, since there is no engine and gearbox in the design. They are replaced by a piston. But their work requires a compressor.

Light (up to 5 kg), medium (from 5 to 10 kg) and heavy (from 10 kg) electrical chips are distinguished by the form factor. Performance parameters also depend on mass and dimensions. The convenience of operation is influenced by the equipment of the jackhammer with nozzles to perform various operations. These include: blades, scraps, chisels, chisels, tampers and others.

Cartridges are used to install and clamp them. The most common are two types: SDS-MAX and hexagonal HEX. Both options provide fast and strong fixation. Masters also pay attention to the quality of isolation and cable length. Not only productivity depends on this, but also safety. The chipsters entering the top are equipped with well-insulated cords of 5-6 meters long.

Hélène Ségara, Joe Dassin. Et si tu n’existais pas (Clip officiel)

Electric jack hammers operate from a standard network of 220 V, so they can be used both in everyday life and in production. They are relatively quiet and quite easy to operate, which deserved wide popularity among users of various fields. It is these modifications that are most often purchased for home repairs or when it is necessary to buy a chipper for one-time construction and installation works. Network models are represented by a rich choice, they are made by almost all trademarks, and in different layouts. from very economical and light hammer to top heavy units.

Makita HM1203C

In terms of technical characteristics and impact energy, the makita chipper belongs to the average level of percussion instruments. The quality of manufacture and endurance of all mechanical nodes remain at the highest level, which makes this chipper the best choice for daily operation at high loads. Makita hammer is equipped with all the systems necessary for comfortable work. First of all, it is a constant electronics, holding the momentum at the same level, regardless of the load, and the function of the smooth start, which prevents jerking when turning on.

As follows from the reviews, the optimal scope of this model is the dismantling of brick structures, opening the asphalt coating and working with concrete of medium rigidity. The hammer copes easily with all these materials, the only thing that does not fit for is high.strength concrete mixtures. In this case, its 1.5 kW of power will not be enough.

  • high performance;
  • the possibility of long.term work;
  • indicators of wear of brushes and cable integrity;
  • Long power cord. 5 m;
  • a worked out vibration damping system;
  • High strength shock mechanism.

Bosch GSH 501 Professional

Light Bosch electric hammer with the type of SDS-MAX mount is a typical representative of the brand’s professional line, with all the characteristic advantages. The tool is based on a powerful engine with an enlarged resource, which allows daily to perform heavy, laborious work on an industrial scale.

The chipper has a good impact force in 7.5 J, transmitted to the equipment through specially designed to increase performance, an elongated barrel. So that the electric jack of a hammer serves much longer, its case is made of shockproof plastic, which can withstand even falling from a height. And the tool itself is designed in such a way that all switches are protected from damage when contacting the surface. Reviews of the owners indicate that this model does not have objective shortcomings.

  • high quality of nodes and parts;
  • durable case;
  • power cord with fracture protection;
  • reliability and practicality;
  • Light weight.

Stanley Sthm10k

The jack of a hammer with good power of the blow has established itself as a high.performance tool that can cope with almost any materials. With it, you can expand the doorways, open the road surface, dismantle brick and concrete fences or walls. The quality of manufacture of the chipper and technical characteristics allow you to use it not only in everyday life, but also in professional conditions. The classic hammer design provides reliable grip and convenience during operation, both in vertical and horizontal position. However, there are negative responses with complaints about the large weight of the penetrator, which makes it possible to work on weight.

  • large shock energy;
  • smooth start;
  • the presence of an indicator of wear of the brushes;
  • rubberized handle;
  • high power;
  • Ergonomic structure.

Hitachi H41MB

The H41MB chipped hammer model is equipped with an electric motor with a capacity of only 930 watts, which positively affected the weight of the tool. At the same time, in terms of impact power. 10 J, it significantly exceeds not only analogues, but also more powerful tools. Together with the highest quality of manufacture and an affordable price, it is safe to say that this chipper is the best in its class. The manufacturer and the specifics of this model took into account. since light peorators are often used to work at altitude, its case is made of anti.suggestion plastic. And the handle rubberized in the places of contact will not allow the tool to slip out of the hands. Users also note a good set of a popular chipper, which includes a strong, roomy case and equipment necessary for work. Of the negative moments, the absence of indicators of wear of brushes and the integrity of the power cable is called.

Sturm! RH2521P

The electrical hammer of the German brand Sturm is released by impressive shock capacity and high performance. than two kW of the electric motor power is enough to issue 60 J, this is the best indicator in the class of heavy chips. Such technical data allow the use of the device for the most difficult work to destroy or dismantle any objects or structures even from durable, monolithic concrete.

To increase the resource, an electric hammer is equipped with an improved ventilation system and a more reliable gearbox compared to predecessors. And to facilitate the work of the operator, the manufacturer has provided a double system for extinguishing vibrations. Most of the reviews of the owners of this model are positive, mainly the tool is praised for the reliability of internal nodes and the highest power, but it was not without flaws. First of all, it is a fragile main pen, which often breaks due to shock loads, a short power cord and a large weight.

Pneumatic chipper in reliability and convenience is not inferior to network models, and in terms of performance and power they even surpass. Due to the fact that they need an air compressor for their use, such tools are not often taken for domestic use, they are more popular at construction sites, in production conditions. In addition to an impressive operational resource, it is safer to use units of this type in very dusty rooms, as well as in places with increased fire hazard.

Our rating contains five best pneumatic hammers, which are suitable for both garden and garage construction and harsh conditions of multi-storey building. All models belong only to reliable trademarks that will provide owners with good service centers and spare parts for regular service.

Metabo DMH 30 SET

For professional tasks for interior decoration and repair of premises, this model is suitable in all respects. Ergonomic structure and low weight contribute to prolonged, voluminous work. The main purpose of the instrument is to remove the old tiles, plaster, masonry and other types of work, where great performance is required. A pneumatic hammer is equipped with everything necessary. a case for storage and carrying, a set of equipment of four chisels of various shapes, additional fittings, this can be significantly saved on the purchase. In addition, as users note everything that is included in the kit, as well as the tool itself is characterized by high quality manufacturing and a large resource. Reviews about this pneumatic young woman are only positive, this allows us to say with confidence that he does not have objective shortcomings.

Wester VM-10

An indispensable assistant for car services and finishing craftsmen, a beam chipper with a pneumatic drive can easily solve problems that are excessive to other types of tools. A special equipment of a hammer consisting of a bunker of hardened, steel needles quickly beats off old paintwork, rust, plaster and other materials or pollution from any surfaces. In this case, the design of the tool allows you to work not only with even planes, but also with details with complex geometry. The processing speed and the ability to use in limited space make it an undeniable leader among analogues in technical characteristics. By reliability, the hammer is also not inferior to competitors. all parts and internal nodes are made of good metal, which positively affects the service life of the apparatus.

  • a large selection of equipment for different works;
  • high performance;
  • small consumption of compressed air;
  • the ability to use in limited space.

Caliber PNZ-19/800 Prof

Light pneumatic hammer from the lower price category is convenient in operation and has practically no return. Thanks to this, you can use it in cases where it is done with one hand. The small impact force is compensated by a high frequency. 4500 beats/min, as a result the chipper is great for delicate work. Housing, handle made of metal and perfectly remove heat, increasing the service life. The configuration has everything you need to start work immediately after the purchase. According to owners, the price ratio is the quality of the hammer at a high level, which led its top-best. But its modest characteristics significantly narrow the scope of application.

Fubag HRS 4500 (100120)

The well.known manufacturer of the pneumatic tool, the FUBAG brand is famous for the quality of the manufactured equipment. The HRS 4500 model designed for professional use was no exception. A good pneumatic junk hammer is able to cut studs and nuts, remove tiles, old plaster and even make strokes in concrete walls. Of the features, it is worth noting a very small weight. without equipment, it does not exceed one kg, a convenient shape of the handle and the ability to adjust the air supply. The tool does not have significant disadvantages, but, as users note, the hammer needs a productive compressor and there is not enough anti.slip handle of the handle.

Caliber OMP-815

The industrial chipper of the Caliber brand belongs to the category of heavy pneumatic equipment capable of carrying significant loads in the conditions of construction sites. A powerful hammer gives out 43 J and can break any concrete, open the road surface, destroy stones and brick partitions. Air consumption is only 1560 l/min. The modern design favorably distinguishes its lack of vibrations, a small for its class weighing 11 kg. and the reliability of all mechanisms. There is also a good balanced tool that reduces the load on the operator. Given the working characteristics of the OMP-815 chipper and positive reviews, it can be called the best pneumatic hammer for professional work.

Choosing an electric jack of a hammer

A jack of a hammer that is the work of a power grid is one of the most expensive tools of this type. When it comes to these tools, a strictly regulated division into professional and amorous equipment does not exist. Next, we will tell you how to choose an electric jack of a hammer and what should you pay attention to.

Types of electrical jack hammers

Like any other product, a jackhammer is made to solve certain problems, therefore they are divided by position during work on the device for work in a vertical or horizontal plane. There is also a division into groups by mass of technology.

Less than 5 kilograms. Such tools are considered easy, the main advantage is universality. Due to the small mass of the device, it is convenient to use in a horizontal position.

5 to 10 kilograms. This is the middle category of chipsters. It is harder to carry out work in a horizontal plane, but they are more powerful than representatives of the previous class, so they are used for complex tasks.

Up to 30 kilograms. The most difficult class, which is sometimes called “concrete“. Without such technology, it is difficult to imagine work on the foundation of an erected house or work with frozen soil to a great depth of the soil. As a result, we can say that the large mass of the chipper means greater power.

Let us summarize

So how to choose a specific model of a jack of a chip, because in one class they are so similar? One can say one, the main manufacturers of a construction tool and equipment are known, all of them make worthy chips. Their products are at about one quality and technical level. Innovations in this area are already extremely rare and quickly become public, or rather competitors. Make a choice of individual parameters. it makes no sense, everything is usually balanced by developers.

That is why the choice should be started from specific tasks and features of the front of work, from personal preferences regarding the brand, issues of ergonomics, design, if you want. The main one can be considered the criterion of the weight. light, middle and heavy class.

Some builders prefer to arm themselves with a cheap Chinese instrument, which is several times cheaper than the “corporate party”. They motivate their choice with the words: “I will buy three of these for the same money”. But this approach is far from always justified, especially since such a tool also brings losses from forced downtime, and its performance with the level of security is usually significantly lower.

Important characteristics

Now let’s move on to the important characteristics of the jack hammers. We already wrote that there are few of them, when choosing, they usually look at the mass, impact strength, hit frequency, type of cartridge. These parameters determine the operational characteristics, in particular performance. You need to look at another, for example, at some additional functions and features of a particular model, but often they are not decisive, although this must be remembered.

Jumping hammers by weight are divided into three categories:

Heavy are almost always vertical models, with very rare exceptions. The weight of the jaws also affects the force of impact, and in general it is a determining characteristic. The higher the power, the more powerful the drive, the greater the impact force, the greater the weight will be. Technically, it is simply impossible to make a light chipper, with a force of impact 50-60 J, in any case it will have an impressive mass.

When we talk about other tools, when talking about their weight, we often mention the convenience of work. In the case of jack hammers, this is not relevant, since if you need a blow of more than 40 J, then you simply will not have options for a reason for an acceptable time for an acceptable time. And if you work so hard physically and you have to choose something easier, then the working hours increase.

Impact strength

The impact force (or energy) is measured in joules and can be in the range from 3 j to 50-60 and above. This is a determining indicator for the efficiency of work, and it also indicates the possibility (or impossibility) of performing certain tasks. Conditionally, the separation may look like this:

5 J and below. removing plaster, chipping tiles, small repair work. In general, such peorators are attributed to the household class, sometimes with their help they break holes, although we wrote above that it is better to use a peorator for such purposes.

From 5 to 10 J. already heavier models that usually have a large number of shocks per minute, which compensates for the weakness of these strokes. Also suitable for repair work.

From 10 to 20 J. the destruction of brickwork, concrete structures, asphalt coatings, very dense soil, chipping tiles.

From 20 to 30 J. concrete and asphalt coatings, clay and coal mining, construction work.

From 30 to 40 J. similarly to the previous one, but these are already heavier models.

As you can see, the conditional border is the force of a blow of 15 J (if we talk about the destruction of concrete). If less, then the process will be very long, and the higher, the faster. For purposes such as the destruction of stone, reinforced concrete and other similar materials of increased strength, jack hammers are used with a blow to 50 j.

The frequency of strikes

The frequency of strikes also indicates the effectiveness of the jack of a hammer, but it is not an independent characteristic. It is associated with the power of the blow. There are no certain proportions, but the stronger the blow, the less their number and vice versa. Many models have the ability to change the frequency of impacts, which allows you to cope with this or that material as efficiently as possible.

Type of cartridge

There are four main types (with subspecies) of types of cartridges of jack hammers:

Quick.sounding. allows you to change peaks without the use of additional tools;

Hexagonal. it is considered more reliable than the previous option, used mainly in heavy models, but a special key is required to change.

Additional characteristics and functions

Here we will talk about additional functions and parameters of chopped hammering hammers, which you can do without, but it is still better to consider them when choosing. Most of them are inherent in electric chips.

Smooth start reduces the load on the mains when the tool is turned on, increases its service life. Today it is a standard function for most power tools, especially if you do not take the cheapest.

Impact frequency adjustment. It may not be in some models, but usually it is provided. The ability to change the frequency of shock allows you to effectively work with various materials.

Slose wear indicator. If the engine is brush, then the indicator will signal about their wear and the need to replace them.

Vibration suppression system. It is worth considering a whole range of measures, from rubberized handles and linings to dynamic counterweights. All this prevents vibrations, makes the work more comfortable, prevents the occurrence of vibrational disease (the jackhammer is among the leaders by the risk of its occurrence).

The ability to install equipment in different positions will allow you to work in hard.to.reach places. Not all models have this function, and in some there may be more than 10 different provisions.

Additional side handle. Most often, it is included and installed at will, almost always in heavy models. Makes work more convenient.

You can not really think about the material of the corps, the very specifics of the use of jack hammers and their involve the use of strong materials in all nodes. Of course, if you buy very cheap chips from unknown brands, then there can be any surprises, but such tools should not be seriously not worth considering at all.

Rating of jack hammers

The product is often used in repair and construction work. There are a large number of competitors in the construction market, however, there are companies on which it is necessary to make Accent. A list of the best chipboard was compiled, which were selected taking into account the opinions of specialists, users and tests conducted. These recommendations will help in the choice that will comply with consumer requests. During the selection of the chipper, the following parameters were taken into account:

The rating helps to choose a good device in accordance with the goals of use, the budget and the characteristics of the jack hammers.

Devices function from an ordinary power grid in 220V. Their main advantage will be the absence of additional elements within the system. The user simply includes the device in the electrical tanker and uses it. There are also disadvantages that relate to power restrictions. Pneumatic models are more powerful and economical. However, they are often used in production or large construction object. At home, electric models will be the best choice. To buy a jack of an electric hammer, you need to find out the purpose of its use. When comparing 11 models, it was established which device is better. The review included 6 of them.

Caliber master OM-1700M

Is an effective tool with a blow to 65 j. The indicator is high, even many pneumatic models do not have such indicators. The device consumes approximately 1.7 kV/h, which is the norm. It should be borne in mind that this was reflected in the size and mass of the product.

The mass of the device will be about 25 kg, and work with it, taking into account significant vibration of the electric motor, is extremely difficult. However, he without problems even blows fence from thick concrete. There are also disadvantages that relate to the degree of noise, which is determined by the design of the product.

Users note that in the configuration there is a case made of plastic, where it is comfortable to transfer and store the tool. In general, users are satisfied with this tool.

Makita HM1203C

Tool from the manufacturer from Japan. Makita electrical chipping hammer will consume 1.5 kW and issue strikes in the range of 950-1900 per min. Interacts the product with equipment for the SDS-MAX cartridge. The back of the main handle is covered with anti.slip coating. To reduce the load on the user’s hands, the device provides 2 elements of vibration suppression. According to responses, it is often used by masters for the installation of doors, to quickly expand the opening for the dimensions of the box.

Experts brought this model to the top due to functionality and ease. The mass of the device will be 10 kg, which is easier than similar devices by almost 2 kg. In terms of functionality, the tool will bypass analogues in the review due to the option of smooth launch, for the exact installation of the peak on the spot. Also, the device can maintain a rotation turn, which is comfortable when disassembling large blocks. It is equipped with a soundproofing system, but the noise is heard far. The advantage will be that the product is equipped with a long wire of 5 m, which is why you often do not need an extension cord.

  • In the configuration there is a case;
  • A light weight;
  • Equipped with a tape-pike;
  • Blocking the start button is provided;
  • Long network cable.

Consumers note that on the body of the device, light indexation is installed. It allows the user to timely determine and correct the cause, preventing the breakdown of the device. You can also choose the angular arrangement of the chisel.

  • Impact strength;
  • Vibration suppression;
  • Comfortable pen;
  • The pen can be adjusted;
  • Good assembly;
  • There is a case in the configuration;
  • It is inexpensive.

Buyers note that the device is equipped with a comfortable handle that can be adjusted. The main handle holds the device when you have been found. Delivery is carried out in a case made of plastic with a set of brushes.

Dewalt D25902K-QS

Despite the dimensions that are comparable to the peorator, the model from the developer from the US performs a large amount of work. With an energy of an impact of 8 j, the tool easily crushes reinforced concrete. Compact sizes will make its use comfortable during repair work. Low noise, suppression of vibration with a spring.loaded handle, regulation of the number of blows will allow the product to be called the best in the segment.

A large shock mechanism will provide proper performance. Convenient case promotes simple and comfortable use. The handle will give lightness when operating. the mass of the device will be felt below the nominal.

  • Powerful engine;
  • Vibration navigation;
  • Convenient product design;
  • Body of light alloys of magnesium;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Bright style.

Responses of the builders who use this drummer, mainly positive. They note the comfort when strokes of the walls, removing the plaster. Power for these purposes will be enough.

Experts talk about the successful use of a tool for removing the screed in the room.

Bosch GSH 11 E Professional

Bosch jackpot with a blow of 23 J and a quantity of 1700 beats/min. The device is distinguished by energy consumption 1.7 kW/h. The transverse position of the electric motor is also implemented here. This ensures the compactness of the tool that has positive user reviews. In terms of power, the chipper is somewhat inferior to the previous model in the ranking.

The pluses include the presence of an additional handle, which can move along the body. This will allow you to keep the device more comfortable while working in a horizontal position. The delivery of the chipper is carried out in a special case, convenient for regular carrying. Experts introduced the tool to the list of the best due to the presence of a thoughtful system of extinguishing vibration. Unlike the rest of the analogues, there is a separator of the handle and the main building is larger, which eliminates the vibration completely. On this device should be made Accent to those who work on disassembling buildings daily.

  • Universal additional handle;
  • The frequency of impacts is regulated;
  • There is an indicator of the wear of the brushes;
  • The peak is supplied;
  • Vibration navigation.

Users note the presence of a powerful electric motor. The device functions for a long time without stopping even with intensive load.

TOP-3 best budget jack hammers

If the budget for the purchase of a chipping hammer is limited, you should pay attention to inexpensive models. They are in the lineups of many well.known brands, but the affordable cost does not affect quality, so such tools will successfully cope with almost any dismantling work.

Mighty Seven SC-0617C

One of the highest quality and inexpensive jack hammers, which is suitable for household and professional use.

The tool is provided with the case and a set of nozzles. Such extended equipment allows the use of a jackhammer for a wide spectra work, starting from dismantling and ending with the assembly of various structures.

For the convenience of operation, the manufacturer supplied the tool with an ergonomic handle with rubberized pads for the most comfortable grip.

The jackhammer is equipped with a hexagonal cartridge, so to replace the equipment will have to use additional tools, but the peaks are also provided with the keys to replace the peak, so you will not have to buy additional accessories.

Also, the tool boasts reduced weight, while it does not affect the performance, but prevents overwork during prolonged work.


  • democratic value;
  • expanded equipment;
  • Suitable for working with materials of different hardness;
  • comfortable ergonomic handle;
  • high.power engine.

Onnesway Jah-683h

This jamming hammer, despite the democratic cost, has increased strength and energy of the blow.

Due to this, it can be used to perform a wide Spectra dismantling, and a rich selection of nozzles allows you to use the tool not only for crushing asphalt and frozen soil, but also to destroy concrete, brick and stone walls.

The handle has an ergonomic shape and is equipped with a rubberized lining for a convenient grip.

At the same time, the anti.vibrational system in the chipping hammer is not provided, so it is better to use the tool in special gloves that extinguish vibration.

The model is equipped with a hexagonal cartridge, so to replace the equipment will have to use a special key, which is also provided in the kit. The tool case is made of durable and high.quality plastic, which does not heat up even with prolonged and continuous use.


  • democratic cost with high assembly quality;
  • ergonomic handle;
  • Light weight facilitates operation;
  • Suitable for work even with the hardest materials;
  • All necessary accessories in the kit.

Stanley Sthm5ks

This electric jack of a hammer, despite the democratic cost, has a well.thought.out design and expanded functionality for domestic and professional use.

Thanks to the engine of increased power and increased impact force, with the help of the tool you can break rocks, brick and concrete buildings, destroy asphalt and loosen even frozen soil. The model is equipped with a reliable cartridge, which reliably fixes the peak, and the change of equipment will not take much time.

For a convenient grip on the ergonomic handle, rubberized pads are provided. They perform another function: they extinguish vibration so that the user does not feel overwork even with prolonged work.

Also, the jackhammer is equipped with an additional side handle for a more convenient grip and dismantling in hard.to.reach places.


  • The rubberized overlay on the handle perfectly extinguishes vibration;
  • There is an additional handle;
  • allows you to work even with very solid materials;
  • qualitatively assembled case;
  • Simple replacement of equipment.

Which company to choose?

When choosing a jack of a hammer, you should focus not only on its technical characteristics, but also on the manufacturer of the device.

Since this tool refers to professional, preference should be given to products of reliable and proven brands.

In 2022, professional builders praised the chipped hammers of the brands Stavr, Bosch, TZK, Makita, Patriot, Metabo, Fubag, Stanley, Caliber and Onnesway.

Impact force: over 50 j

Bosch GSH 11 VC Professional

With 23 J, the maximum impact energy Bosch promises the performance of 1100 kg of “concrete equivalent” per hour (as it was considered-it is not specified, true), while a 11-kilogram jack of launching a hammer is very convenient in operation thanks to an effective system for extinguishing vibrations. The back handle has a damping suspension and a thick layer of cutting, and the gearbox itself is equipped with vibration dispensing: such a system is equally effective that with the minimum 900 beats/min, which is at the maximum 1700.

Electric motor power. 1.7 kW. For attaching equipment, the standard SDS-Max cartridge is used, which is able to adjust the angle of installation of a bit of 30 degrees. One thing is already in the kit. Piko.shaped.

The system control system is very convenient: Bosch uses a special service indicator, which begins to flash approximately 8 hours before the exhaustion of the resource of the brushes, after which the electronics automatically blocks the motor, preventing brushes from worrying to the limit, at which the collector is already possible.

The indicator is in its own way. next to the speed regulator (large “steeple” in the upper part of the case). The speed control system is a constant that supports the frequency of shocks when changing the load on the jackhammer.

Reliable jack of a hammer, with good power for such sizes. There is nothing to compare with the peorators.

Dewalt D25902K-QS

Having a smaller energy of a single strike (19 J) in comparison with Boshem, Dewalt takes its frequency of these same shocks: at the maximum power of the 1.55-kilowatt engine, it allows a jack of a hammer to issue up to 2100 beats per minute. Or 35 beats per second. you can imagine what kind of vibration on the handles would be, if not for an effective dumping suspension: the passport level of vibrations is even less than indicated for Bosch.

The jackhammer is designed for equipment with SDS-Max tailings. There is an adjustment of the installation angle. just like Bosch, you can turn the cartridge with a step of 30 degrees in any direction. In general, Bosch is more interesting-with not such a strong rupture in prices, he has both constant electronics, and a “remark” about the need to replace brushes, and in his work he still shows himself reliably: is it the most important thing to professional tool?

In the work compared to models without AVC, it is really much more comfortable, especially with large volumes.

Makita HM1203C

But Makita’s difference is already sensitive. while one and a half kilo.winged jack gives decent 25.5 J energy of the blow. The adjustment of the frequency of shock is provided in the range from 950 to 1900 beats/min, the regulator itself is small and not very convenient. But the switch is made strange. under the thumb, in the form of a transverse engine. Because of this, it is convenient to turn it on the right-wing hammer, but it is inconvenient to turn off (you have to transfer the index finger and press it in the middle), and left-handed-exactly the opposite.

The vibration is carried out only by overlays. a complete damper suspension of the rear handle, like Bosch and Dewalt, there is no. As a result, the passport level of vibrations here is practically twice as much as the leaders of the rating, and this is definitely attributed to the back of the jack of a junk.

But on electronics they did not save here: there is a smooth start and maintaining engine speed under load. Two indicators are installed on the housing. one warns about the need to change the brushes, the second indicates the power on (respectively, if it burns and does not want to start, then it is time for repairs). Even if the wear indicator is “missing”, the auto shutdown will save the engine collector.

The cartridge is traditional for chipped hammering with such an energy of the SDS-Max strike, which is able to adjust the angle of installation. Adjustment is possible only if there is a bite in the cartridge.

Unlike Bosch and Dewalt, where there is not a word in the instructions on the lubrication of the shock mechanism, Makita paints this in detail in the pictures. True, you will have to tinker. to access the gearbox body, you need to completely remove the back of the case with the handle, and only after that it will be possible to unscrew its lid. Lubrication is used plastic, in the amount of 60 g. Here you can recommend using a lubricant of minimum density. the resource of the mechanism depends on this very decently.

A good jack of a hammer is convenient in work, lighter than many analogues, no questions have yet arisen.

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A very controversial chipping hammer: on the one hand, dimensions and weight (16.5 kg) he has “almost adults”, and the mounting of the equipment with a hexagon hints at the high energy of the blow, but in fact it is not so great for a vertical jack of hammers. 35 J! At the same time, this model of considerable money is worth: in fact, for the same amount you can buy two professional jack hammers for 20-25 J energy of the blow or one “vertical” for 60-70 J, if you add a little.

Engine power. 1.6 kW, also not quite “adult”. There is no control of the engine speed. the jackhammer works with a constant hit frequency (1450 beats/min). True, a large weight in combination with a damped suspension provides it with a very low level of vibrations. so if the jackhammer is searched for prolonged work with the vertical position of the chisel, then Dewalt has its advantages, too, also has its advantages. But for the comparable money, you can still buy a more powerful model, including Dewalt themselves.

They took at the old price, he was worth the money. but now you will already think about more powerful chipsters like the same “Bosha 27”.

Rating of network chipping hammers

Sturm! RH2521P

Designed to destroy brick and concrete walls, breakdown the old foundation and other solid coatings. It has a good anti.vibration system, a cartridge with a landing hole for a hexagon of 30 mm, with a quick replacement of a chisel or a peak.

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