What kind of gasoline is needed for the grass trimmer?

Some important nuances

It is important to remember not to store the resulting mixture for a long time. Storage itself should only be done in a dark, cool room without direct sunlight. Even if you intend to leave the mixture for a few days before using it, you should put the canister on the ground to remove the effect of electrification. The packaging for the mixture should be made of iron, but plastic packaging is not allowed.

Never use a beverage can (water, juice or lemonade) to store gasoline and oil. The polyethylene terephthalate base on which the food bottle is based is not resistant to petroleum products and their additives.

In a properly prepared mixture is the key to proper engine operation throughout the life of the device. If everything is done correctly, the consumption will be low and the performance will be high. Working with this trimmer is a pleasure. To make the pleasure last as long as possible you should automate the process of mixture preparation and replacement and use the same resources (oil, fuel).

What’s The Best Octane For Hand Held Equipment? What About Ethanol?

It is not recommended to mix the ingredients in the open air in direct sunlight.

Many brands today have abandoned such a concept as “running-in” or the first few cuts in a “gentle” mode, at reduced speed. The manufacturer of Husqvarna chain saws in particular recommends to run the brushcutter at full power from the first mowing, letting it idle for 1 to 3 minutes before starting. The main thing is that the mixture prepared has all the characteristics necessary for trouble-free lubrication and functioning of an internal combustion engine.

The best gasoline for lawnmowers and other manufacturer recommendations

The most popular lawn mower manufacturers offer the following tips for filling their products.


For this brand of mowers it is recommended to use unleaded gasoline AI-92, AI-95.

If you mix the two types of fuel you get optimal results. We recommend to use only fresh fuel. It should not be stored inside a clean container for more than one week. For a two-stroke motor, use a mixture of one part grease mixed with 50 parts fuel.

Wrong proportions may cause fast wear of engine parts, soot deposits on spark plugs and piston surfaces.

Convenient and comfortable to use. STIHL lawn mowers are designed for heavy-duty use. Great for professional use.

Here it is recommended to use gasoline AI-92, AI-95.

Before starting a four-stroke mower it is important to check the engine oil level in the same way as with a car. Before the first start, you should level the fuel lubricant inside a separate tank. All fuel must be drained in preparation for the storage period. To do this, start the machine and let it idle until it stops.


This unit of the famous Japanese Honda brand is characterized by reliability, durability. Here the fuel system is a quality component. On the other hand, in order for the mower to run smoothly, you need to follow the rules of operation.

To prevent possible problems will help to follow simple rules:

  • Do not use gasoline that contains 10% ethanol. Such fuel attracts water, activates corrosive processes. The result is problems with starting the engine, operating the mower.
  • When preparing for storage, it is advisable to drain all fuel and oil.
  • It is best to store fuel inside a clean plastic canister away from direct sunlight. If you do not plan to use the machine for a long time, it is best to add a special fuel stabiliser to the petrol.
  • The air filter must be serviced regularly and changed immediately if necessary. This will prevent contamination of the carburetor.
  • Always turn off the fuel valve when you have finished using the mower. It is recommended to fill up the fuel tank after use. The lack of air inside this container will help preserve the quality of the gasoline.
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For this grass trimmer, high octane gasoline AI-92, AI-95 is recommended.

kind, gasoline, grass, trimmer

It is important not to use fuel with high levels of lead. This will have a negative effect on engine performance. For two-stroke lawnmowers, the fuel mixture is prepared in a 1:32 ratio. About one liter of the composition is consumed per hour of work.

How much gasoline is stored

During long storage, gasoline evaporates (regardless of brand), sediments precipitate on the bottom, it loses its properties, in other words. deteriorates. It is worth knowing that it is not so much the gasoline itself that ignites, but its vapors. So if the garage is a canister of gasoline from last year, then think about whether it is worth it? Better leave it to light a bonfire for the barbecue.

How to Choose the Right Fuel for Your Mower

Using “stale” gasoline for a chainsaw entails a lot of problems:

It is worth remembering that the prepared fuel mixture (gasoline and oil) is stored for no more than one month, after which time it should be disposed of. Using old gasoline increases the wear and tear on your chainsaw’s engine. remember that!

How to properly fill up the fuel in a two-stroke motor

Many people don’t follow some important recommendations for filling the gas tank of a grass trimmer or lawn mower, resulting in unpleasant consequences. Consider important recommendations on how to properly pour diluted fuel from gasoline and oil into the gas tank of a brushcutter:

  • Prepare a funnel or watering can. Despite the large diameter of the gas tank opening, very often when you try to get into it, some of the fuel will spill and end up on the tool body. Fuel that has fallen on the tool can cause ignition when heated, so it is very important to use a funnel or watering can here
  • Before unscrewing the plug, you should thoroughly clean the surface of the tank, as dirt can get inside, which will cause a quick clogging of the gasoline filter
  • You should refuel in calm weather or in a sheltered location to keep dust and small grains of sand out of the tank
  • Do not leave the hatch in the tank open for a long time, because not only small grains of sand and dust can get into it, but also insects
  • Do not inhale gasoline fumes during priming, because they are dangerous for people. When working with a trimmer, the master must use protective goggles, headphones and a respirator
  • It is necessary to pour fuel into the tank up to the mark. If you fill up a full tank, when you screw in the cap, some of it will pour out. not economical use of fuel. In this case it is better to underfill than overfill
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Considering these recommendations, you can significantly extend the life of the gasoline tool in question.

This is interesting!Works on the preparation of the mixture and pouring fuel is also recommended to carry out in protective gloves.

You bought a new gasoline trimmer for the grass, and it immediately became difficult. It really fails to start. If you mow a bit and then turn it off, it is even more of a problem to start it “hot” than “cold”. What to do with it, I do not know how to start it correctly?

The instructions for starting a brushcutter go like this:

Pump up fuel with silicone button (primer), which is on the bottom of carburetor. It is necessary to do as much (or little more) than it is written in the instruction, usually about 8-10.

Secure the throttle lever with the stop button at high rpm.

Yank the starter handle 2-3 times. The engine must “grab”.

If the engine “seized” and stalls, it is necessary to move air valve in 1/2 position and try to start again. If the engine starts, release the throttle and put the choke in the “open” position. Beginning of work.

Performing manipulations on fuel pumping, do not be afraid of overfilling. If this happens, and, as they say, “poured the plug”, then unscrew it, it is enough to move the air damper in the “open” position and holding the full throttle, and simultaneously scroll the engine starter 2-4 times. After that you can start the engine and get to work.

Peculiarities and operation principle of 2t engine

Any motorcycle owner should have an idea of the engine’s design and how it works. The power unit of the two-stroke type is used not only in motor vehicles, but also in other technical devices. gasoline mowers, trimmers and others. Despite the fact that many models of modern equipment are equipped with a four-stroke engine, the two-stroke motor is still widely used. It is simple in operation, convenient in service and repair, as well as sufficiently reliable.

Operating cycle of such engine is made for a couple of strokes of compression and stroke as a result of energy from the ignition of fuel. Both cycles are performed during one revolution of the crankshaft. A two-stroke engine has neither the intake phase of the fuel mixture nor the exhaust cycle characteristic of four-strokes. The fuel intake and exhaust both happens during the compression and expansion phases.

This design feature increases engine torque and power output at the same cubic capacity as a 4-stroke engine. Although the efficiency of a two-stroke propulsion system is lower compared to a four-stroke, due to the two-stroke operation, the engine components move as little as possible. The engine has a relatively long service life and is less subject to internal wear, provided that the mating parts are well lubricated.

For a two-stroke engine to function, the ignition must be turned on, fuel must be provided, and the engine crankshaft must be cranked with the starter or kickstarter.

kind, gasoline, grass, trimmer

Further work of the two-stroke motor is carried out according to the following algorithm:

String Trimmer Basics: String Trimmer Fueling and Starting

  • The piston starts to move towards the spark plug from its lowest point. At this time, the fuel mixture enters the working chamber of the cylinder. The exhaust window is opened and the mixture is compressed;
  • in the initial phase of the compression cycle, there is a pressure drop in the crank chamber to facilitate the intake of a new load of gasoline. In the upper phase of piston movement, the mixture is ignited by a spark from the spark plug;
  • the energy resulting from the ignition of the gasoline forces the piston to move to the lower point. The opening of the exhaust port allows the exhaust gases to escape through the elbow connected to the muffler;
  • subsequent movement of the piston causes the scavenging port to open and gasoline to enter the working area of the cylinder. The phase where the piston moves to its lowest point completes the engine cycle and the cycle repeats.
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The process of dispensing gasoline mixed with oil lubricates the powertrain components. This is the difference between the lubrication system of a two-stroke engine and the lubrication system of a four-stroke engine, which has a gear pump to supply oil to the mating area of the engine.

Oil mixed with gasoline provides lubrication in the crank mechanism

What kind of gas to put in a brushcutter

The type of gasoline recommended for your model is usually identified in the owner’s manual. If you ignore the manufacturer’s recommendations and fill the tank with the wrong octane number, over time the device can simply fail. Grass trimmers are available with two-stroke and four-stroke engines. Their refueling and maintenance are significantly different.

You need to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when choosing a gasoline brand for your ride-on mower. If you don’t follow them, the engine will soon break down. Often unleaded fuel with an octane rating of 92 or 95 is used for filling the gas tank of grass trimmer.

Gasoline for the fuel mixture

Filling grass trimmer with gasoline AI-80 can lead to device failures due to its low technical characteristics. Note that fuel should not be stored for more than 60 days after purchase.

Do not use polyethylene canisters for storage. к. There will be static electricity when in contact with the inner walls. Accidental sparking will cause an explosion. Although, there are special plastic canisters marked “flame”.

Getting the mixture ready

Many novice users believe that if you add more oil to the gasoline for the fuel mixture than necessary, it will benefit. That’s not true. The unburned oil will not be expelled from the engine with the exhaust gases, but will settle inside as a sludge. This fouling threatens the integrity of the piston. If you use a mixture with too much oil regularly, the grass trimmer will smoke heavily, and a drop in power is inevitable.

If there is not enough oil, the grass trimmer will overheat, the piston rings will collapse and the piston will jam. If you don’t have much oil, your weed trimmer will run 30 to 40% less than it should. If there is a 20% or more shortage of lubricant, the engine will seize up after 20 to 30 minutes of intensive operation. Each trimmer manual gives proportions on how to dilute the fuel mixture. Usually it is 1:25. 1:40 or 1:50. In practice it looks like this:

  • 1:25. 40 milliliters of oil per liter of gasoline;
  • 1:40. 25 milliliters of oil per liter of gasoline;
  • 1: 50. 20 milliliters of oil for 1 liter of gasoline.

You can use the table to determine how much oil to put in a certain volume of clean fuel:

Gasoline (liters) Oil (milliliters)
25:1 30:1 35:1 40:1 50:1
1 40 33 28 25 20
5 200 165 140 125 100
10 400 330 280 250 200
16 500 495 420 375 300
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