What kind of grease to use for a rotary hammer

Which components must be lubricated

If you look in the instruction manual, it says that 3 elements of the device should be periodically treated with lubricants. This is necessary to improve the effectiveness of the tool, as well as to increase its service life.

In this case each component has its own nuances.

Working tool zone

Includes core bit and auger. These elements are subject to increased load during operation. They are used to work on hard materials and surfaces.

Most instructions state that the work tool, and more specifically the drill shank, should be lubricated every time it is used. If the engine is running during the day, the master is required to check periodically if the lubricant is present in the assembly.

It does not hurt to look at the manual of a particular model of peorator. There are details on how exactly the lubrication is done.

Grease change for Hammer Drill FASTEST | Hilti Hammer Drill Repair | Restore old tools

Most often the agent is applied to the grooves, with which the retaining wings are fixed. But before adding the agent, first of all a dry napkin is sure to remove the remains of the old grease. Do not forget to remove dirt and dust. The product is then applied and evenly distributed over the surface. Usually you should not apply more than 1 gram of the product.


Now to the question of the lubricant treatment of the torch chuck. Grease is absolutely necessary for the piston. It is important to keep in mind that on new tools, the chuck is dry.

So it is necessary to apply the product to the place where the tooling is installed before putting it into service. This is the area where most friction occurs when the gears are running.

Features of graphite grease for peorator

Plastic graphite greases are increasingly used in motors. they are based on graphite, a form of carbon with the addition of calcium oil and soap thickener. They meet all the requirements for anti-adhesives for the peorator gearbox, but they also have disadvantages:

  • due to the low melting point of the calcium thickener;
  • Not well suited for units with high precision manufacturing. graphite molecules destroy the geometry in places of contact with metal at a microscopic level, leading to accelerated wear of parts at high speeds.
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How to properly lubricate the torch

Lubrication of the rotary axis is an important part of the periodic maintenance of this tool. This preventive measure should be carried out at the intervals specified in the instructions for use. Timely replacement of lubricant reduces friction in the device nodes, slows down wear of parts and thus increases its service life. Old lubricant must always be removed when relubricating. Lubricant for the peorator is available from different manufacturers. Different types are available for the individual assemblies.


Reliable and high-quality tools are indispensable in today’s modern construction industry. One of the most important tools is the rotary table. It is with its help you can drill holes in almost any surface or milled channel for wires, as well as this tool almost without problems replaces the drill and hammer. This is possible because the machine exhibits both rotary motion and longitudinal-axial motion. In this article we will talk about what kind of grease to lubricate the peorator to maximize its service life.

The first electric motor appeared in 1851, when it was used in the mining industry, it was a manual motor and did not have such rich functions. But after more than 150 years, it has become one of the indispensable tools for the home craftsman and professional builder. The design of the peorator is quite complex and in order to keep it for a long time and not expose it to premature repair, it is recommended to monitor its condition carefully. First of all, certain parts have to be lubricated. This process will help to prolong the life of the power tool considerably.

To understand why the pen is in need of lubrication, we should get acquainted in detail with its design and principle of operation.

Basic Constructive Elements of the Perforator

In order for the peorator to work properly it is necessary to apply a certain force to the surface you want to work on. It is possible to get such an impulse by means of a pneumatic or electromagnetic mechanism. Tool power depends on the impact energy and motor power. That is, the greater the value in joules and watts, the more powerful the tool.

The main elements of a peorator with an electromagnetic type of impact include:

And the elements of the tool with pneumatic type of action include:

Peorators with pneumatic impact are by far more common than those with electromagnetic impact. There are several variants of their design, the main two, which differ from each other by the fact that the first uses a rocking bearing (the so-called drunken), and the second uses a crank mechanism. Tools with the first variant are light and compact, and with the second variant, as a rule, have a medium or heavy weight.

  • chuck. is necessary for fixing the nozzle, there are several types: SDS Plus (installed in lightweight tools) and SDS max (for medium and heavy machines), the first type has the ability to install a drill with a shank diameter of 1 cm, with the second type the shank diameter is 1.8 cm, also SDS Plus has three modes of operation (drilling, drilling, impact), and SDS max only two (drilling and impact). It is possible to install and traditional chuck of cam type (hollow cylinder with an adjusting ring and metal cams, which hold the nozzle);
  • chuck change system quick change from one type of chuck (SDS) to another (cam);
  • reverser. Changes the rotation of the drill, brush type and electronic type;
  • Gearbox is a single case (crankcase) in which there are various gears (conic, cylindrical, worm), this arrangement of parts allows to protect the main mechanism from damage and ingress of dirt and dust, the main function of the element is to change the rotation speed of shafts;
  • vibration protection. are of passive or active (marking AVS, supplied with most heavy torches) type, they dampen the vibration from shocks, that is, reduce it, but completely remove this effect is not possible, the active anti-vibration system has a shock absorbing device counterweight with a spring, while the passive system is rubber pads and rubberized handle, that is, it protects slightly worse and is installed only on light household tools;
  • various indicators;
  • speed regulator;
  • safety clutch. Is necessary to stop the chuck rotation in cases when the nozzle jams during operation, come in two types: spring and cam (consisting of half-couplings with teeth and spring) and friction (consisting of disks);
  • electronic immobilizer. for stopping the torch in emergency situations, for example, in the event of a voltage drop, to avoid problems with the tool and to keep it running;
  • the engine is of two types: transversal (vertical position, it has more space for cooling and is considered more protected against dust generated during the work, usually used in cases where it is necessary to drill for long periods without interruptions) and longitudinal (horizontal position helps make the tool more balanced, that is, it improves ergonomics, as well as being more compact).
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Having understood the construction of the geared motor you need to know how to maintain it.

How to Grease a Motor

The main purpose of the rotary tool is to drill, chisel and drill different surfaces. As a general rule, most of the materials with which this tool is used tend to get dusty. Fine particles on the internal parts clog the machine. over, they are in motion, during which they come into contact with each other, and thus abrasion can occur. To keep the tool in working order it is necessary to clean it and regularly lubricate it. Only this kind of maintenance is able to prolong the maximum service life, avoid early breakage and expensive repair.

Important: There are several basic types of grease. One type is used for the gearbox and a completely different type is needed for drills or drill bits. Each machine has a detailed instruction manual, which prescribes a clear frequency of lubrication. These are the recommendations that should be followed.

There are general rules for all types of torches.

How to grease a geared motor

  • Thus, to lubricate the gearbox, it is most often advised to use compositions in the form of liquid oil, which is poured in a certain dosage into the tool housing (in the holes specially designed for this purpose). This oil fills the gearbox housing and is securely insulated inside with the caps installed on the holes or bolts. Parts are coated evenly with this product during operation. The most popular gear oil manufacturers are Bosch and Makita.
  • As an example, there are two popular products of these manufacturers, which are used during the initial assembly or during the repair of the tool:

5 kg Demolition hammer greasing problem /hammering problem

  • Makita P-08361 30 ml lubricant, approximate cost 100 ;
  • Bosch 1615430005 45 ml, about 300

Tip: There are some plastic compounds for gearboxes (in the form of cream), but note that not all tool models can stably operate with products of this consistency. Compound for lubricating the reducer is a must have for every owner of torches. But if the tool is under warranty, it is better to perform such an operation, using the services of service centers, especially if there are no special holes (that is, if it is necessary to dismantle the tool).

How to lubricate the auger

  • Gear lubricant for rotary drills is used to reduce bit wear and extend rotary tool life (also by reducing the amount of dust that penetrates inside). The lubrication products are applied before each insertion of the drill into the chuck, for this purpose a small amount of grease is applied to the grooves of the nozzle. Before carrying out this operation for the first time, you should carefully read the instruction manual of the tool. It is necessary for understanding how to disassemble/assemble the saw correctly without damaging its elements and achieve the correct operation.
  • The amount and quality of lubrication determines how the power tool will function. If the wrong ratio is selected, overheating of the machine and even failure are possible. Therefore, before you apply this or that lubricant, it is worth checking whether there is a given manufacturer and type of agent in the recommendations in the instruction manual peoratora. The most common compositions for the lubrication of drills, also produced by brands Bosch and Makita, only agents have a thicker consistency.
  • Before starting the lubrication it is necessary to wash and blow out the tool, wipe it dry and only after that apply a new layer of the protective agent. Parts that do not require sliding should not be lubricated as this would only damage the chuck. This includes, for example, a transmitting clutch.

How to grease a chuck of a torch chuck

  • The compound must also be applied to replaceable drill bits in the form of a chuck. The amount of the substance should be as specified in the instructions. Overkill or underkill can cause tool malfunction.

Choosing the type of grease is not a problem, the instructions are clear recommendations, but if they are not available, then you can choose virtually any means from trusted manufacturers.

Lubricant for Makita Peorator

Japanese corporation, which has been engaged in production of various construction tools since 1915. The very first owner of the company was Masaburo Makita, in whose honor the company still bears its name. Today the corporation is one of the leading manufacturers of power tools (350 types) and accessories (4500 varieties) for them.

How to Disassemble and Lubricate a Makita Peorator Video

Product range (lubricants):

  • 042005-4А. for SDS torches (pack of 16 kg);
  • 042024-0А. for SDS torch gears (2.5kg carton);
  • P-08361. for gearboxes of SDS MAX torches (pack of 30 grams);
  • 183477-5. for SDS torches (pack of 30 grams);
  • 181573-3. grease for drills (100 ml pack).

Grease for Bosch Peorator

  • The founder of the German company was Robert Bosch. Engineer and businessman who founded a small company for the sale and manufacture of electrical equipment in 1886. And despite an initial staff of only one mechanic and one electrician, the company has been able to reach unprecedented heights.
  • Today, it is a leading supplier of various categories of construction and consumer goods, including power tools. The company has subsidiaries all over the world, including the Russian Federation. And probably every city in Russia has an official Bosch service center, and since 2007, the factory for the production of equipment in the city of Engels was opened.
  • Many technologies that are still considered innovative today. and have been tested and proven in this particular company for many years. Bosch tools. is a reliable and ergonomic technique, with the most advanced. The policy of the corporation is not to sell as many tools as possible, but to make each machine purchased last as long as possible. That is why brand-name products for the care of power tools, including peorators, have been produced.
  • 1615430009, 1615430010. grease for inserted tool tips (30 ml pack);
  • 1615430012. Motor oil (1 liter pack);
  • 1615430014. lubricant in tubes for peorators (45 ml pack);
  • 1615430015. lubricant in tubes for peorators (225 ml package);
  • 1615430016. lubricant for gears (1 kg pack)
  • 1615430019. Lubricant for peorators (1 l package);
  • 1615437509, 1615437511, 1615437512. Peorator grease, complete with sealing frame (50 ml pack);
  • 3605430008. Hydraulic oil (1 liter pack).

Lubcon Gear Lubricant

  • German company founded in 1980 in Frankfurt, Germany. Manufacture of various types of synthetic lubricants for power tools. The products are supplied all over the world, including Russia. The company positions its products as environmentally safe compositions. Only components that meet the highest requirements are used in their development.
  • Lubcon greases are characterized by extreme thermal stability, they do not oxidize and excel in preventing friction even under maximum load. These are water-resistant formulations that guarantee the durability of most power tools.

Range of products for power tools:

  • Lubcon Thermoplex ALN 250 EP Gear Lubricant;
  • Lubcon Thermoplex ALN 1002 lubricant for peorators;
  • Lubcon Turmogrease NM 4602/0. Multi-purpose grease.

NANOTEC torque lubricant

The Russian company produces synthetic, semi-synthetic, mineral, semi-liquid and plastic lubricants. Products under this brand first appeared on the Russian market in 2004, and since then Nanonet has been expanding its product range every year. Lubricants and oils meet the high demands of our time.

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Metabo rotary tool lubricant

  • The company was founded in 1924 by Albrecht Schnitzler and Julius Kloss. The founders of the company had originally planned to produce tools to meet the ever-increasing technological demands of the times. Originally the tools were manual, and only in the 30s of the 20 th century electric machines were manufactured.
  • The company strives to manufacture products that are distinguished by their durability. And for this purpose they create a whole line of products for the care of power tools, including lubricants for peorators. Most of these products are made of plastic and intended for drill shanks.

Zubr tool lubricant

Company is a Russian manufacturer of various materials and tools, which have proven themselves in domestic and foreign markets. The products have affordable price and good quality, the assortment is constantly updated with new categories of products. All products are tested in our laboratories, and only after successful completion are sent to the design bureau. Finished products are subjected to mandatory quality control, and then on sale.

  • Zubr-expert 60. Grease for drills (60 g package);
  • Zubr Expert 125. Drill lubricant (125g pack);
  • Zubr ZSB. Grease for drills (125 g package).

Grease for Interskol rotary hammers

Russian company, today is one of the leading domestic manufacturers of power tools. The company has extensive experience in the development and manufacture of various products and has its own design and test bureau. The plants are located in Russia and Spain, and the products are supplied to many European countries.

How to disassemble and lubricate an Interskol motor video

PRORAB Chain Saw Lubricant

Russian company for the production of power tools, accessories and related products, established in 2005. Today counts more than 1000 references of its products. The manufacturer is distinguished by quality products at an affordable price.

Kress Elektrowerkzeuge torch grease

German company producing various pneumatic and electric tools was founded in 1928 and has established itself as a reliable producer. All the tools have a two-year warranty, and in some cases up to 10 years (when serviced in specialized service centers).


  • Grease such as Lithol-24 is sometimes used in the home. It is a petroleum-based oil that is thickened with a special compound. The product is distinguished by chemical and mechanical stability, heat and frost resistance (it doesn’t lose its properties at temperatures from 120 to.40 degrees), and also has water-repellent qualities. This product is produced in accordance with GOST and has several modifications.
  • A modern kind of product is a product called Lithol-24 LUX. has a light yellow color and excellent water resistance, has a different packaging of 25, 10, 2, 0.8 kg, the approximate cost per 1 kg of about 100 (the larger the package, the lower the price per kilo).
  • This product is used for gear and hinge gears and for any types of bearings, as well as for greasing accessories in power tools. Specialists recommend treating such a composition with caution, because the grease can cause additional heating of the peorator. In addition, it is not characterized by long and stable operation, it is also better to refrain from using it in battery-powered units.

Branded greases that are listed in the instructions for the tool will be more useful than using Lithol, because they have better water resistance, and therefore protect the product more reliably against corrosion.

Rotary hammer.Clean and Lubrication.DRILL

How to lubricate your chain saw effectively

If you change the grease in time, it will reduce friction in the nodes of the device. Also less wear and tear on parts. As a result, the user may extend the life of the device. There is one important detail in this procedure: before applying new lubricant, be sure to remove the old.

Peorator grease, which is made by different manufacturers, can be easily purchased in the store. Keep in mind that special types of lubricant are required for certain parts of the pen.

Working element oil requirements and types

The oil protection of the different elements of the electric torch may vary, which will depend on the different working conditions and the prevailing combination of pressure and temperature. The lubricant has to be applied carefully, because poor lubrication can end up in the need of replacing the whole work piece.

For drills

Brand models of tools are usually already supplied with a brand-name container with lubricant for use in drill bits. It must always be applied to the contact surfaces of the shank. The viscosity parameters provided will depend on the base used in the substance (mineral or synthetic).

Only use the brand recommended by the manufacturer. The reason is that the chemical backing in this material is specifically tailored to the construction materials of the respective machine model and ensures that they will not get damaged under intensive and “hot” conditions. In general, this recommendation applies specifically to related products from brands-manufacturers of equipment.

For gear units

There is no need to lubricate the gearbox during initial use, because the manufacturer has already placed the calculated amount of oil in the housing, and this technological aspect cannot be omitted by the manufacturer. However, during operation, the lubricant will decompose, become contaminated, and eventually lose its useful properties.

The gear lubricant needs to be replaced after some time, which will be necessary depending on the severity of the working conditions and in case of extreme overheating. Overheating is caused by friction in the rotation of the structural elements of the device, which will be accompanied by a sharp and frequent release of liquid, which turns into steam. It is for gearboxes are used oils, which are capable of:

  • Prevent oxidation of the metal parts of the unit;
  • To catch and drain various contaminants;
  • Firmly adhere to the surface of the parts to be protected;
  • Do not respond to excessive overheating;
  • Have some ability to self-repair.

Recommended compounds for heavy-duty applications

for augers and replaceable bits alike, a specific lubricant is necessary when using them in a “hard-work” application. Such compounds can be distinguished by the marking on the packaging. they are characterized by the presence of the letters “HW” (“hard work”), accompanied by an eloquent picture (design depends only on the manufacturer). The use of universal compositions, especially if you know in advance that heavy works are expected, is not recommended, because it can bring the whole mechanism of the device out of order. At the same time, standard greases like nigrol, solidol or lithol are not suitable for such use.

Lubricate the chuck and drill shank

This operation is very simple, therefore its description will be quite short.

Simply take the drill lubricant and add it directly to the chuck. Alternatively, it can be applied to the shank and then inserted into the chuck housing. But no one forbids combining the two for reliability.

Care must be taken to ensure that the grease is always present and new grease needs to be added as required. If this procedure is neglected, the shank will overheat and either get separated from the rest of the drill or get flattened. So don’t be lazy and add to it.

This is all you need to know about the chuck and shank.

As promised, I attach at the end a link to the video of disconnecting the switch:

This is all the information I have on how to lubricate the derailleur. I hope it was clear and understandable. That’s a farewell and I’ll see you soon!

How to lubricate the gear reducer angle grinder Makita, Bosch, Interskol and not only

What to lubricate with. Most manufacturers insist on using their branded lubricants. A list of recommended greases is usually found in the instruction manual. Listen to the opinion of the author, buy a tube or jar of the original material beforehand.

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If the manufacturer is so democratic that the instructions were limited to indicate the use of “for this purpose” compositions, the decision “than lubricate” is made by the owner of the angle grinder. And buys. as a counterpart. the universal grease of another manufacturer. Or, having recollected a video clip you have seen on YouTube, tell yourself: “Somewhere in my garage there is a similar can, I will lubricate it”. Decide for yourself, original or equivalent. Or heed the advice of your dealer. Or use the experience of others. Options “to make grease by yourself or use a substitute”. are not recommended.

The right amount of grease. Getting a new power tool, it is desirable to know how much grease to put in his gearbox for maintenance, the need for which will sooner or later arise.

Remove the cover of his new angle grinder and look into the gear housing. A conscientious assembler should put enough grease to coat the gearcase and pinion with a thin film, fill the teeth of the idler completely, and fill the cover volume under the pinion. Take this amount as a benchmark and steadily follow it.

Reference. Authorized Makita dealers state that grease should take up no more than 50% of the gearbox volume.

That is why it is very useful to buy a tube of grease when you buy an angle grinder. With genuine or similar grease.

Lubrication intervals

Some sources say you should lubricate the gearbox of an angle grinder once a year, others say “as needed”.

Lubrication intervals depend on the class of the tool. Professional angle grinder, working “without interruptions, for a long time with a full load”, simply will not live up to one year without lubrication. Try and determine for yourself if you need to lubricate the Geareducer using simple self-diagnostic methods.

If in doubt, open the gearbox for inspection. It is easier to add fresh lubricant in five minutes than to have the right power tool “on repair” for the entire weekend. Actually, the technology to change the grease can be seen on YouTube:

Important. In some models, the gear cover is secured with Torx 3.5 or Torx 4.0 socket head screws. Have one of these bits available in advance.

Video the process and procedure for changing the lubricant. Do not listen to recommendations such as “eternal grease for the angle grinder gearbox”. Perpetual grease is designed to be used only in perpetual motors.

After opening, carefully examine the grease in the gearcase and gear cover. If it is translucent and has the original yellowish or blue-green color (depending on the brand) and has no dirt or wear products, you should not change the grease. It is sufficient to refill it.

Old grease is pliable enough. remove it with a soft cloth. If it has turned into clumps of dirt (low-temperature sludge), flush and dry out the gearbox after removing it.

Be careful of the rear spindle bearing when cleaning and flushing the gear housing. If the gear unit has a needle, do not wash or lubricate it. The needles can fall out of the worn cage (or outer ring, if so designed) and you’ll run into a lot of trouble, up to and including replacing the bearing.

When spindle is mounted in plain bearings, do not flush too hard. The porous bronze-graphite material of the bushings is soaked in grease and you don’t need to “degrease” it.

When flushing the gear housing, hold the angle grinder with the motor up so dirty solution does not flow over the rotor shaft into the rotor bearing and electrical guts.

Use clean gasoline or mineral spirits and a stiff bristle brush for flushing.

Gearbox Lubrication

Gearbox of a geared apparatus is the most complicated construction unit of the device, that’s why it requires special attention. It is not so difficult to perform lubrication of the geared motor, but it can cause serious difficulties if you attempt to assemble the disassembled unit by yourself. If your torch is still under warranty, it is best to have it lubricated by a specialized shop that provides warranty service for such equipment.

The detailed scheme of your geared tool will help you to understand the mechanism and assemble the tool correctly

If the owner of your torque converter is not covered by any warranty or the warranty period has expired, and the authorized service center is located far enough away, you can lubricate the reducer yourself, taking great care and attention. To do this, you will need:

  • A set of locksmith tools with which you will assemble and disassemble the geared motor;
  • Clean rags;
  • the composition itself for lubrication.

Makita P-08361 Genuine Gear Lubricant. Refilled during initial tool assembly and recommended for maintenance

Better if the lubricant is a brand-name product specifically designed for a certain brand of equipment. For example, it can be grease for a Makita torch or grease for a Bosch torch. If you do not have branded lubricant, and you can not buy it, you can use inexpensive domestic lubricants.

It is very important that you have the instructions for the device that you are going to lubricate. Naturally, if you own a PMA Makita or Bosch, it must be the instructions for the equipment of these brands.

All gear parts should be completely free of old grease

After carefully following the instruction manual for the Geareducer you may start the lubrication procedure.

  • Clean off all dust before disassembling the gear unit.
  • When taking the gear reducer apart, it is advisable to immediately note the location of the structural elements in the gear reducer. Please note that it is not recommended to disassemble and lubricate the gear reducer immediately after using it. The reason is that parts of the gear unit can lose their physical properties if they come into contact with cold lubricants.
  • After all components have been removed from the gear unit housing, rinse them thoroughly with benzene or spindle oil and wipe them dry.
  • The interior of the gearbox housing should also be washed and wiped down (as far as possible) and allowed to dry completely.
  • When disassembling the reducer you may notice that some elements of the tool do not have grease. This simply means that such parts do not require any lubrication and do not have to be coated.
  • As mentioned above, it is better to use a branded lubricant for the gearbox of a drill or torch, which has a number of advantages. In particular, branded lubricants retain their original characteristics for much longer, so they can be used much less frequently. over, the proprietary lubricant has the important property of being water-resistant and so effectively protects the metal parts of the torch against moisture and therefore against corrosion. Metabo oil can be used as a good alternative to commercially available lubricants for the gearbox or drill and is quite reasonably priced.
  • After lubricating all elements, the reducer should be carefully assembled in the reverse order.

The tool shank should be thoroughly cleaned before performing this procedure. After that, usually applies a special grease for starter drills or normal lithol. In addition, if there is an open-type chuck on the starter shaft, it is desirable to wipe its gland, which will ensure better protection of the internal part of the device from dust ingress.

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