What kind of lawnmower to choose a gasoline self-propelled. Buying Guide

Top 15 best petrol self-propelled lawn mowers: price/quality rating 2021-2022

Gasoline lawnmowers are the perfect solution for cutting lawns. To simplify the search for the right device, we have analyzed the models presented in the online stores, studied their features and functions, read the specifications and Below is the rating of the best, quality and reliable lawn mowers for 2021-2022, grouped by the most popular categories of requests.

Location Name Price Rating
The best gasoline lawn mowers by price/quality for 2021-2022
1 PATRIOT PT 42BS Check price 4.9 / 5
2 Hyundai L 5300S Check price 4.8 / 5
3 Husqvarna LC140SP Check price 4.7 / 5
The best self-propelled petrol lawn mowers
1 Huter GLM-5.0S Learn the price 4.9 / 5
2 PATRIOT PT 42 LS Check price 4.8 / 5
3 Hyundai L 4600S Learn the price 4.7 / 5
Best lawn mowers on wheels
1 Huter GLM-3.5L Learn the price 4.9 / 5
2 Champion LM5127 Find out the price 4.8 / 5
3 DDE LM 46-60 Check price 4.7 / 5
The best lawn mowers for uneven terrain
1 Champion LM5347BS Check price 4.9 / 5
2 PATRIOT PT 47 BS See price 4.8 / 5
The best gasoline mowers with mulching
1 Huter GLM-6.0ST Check price 4.9 / 5
2 Champion LM4627 Check price 4.8 / 5
The best inexpensive petrol lawn mowers
1 Zubr GKB-400P Learn the price 4.9 / 5
2 PATRIOT PT 400 Learn more 4.8 / 5

Gasoline lawn mower rankings for 2022

The best petrol lawnmower for reliability Huter GLM-6.0S

Why we love it: With its powerful engine, the Huter lawn mower can handle even dense vegetation perfectly. Wide steel blade perfectly cuts the grass to the height set by the user and stays sharp even with frequent use.

Main features

  • Self-propelled: yes (rear drive)
  • Engine output: 6 l.с.
  • Engine displacement: 150 cm3
  • Fuel tank: 1.2 l
  • Mowing width: 53 cm
  • Mowing height: 25-75 mm
  • Recommended area: 1000 m2
  • Grass box type: rigid
  • Grass box capacity: 65 l

Semi-professional self-propelled model from German brand Huter. Large-diameter wheels guarantee easy lawn mowing and excellent maneuverability. Rear wheel drive enables GLM-6.0S is easy to drive even in uneven terrain.

Huter lawn mower can throw the grass to the right or back. In the latter case, it falls into a 65-litre plastic grass catcher box. In addition, the mower has a mulching function. to use it, you need to install the appropriate attachment (supplied).

If you prefer soft containers, go for ST. Its characteristics are similar, but the grass catcher box is made of fabric.

Handle of Huter mower is foldable, which simplifies transportation and storage of equipment. Handle length can be adjusted to the operator’s height for convenience. Controls of GLM-6.The 0S is symmetrical, so it is suitable for both left- and right-handed mowers.

Adjusting the mowing height in the reviewed lawnmower offers 7 levels (25-75 mm). The width that the technique covers is 53 cm. Mowing quality of GLM-6.0S is good, but its owners complain about high noise level.

Best budget gasoline mower PATRIOT PT 42 LS

Why we like it: A domestic petrol lawnmower, suitable for small lawns. Its engine is reliable and fuel efficient. Folding handle, removable grass catcher box. for easy storage. Rear-wheel drive makes it easy to work in uneven terrain and through heavy grass.

Main features

  • Self-propelled: yes (rear wheel drive)
  • Engine output: 3.5 liters.с.
  • Engine capacity: 123 cm3
  • Fuel tank: 0,8 l
  • Mowing width: 42 cm
  • Mowing height: 30-75 mm
  • Recommended area: 1200 m 2
  • Grass catcher bag type: soft
  • Grass catcher box capacity: 40 l

The Russian PATRIOT brand not only competes on equal terms with many popular brands, but in many ways surpasses them. First of all, of course, this is about cost. PT 42 LS mower is half the price of STIGA or Makita models, but it is almost as good as they are.

The machine is equipped with a 3.5 horsepower 4-stroke engine, sharp blade and 7-level central height adjustment. The PATRIOT also has rear wheel drive! Yes, for this price, the manufacturer even offers this feature. Mulching is also available, and there is no PT 42 LS only side discharge.

The wheels of this model are of medium size, so it is not suitable for large irregularities. But this is probably the only thing in which the domestic mower is inferior to its foreign counterparts. The PT 42 LS grass catcher box is soft. Its volume is 40 liters, which is normal for equipment with a cutting width of 42 cm.

Best value petrol lawnmower without grass catcher box Champion LM5127

Why we liked it: An interesting budget model with side discharge. Practically as good as more expensive competitors in the same category. The machine offers mulching, a folding, height-adjustable handle, and a powerful engine.

Key features

  • Self-propelled: no
  • Engine power: 3,5 l.с.
  • Engine capacity: 146 cm
  • Fuel tank: 0,8L
  • Mowing width: 51 cm
  • Mowing height: 25-75 mm
  • Recommended area: 800 m 2
  • Grass catcher bag type: none

If you liked the Makita lawnmower, but need something cheaper, then you should choose a model from the brand Champion. According to many characteristics, these units are similar: similar width and range of mowing height, the same volume of the fuel tank and comparable engine volume. But the LM5127 has even more power.

Champion mower supports side discharge and mulching. The device weighs only 24.7 kg, which is important because there is no wheel drive. The user doesn’t have to put in extra effort to move the machine. But it is better not to buy the LM5127 for cutting uneven areas.

There are practically no complaints about the mower itself. The only thing that can be noted is too thin metal housing, which is associated with the desire to reduce costs as much as possible. But the customer service is mediocre and it is not always possible to get assistance from the company.

The best gasoline mower with mulching Hyundai L 4310

Why we like it: A manoeuvrable lawnmower with a very sharp blade. Good looks, optimal motor power for small areas, long life and mulching are the key advantages of the L 4310. The technique copes with both dry and wet grass.

Rating of the best mechanical lawn mowers

Realizing the importance of having a lawn mower of mechanical type in your arsenal and deciding on the right characteristics, let’s take a look at specific models. They are actively used in and have earned a positive reputation. You might already find what you need among them.

Nomination Location Name Price
Rating of the best mechanical mowers 1 STIGA SCM 440 FS 12 900 ₽
2 GARDENA 400 C Comfort 12 100 ₽
3 Husqvarna 540 11 500 ₽
4 WOLF-Garten TT 380 DL 8 150 ₽
5 GARDENA 400 Classic 7 000 ₽
6 Husqvarna 64 8 000 ₽
7 WOLF-Garten TT 350 S 6 900 ₽
8 Husqvarna 54 8 000 ₽
9 GARDENA 330 Classic 7 000 ₽
10 Bosch AHM 30 (0.600.886.001) 3 760 ₽
11 Champion MM4026 1 685 ₽


The mechanical garden machine has a mowing width of 40 cm, which provides excellent performance. Spindle system works like a shear, gently chopping and making noise as little as possible. The five blades are made of hardened steel and will keep their sharpness for a long time. The cuttings are pushed forward during mowing so that your feet stay clean. Grass catcher box can be attached to the mower but is sold separately. The Gardening implement weighs 17.2 kg, so you can carry it over obstacles, but it is heavy. The frame is conveniently held by a rubber-coated U-shaped handle. It is adjusted to the operator’s height by clamping the shaft with winglets. According to reviews, the mechanical model is praised for its rugged aluminum body that resists corrosion and easy cutting of stems.

We singled out the mower for its ability to adjust the cutting height in 9 positions. You can set the value from 25 to 76 mm with a central lever. Such a variety of values allows you to choose the parameter more accurately, depending on the type of grass and growth rate, so that the lawn does not look “bald”, but also does not overgrow after a couple of days.


  • cuts a strip of 40 cm at a time;
  • Excellent spindle clipper system;
  • The deck and housing are made of aluminium, so they will not rust;
  • The blades are made of hardened steel;
  • The cuttings are pushed forward.

GARDENA 400 C Comfort

Gardena is a premium brand mower made of steel, which makes the deck and housing particularly sturdy. But the manufacturer has tried to use thin metal, so that the mechanical device does not get too heavy. As a result, the weight of the attachment came out to 9.It has a cutting weight of 4 kg, which means that even a woman can easily handle it. But it is inferior to the above-described leader as far as the number of settings. here, instead of 9, there are only 4 positions. The mower cuts a 40 cm strip in one go. According to the reviews, it is very quiet and can be used at night when everybody is sleeping. Because of its light weight, it can be handled by a 7-year-old child. But when the lawn is wet, the blades begin to slip, so it is better not to mow in the early morning, when dew, or after rain.

In our opinion, the mechanical device is notable for its ability to mow high vegetation. Although the manufacturer claims up to 42 mm, but in practice, the device is confident in cutting even 120 mm. Sure, it takes effort, but other mechanical competitors would just get tangled up in such grass, but with this mower, you can clean up an unmaintained lawn.


  • 2 years warranty;
  • height adjustable handles;
  • lightweight steel construction 9.4 kg;
  • assembled in Czech Republic;
  • thick anti-slip pads on frame.

Husqvarna 540

this lawn mower is designed to work with vegetation of 12-38 mm in height, which is regulated by a 4-position switch. All key elements are made of steel, and thus will not bend or crack under load. But the weight of the mechanical machine is 9.1 kg, making it comfortable for people of all ages. A spindle blade system is implemented inside. From reviews it is clear that if the mower is in good physical shape, it takes 5-10 minutes to cut one hundredth of the lawn (depending on the grass neglect). Buyers highlight the sharp blades and the lightness of the cut, but are warned that vegetation of more than 20 cm is cut less easily. At this point the wheels lose their grip on the ground, which prevents the blades from turning, and skipping begins.

Experts single out the mechanical model for its interestingly shaped handle. The wheels are mounted perpendicular to the tines in the shape of a large hinge. Contrary to the classic U-shaped or Y-shaped handles, it is possible to hold the mower by the crossbar and the side bars. The last option is especially handy for better control of the angle position.


  • Perfectly trims the stems with sharp blades;
  • can be used with a grass catcher box;
  • low weight 9.1 kg;
  • Fully rubberized handle.

WOLF-Garten TT 380 DL

The mechanical lawnmower is designed for lawns up to 200 m². It can simulate the height of the lawn from 13 to 38 mm. It has a steel deck and guard, as well as a U-shaped handle. Rubber pad on its horizontal part makes the grip more secure. Quickly change the height of the frame with two “wing bolts. The flat plate above the cutting deck allows cuts to be ejected downwards, so operating the lawnmower is possible without wearing safety glasses. This mechanical model is equipped with a 25L grass catcher box, so you can immediately collect the trash in a container, but this accessory is purchased separately. The low weight of 9 kg makes the machine easy to handle, especially when you have to push it down an incline. In one pass, this lawn mower can mow a swath width of 38 cm.

Premium petrol lawnmowers are designed for larger areas. They achieve fast, smooth operation and mow grass of any height with the highest precision. They make it easy to tidy up your garden and keep it looking tidy on a regular basis.

Particularly durable materials. Powerful engines contribute to efficient operation. All cuttings go in the grass catcher box, so there’s no unnecessary grass left on the lawn, and a mulching nozzle can be fitted if desired.

3 Husqvarna LC 151

The premium category opens up the Husqvarna LC 151 for midsize to larger lawns. Lawnmower is equipped with a sturdy engine with 3.70 л. с., And the noise level is only 98 dB. Fuel tank capacity of 1 liter, oil volume is 0.5 л. With a cutting width of 51 cm, large lawns can be mowed very quickly.

This model mows both fine young grass and tall, coarse weeds. Cutting height is adjustable. All unnecessary greenery goes into the large 65-litre grass catcher box. It is made of thick, robust fabric, can easily be removed and emptied, and the garden area remains completely tidy. If desired, a mulching nozzle can be installed.

It is equipped with a folding handle. Its soft grip makes it a pleasure to hold, thanks to its soft grip surface. All controls, including starter and brake, are within easy reach. The mower is easy to operate, easy to start and is powerful and functional.

2 STIHL RM 253

Second position goes to the STIHL RM 253. Mow an 1800 square metre large lawn with this model. The working width is 51 cm, the user can adjust the height of the mowing entirely by himself, a total of 7 different levels are available. Lightweight (25 kg) and very manoeuvrable. Makes it easy to mow uneven ground.

With a powerful four-stroke engine for 3.0 л. с., It features low vibration and noise level of 98 dB. Even more comfort in operation: soft-coated handle makes it easy to hold. All cuttings are sent to the 55-litre grass catcher box. Its lightweight design and fastening system allow for quick emptying and demounting of the tank.

Mulching kit and drive can be installed on the unit if desired. This makes the product even more versatile. STIHL power tools are easy to operate, and the metal housing is durable and reliable.

Best Gas Lawn Mower in 2021 (Cheap & Self Propelled)

  • Adjustable cutting height.
  • A large area to be treated.
  • Not very noisy.
  • Grass catcher box capacity.
  • Functionality.

1 Honda HRX 426C SDE

The Honda HRX 426C SDE tops our list. The appearance alone speaks volumes about the premium nature of this model. The stylish, powerful mower leaves not a single speck of grass behind. It runs cleanly and quickly thanks to the four-stroke engine with 5.50 л. с. Particularly tough knives made of bendable material do not break when encountering stones or other hard surfaces. Noise level during operation is only 96 dB.

Height of grass cuttings can be freely adjusted with 6 cutting levels. All cuttings go into the grass catcher box. It is made of durable material and designed for 60 liters of vegetation. This model has the ability to install a mulching nozzle.

All controls are easily accessible around the handle. Mowing attachment makes it easy to operate. Soft grip with non-slip, height-adjustable handle for secure grip. Large wheels for good grip also make it easy to steer.

  • Powerful motor.
  • Low noise level.
  • Grass catcher box capacity.
  • High performance.
  • Quality components.

Champion LM5347BS

  • Build quality
  • Smooth start
  • Easy to maintain
  • Made of quality
  • Easy to start
  • Roomy grass catcher

Good starting power, powerful engine, great coverage. Mow 10 acres of lawn in less than an hour. Overall, very happy with the purchase

  • Mowing width / height: 52 cm / 20-80 mm
  • Engine manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton
  • Weight: 42 kg
  • Self-propelled
  • Gasoline four-stroke engine, 163 cc³, 6 l.с.
  • Grass ejection into soft grass catcher box. sideways, reverse
  • Mulching
  • 1 L tank
  • Noise level 98 dB

Electric lawnmowers can be battery-powered or based on 220 V. The first is more convenient with its mobility, but it is more expensive, the second is more economical, but depends on wires.

This class of garden equipment is distinguished by the absence of disadvantages inherent in units with an internal combustion engine:

Electric units are only slightly inferior to gasoline units in power or other technical parameters. They also can handle large and small areas, are maneuverable.

The top four popular self-propelled lawnmowers, which in quality and performance have surpassed more than a dozen competitors.

Hyundai LE 4600S Drive

The popular electric lawnmower model from Hyundai received the title of “User’s Choice” on the Yandex service.Market. It is distinguished from competitors by a high rotation speed of the blade, which will significantly reduce the work time. Powerful motor allows you to handle not only the lawn, but also to mow thick weeds. According to the reviews, the mower is pretty quiet in operation, moves at a comfortable speed of 3.6 km / h. Maneuverability can be evaluated by 4 because of the considerable weight, but all controls are located as conveniently as possible. Mowing height is adjustable from 3 cm to 7.5 cm centrally. Owners attributed to the disadvantages only a little too much weight and only one speed.

  • powerful, easy to move flat on the hill;
  • convenient operation;
  • mows quickly and efficiently;
  • The cable can be conveniently fastened to the handle;
  • 7-step adjustable cutting height;
  • high build quality;
  • revolving.

greenworks 2502907 60V 46cm GD60LM46SP

The good self-propelled lawnmower from the professional Greenworks range runs on a 60 V (4 Ah) battery pack and has a modern induction motor DigiPro. It combines a good power, comparable with gasoline models, and lacks all the disadvantages of the internal combustion engine. The mower is very easy to use. maneuverable, relatively light. Useful mulching function. Grass ejection in two positions: in the grass catcher box or to the side. Features just as a pro: height adjustable from 20 to 80 mm, width 46 cm, battery life of 1 hour. There are not many reviews, but most of them are positive.

  • induction motor;
  • good technical parameters;
  • long autonomous work;
  • two directions of grass ejection;
  • steel deck;
  • Battery and charger included.


STIHL introduces one of the best designed cordless mowers on the market. Outstanding quality at a glance. shockproof, UV- and heat-resistant polymer housing, ergonomic single-arm grip with height adjustment. innovative shape of the grass catcher box ensures its easy cleaning and protects the user from dust and grass clippings. Combined with its good technical features, this model has undoubtedly added to the 2022 rating of self-propelled lawnmowers.

Best Mower: Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower (Buying Guide)

  • High quality materials and workmanship;
  • Possibility to install the mulching head;
  • Durable materials;
  • a wide range of cutting height adjustment;
  • Stepless variable speed.

Makita ELM4613

One of the most popular electric self-propelled lawn mowers in the brand’s lineup features optimally matched performance and the maneuverability needed to care for complexly shaped lawns. Its grass catcher bag, despite its increased volume, has a soft design that allows you to lift the front part high enough when overcoming obstacles or turning. Moderately powerful electric motor provides the most suitable ground speed and cutting performance for most types of terrain. But the main thing that users note is a large number of height steps and the best price-quality ratio in its class technology.

  • The optimum driving speed. 3.6 km/h;
  • Grass catcher box with 60 l capacity;
  • Height adjustment with 8 positions;
  • reliability;
  • pure grass harvesting.

Comparison table of the best gasoline lawnmowers

Has extensive functionality, including mulching, side and rear discharge, while being easy to operate.

Husqvarna LC 153 9613100

Equipped with a quality, reliable and low-noise BriggsStratton engine with a 56.6-litre grass catcher box.

Ryobi RLM46175Y 5133003671

Powered by a Japanese Yamaha engine, it starts up easily, does not make too much noise, mulching function is present.

There is a variator that allows you to change the speed in the range of 3-4,5 km / h in different operating conditions.

Lateral discharge, mulching, grass catcher box and rear discharge), with quiet engine, big wide wheels and different adjustments of the working elements.

Weighs approximately 31 kg, is quiet, easy to operate, does not tear up the grass, has a mulching function.

Equipped with the powerful and reliable BriggsStratton engine with reduced noise level, has a solid features, a large fabric grass catcher bin with a filling indicator.

One of the most powerful machines, with a Japanese engine, mulching function, very large textile grass bag (88 litres).

Top lawnmowers in the low-price segment

Hammer KMT145SB

The self-propelled model that belongs to the semi-professional line opens our rating and is well-suited for continuous operation. It works on the basis of a four-stroke engine, which has a capacity of 3.5 liters.с., and the volume is 145 cc. see. The valves are located on top, which ensures good air cooling.

In addition, this design feature significantly reduces fuel consumption and prevents the formation of large amounts of harmful emissions. The air filter is made of foam rubber and paper. Cylinder head made of cast iron, crankshaft made of cast iron. Silencer for reducing noise pollution.

The device is capable to work in one of three modes. side discharge, collection of cuttings in the grass catcher box and mulching. Cutting width of 46 cm. Cutting height is set with a seven-position lever from 25 to 75 mm. Grass catcher box capacity of 60 litres. It is fabric matched to the metal frame.

Plastic wheels, 200 mm in diameter at the front and 255 mm at the rear. This reduces turning radius and increases maneuverability. The handle is height-adjustable and easy to fold down for easy storage and transport. Has a neoprene handle that reduces vibration and gives you the tightest possible grip.

  • Pretty sturdy and comfortable construction that does not cause any complaints;
  • Sufficiently large grass catcher box;
  • Easy to traverse uneven areas. no extra effort required.

Champion LM4630

Another self-propelled model that is quite reasonably priced. It is designed to take care of a medium sized lawn. no more than 16 acres. The design is quite reliable, durable and easy to use. High-quality, environmentally-friendly 4.1-liter four-stroke engine.с.

Cutting width of 46 cm is perfectly matched to the motor power, due to which the grass can be mowed at high speed. The central cutting height adjustment system is represented by a single lever. the range is from 25 to 75 mm. The blade is made from high-strength material. It will not wear out or blunt over time. So, it does not need to be replaced often.

The blade is a special form of two blades, which will also pump the air, creating a good suction force. Thanks to this design, not only grass cuttings, but also leaves and even small twigs will go into the collector.

The grass catcher box capacity is 60 liters, it is made from high quality fabric type materials, the upper part is plastic and is equipped with a very comfortable handle. The maximum mowing speed is 3.5 km/h, which is a good value for a 173 cc lawnmower engine. see. Gas tank holds one liter of gasoline. The design is quite heavy. with an empty gas tank and emptied grass catcher box it will weigh about 34 kg.

Carver Promo LMP-1940

Carver Promo LMP-1940 gasoline lawnmower

Carver Promo LMP-1940 is a four-wheel mower that can easily handle up to 1,200 sq. km of lawn area. м.

It is equipped with steel blades, adjustable cutting height (8 levels from 2,5 to 7,6 cm), a capacious grass catcher box (40 l). Mowing width. 40 cm, power of four-stroke engine. 2.4 l. с., sound level. 96 dB, fuel tank holds 1.2 l of gasoline. The body of the mower is made of steel, the height of the handle is adjustable. Weighs 24kg.

Advantages: Low weight, adjustable cutting level, low gasoline consumption, large cutting surface, easy operation, maneuverability.

lawnmower, choose, gasoline, self-propelled

Drawbacks: High noise level, not very comfortable handle

Huter GLM-5.0 S

This model is ideal for relatively flat terrain. Air-cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke motor with manual start. The model has a maximum power output of 5 litres.с. Two main drive and brake handles are mounted on an arc-shaped handle. The cutting height is height-adjustable and can be removed for transport.

It has four plastic wheels with polymer tread that won’t harm the lawn. Fully self-propelled, rear wheel drive. The user only needs to point it in the desired direction. The cutting width is 46 cm and the body is designed in such a way that the cutting width is larger than the width of the wheel axle. This makes it easy to mow areas adjacent to a fence, house wall or tree.

Like previous models, cutting height ranges from 25mm to 75mm. Grass cuttings go into the grass catcher box. All main elements are located very conveniently, so they are very easy to reach in case of need for maintenance or repair. The engine is equipped with a robust air filter that reduces the toxicity of exhaust gases, making the equipment safe for the environment.

  • The engine is very easy to start;
  • A full gas tank will be enough for a lawn area of 1000 square meters. м;
  • High maneuverability.

Self-propelled lawn trimmer for uneven terrain

A great alternative to a self-propelled mower for uneven terrain can be a grass trimmer Champion LMH5640. In its characteristics it is not inferior, and in some aspects, even superior to competitors. Such a unit will cost less, performing the work just as well.

With only two wheels, it mows perfectly even in uneven terrain, more than a four-wheel mower can achieve. Width, mowing height is not less, and in some cases even more than most four-wheeled machines. And its weight is much lower.

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