What kind of oil do you put in your STIHL power washer?

Where and Why to Pour

Kercher equipment is equipped with motors that consist of many mechanisms. They wear out in the process of operation, so a lubricant is needed to reduce friction and protect them. The answer to the question of what lubricant to pour, gives the manufacturer. He specifies it in the instruction. If this document is not available, you need to go the other way.

Choosing the substance, which will be poured into the washer or other equipment, take into account that there are gasoline, diesel or electric models on sale.

If the first or second type has been purchased, oil will be needed to operate the unit. This is a special liquid, it is needed in order to increase the operational life of the equipment. It can also improve the operation of the generator.

Oil is poured into a reservoir specially made for this purpose in the device. It is mixed with the fuel, or poured separately from it.

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What oil to fill in the Kerher. Changing the oil in the power washer

Around the world, Kercher has established itself as one of the most responsible manufacturers of commercial and residential cleaning devices. High-pressure washers have gained particular popularity. This first-class equipment has made the brand famous in many countries.

To protect the motor from overheating and many parts from wear, it is possible to use lubricating oil, which is filled at the factory and then periodically replaced. In the case of unforeseen repairs or to ensure the quality of the device, sometimes you have to pour the oil yourself. There is a separate container for lubrication, but oil can be poured together with fuel.

Many people who use machines prefer to do preventive maintenance themselves, without going to specialized centers. And they often wonder what oil to fill in the Kercher. The variety of oils is overwhelming, and it is quite difficult to understand them all by yourself.

Lubricant Classification

When selecting oils, you should be guided by the designations. The first letter indicates the type of fuel fluid, the second one is responsible for the type of additive. If you run the sink on a generator and diesel fuel, the letters C and S will be indicated. The abbreviations SG as well as CD are universal. Depending on the change in viscosity under the influence of different temperatures, oils are divided into

Viscosity is one of the key parameters. You should always pay attention to its class. This parameter affects how the grease will be distributed over the rubbing surfaces. Liquid composition is used in winter. Thick formulations are preferred in summer. The best option would be oil 15w40. Lithol should be used additionally. It is used in the proportion of one to one.

I offer Washer TG-380 high pressure washer.8KW

I offer a high-pressure washer WASHER TG-380 1.8kW. Very reliable and easy to use, no plumbing required, sucks up water itself (even from a puddle). Equipped with a common electric motor, which is commonly used in industrial equipment and serves for decades. In the block with a crankshaft and piston group is filled with engine oil (about 1l.). That increases the working life of the motor, in contrast to other cleaners, which are lubricated with water. For more than four years of sales has proven to be a reliable technique, with a powerful pressure. The pressure is adjustable, you can nakrut and up to 140 MPa. Includes: High Pressure Wash WASHER TG-380. hose (about 10m).), the gun (the jet is adjustable, you can do a flat blade or a thin powerful jet), foam generator (for car shampoo), the feed hose (about 2m), repair kit (seals, valves, springs).

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High pressure washers in Volgograd

In the online store Huter a wide range of equipment from the well-known German manufacturer Huter, as well as spare parts, accessories and attachments.

The detailed descriptions and characteristics of products, reviews of owners will make shopping in our online store easy and convenient. Consultations of experienced managers and fast delivery of orders allow you to quickly become the owner of an excellent quality equipment.

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Changing Pressure Washer Pump Oil

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Comfortable, ergonomic electric chainsaw with STIHL QuickStop Super (C-Q) braking system. Ideal for building, DIY and logging.

Technical Data

1) With guide bar and saw chain, without cable and chain oil 2) K-factor according to RL 2006/42/EG = 2.5 dB(A) 3) K-factor according to RL 2006/42/EG = 2 m/s²

Overload protection

Maximum power without overloading: if your electric saw becomes too hot, it will automatically cut off the motor with the red overload button. But within a couple of minutes the engine is cooled down and you can start working again.

Oil tank lid that can be opened without tools

Specially designed patented cover for the oil tank. The tank opens and closes quickly and easily without tools.

Transparent oil tank

Absolute control of the oil level: thanks to the transparent walls of the tank you can always assess the amount of oil to lubricate the chain. Quick and easy to fill with oil using the STIHL filling system.

Ergonomic soft grip

Ergonomically shaped soft grip in the back grip area makes the tool fit securely and comfortably in the hand.

Side-mounted chain tensioning device

The tensioning screw is accessed from the side via the chain sprocket cover. This prevents hands from coming into contact with the sharp chain and the tips of the sprocket stop.

Ematic chain lubrication system

The STIHL Ematic system consists of the Ematic guide bar, Oilomatic saw chain and a variable flow oil pump. Special bar and chain design gets every drop of oil exactly where it is needed for lubrication. This reduces chain oil consumption by up to 50%.

QuickStop Super (Q) brake

Handy chain brake. STIHL exclusive. The QuickStop Super system additionally activates the chain brake when the rear handle is released. The chain stops in the shortest possible time. With the QuickStop Super function, it is particularly effective and convenient to work when the chain saw has to be stopped frequently.

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