What kind of oil is needed for grass trimmer

Grass trimmers and brush machines run on two-stroke engines that have a lightweight design. There are rare models of trimmers with 4-stroke engines that run on pure gasoline. Two-stroke power units do not have a compartment for filling the engine oil (oil sump), which reduces the weight of the tool and reduces their price. If motor parts are not lubricated, they rapidly fail over time. To avoid this, the grass trimmer is filled not with unstained gasoline, but with the consistency of oil. What oil to dilute with gasoline for the grass trimmer?

To begin with, let’s remember or learn what types of oils are performed according to their chemical composition:

  • Mineral Water. Made for low-power air-cooled fixtures. This is the cheapest type of oil for the motor
  • Semi-synthetics. They are used for equipment that has air and water cooling
  • Synthetic. Suitable for all engine types with different coolant types. They do not require frequent changes, and this type of grease is a couple of times more expensive than mineral and semi-synthetic

It follows from the above that oil of any composition is suitable for the trimmer. Mineral water, synthetic and semi-synthetic. Oils with different chemical compositions differ in cost, that is why when buying you should take into account the advices of the producer of the oil. Annotation shows advisory information on what types of oil are best to use. If it is a TC-W3 reference, it is not so fundamental what the composition of the substance should be. In this case, mineral water, semi-synthetics and synthetics can be diluted with gasoline.

Without this substance, the engine will run, as they say, “dry”. And experience shows that such mode leads to fast wear of rubbing parts and burnout.

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Engine oil performs several functions:

  • it reduces to a minimum the friction between the contacting parts, in fact, it plays the role of greasing;
  • Prevents rapid wear and tear by minimizing friction losses;
  • heat dissipates the heat, keeping the surface of the parts at an acceptable temperature;
  • Reduces vibration and, therefore, contributes to the reduction of noise from the running engine;
  • it works as a cleaning system.

Which trimmer oils to use?

Today, there are few people left who use a common scythe in their garden. This “old-fashioned” method is practically unheard of. Many people have no idea how to handle it, sharpen it and rivet it. With the development of technology, there are devices called trimmers for grass.

There are two main types of such devices. These are gasoline and electric. From the name it is clear that their main difference is the power source. Each type has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of gasoline is the absence of a cord for power, which does not restrict the owner in moving around the site during operation. The electric one needs 220 V mains for power supply. There is no way to do without the extension cord, which will always be in the way and get tangled underfoot.

Modern trimmer for grass, which runs on fuel, thanks to the presence of different interchangeable heads, has turned from an ordinary grass trimmer into a means of small-scale mechanization with multiple functions. By installing the appropriate attachment, the owner will not be difficult to form a crown in shrubs on a personal garden plot. In a snowy winter, you can use it as a snow blower. Changing the working heads of grass trimmer is not time consuming and can be done with or without tools.

What grass trimmer oil to choose?

When using such a device as a gasoline trimmer for the grass, a particular difficulty is its maintenance. When the time comes to change the oil, many people do not know what oil to pour into the trimmer for grass.

Grasscutter 4 Stroke

In most devices of this kind oil is filled with gasoline. So the owner should always know, when using a trimmer for grass, the ratio of gasoline to oil. In most cases you take 20 grams of oil per liter of fuel. The higher the quality of fuel, the lower the consumption.

4-stroke trimmer engines are also available. In such trimmer oils are poured into a separate container, which does not cause any particular difficulties. One of the main advantages of these devices is their low noise level, which enables you to work without headphones. Oils for trimmers with a four-stroke engine are marked 4T, which must be paid attention to.

Advantages and disadvantages of gasoline trimmers

Thus, summarizing the above, it is necessary to note the main advantages and disadvantages of gasoline trimmers. Advantages include:

Lubricant for two-stroke engines

The units do not have a separate oil distributor system. It is realized by making a fuel-lubricating mixture of gasoline and 2T oil. It is mixed in certain proportions. They can be specified in the manual to the lawnmower or trimmer, as well as by the lubricant manufacturer itself.

The resulting mixture, when it enters inside, lubricates the moving parts and gradually burns completely. Waste gases and combustion products are released into the atmosphere. Then the cylinder is purged.

A properly prepared mixture combusts completely in the cylinder. Wrong proportions lead to carbon monoxide and increased exhaust emissions. Compound with low combustibles can not sufficiently lubricate and protect important units and elements. This will lead to a rapid breakdown.

It is allowed to store and prepare in a metal container, glass and special containers. Never use plastic utensils or polyethylene for this. Materials under the influence of flammable decompose and reduce the quality of the finished product.

To increase the effectiveness, experts recommend only freshly prepared substance.

On the market there are garden equipment with a two-stroke motor, which has 2 fundamentally different ways of mixing oil with gasoline:

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  • Separate tank for each fluid. The mixture is formed in the inlet pipe installed between the cylinder and the carburetor. Such devices are more massive and heavy, because they are equipped with an additional tank, feed lines and plunger pump. The design helps to achieve precise dosage. A balanced product helps to reduce consumption, reduces exhaust emissions and slows down coking.
  • Liquids flow into one tank. Mix in proportions as specified by the manufacturers of the equipment and oils. Violation leads to negative consequences.

Why do you have to lubricate your typewriter?

The working part of the machine consists of two blades (cutting surfaces): a static blade and a dynamic blade. In different models of the tool, they may be arranged and look different. A vibrating electric motor is an indispensable element of any device of this type.

Techniques for shearing animals and people are different, which is due to the different rigidity of hair and wool, as well as the abundance of cover.

You should lubricate your hair clipper regularly. This should be done to achieve the following positive effects:

  • Reduce friction between the blades during tool operation, which will reduce their heating;
  • Clean any dirt or other contaminants from the working assembly;
  • reduce the bluntness of cutting parts;
  • prolong the operating time of the device.

As a result, after lubrication, the mowing will run without jerking, more gently.

the order and importance of oil in a two-stroke engine

Engine operation involves friction between the moving parts of the cylinder and liner, cams, joints. The friction of the parts heats the surface, and during expansion. scuffing. If in the gap between the mating parts there is a composition in the right proportion of oil and gasoline for lawnmower, a number of problems are removed:

  • parts in the engine work with reduced friction, less heat;
  • lubrication in the gaps prevents corrosion of the parts during prolonged storage, flushes out the particles received during friction;
  • lengthen the life of the motor.

The appearance of additional properties contributes to the additives used, which are in the composition of the oil in an amount of 5-15%. The oil additives give the oil anti-corrosion, anti-wear and frost protection properties.

The wrong oil can ruin your engine, causing deposits of carbon in the cylinders, coking and engine wear.

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It is important to know how much oil you should add to your brushcutter’s gasoline. The first thing to do is to read the instructions and observe the recommended proportions. Using a formulation that is compatible with your engine model, engine configuration, climate conditions, and load will extend the life of your lawnmower. Experienced users advise to buy the recommended oil immediately after purchasing the tool.

What oil to use for grass trimmer?

Oil for 2-stroke trimmer engines must meet slightly different standards than oil for 4-stroke engines. Lawnmower oil must have a high degree of combustion, so as not to form soot on the internal parts of the fuel system (particles of soot can fall off and form scratches on the walls of the cylinder). Also 2-stroke oil should be well soluble in gasoline and be designed to work at high temperature.

With such serious standards in mind, today’s garden equipment manufacturers produce special lines of 2-stroke oils designed specifically for trimmers and brushcutters. Oils from manufacturers like Hado and STIHL are ideal for this equipment, they provide excellent lubrication and have low flammability.

Features of lawnmowers

Despite the fact that the overall design of four-stroke engines for lawn mowers similar to automotive, they still have important differences: in order to reduce the price of the product at lawn mowers excluded oil pump and generally the system of oil supply, it increases the requirements to the viscosity used in the motors of garden equipment. Engine oil in lawnmower engine is distributed by crankshaft: it is scooped up from crankcase and sprayed on parts. Because of this design, the viscosity of the grease should be sufficient to retain the oil film on the parts, at the same time it should not be too thick so as to hinder the movement of parts or form a hard crust.

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On the other hand, lawnmowers work mainly at positive ambient temperatures and the load on their engines is not as serious as in automobile motors. Lawn mowers most often do not require a “cold start” in the cold, which greatly reduces the life of the car engine and requires low-temperature properties from the lubricant.

On the contrary, lawnmowers are usually air-cooled and therefore have higher engine temperatures than liquid-cooled cars.

The first filling is intended for running in of the engine. after five hours of work it is replaced, then on the new grease can work all season. In the future, replace it according to the regulations after a certain number of moto-hours, or drain it at the end of the cottage season and pour a new one for the next year.

Drive engines

Most mowers are equipped with a gasoline engine (ICE), it can be two-stroke and four-stroke, there is no particular difference in them. Four-stroke is more economical and powerful but harder to maintain and more expensive to repair. Two-stroke is easier to maintain, cheaper, but it is low-power, consumes more fuel, has a dirtier and noisier exhaust. There are also combined motors. In addition to gasoline engines trimmers for grass can be equipped with electric motors, which are connected to the domestic network 220V long cable, but, as a rule. these are household appliances as. are tied to the power wires.

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