What kind of oil to lubricate the electric saw chain. Refined vegetable oil

Electric saw circuits: how to choose, sharpen and install back

Chain electric saws in recent years have occupied one of the main positions in the gas and power tool market. They are lighter than gasoline analogues, work quieter. The electric motor, unlike gasoline ICE, does not require such careful maintenance, so the electric tool is much easier in operation. However, the most important part of the electric saw. The cutting circuit. Requires constant care.

For this purpose, special lubricants have been developed.

Power engine oil should be constantly present in the friction zone.

In modern devices, lubrication is automatically made from a special tank. In old ones. Carried out manually, by periodic immersion in oil, lubrication with a brush or spraying.

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For any models of electric saw, lubricant is the main consumable. The resource of the instrument depends on its quality. Therefore, the issue of choosing lubrication should be approached with special attention.

Why lubrication is needed?

Owners of such a tool often mistakenly believe that oil lubrication oil is not required. The chain falls on a serious load in the form of heating and constant friction. It is obvious that such a mode of operation will very quickly bring the tool to complete unusable. You can solve the problem very quickly and simply. Apply to the chain and level the negative impact.

The components present in the composition of the lubricant protect the device element from heating, by reducing friction. As a result, the service life of the electric saw can be extended for a long time. Sometimes there are cases when additional efforts are required for cutting. If this happens, it means that the lubricant used has insufficient quality or the volume of the product is insufficient.

In such a situation, I would advise you to perform two actions. First you need to check the oil level in the saw tank. Lubricate the chain additionally, even before the start of work. High.Quality lubrication will make the saw more efficiently, easier and extend the life of the tool. Service equipment is subject to frequent breakdowns. She will not be able to serve the owner for a long time.

What kind of oil is poured into a power supply for lubrication of the chain?

Choosing oil for chain electric saws, owners of garden equipment have 2 options: a special branded tool or ordinary machine lubricant used to maintain the work of moving parts of equipment. It should be noted that special lubricants are better and more effective, since in its production the brands take into account the features of the drive mechanisms of electric saws, as well as the load on them during operation.

To increase its performance, corporate oil for an electric chain saw necessarily contains important additives. They make high.Quality branded lubricant better and more expensive than machine.

Most specialists in the operation of garden equipment and manufacturers are advised to use the compositions for lubrication of the chain, on the packaging of which the letter “N” is indicated.

Their main advantages include:

  • High degree of biodegradability;
  • Special additives responsible for protecting the rubbing parts from wear and heating;
  • Increased adhesion.

All these qualities extend the life of the drive and the cutting headset of the tool, which significantly reduces the frequency of replacement of the tire and chain.

Determination of the required level

For confident operation, it is important to know not only what oil to pour in the chain to lubricate the chain, but also what should be its level in the tank. As a rule, the manufacturer of electrical models makes special notes on the container and gives appropriate recommendations in the technical documentation.

How to Add Bar and Chain Oil to Your Electric Chainsaw

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Why Bar Oil? Save your equipment, and save money!

In gasoline analogues, the device looks easier. In most of modern models, volumes of benzo- and oil-baks are proportional to each other. This means that as they work, they will be spent at the same speed. Therefore, it is better to refuel them to the top right before use, so that during the intense work there is no need to refuel one or another.

If the oil for a chain electric saw or its gasoline variation is consumed excessively, the only drawback will be overspending funds. Another thing is a lack of lubrication. Its result may be severe consequences of the following nature:

  • Destruction of the tire.
  • Skik.Fluid wear of the guide groove.
  • Jamming and stealing the leading stars.
  • Bore, reset or rupture of the chain.

On a note! In winter, you have to choose which oil can be used to lubricate the chain of the chainsaw so that it can be used at extremely low air temperature. There are specialized oils for this. However, if there is no access to them, you can apply existing. To give them the working characteristics of fluidity in the cold, it is necessary to dilute the grease with kerosene in a ratio of 1/5.

How to replace expensive oil

In special branded lubricants for chains, the disadvantage is their high price. Buy a liter of other expensive oil notly. And if there are work requiring several liters, or even dozens of liters, there will probably be thoughts about saving. The main thing is that when considering options, do not hit the extreme. You can save on oil to such an extent that you will have to change the chain several times, or even the tire or oil pump itself.

There are three replacement options. Firstly, specialized products of little-known manufacturers can be used to lubricate the chain. But such oils still have to look. In addition, there is a risk of stumbling on a poor.Quality product.

The use of oils for automobile engines. As a temporary replacement, they can be used, but they cannot boast of high adhesion, so the quality of their work will be clearly worse than special. For this reason, it is not recommended to use spindle and diesel oils. The worst in adhesion.

And be sure to say about another option. Working out. This is the name of the oil that has worked out its term in the engine, and merged from it when replaced.

In fact, this is not an option at all. Metal particles are necessarily present in working out. And if they may not damage the chain itself, then the oil pump and the entire lubricant system. For sure. On the forums on the Internet you can find a “slaughter” argument in favor of working out. That the Soviet chainsaw “Friendship” did not have a lubricant of the chain and worked. So you can pour anything. And so it will do. Well, so “Stihl” will also work with working out or even with an unexpected chain. The question is how long it will work and how many chains will have to be changed over this period.

Caution of those who have a chainsaw is on a warranty period. Masters of warranty workshops are able to identify cases of use of low.Quality lubrication of the chain. Especially when using working. Refusal of repairs under warranty will follow immediately.

Is it possible to use motor oil?

Is the use of motor oil as a lubricant for a saw is another common question of the owners of the tool.

In fact, transmission and motor compounds can be used to lubricate the chain of individual models, but it should be borne in mind that such mineral compositions are best avoided.

It should be borne in mind that such compounds are suitable exclusively for specific saw models. The fact that the tool can be lubricated with motor or transmission oils should be indicated in the technical documentation attached to the technique.

In no case do not lubricate the chain with such means, if there is no permission from the manufacturer. Do not forget that such compounds are not designed for the conditions of the circuit functioning. They simply cannot fully protect the equipment. Therefore, it is better not to take risks and not resort to the use of these types of oils.

Not suitable for missing the chain mechanism and ordinary vegetable oils. Of course, they will have a short lubricant effect, but it is worth remembering that such compounds have a characteristic property. They dry out. Subsequently, this can lead to the fact that the chain will move in the mechanism very poorly, with delays. Because of this, the work of the saw in general will noticeably deteriorate, therefore it is not recommended to experiment with vegetable oils in relation to this technique.

Why you need to lubricate the chain

The linear speed of the power pipe circuit is about 17 meters per minute. In places of contact with the bus, significant friction arises. This attracts increased wear and increase the load on the electric motor, gearbox.

To protect the parts and mechanisms of the electric saw, manufacturers make special channels in the bus. In them, oil is pumped under pressure. Falling on the links of the chain, it is quickly distributed along their metal surface. This process is called adhesion. And the oil itself is adhesive.

Due to good adhesion, less oil loss during operation are achieved, as well as its uniform distribution over the bus. Manufacturers recommend using branded lubricants. The power tool will last longer with them and will work more efficiently.

But sometimes there is no corporate oil for lubrication of the chain at hand. Or the owner of the tool stops from its use the high price of branded accessories. Wanting to save money, the so.Called training or ordinary oil remaining from the passage of the next maintenance of the car is poured into the tank. How dangerous it is for the electric saw circuit?

Oil does not enter the electric saw chain. Causes and independent repair

Most often, the “culprit” of the lack of lubricating material is the pump pump pump. During operation, he, like all other elements of the system, is amenable to increased loads. In addition, the pump is gradually clogged with garbage, which passes through the mesh filter with the oil. The accumulation of small litter interferes with the normal operation of the pump and, over time, leads to a serious breakdown of the tool.

Over, it is far from always a problem in which the chain on the electric saw is not lubricated. Associated with the pump itself. The gear may also be out of order, which is responsible for transferring the effort from the engine to the oil pump. It can shift during the impact of the electric saw or just become unusable due to wear. This is easy to determine when examining a star. If, with independent diagnosis, it was proved that the star was out of order, then it needs to be replaced.

Another reason due to which the oil is not supplied to the electric saw chain is the depressurization of the system. For the circulation of the liquid inside the node, pressure should be created. If it is not, then this indicates the formation of holes or cracks that may appear in the walls of the oil hose, as well as at the place of its connection to the pump or to the guide electric vehicle. In any of these cases, you need to carefully check the oil supply system and restore its previous tightness.

Useful tips

It is important to keep in mind that in conditions of growing speed of the engine, the speed of pumping the lubricant also increases noticeably. That is why it is required to fill the oil mixture in an electric saw only if the engine is turned off.

If you decide to refuel your technique with waste oil, then you should consider that it can harm the file. In no case do not contact such compositions, especially if you have a new tool.

Buy lubricants for the electric saw chain should be exclusively in specialized retail outlets. Only such funds are high.Quality and effective. Do not purchase goods in the markets or in street shops. Most likely, there they will sell you a fake, which will not only be useless, but also lead to a breakdown of the tool.

There are a lot of oils on sale. But the best option is oil, characterized by good adhesive qualities. There are special additives in such products. Thanks to the latter, the composition does not shake off and does not drain from the electric saw circuit as it is active in its rotation. Only such a tool will be effective and will beneficially affect the condition of the tool.

How to choose oil for electric saws, learn from the video below.

For most owners of electric saws, it is not a big secret that the oil used to lubricate the electric saw circuit is one of the main consumables. However, at the same time, not everyone pays due attention to the quality of the lubricant. And completely in vain, since it is on how well this product will lubricate the working surface of the chain that will depend on its further operation. Therefore, before pouring oil into the electric saw, it is necessary to pay attention to its technical characteristics.

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