What kind of oil to use for the saw?

Why use?

Many owners of electric saws ask a reasonable question, why does this tool need oil? The answer is quite simple. it is used as a chain lubricant to reduce the considerable friction between the individual parts. Through the presence of oil, important elements of the device does not suffer from unnecessary heat, in contact with each other.

there are cases where extra effort is required to cut the saw. This fact signals about insufficient quantity of grease or its questionable quality. In such a situation, experts recommend checking the oil level in the machine as quickly as possible. It is possible to immediately lubricate the chain to finish the work already started.

If good, timely oil is used, the saw is not only better and lighter, it also lasts longer. Machines that are not serviced in this manner are prone to very serious failures. It is unlikely to be long lasting.

There are several oil options available on today’s market to handle electric chainsaws. These compositions may be mineral, synthetic or semi-synthetic. Keep in mind that the latter have both synthetic and mineral components. Another category of modern chain oils for electric saws from different companies are products based on vegetable raw materials. Of course, each group of oils has its own advantages and disadvantages.

If we consider the properties of all oils in terms of stability and ability to operate efficiently in quite complicated conditions, of course synthetic products are in the first place. They are able to keep electric saws running even in very cold weather (up to.40 degrees). However, these types of oils have one important disadvantage to consider. they are expensive. That’s why many consumers refuse to buy them in favor of more affordable options.

As for the popular mineral oils, they are many times cheaper than synthetic variants. But their performance characteristics are also greatly inferior to those of the above formulations.

The lion’s share of mineral oils in temperature conditions.25 degrees simply stops flowing to the area where the destructive friction of the saw’s parts occurs, that is, it ceases to perform its primary function. Such oil should not be used in the cold winter period. in the frost it will be ineffective or even completely useless.

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Semi-synthetic oils are something between synthetic and mineral products. There are these types of oils for both electric and gasoline devices.

What is Chainsaw Bar & Chain Oil and Why Do I Need It? | Tutorial | Gardening Products Review

Today it is easy to choose the lubricant for the chainsaw chain. Many well-known brands make such goods. The main thing. choose a suitable composition, knowing the optimal performance characteristics.

How to dilute gasoline for a chainsaw? Oil choice, proportions

One of the most frequent questions users ask is: How to dilute gasoline for a chainsaw correctly?? When preparing the fuel mixture you need to take into account the following factors:

  • The quality of gasoline, its octane number
  • Oil grade for two-stroke engines
  • Mixing proportion
  • Devices for a convenient petrol dispenser

Economic attractiveness of engine oils produced in Russia

Branded containers in most cases are equipped with handy measuring devices, allowing the precise dosage of engine oil for different volumes of fuel. This method allows the mixture to be prepared in quantities that take into account the complexity and labor intensity of the work to be done.

Under no circumstances as a substitute can not be used automotive oil, as well as similar to the appointment of lubricants designed for mopeds, boat motors and other mechanized household appliances.

Which oil to use in a STIHL chainsaw (STIHL) for two-stroke engines

Undoubtedly, every chainsaw owner knows how important a good and high-quality oil is. And, probably, it is not necessary to say that this is a kind of “lifeblood” of this device to produce full and effective work. Today there is a huge number of oils and, as they say, there are many to choose from.

But, unfortunately, not every owner of this kind of electric equipment knows what oil should be used for his iron friend to make the chainsaw not only easy, but also productive. So this article is about choosing the right STIHL chain oil. the right fluid to help the chainsaw during its daily work, but not to hurt it. Let us now begin.

Why do you need to lubricate the chain of your electric chainsaw?

All of the chain saw’s mechanisms are exposed to high and continual friction during the chain saw’s operation.

  • In order to reduce the strain, it is important to use the optimum cutting fluid.
  • The right product can even speed up the saw’s performance.
  • The composition also helps to protect the metal from dirt and water, which provoke corrosion.
  • Another important function of the substance is considered to be protecting the chain and bars from resin buildup.
  • A good composition helps to maintain the structure of metal guides, avoiding excessive heating and preventing the breakdown process. As a consequence, the power tool will work well for years on end.

Sometimes a situation arises, when it is necessary to apply a lot of force to carry out the work. This is an indication of insufficient or poor quality oil. If this is the case, experienced craftsmen immediately look at the oil parameters in the oil tank. To finish the work, it is necessary to immediately apply a little lubricant to the chain.

Criteria for self-selection

Often there are problems associated with the fact that you can not find a suitable brand oil. Many experts recommend picking an analogue from reputable manufacturers, which will ensure the long-term operation of the device. Among the peculiarities of selecting a chain lubricant are the following points:

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3 Easy Ways To Check If Your Chainsaw Is Oiling The Bar & Chain. Video

  • In the sale there are budget and expensive analogues. The price can depend on a variety of parameters, for example, resistance to heat.
  • The constant use of products of one brand allows you to discover all the possibilities of the lubricant. By selecting a quality product from a reputable manufacturer, you can buy it all the time.
  • You should not buy a grease with a bright sludge and fractional stratification. In this case, such an offer is often much cheaper than branded options.
  • If a little-known brand is purchased, then consumer reviews are studied beforehand. On the Internet, you can find a fairly large number of different blogs and services, on which you can find reviews. Of course, not all should be believed, as some will be posted as part of an advertising campaign. Do not forget that good oil will not cost cheap.
  • Do not mix mineral and organic oils, as their performance is severely degraded. That’s why it is recommended to drain the old substance, after which only a new one can be filled in.

The lubrication system has to be checked in good time. Improper oil choice reduces chain saw life by several times.


Power saw chain oil

Special chain oils for electric and chainsaw chains are represented on the modern market by the main groups. mineral-based, fully synthetic and semi-synthetic products. The latter contain both synthetic and mineral components. Another chain oil group is made up of special chain oils that are based on vegetable raw materials.

Each group of oils has certain advantages and disadvantages.

In terms of stability and ability to work in the most demanding conditions, synthetic oils are undoubtedly in the lead. They are the right choice when it comes to electric chainsaws, even in freezing temperatures.40 degrees Celsius. The main disadvantage of such products is their high cost.

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Mineral oils are notably cheaper, but their level of performance is also lower. Most of them are already at subzero temperatures.25° C no longer flows into the friction zone and no longer fulfills its lubricating function.

Semi-synthetic chainsaw and electric chainsaw oils are halfway between mineral and synthetic in both performance and price.

Chainsaw Bar Oil vs Motor Oil

Electric chainsaw chain oil is also divided into three groups according to its temperature properties:

  • Summer oils work well at high temperatures, but become extremely thick at.15 °C
  • Winter oils. retain their viscosity at.20°C and under
  • The all-season ones are suitable for use both in winter and in warm seasons

Principle of chain and bar lubrication

Main organ of chainsaw fuel system is oil pump. When the engine speed begins to increase, the worm gear gives impulse to the pump shaft and it begins to move. The shaft rotates, creating pressure inside the oil mistral. That’s how the oil is pressurized and moves up the mistrale to the guide bar.

The oil channel ends where the chain saw’s crankcase makes contact with the guide bar. There is a longitudinal groove in this section. When the chain saw is fitted with the bar, the oil channel coincides with this groove. The channel regulates the flow of oil to the chain saw bar and the amount of oil is not related to the tensioning of the chain.

Why do you need to lubricate the chain of your electric chainsaw?

Lubrication of the chainsaw helps to reduce friction. No unnecessary heating of the machine parts when they come into contact with each other. The friction force is equalized. Lubricating the chain of your chainsaw prevents the chain and bar from breaking down.

Sometimes when working with an electric chainsaw, you need to use extra force during cutting. This is an indication that low-quality lubricant was used, or that the amount of lubricant was insufficient. Then check the oil level in the oil tank immediately. You can also lubricate the chainsaw chain itself to finish the job.

If you use the proper quality chain oil and apply it on time, it will be easier to work with your electric chainsaw. It also helps to keep the tool safe. Lubricating the machine prevents breakdowns and malfunctions.

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