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Top 15 best lines for grass trimmer: rating 2021-2022 and which one to choose in 3 mm thickness

Today’s rating of lines for grass trimmer on our portal Tekhnik.top. the best way to quickly find the right model.

For quick navigation, we’ve broken down the rankings into categories:

Any grass trimmer requires a quality trimmer line that will effectively mow the grass and at the same time will please you with economical consumption and good elasticity, able to provide a minimum number of rips.

We have made a rating of the best for 2021-2022 year of the line for trimmers, where we tried to take into account the selection criteria, high estimates of buyers, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each variety.

How to choose a line for grass trimmer

Before considering the rating of the best manufacturers, let’s touch on the criteria for selecting the most line for the grass trimmer:

  • Cord material. Buying fishing line for your trimmer, you need to know what it is made of. The more plastic the material, the less likely the line will break. The best lines here are polyamide monofilament and nylon. For very coarse grass (e.g. burdock grass), a reinforced fishing line with steel cord inside is used.
  • Section shape. The line for trimmers is available in four configurations. Round is considered universal and is used to mow all types of vegetation. It is also easy to wind on the bobbin. The asterisk and square are good for cutting coarse and overripe grass, thanks to their pronounced edges. Twisted cord makes 50% less noise than other types of fishing line, so it is optimal for continuous work.
  • Diameter. The index ranges from 1.3 to 5.0 mm. The strength and load on the motor depends on it. 1.3-2.0 mm are suitable for trimmers, 0.7-1.0 kW. 2.4 mm is the choice for electric trimmers with 1.4 kW, and semi-professional brushcutters. 2.7-5.0 mm is an accessory for professional garden equipment.

Which form of line does it take and why it’s different?

Initially, trimmer lines were only available in a round shape, but other types such as square, hexagonal, star-shaped and others have since begun to appear. They also vary in color, but color doesn’t matter here, except for the visibility of the cutting equipment during operation.

The shape of the line affects the type of grass mowed. When it comes to shape, the strings come into play:

  • Square or hexagonal. sharp corners allow a better cutting of vegetation, which should be taken into account when working on large areas
  • Ribbed or star-shaped. They are even more effective at cutting different types of stems and reduce the load on the engine
  • Round. it is a common shape that is also considered universal. Round cords are divided into smooth and coiled. Whereas the smooth cut is characterized by a louder stroke, the twisted cut, on the contrary, is quieter, but there is faster wear.

Some craftsmen replace the fishing line for the trimmer with a steel wire or metal rope after it has worn out, which is unacceptable. Not only is the wire able to cut through narrow mower shoes, but it can also wrap around the head, causing it to jam with the shaft. A jammed head will cause wear on the gearbox and drive train.

Sectional shape Function Advantages Disadvantages
Round For young and green grass only Cheap, durable, smooth cutting and low wear Noisy, not suitable for dry grass and dense undergrowth.
Square Tall green and dry grass Uniform cutting of grass, no breaking of stems High degree of wear, brittleness and can only be used with powerful trimmers
Star Dry grass and bushes High-quality, efficient cutting due to a large number of cutting angles Expensive, can be used on suitable heads
Round twist All grass from young green to dry Efficient cutting of stems, high working speed and productivity, noiseless operation Wears out quickly, can be difficult to disconnect from the reel during work

Which trimmer line to choose for a particular job

Quite often users have a question. what is the best line for a trimmer for a particular job. Depends on the complexity of the application.

For convenience, it is worth dividing all types of work into several groups:

  • Simple. keeping your lawn looking good;
  • Average. periodic. at least once a month. cleaning throughout the territory;
  • difficult. removal of bushes, weeds, dead wood, perennial overgrowth.

Depending on the complexity, you should choose a suitable line for the trimmer. For example, if you only need to trim lush, young and tender greenery on the lawn, you can choose a round nylon line for a trimmer. If price is your first priority, you can buy the material with a smooth cross-section. If you do not want to listen to the constant loud hum, it makes sense to overpay a little and buy a better line for a trimmer with a twisted section. Yes, it’s more expensive and uses up more quickly. But the noise level is much lower. True, if you work with a gasoline trimmer, then there won’t be much difference. all the same, the noise of the engine will block the whistling of the fishing line.

For medium difficulty work, it is better to choose a nylon line for the trimmer with a square cross-section or “star”. Of course, they are more expensive than a round one. But the work efficiency is much higher. You do not have to spend a lot of time on how to tidy up a site. But the time you could have made use of it for much more.

Finally, if the most difficult work is to be done, then you should not save money. it is better to buy reinforced or two-component thread of the section “star” or “square”. Of course, they are the most expensive. But any dead wood and even small bushes will be cut instantly. It saves not only your time, but also consumables. a thin polyethylene line for a trimmer is likely to simply tear while working, not coping with it.

So, in order not to make a mistake when choosing a line for a grass trimmer, you need to know exactly what kind of work it will be used for.

A pentagonal line for a trimmer (star)

The star has the maximum number of cutting edges to achieve the best cutting performance. The line for trimmer with a core is used on professional grass mowers.

Husqvarna pentagonal cords are available in ranges:

You can also choose a variant in a coil or in a reel.

You should also consider the composition of the material. In good quality line production, a modifier is added to the nylon (e.g. maleic anhydride), which improves the strength of the line by preventing it from breaking. But modifiers are not the cheapest component, so manufacturers often exclude them from the composition. This leads to the fact that the line for the trimmer after some time begins to tear and ceases to come out of the reel properly.

Soaking the line in water will not correct the situation, because water interacts exactly with the modifier, and if it is absent or insufficient, the effect will be corresponding.

Fibers also differ in color, but this does not affect performance. You can choose a dark trimmer line that won’t show dirt or a bright line that will be highly visible in the grass.


trimmer line is made of nylon-polyamide or polypropylene. Cheap products may have polyethylene added. It significantly reduces temperature and wear resistance.

Polypropylene fishing line for grass trimmer, the coil of which is stored for a long time, can become brittle. We recommend soaking it in water for 30 minutes before use.

In strings with a larger diameter, 4 mm, particles of aluminum are added to increase strength.

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Do not use wire or rope on brushcuts: pieces of wire that break off at high speeds will easily pierce leather shoes.

Cord reels: characteristics

Trimmer head, in fact, is a special spool with a line for grass trimmer. Within the bobbin is wound cord. usually up to 15 m. It pulls the thread to the right length when it breaks or wears out. When stringing ends, new thread is inserted into bobbin.

According to the type of cord feeding, reels are divided into:

  • manual. to lengthen the string, the device is turned off, and manually pull out the line for the trimmer;
  • semi-automatic. activated by a favorite folk trick: you need to knock the mowing head on the ground. When struck, the anchor mechanism is released and the cord is automatically lengthened;
  • automatic. here you need to reduce the rpm and then increase it again to the maximum: the spool will feed the thread when the rpm increases.

Grass trimmer line drum is also filled differently. In the fast-charging for filling do not need to disassemble the spool, in conventional. you must remove it and screw on the cord by hand. The video shows different ways to change the string.

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String Trimmer Heads. Everything you Need To Know! Decoding Myths.

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Popular articles

How to store fishing line for trimmer?

Choosing a fishing line is an important process. But it’s also important to learn how to store it properly. Otherwise, you can lead to deterioration of the tooling, resulting in a line for the trimmer will quickly wear out, and it will need to be replaced.

Of course, those who buy a 15-meter coil of fishing line are unlikely to wonder about storage, but in cases where we are talking about buying a coil of 250-500 meters, this is a point worth dealing with.

If you don’t follow the storage conditions of the cord, you can lead to the following consequences:

  • trimmer line will lose its original properties, wear out quickly;
  • Productivity and quality of work will decrease;
  • The string would break quickly, necessitating more frequent reinsertion of the line in the grass trimmer.

All the consequences can not be called pleasant, so it is worth to figure out how to ensure effective storage of the material and, if possible, prolong the service life.

Rules for storing fishing line

  • When the spring and summer seasons are over and there is no longer a need to use the grass trimmer, you should carefully pack the line in polyethylene. Additional methods to soak the lines in grease or glycerin. After that, you should put the trimmer line in the package in a dark place, where the temperature does not fall below 5 degrees Celsius. You can also store fishing line for trimmers in the refrigerator.
  • It is not advisable to store the material on radiators or radiators. Excessive heat can interfere with the technical properties of the line. Cord should be stored away from sunlight. To avoid getting them on the material, you can pack your trimmer line in black polyethylene or use airtight containers instead of a bag.
  • When the grass growing season comes again, you need to take out the package, rewind the right amount of fishing line and wipe off the grease. Only then can you load the string into the spool.

Choosing Tips

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Rating of the best serrated lines

A reliable model that cleans your lawn of all kinds of vegetation. The cross-section of the cord is 3 mm, which is optimal. Length. 25 cm, the number of pieces in the package. 20 pieces, this allows you to quickly replace a worn part. Square cross-section. even thick grass with thick stems can be cut. DDE Shark saw with WIND 10 and WIND 11 trimmer heads from the same manufacturer.

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